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My friendship with James lost it’s way once girls found me!  I say found me
because even though I was a well renown class-clown,  I was very shy around
girls.  So they had to nearly throw themselves at me before I would ask one
out.  I was fortunate that even though I was on the short side (perpetually
5′ 6″) I had my 1/2 Italian background that made me attractive to girls my
age and sometimes older.  Which reminds me…

There was a girl who made it known she wanted me in a big way, and at that
point (I was 15 she was 14) I had no experience with girls at all.  I mean
yeah, I knew where that parts were, just not what they “really” felt like.
Well she was willing to show me and I didn’t turn her down!  We were
outside in a local park late at night and I started to give her a backrub.
She was enjoying it and so I went underneath the top she was wearing to get
to the “flesh” of her back.  She said she really liked that but would undo
her bra so the straps wouldn’t be in the way.  Fine, fine with me!!!  As I
reached back up under her top I didn’t remember such large zits!  Gross I
thought until I realized she was on her back and these were her nipples!!!
No way!  Here I was rubbing them like everything and it must have hurt but
she didn’t say a word!  I was so embarrassed and I thought she knew I was
too but just didn’t say anything.  I kept my cool (what was left) and kept
fondling her, slowly exploring her upper regions until I got up enough guts
to go for the crotch.  I slid my hand down her belly to the edge of her
panties.  I swam my hand all around the area to see if she would resist.
Nothing.  So I slipped my hand underneath her panties until I felt the
little mound of pubic hair, passing it I found the soft, wet surprise.  I
fingered her as she grabbed at my crotch in my jeans.  Just then someone
came over the hill we were on and we quickly ended our groping.  So much
for that night.  Damn.  She then told me here parents would be gone for
most of Saturday and we could finish there.  I stumbled out Ok and walked
bent over until then.  😉

She answered the door wearing cutoffs and some kind of t-shirt I don’t
remember.  We immediately went up to the bedroom I began to grope her
again.  This time it was during the day and I could see everything!  Wow
this was what my mind had constantly dreaming of!  I got her shorts to her
knees and then I grabbed her pussy and fingered it for all I was worth.
She went right for my zipper and had my shorts to my knees in no time as we
lay on our sides facing each other.  She took hold of my member, which was
rock hard as soon as I left my house, and immediately pumped it!  I grabbed
her hand once to slow it down or I’d cum and/or get rug-burned by her heavy
fist action.  I had little control once a “real girl’s hand” was on me, so
it wasn’t long before I came all over her hand.  She got up for a towel and
that was that!  We never did it again and she asked me later why I didn’t
even kiss her..  What a selfish dope I had been, I just wanted to please
myself and then high-tail it out of there.  Really, to me a kiss was more
serious than a grope.  I figured I’d grope or let myself be groped by
anyone, but a kiss is for someone I loved.  Yea, well it made sense to me!

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