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My Daddy’s Cock

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Abby came in the front door and laid her books on the hall table. Picking up the mail she noticed there was still no letter from the state university. She had applied two weeks ago and was expecting a response any day now. She took her coat off and hung it up in the front closet; then slipped off her black pumps. Today was senior picture day at school so she had to dress up. She had chosen to wear her gray skirt and pink v-neck sweater. Her long honey blonde hair was pulled back into a French twist. She was careful to wear light make up too. Daddy hated it when she wore too much make up and she wanted it to be a special picture. It was her first picture as an adult and she wanted it to look perfect.

She walked on into the kitchen where her daddy stood preparing the nights meal. She stood in the doorway and watched him for a few moments. Her father, Tim, was a very good looking man. He was tall with wavy blonde hair and green eyes. He had no gray yet. He was skinny but muscular. After mom left, he had thrown himself into working out. Abby supposed to keep his mind off of her. In her opinion, her mom was a fool. Daddy was so generous and nice. He was a good person and any lady would be lucky to have him but he hasn’t found her yet. I wouldn’t say that daddy was a perfectionist but he always found fault with the ladies he went out with. Abby thinks he is just afraid to get back into a relationship for fear of being hurt. He says it’s because they lack a certain something although he could never tell her what it was but he says he’ll know when he finds it.

“Something smells good daddy. She said, breaking the silence.

“Thanks sweetie. Why don’t you get a couple of bowls out. We’re having beef stew tonight. He replied.

Abby reached up and got the bowls down and then a couple of spoons from the drawer and began setting the table. Still no letter from state. She said with a touch of disappointment in her voice.

“Well, I don’t know why you want to go to the state university Abby when you got into a perfectly good school out west. Tim said.

“Daddy, I told you. I am not ready to go away from home. I want to stay here so I can commute. You act like you want me to leave or something. She sat down at the table and began to pout.

Tim went over to her and knelt before her. Abby honey, I don’t want you to go away. God, I can’t bare the thought of my little girl not being around but you can’t stay here with your old man forever. He put his hands on her thighs and gently rubbed them. She was so beautiful and honestly the thought of her leaving scared the shit out of him because he knows that the world is a wicked place and there are so many men out there who are going to take advantage of her. He wishes she could stay here forever.

After Abby’s mother left a few years ago, Tim didn’t know what he was going to do he was so depressed. Then Abby started coming into his room at night and sleeping with him. She would curl up and nuzzle in his arms and tell him that things were going to be okay and that she would never leave. He was the parent and here his little girl was comforting him. Abby was such a sweet heart.

Lately, he had been thinking about her in other ways. Wondering what it would be like to hold her, touch her, and kiss her…not in a fatherly way but as her lover. He would watch her sleeping and sometimes fondle her. A few times he even awoke himself to find her stroking his cock or with her head on his belly and his cock pointed toward her mouth. She was asleep of course and didn’t know what she was doing. Eventually, he stopped her from sleeping with him. His excuse was that she was a young lady now and it wouldn’t be appropriate.

After she started sleeping in her own bed he would lay awake most nights thinking of her and stroking his cock and cumming to thoughts of her sucking him off, or him tasting her sweet young pussy. He wondered what it would be like to fuck her, to feel her legs wrap around him and pull him into her. He developed a habit of masturbating to thoughts of his daughter at least three or four times a day. It was bad and he started looking around for ways to break his habit. About three months ago, he came across a device on the internet that he felt was the answer to his prayers and he has been wearing it ever since.

It’s a male chastity device that keeps him from stroking his cock when he thinks of her and doesn’t allow him to become erect. He hasn’t taken it off once in the three months he’s had it.

Without realizing it, he was slowly pushing her skirt up. Daddy Abby’s hands went down to his to stop him. Maybe we should eat before the stew gets cold.”

Tim got up and took their bowls to the stove to dish out the steamy meal. They ate in silence. After supper, Abby told her father she would do the dishes. She stood there in front of the sink cleaning the bowls and stew pot. Thinking about her father and the way he had touched her. The truth is that she had a crush on her father. She has seen the way he looks at her and she has masturbated many times to thoughts of him touching her. She knew it was wrong and taboo but she couldn’t help it. Her father was the strongest, bravest, and sweetest man she has ever known. Abby was crushed the first night that he turned her away from his bed. She missed being in his arms and how safe it felt when he was holding her. A few times while he was sleeping, she would touch him and kiss his cock. She had thought about sucking him off a few times but was fearful of waking him up. The few times he had woken up while she was playing with him, she has just pretended to be asleep.

She took her apron off and went into the living room where he was watching the news. I am going to go upstairs and do some studying. I have a history test tomorrow.”

“Alright kiddo, let me know if you need any help. Tim said.

Abby went upstairs and changed her clothes. She put on a pair of pink pajama shorts and a white tank top. She sat at her desk and opened up her history book and began to study for her exam. Even though she tried to stay focus, but she ended up laying her head down on her book and drifting off to sleep.

Tim sat downstairs and watched television for a few hours before finally deciding he had had enough and needed to get to bed. He went upstairs and went into the bathroom. He stripped off all his clothes except for his chastity device and began to shave. All of a sudden the bathroom door flung open and Abby stood there looking half asleep but surprised by what she saw. Her eyes immediately made their way down to his crotch…she had never seen her daddy naked before like this but instinctively her eyes were drawn to his manhood. There was a tight band around his balls with a confining cage attached to it. It both surprised and frightened her.

“Daddy….um I’m sorry. I fell asleep and needed to use the bathroom and I’m sorry I didn’t hear you in here or maybe I wasn’t paying attention. I don’t know. With that, Abby ran out of the room and into her bedroom where she shut the door behind her.

Oh man, what was he going to tell her? He was embarrassed beyond belief that she had seen him wearing this. He pulled on his robe and went to knock on her door.

“Abby, honey can I come in? He asked.

“Yes. She said.

He opened the door and found her sitting on the side of her bed. He sat down beside her and took her hand into his. He was at a loss for words at first and then figured that she was a smart girl and maybe she could handle the truth…at least a small bit of the truth.

“Abby, I know what you saw might be a little scary but believe me when I say that I am not a weirdo or anything like that. What I am wearing is

She interrupted him. A male chastity device. She said flatly. I know dad. I saw it a few months ago in your drawer when I was looking for a t-shirt to wear to the pool. I read the pamphlet it came with too. She turned to look at him. I guess I was just surprised to see you wearing it. Daddy, why are you wearing it? She asked.

Tim wasn’t sure how to answer that. He didn’t want to tell her the truth for fear it would scare her but on some level, he thinks she already knows.

“I got it so I wouldn’t be tempted to do things I shouldn’t. He said.

She turned to him and took his hand into hers and took a deep breath. Daddy, what if I wanted you to do something. I have been thinking about you a lot lately and I was very upset when you stopped me from sleeping with you. I love you daddy and I just want to be as close to you as I possibly can. She said.

With that, she kissed him. Her tongue slid into his mouth and he kissed her back. He took her face in his hands and began massaging her tongue with his. Then he felt the pain of his cock trying to get hard. It was agony and he quickly jumped away.

“What is it daddy? I want this. Please She said.

“Sweetie, I can’t get hard unless I unlock myself and I don’t think this is a good idea. He got up and went for the door.

“No daddy. Don’t go. Please let me unlock you. She said pulling him back to the bed and sitting him down. She knelt before him and opened up his robe and kissed his caged cock. Please daddy. She said again and started massaging his balls.

“Oh Abby, please stop. This feels so good but it hurts daddy. He said pulling her up to her feet.

“I don’t want to hurt you. Please, tell me where the key is and I’ll unlock you. She said. With that she pulled her tank top off and his little girl’s tits were staring him in the face, she must be about a 36c he thought. She placed the nipple of her left tit into his mouth and he began sucking it.

“Ohhhh, daddy…mmmm. Tell me where the key is. She said.

Tim jumped up. No. He said. Standing there in his daughter’s room with her teddy bears and dolls all around. He felt ashamed. He was doing these things to his baby girl. He was just absolutely mortified.

She stood there topless, looking at him. Well, she thought, I guess I am going to have to come clean with him. Daddy, I know you think I am a sweet, innocent little girl. I know you think I am probably still a virgin but I’m not. You see, the truth is that I’ve developed quite the reputation around school. I’m a good little cock sucker, get my drift…and I love to get stuffed with a big fat cock. I’ve been thinking about fucking you daddy, for months. I’ve even licked and played with your cock while you were sleeping…before you kicked me out of your bed. I want you. I want to be daddy’s little slut. So, kindly tell me where the key is.”

He couldn’t believe it. The way she was talking just shattered any illusions he had about her and in fact it turned him on even more that she was being so forceful and persistent about this.

She folded her arms across her chest and looked at her daddy sternly. I’m waiting daddy. She said.

“It’s in my cuff link box. He said.

She went and got it and then came back to her bedroom. She went over to her jewelry box and got out a silver chain and put the key on it and then fastened it around her neck. She turned around and looked at her daddy. Daddy, sit down on the bed please. She said. He did as she told him. He had a feeling he would be doing everything she told him to do for now on.

“Daddy, why did you feel the need to purchase a cock lock? She asked.

“Because I started having sexual feelings toward you Abby. Feelings that a father shouldn’t have about his daughter. He sat there waiting for her reply.

She turned her back to him. So, you thought the cock lock would protect me? She asked.

“I guess I did. He said. But it would appear that you know more than I thought you did. I mean here I was thinking that my baby girl was a sweet naïve virgin and you’re telling me that you are really a slut. He said.

She looked back at him from over hear shoulder. You’re going to pay for that daddy. He said giggling. You know, I read in that pamphlet that the ideal situation while having your cock locked up is to have a key holder. He could see her reflection in the mirror and her grasping the key in her hand. I think it’s safe to say that you have found one.”

She turned around to face him and slipped her panties off. She walked over to him and pulled him up to his feet and helped him out of his robe. Then she knelt before him and unlocked his cock letting it spring forward.

He was instantly hard. She began massaging his balls and licking up and down his long shaft. Wow daddy, I am amazed you got this monster in such a small space. I’ve had a lot of cocks in my young life but never one this huge. She said.

Tim couldn’t take it anymore. He put his hands on his daughters head and began fucking her face. She let him slide his cock in and out of her mouth and she was taking his full length with no trouble. I guess she wasn’t lying when she said she was a good cock sucker. She got up onto her feet and had him lay down on the bed on his back. She got on the bed herself and squatted over his cock rubbing the head against her clit.

“You want to fuck your little girl? She asked.

“Oh Abby, please don’t tease me. I want you so bad but I just He trailed off and put his hands on her hips and tried to force his cock into her pussy.

“No daddy. You didn’t answer me and you’re not going to get anything until I hear you say it. Now, do you want to fuck your little girl’s pussy? She asked again. She began massaging his balls with her free hand while still rubbing his cock head against her clit.

He couldn’t take it anymore. Yes Abby. Yes, I want to fuck you so hard. I want you to be my slut, no one else’s. With that, he tried to slide his cock into her again. This time she let him. She was sitting on her daddy’s cock. She was so tight. She began bouncing up and down on his cock. Oh daddy, you’re so big. I have never had a cock this big before. She said.

Tim was so turned on. He pounded her relentlessly. He hadn’t came in so long. That’s it baby girl. Fuck daddy’s cock. I want you to cum all over daddy s cock. He said.

And she did. She let out a deep moan and he could feel the walls of her pussy contract around his cock gently squeezing it and then letting go. He felt the warmth of her juices pour out of her onto to him. With that, she stopped him from fucking her and climbed off of him. Be back in a jiffy. She said. He laid there just slowly stroking his cock wondering what she was doing. He couldn’t wait to be back in her. I just can’t believe it, he thought. I’m fucking my baby girl and she’s the hottest fuck he’s ever had. Even though he was guilty and ashamed, he couldn’t take it back now. All he could do was just sit back and enjoy the ride.

She came back into the room with a glass of ice. You’re such a naughty daddy, fucking me like that. I’m your daughter and you fucked me until I came for you. And made me your slut”

She sat down on the side of the bed with the glass of ice in her hand. Daddy that was the most delicious orgasm I have ever had. But, I am not ready for you to release yet. I want to tease you some more first. She took a couple of ice cubes and started fondling his balls with them. Tim jerked from the sudden coldness and his balls and cock instantly shrank.

Abby put his cock lock back on him and put the key in the lock. This is my cock now daddy. And you always told me to take care of my toys. She clicked the lock and made sure it was secure then she kissed his cage. I’m tired daddy. Why don’t you go on back to your room…since you don’t think we should sleep together anymore.”

She took him by the hand and led him to the door. She stood on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss on the check pressing her still naked body against his. Good night daddy, sweet dreams. She pushed him out and closed the door behind him.

He could hear the lock click. She has never locked her door before. He turned around and started to knock and then thought better of it. She was in control of his cock now and she would be calling the shots for now on. He is just going to have to get used to it.

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Fucking best friends sexy mom

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hi readers,this is rohan from mumbai.age 21.since many days I was thinkin about writing my touchy moments with my best friends mother. I was in my tenth class when this incident happened for the first time..and since then theres no lookin back.from that day my sex appeal

for women especially older ones around 40’s and my friend(lets call him prasad) were in 10th we used to study together.sometimes at my place and sometimes at his. As prelims approached we used to solve question banks together.

just that we should not copy the answers our moms used to supervise us at our respective places. one fine day we both were solvin history paper at my friends place.he was sitin in front of me on d table.his mom( lets call her sadhana) was sitin in front of me on the couch behind my

friend.instead of sittin idle she decided to do some she was stitchin torn blouses and shirts with her hand. she was wearin a low neck transparent kurta.while doin so many times her needle slipped from her hands.

she used to bend so as to pick it up.once when she bent to pick it, I saw something for the first time in my life.dat was the 1st time I ever got to see a lady’s cleavage.i saw her white milky boobs covered with a black bra.the moment she picked it up she saw me noticin her cleavage.

when she saw me I got very scared but after some time when I gathered some courage to look at her, in return she gave me a naughty smile.dats when I realized she was fine with her kurta was transparent I could see her black bra and the shape of her boobs very clearly.

she noticed me watchin her chest.and to my surprise she was fien with it.that was for the first time I had a real hard on by watchin something in real.since then I convinced my friend to write papers at his place.

since then I found every chance to see her and get close to I lived on 3rd floor and he lived on 4th our spare key used to b wid them.once when my mom had goen out I wnet to get keys.i rang d bell.aunty was alone at before openein the door she asked me whos it.

i said its me I was in 10th she assumed me to b a she opened the door and to my surprise she was in her petticoat and blouse as she was goin out somewhere.that was when I saw her body for the first time.her skin was milky white.her boobs round and soft.

her tunny too fluffy.her hips big.her figure must be 36 31 38.that was the time when I jus couldnt control myself and my pant started to bulge.i guess she saw it.she invited me inside and gave me water and went inside to wear sari.

after completin the glass I went inside to keep it and dats when I sawe her wearin sari.i stood their for sometime watchin her while she was loookin in d mirror and tying sari knot.her ass was jus amazin. I then left and went to my place and masturbated.since then I shagged almost

evryday when I saw her as I just couldnt control myself.many times I even rubbed her ass while going from 1 room to another after writin papers. since then I regularly find different ways to get close to my family is close to them she is presnet in almost all functions of ours.

while takin photos I hold her by her wiast and sometimes keep my hand on her shoulder.she never resisited fact even she found ways to come close to that I own a bike I see to it that whenever she goes out I drop her.

whenever she sits on my bike she rubs her boobs on my shoulders while sittin. by now I hav touched her almost every possible place.i just cant get my mind out of her deadly body.she is just too hard to resisit.her ass is just too soft and big that u wont feel like stoppin rubbin it.

my dream is too fuck her 1 day.but till date even after open invites I dont have the courage to go ahead as the pleasure in touchin her excites me more than thinkin about fuckin her. whenever I fuck my gf I just imagin its sadhana and my gf thinks im d bets fucker of all


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