Pyaari bhabi ki chudai (story 18+)

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Bhabhi ki Chudai

Well I am Rajdeep from Delhi and what i am about to
narrate is a
true story of what i did to my pyari bhabi. first i
must tell you
desiabbu is a great sex-site..infact its the best ive
seen for a long
time..and that is why im publishing my story here.
Well for my
studies id gone to Bombay and stayed with my bhai and
for that period. It was then that i started
fantacizing about meri
Bhabi…. Monica she was young and beautiful 26 Years
a perfect hour-glass figure..huge breasts…36C cup
size, 28
waist…and a 36 ass..

Uska badan itna garam that ki kisika bhi iman dol jata
aur devar
hi kyon na ho akhir mein mard to hun hi. Many a times
id drop a
hint to bhabi talk to her about my girl
friends…purposely come
out of the bathroom in only a towel to show her my
well built
body..but she was not that sorta lady she never even
some interest in me. This was enough i had to do
about it.

So i started spying on her going thru her material
following her,
cause everyone has to have a weakness and so also did
after a few days of investigation i found photographs
of her
hidden neatly in the wraps of her saree and i was
shocked at
what i saw…my prim and proper bhabi kisi ajnabi ko
pyar se
chum rahi thi, dusri tasveer mein uski bahon mein
jakdi hui
thi…aur aisi kafi aur, which clearly proved that she
either had or
was having an affair..thats all i needed. That day in
the evening
as usual while discussing my girl-friends i suddenly..

Aur bhabi bhai ko apke yaar ke bare mein to pata he
was stunned but tried to hide it..kya kiska kaun she
said i just
threw the pics on the table and said nothing i could
see the
scare in her eyes. i asked her bhabi bhai ko batan
almost begged nahi nahi please nahi woh to mujhe
..talka hi
dedenge. Then she confessed that they were of a
affair she had had and now she was faithful to m
brother. Now
was my chance par agar mein apne bhai se chupaun to
kya milega…and she answered…kuch bhi. i gave her a
look theek hai kal bhai office chala jye phir batata
hun. Next day
as bhai went i stayed home pretending i had a headache
Mona nows the time to pay the price..tumhe woh sab
karna hoga
aur tab tak karna jab tak mein kahun..she was scared
agreed. Pehle apni yeh sadi utar do was my first
command she
resisted even offered me money but in the end i caught
her pallu
and pulled it off her…exposing her in a maroon
blouse and a maroon peticoat.

Kya lag rahi thi meri bhabi uska woh adh-nanga
badan..hay!! Ab
nach meri liye…ek randi ke tarah…apni gand hila
breasts ko masal ke …jaise film mein helen nachti
hai. She
started doing it…shaking gyrating her ass in slow
circles as if
some one was fucking her even then. Her
hands..caressing..messaging every inch of her sexy
apne breasts to masal rahi thi daba rahi thi…angdai
le rahi
thi..uske haath kabhi apni tangon ko sehlate the to
kabhi apni
breasts ko …Ab apni peticoat utha aur mujhe apni
nangi tange
dikhaa…she complied..she had the most beautiful
silky…smooth…and flat at the top…to accomodate a
easilly….ohhh sooo hot…ab apna baki kapde utar aur
nangi ho
ja…that too was accomplished…i had a feeling she
was enjoying
it too…and how right i was.

No doubt i was aroused but she was aroused too…naked
had lost all her inhibitions…she lunged to me
saying…haan raju
chod mujhe…apna bana le..I was havin soo much fun
and was
sooo aroused i could hardly resist i pulled her to me
giving a
passionate kiss just like in the picture…aise he
chuma tha na
usne i asked her she gave me a smile(sharmate
hue) i got
to her big breasts and started sucking them..licking
them…nibbling at them…her nipples…were growing
erect ..she
has a brownish colored region around her nipples which
seemed to change color as she was geting aroused. I
fingering her..slowly gaining momentum..playing with
the outer
lips of her pussy making her go wet and all lubricated
to accept now bhabi was moaning i got up
unzipped my
pants and let it fall..phir meri bhabi ne apni daton
se mere
chaddi neeche kheech dali..meine meri bhabi ko apne
mein le liya…hameri nange badan ka har ek ang mano
garmi se pighal ke ek ho gaye the…

Now i directed my erect lund in to my bhabi’s
chut..she was so
hot and so welcome..i pushed it all the way in….now
i was
humping her…while at the same time engaging in a
kiss…she was responding to every stroke of mine…i
moving harder …faster… harder…faster.
.ohhhhhhhhh… .hhhh.. .hhhhhh.. .yesssss ohhhhh my
climaxed together and slept together in eachothers
the whole day..infact we made love almost 3 times that
i was in heaven. Ab meri bhabi meri randi ban gaye hai
jab chata
hun apni pyas usse bujha leta hun.

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