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Wild and Passionate sex with Shashi

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Hi everybody!! This incident is a reality, for someone it may be an imagination, but it’s up to them to differentiate in reality & imagination. I’m a very calculative person by nature and don’t take much of a risk in sexual adventurism like hooking a sex-worker or making girl friends for sex…

The reason is, I don’t want to be in soup, say I’m moving with my family in a market and suddenly a girl comes to me and throwing a surprise by hugging me and giving a pleasant surprise to my family, better watch this situation.

Apart that sex is always a passion where one should have equally passionate partner to enjoy where you have the whole house on fire with screams with Freedom with an equal passionate partner, other-wise buy a 1 KG of Chicken keema (Minced) and fill it in a balloon and put your

ROD through the hole and sage & pump it, yeah the same feeling you will get with a paid sex-worker or from passion-less partner. It so happened when I came to Delhi from my home town after completing my MBA,

my mom gave a reference so in emergency I can be in touch with them; they were distant relatives of her. After settling in a new Job, once in blues I, visited the relative house, They were total 4 person the elderly parents & There Son & daughter-in-low, The son Naresh was 26 years,

2 year elder to me with a kid son. The daughter-in-Law whom I called Mami (Shashi) 24 years, was a skin tight material, the family beards a very strict regulation i.e. a-la-Saas- bahu specialty. i.e. The boy couldn’t take his wife to restaurant or to market,

she was suppose to do only house hold work and no Q & A with elder, so the atmosphere use to be tensed very much, and so. I too stopped going to there place in due course of time and was busy. I use to meet Naresh, when ever I use to be in Connaught place to remain contact

with him as his wife was good looking. Gradually I came to know he was jealous of me because seeing my freedom my way of looking the life, this transpired him to get-out of his family clutch and the shadow, and moved to bordering Faridabad with his family which he informed me and invited to his new found freedom.

After a month, once when I got time from my routine I reached there home and had a tit-tat & Drink, gradually he told me that he is having tough time as with his parents he was not suppose to pay rent but here he has to,

and the new acquired freedom made him spend lavishly and now he feel he has taken a wrong decision by moving out from parents place. I told him to forget it and try controlling life and enjoy with your family instead daily fight, which I came to no in due course of time,

he agreed and there life was on track, suddenly after 4 months I had a call on my phone, it was Naresh’s wife Shashi, and asked me to meet her immediately “as it is important” I said fine and reached to her place by evening.

Once there, I came to know that Naresh & she had a fight a month and half back and Naresh had gone to his parents place, as Naresh had taken the kid also, and gradually they have moved out to there native place. (Which her in-laws neighbor told) It was shock to me…

I realized I didn’t have word with them as I was hell busy in my assignment I asked her why they didn’t called me earlier and told me, she said as it was a family matter and thought he will be back but it’s one month she even tried by herself to get back to him but ….

Now only I can help her as her husband’s respect and listen to me. I called Naresh but his mobile was switch off his parents place no one picked the phone and above that I came to know that it was her last day in the flat as for last 1 month she didn’t pay the rent and land lord

adjusted the amount and she was to vacate it, apart that she didn’t had money left to live alone. After much thought I told her get important things packed the dresses and other valuable, which she needed, meanwhile I went out and came with a kabariwala and ask him to buy the Bed, Sofa fridge, gas stove and other stuff which was not necessary.

Shashi didn’t objected either, she got some 12,000/- of rupees, then I took her to a girls hostel where one of my office collogue use to stay and to whom I had already talked, for a room, After reaching the Girls Hostel got her admitted, and asks her take a rest and that we will be meeting tomorrow, and told her not to worry.

(I dint took her to my place as my family reputation would have come to a question, yes that’s what the pride is for….. in small town… can’t help) Next day I reached the girls hostel at 1500 hrs and took her to a near by McDonalds, we chatted, she said that in her family she don’t have her father and as mother too are a liability to my brothers.

And apart that her family lives in North-east of India, and thanked me, and appreciated what ever I did yesterday was right. Then she got tensed and said, how I’m going to leave alone what shall I do and started crying… After some times I hold her hand and told her don’t worry we will fix the whole problem, just need to be positive in our thought.

I asked her qualification, her English communication was not very niche but was rather ok and good kind. Further, I took her to a cyber café and got her CV prepared, afterword I called up few friends and Contact (as I’m an advertising professional with real cool contacts) and tried to get a job fixed for her.

Fortunately in her area only she got a job as a receptionist which was a national repute computer center branch. Next day I went along and meet the franchise owner of that institute, She turn-out to be a nice female of 45 years and after talking to her and later with me she

offered the job to her with a salary of Rs.7000/- which I said to Shashi, that it’s a good start she too was happy and she felt confident in her life. Next day she joined the office and called me that she is happy and likes the job,

I told her to upgrade her computer education / knowledge in same time which would help her to chart her career as well her future, afterward I said sorry to her and said I wont be able to meet you for few weeks as I’m busy in a product launch which is taking much of time, she got disturbed but consoled her on phone.

Time passed, I got busy in my project, even whenever she use to call me, I use to say, hi I’m busy I’ll call you later, but could never return the call, she to understood my busy schedule, when a new product is launch and you in advertising you don’t get time to sleep let eat. Tme passed and I got involve to my work.

After I got free from the project, analyzing my past few weeks, I recall & realized, I haven’t called her back and I was scolding myself opting a career in Advertising. I called her at her office no she picked the phone and slowly I said to her “Hi” how are you, still Angry with me.

As I dint called you back ever” she literally Screamed on phone hearing my voice and ORDERD “I Want you today at the same McDonald” after 7:30 PM and you better you come no excuse, I said am free and will be there.

That day I wanted to feel freedom and instead of car got my Bike and reached the venue, she came later but I was shock to she her “ first time I saw her in that western outfit she was looking so Sensual her style her walking every-thing has changed she was bubbling with her new found persona her confident”.

All eyes were on her, she was so different from her self in past now in this tight jeans from normal sameej salwar. She was bomb!! which every one noticed and ogled her but one thing was there her eyes was transfixed on me, first time for first time,

I wanted her in my arm in my skin in my head, yeah she came, she hugged me, now I realized the whole situation what was the situation that time at Mcdee. After few sec I got to myself on earth and then to normalcy. I asked her what transformation you got, she came closer and

thank me for pumping confidence in her and transforming her way of life, later she ordered, she her self paid the bill, and she said, this is the beginning, when asked the reason she told me it’s one month and above and she treating me with her own earned money, she got her first Salary,

after that she said this is just the beginning will go for some great dinner before that she want to feel free and enjoy her freedom with me and asked, for a long drive, I told her, today I got a bike some other time, and she was more then happy to hear that, then we kick started for a long drive toward Gurgoan.

Driving a bike is a passion and it gives you the feeling of freedom, freedom to your soul to you body, which I realized when she sat behind me crossed leg and in some time she hold me from back her hand was in front of me and whole of her body was like a sticker to my back, and felt the pressure in me building.

Yeah it was the month of June 2000, if I remember, her physical contact started lots of chemical locha in my body-mind-soul and for the second time I thought again, yeah!! I want her need her in my arms skin-to-skin, soul-to-soul, passion-to-passion, but even I was scared that it don’t spoil my relationship with her where I wont be able to see in her eyes.

But when sensuality grips you brain don’t work rather it’s the first organ that goes to the ZERO. So my Sensuality started working by controlling my mind and stared giving order to brain, what all it want and that time my brain was only listening to my sensuality.

Meanwhile she was talking about her office her boss, students her course quite near to my ear with a tight grip on my back. Alas!! my sensual mind said – ok, step 1 drive slow, enjoy the ride, I accelerated down, and kept talking to her with my head closer near her face even in helmet I can feel her hot & sensual breath near my neck.

My sensual mind said – step 2 take a long route for Gurgoan I did exactly, by changing the direction we were involved in our talk and she too didn’t know much of the route in that part of Delhi, so I didn’t bothered, we drove approx 2 and half hours, all the way she kept holding me, all my organ was crushed and they had revolted in heat within.

After some time, I said its time to go back as it’s already 9:00, she said, ohh yeah…but before that she wanted to go for a dinner with me so from Gurgoan we came to Connaught place as her hostel & office was in Preet Vihar.

I drove back to Connaught Place I wanted her to enjoy full and went to Nirula’s Salad Bar, yeah man it use to be there then, we reached there in approx 1 hours approx 10 pm, quite fast as I was worried that she may get late,

after reaching we had a exotic salad and I ordered beer for my self had our dinner, I said its better we eat fast or you would be late. She asked me what’s the time and I said it’s approx 11 pm she said with a surprise WHAT!! then she said are you sure Nav, are you sure,

I confirmed by moving my head affirmative she didn’t believed, she asked the other patron seating to next table, he to said same, then she yell, ohh no. I asked what happened she replied “My Hostel Gates gets closed by 10 pm or at max 10:30 pm and no one is allowed after that.

Then I remember, day one in her hostel when the hostel management said girls not allowed after 10 pm inside. And, I had a reply from my Sensual Brain to me “You Ares-hole that the reason – I asked you to drive slow and take a long road to Gurgoan… now talk some sense and say her to come to your place you duffer”

I, pleaded I’m so sorry don’t worry I’ll take you to hostel I will talk to your warden and get you in, to that she replied you don’t know she wont allow, even if she allows I wont like to go at this time as the room mates will start talking rubbish, instead I’ll go tomorrow and will tell them that I had been to my relatives in Rhine.

To that, I said what will you do then where will you go, My Sensual brain shouted to me take her to your house, ask her…tell her…and then I said ok if you don’t take other wise you can come to my place thou it’s one room Flat but for a night we can adjust.

Shashai, after giving a little thought, said if you won’t have any problem with me sharing your flat, I don’t mind, so job done, after a beer and salad dinner we drove back to my house. GK-1, House which was a barsaati with one room a kitchen & attached bathroom.

In summers Barsaati gets hot and those days, I had a cooler instead of an air conditioner, she came to my room for the first time, after seeing my room, as usual bachelor room all can well understand, was all messed up, with no aesthetic, she asked me to go out of the room and closed the door.

I was wondering, what now… m I going to sleep in the balcony, I lit a cigarette and started smoking and pondering what ever happened today which never ever I planned and keep smoking, the moment my cigarette gets over she opened the door and said is it your room now,

I was pleased just said okke -good. Then I switched on the TV, and she said its 12:00, I’m going to get fresh till time you watch the TV…My Room, it’s a 17 x 15 feet hall, with three door to one end, the left corner door is the bathroom, second door of kitchen the third door a small balcony where I have kept my Cooler to cool the room,

one single bed- a bit bigger then single but smaller then the double, two small rural designed sofa bought from Delhi haat and a fridge. And a wooden cupboard fixed to the wall. As I was watching TV, in law volume a heard water splashing in the bathroom and this thing turned me on, my imagination went wild,

and sensual mind started calculating – as she is in only one out fit she defiantly going to take bath nude, most probably as she will be going to office directly, and if she takes bath with her panty on probably the panty wont get dry till morning, may be.

This started making bulge in my jeans and my heart started pumping hard, sitting on the bed, I tried to see through the below of the door in her shadow this gave me lots of imagination and I was on fire, but still I don’t wanted to take chance same time the news reader on the channel was making me more horny just wanted to fuck he.

I heard door opening I dint turn my head, as I don’t wanted to make it obvious, she said finally m feeling fresh, and then only I looked at her she was wearing the same jeans and the shirt. I asked, why don’t u wear some loose thing while sleeping, she said I didn’t get one,

and with a smile said if only I would had known that I’ll be having night at your place, I would had got one on that, I too laughed along her. I got up, open my cupboard and gave her one pajama which I got it from Satya-Paul, so soft fabric, and said ohh thank you so much I would be much relieved with this,

and again she went to the bath room, when she was out then only I gave her one t-shirt and told her as she will be going to office next morning, she smiled on my calculation and thanked me again.

I was still sitting watching TV and thinking shall I proceed to her touch her hold her or not, shall I take first step or not but was not coming to any conclusion as I was not getting any signal from her, suddenly she, said hey are you not going to get fresh you drove bike and you to may be tired and it’s so hot,

I said yes and took my boxer and a t-shirt as I dint have any other pajama and went to the bathroom with pre-occupied mind. Once inside, I hanged my t-shirt and shorts on the hook with the towel still there as she had used it after the bath, after taking of my trouser and shirt I realized m short of a hook and saw it is occupied by her jeans,

so tried to make adjustment and when I removed my towel I saw her panty and bra below it and my sensuality took over the passion to do something, my Pole went on attention mode, I picked the panty and smelt it and I was transported in some different world,

I licked it hmmm what a taste the most delicious food mankind ever cooked on planet earth, the aroma of that was of musk and making my dead organ alive I took her bra and smelt it Hamm, I keep smelling the panty and started rubbing my junior with the bra and gradually started jerking with her bra,

the roughness of her bra gave my dick a different sensation the aroma of the panty was taking my senses to universe to zero and, suddenly, I jerked and jerked, I was dead yeah for few second I was dead my soul could see my body my body can feel the soul above me after the last drop both body and soul got incorporated and I came to my sense.

I cleaned her bra fortunately the sperm didn’t got in it and hanged the panty as it was and took a bath and got fresh and come out in my Boxer and t-shirt. The moment I came out she looked in my eyes, and smiled it was approx 12:45 am, her look send me an electric shock in my bone and every organ came to live.

As she was watching TV, I said better you go for sleep on the bed as you have office tomorrow, to which she agreed and went to bed, she asked me what about you, I said don’t you worry I’m sleeping on the floor, as the temperature is high sleeping on the tiles will give a cooling effect to the body, to which she said, ohh no, come no, no way it’s not fair,

and said in that case I will sleep there and you come to the bed which I declined. She came to the floor and slept next to me on the floor, and I was hit by a musk smell of female and my reflexes started refluxing fast, I persuaded her to go up and literally took her by hand and asked her to be on bed,

she got upset and said if its so then, I want to go to my hostel and got up from the bed …. I agreed and said ok, I too will come on the bed and slept next to her, as the bed was not that big you all can well understand my position,

she came and slept started taking and I switched off the light after asking her. The TV was on; no one was talking to each and was watching TV. She said enough am going to sleep, afterward I switched off the TV.

The bed was such, that it was enough for one person but was smaller for 2 person, what ever you do, if, I wanted to place my lower half away from her my face use to be near her face, if I tried to remove my face from her then the lower half use to get near her foot,

same time the cooler air was getting lesser on my lower part. This was making lots of movement on the bed, after some time she said, what’s the problem why u moving so much why don’t you relax and sleep.

I said it’s tough to have a relax sleeping on this bed with two people. To which she started exploring the place and said come on see here its enough space and you are on edge of the bed and hold my t-shirt and started pulling me, oppssss I felt some sponge kind of feeling on my right arm as she tried to explore other side of my bed.

I too moved toward her, she said see you was just getting worried for nothing just sleep. I agreed but not my mind it was submerging in the aroma of feminine musk and was intoxicated, my heart beat jumped and I was able to hear it with my ear, my ROD was stiffing with the precum oozing,

nothing was in control every sense and organ was trying to dictate term on its own, my complete body organ with all the sense became a BANANA REPUBLIC, I don’t know that time what to do and what not, the harder I tried, the organ were going more violent.

Still, I didn’t want to do any thing which would affect my relationship with her my family and pretended sleep. After 15-20 mints as I was silent she said its so hot but I didn’t replied shown her that am fast asleep, to this she got up and said ohhh,

thou the cooler is fast but still so humid she again tried to awake me, I dint replied, I was seeing as there was a small light coming from outside to my kitchen ventilator and the light was hitting the top wall in my room.

She removed her t-shirt, while doing so I can see her boobs like an orange size I didn’t know the size but it was not more then of an orange size, with the areola pointing upward, and she came down to the pillow …. but, but, this time she was much closer to me,

I can feel her hot air coming from nostril on my neck, then also I dint dare do any thing but there was a real war was going in side me bomb blast firing air strike sea launch ohh my gosh it was next to impossible but I restrained like true India.

What ever way terror goes, the govt. doesn’t respond, so was me an India…. Time pass 1mints tic tik 2 mints tik tik tik 3, 4,5,6, 7, 8 ohhh why it’s taking so time why cant I sleep why the war not stopping man…man.. Ohh god help me please help me give me strength…… but alas nothing was happening,

I can control external forces but as India I cant control my internal forces who was trying me to break in parts…. 10 mints…11 mints… my breath couldn’t control the heat, as my opponent was hitting with her hot warm breath on my neck..12…mint 13…mints 14…mints…15….

Shashi, suddenly got up and said aren’t you feeling hot seeing you in this t-shirt is making me feel more warm in the room, I saw she was sitting I can c her boobs hanging..But lost my guts to get up and hold those medium sizes boobs,

she came closer to see my face I closed my eyes, then she again took my face by her hand & arm…wheeeeeew, it was so soft the musk the sensation which passed electric passed till the hilt, feeling world war III started within me, her arm and literally got me up from the bed…

I, got up but with my eyes closed, I said what happened as a way that m sleeping …do you want water…no she said its so hot why don’t you remove your t-shirt, I acted as m sleep and tried to remove it by taking out she took it for me (that time m y sensuality said put hand grab the oranges but..

But…but… and I, fell Dhamm on my pillow she to came closer much much closer I can smelll her hair…hmmmmm the war resumed with in but like rest of the India I didn’t got the courage even seeing her topless next to me,, time passes 17..18…19…20…. it was approx 1:30 night…

I felt show dumb & duffer…but again one hour passed and for last 30 mints a female sleeping topless to me…and I didn’t have the courage…. Suddenly to get my self away from her long hair, which was sexiting, me directly, I moved down, so I can control my sensual desire….

But I did wrong, now her face was near my eyes and nose and I can feel her lips which were away at a point of needle distance…. This was like a nuclear bomb on me… my leg moved own it own it touched her leg The sweet smell of her perfume was driving me more and more horny my organ,

my but the movement made the war to move ahead and suddenly she stretched her hand upward in arch shape by which her boobs came closer to me and, a little bit of courage where I came little down with-out making any noise and kept my head on the lower edge of my pillow on the bed side.

This made my lips 2 millimeter away from her those orange size boobs I was feeling her body scent, my breath was getting reflected to me after hitting those lemon and returning with the fragrance of her lime and orangey boobs, the war in my body went to sigma level where it was

do or die the armed force of my was just waiting taking the position for the last assault by the cross-border.. The Millimeter distance was the border line the smoke was heavy, and then. The other side dared tried to cross the millimeter line by turning toward me and…..

What was this…I, felt something in-between my lips a small soft flower petals… it was there the Anther of the flower yeah areola of her boobs in-between my lips…I was stunned!! Regaining sense, I started encircling the Anther of the flower the areola with my tip of the tongue & grasping sensually,

by closing my lips on it…The war…. I had a firm hand on my head and she pressed my head toward her breast area….. The war made the physical appearance the zone became borderless and my shivering hand started moving on her head, ear neck back & the breath stopped as the army surrendered.

And my lips and tongue got busy signing the first step of the declaration between both the parties…. Her body came to me, my body went near to her, and Left hand was supporting the right boobs.

I was sucking and the right hand was exploring the other territory and finally came to left boobs and started patting squeezing the areola and the outer surface… She whispered it’s been 3 month and last one month was real bad I needed you so badly; I always wanted to be with you.

Now I don’t want any thing in life her hand to be exploring my head… by back my chest…. I changed guard… I switched to other orange…Hamm that was awesome… keep on playing with the tip of my tongue … I moved upward licked the chest.

Above her neck front and above her lips the voluptuous lips…my lips went inside… explored each millimeter of her mouth played hide and seek, We rolled on our backs and we were rubbing our faces with each others.

Finally I was over her and was feeling her face and hair with my hands. I was looking into her eyes … she was all bursting with her own war… Like a snake we got entangled my right hand on her left boobs squeezing but with delicacy…..I kissed her don’t now for what time in her mouth moved further on her nose bite it delicately …

slurping each and every inch don’t wanted to leave a centimeter for future… kissed her eyes forehead went behind her ears chew the lower parts of the left ear. She was in my left arm…turned her back. kissed licked her back of the neck bitten with teethes left a mark she

shivered came below the neck licked each and every centimeter of the back portion she was head down came till the waist….again went up repetition of the same act licking went to her shoulder kissed-licked her both the shoulder turned her front she was transported in ther world…

I rubbed my, lips-tongue-teeth slowly all over her breast area. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I kept going down rubbing my head on her chest, belly and lower abdomen. I left a mark a love bite just above the orange juice… she thundered she stretched her leg pushed her waist to me…

I felt the bulge hitting some where below the waist seemed like a valley.. I kept on licking every part, she was reciprocating in the same manner… rather with full passion we both were burning…our flame was making the house burn more impactful… again I licked both her orange…

the areola was stiff…I kept in between my teeth gave a light bite… she thirsted her frontage toward me the front of two intact to each don’t wanted to be separated… I came to the other lemon… had it full in my mouth… sucked in such a way that it got air tight….

This act took her to ecstasy and she moaned. She started banging to my front…I kept the left boobs in my mouth till I could control, my tongue was trying to extract all the juices from her it can get by it’s own…

And my hard penis was rubbing hard against the area deeply between her legs, making her feel ecstatic, that she quickly spread her legs apart in order to get that hardness even better against her. And within a minute, both us were grinding our hips together.

My hands reached down under the soft rounded globes of her beautiful d shaped buttocks, pulling her harder against my hard cock, which I now ground back and forth against her own responding, the pussy lips as I wanted to make her feel much much better. I put my hands on her whole tit and squeezed carefully.

She rolled over she stiffed her nail on my back, Scratching. Her teeth on my right shoulder…and she left a mark…a sweet tooth… the love bite on it…she thunders, stiffed and she had an orgasm……As my hand was exploring, it stopped – ohh yeah the pajama,

then it started removing it…slowly same time exploring the upper part of the valley…she was again in current a lightening passed through her. She pulled me up locked her lip with her lips and start kissing again. In mean time she her self removed her pajama with pulling by her leg,

I can feel my thighs in some hot and burning fire place. As I was still in shorts…her hand too was exploring all my back…she was below me and I on her top…she felt something on my waist and from my back she putted her finger and tried to remove it, was my Boxer… she,

did but couldn’t do all while lip-lock I removed my shorts by my right hand first and then she by her leg and…… OHHHHHH… I almost jumped as if from an electrical shock, but then her soft, warm ammunition was there right there on point black range and my shaft was pressed between

both… this made her suck my lips my tongue more eagerly she was pushing her hips too forward trying to make place for the gun to fire..After…. 5-6 mints of lip lock, biting we parted… this time I started teething her from top and went to waist.

She started shivering as I was nearing the Palace…but I took other round turned left and start Teething the left thighs as my left hand moving on the right thighs I cam till toe, picked her leg. Licked the toe bitted it chewed her leg fingers. Sucked it….

She was moaning…ump…. the moan seemed like an un-invented music from different planet. After ward I started to the right leg. Again chewed the foot fingers bitted licked. Upward, Licked the leg licked with small bites on the back of her leg…

the moan was increasing her fist was holding the bed….. my right thighs was on her left leg, right leg on my shoulder was chewing teething the thigh, she throw her in a state of violent excitement or emotion as I was moving ahead… she started shivering again I went up my below right knees lower part was on the mound.

I came down wheeeeeeew that was so warm and I could feel her pussy pulsing with eagerness. She held my head in both hands and I moved to the top of her little mound, when my lips pressed her clit. I looked at her and what I saw was out of the world.

She was feeling extreme pleasure and her mouth was like a big o and no sound was coming out of her mouth. Just her head was up from the bed and was moving up and down. Boy!!! It was a sight to see.

She kept her hand on my head and start playing with my hair with a light force I parted the upper lips of the vagina put my tongue she screamed in ecstasy pressed my head hard on her cunt, the scent the aroma was making me delirious but controlled my sense and licked. muumuu the taste was amazing.

I just kissed the outer labia and went down to vulva place probably between cunt and ass…i did a small teething she scream and screamed but I kept my hand on her lips after licking that part I moved up ward and parted the vagina’s lips and put my tounge lips and nose submerged.

In it she was getting wild was not able to control, her hand on my head she was pulling me up but I was in no mood to leave her. What, I, did turned 69 but didn’t force or ask her to suck my shaft this was helping me to control her physically too so that she enjoys the most and

so and I plunged in eagerly, lapping away at her bald little cunt like a puppy with water. I tried pushing my tongue inside, a couple of times, but she was too tight. At one point, I pulled her legs up and over my back, so her thighs were on my shoulders and her vagina was aimed right up into my mouth.

I was holding her nice butt. My hands almost covered her cheeks. Now her hand was all over my butts on my shaft she was squeezing it biting the butts with her teeth as I was submerged in her cunt with licking kissing leaving hot air by nose and…. then I did I never read till date or thought,

I tried to fill the cunt by air like one fill in balloon she was hysterical on this act and when it got kind air tight I tried to suck the air in my mouth she couldn’t control she was getting drifted in some other world I kept on repeating this act and suddenly she stiffed and truck loads of liquid came out from her cunt and with a big Moan.

Of… ooooooo oooo oooooooooooooo mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, She tried to cover her mouth with something, but didn’t succeed. I heard a loud scream and then all hell broke loose. She came and came and came. The pressure of her thighs on my ears had hurt.

After a while her legs wee wide open and her hips were rolling around and rubbing her cunt all over my face. I had already swallowed too much tasty juice of hers. But it was still oozing out of her vagina. Now I knew what an orgasm means for a female.

She was lying motionless – closing her eyes and her cunt was still pulsing. My face got all drenched with her liquid sperm, I drank what ever it came to me but I didn’t stop at all my hand was moving all part of her lower part all the time she again was burning and was in no position to

control. she hold my dick and was doing all kinda silly thing pulling out as she wanted to take it out of my body finally she asked me in a husky voice, I, cant control please do some thing else I’ will dye, I want you inside me please.

Even her playing with my dick had made me wild so after a few more act of ballooning, I turned around and came between her legs. I kissed her again and moved down. I spread her legs and her vagina was still shining with her juices of previous orgasm. I licked her insides.

Her eyes closed and she bit her lower lip. I inserted a finger in her, and it slid in a bit into her three month unused vagina. I watched my finger opening the rounded pussy lips and inserted my shaft…Ohhh my gosh it was not tight but the heat was…ohhhh suddenly she switched on the light ….

She said this act of yours I want to have it in light so we don’t feel bad further, as we both had enjoyed and I started riding her in a slow motion she hold me and bought me closer and started kissing and same tom my hand started playing with boobs I was giving a novelty thrust with keeping my breath under control,

I, tried not to be a sprinter of 100 mtrs. rather a marathon runner where every one enjoyed, after some thrusts she too picked up the tempo and stated thrusting from below some time in circular motion we were looking to each in eyes my hand was playing with her one melon my left hand

was below her neck I was slowly increasing the speed but well in control, seems as I had masturbated in the bathroom it was taking time to boil the sperm but the heat inside her vagina was so strong that it seems that my dick might get melt…

we kept kissing looking in to each eyes thrusting from above and below suddenly she speeded up, so I, her vagina was oozing like anything our pubic hair was all wet and entangled then I couldn’t control and we started thrusting fast to each as she already was in speed something

happen we both ached stiffed and LO we both came in each……. The war stopped. After few minutes the last man standing to fall, all were tired, all the organs with there sense where back with a new zeal in there sense.

We slept like this for approx half an hour when we regained composer, we looked to each eyes and saw the time it was going to be 4:45 am in the morning we saw that and we laughed it was fucking of 3hrs and 30 mints approx.

She said this is the best sex any one ever had, thank you and hugged me we were still naked, we don’t wanted to sleep as she was to join her office and I was to catch a flight for a meeting in Mumbai.

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Sexy Sister In Law is Above the Law

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When Kiran Bhabi found out that I often wrote sex stories, she hardly leaves me alone. I am almost 28, a sale executive working with a multi-national company and Kiran Bhabi is my elder sister-n-law, a 35 year dame, now living with us, quite a doll and a mother of two, 18 & 19 year old teenagers. My elder brother, her spouse, is an Army officer and in Nairobi on deputation for the last one year. She has been teaching in a Montessori school. Never before or since have had I seen another female body like Kiran Bhabi’s – not in the flesh? From her short dark brown hair with its steady brown, pouting full lips, pointed nose and sensuous overbite, perfectly manicured hands, to her pretty long nail polished feet; Kiran Bhabi was the well-stacked, broad, curvaceous stuff of little boys’ fantasies. Hell, grown men’s fantasies, too. Five-seven and a hundred-forty five pounds packed full, round and tight, with softness about her, like a layer of wondrous padding that I find impossible to describe. Her vital statistics are 38-27-38.She really has pulling power and She is a buxom beauty to my views.

A few weeks ago, I answered the door to find Kiran Bhabi, wearing jeans and a low cut T-shirt, exposing her breast decently.

“Hi, Sunny,” she said. She would call me ‘Sunny’ as a pet name. “Got a few minutes to talk?” I asked her in and no sooner had I shut the door then she said bashfully, “Can I ask you something?”

“Why not but about what?” I asked anxiously.

“Is it true you write fuck stories?” I’d heard Kiran Bhabi say ‘fuck’ before, but always as part of a joke. But this time it was different.

“Who told you that?” I asked. Writing erotic stories, whether you call it smut, porn or ‘fuck stories,’ it isn’t something you announce to the general public, I just write for my satisfaction and as my past time hobby. My close friends knew. No one thinks it’s wrong or “bad.” It’s good activity and I don’t write degrading crap. But I certainly don’t tell everyone I meet or know that I write erotica. My parents do not know. I did not think Kiran Bhabi did.

“Never mind how I found out,” she answered. “But if it’s true, I think it’s pretty neat. Well”? I felt a twinge of embarrassment but I couldn’t lie.

“Yes, it’s true, But I don’t call them ‘fuck stories”. Kiran Bhabi’s face lit up. I suddenly became aware that my nubile big sister-n-law was braless as her nipples poked the thin material of her T-shirt.

“I would like to read some, Sunny.” She said sparklingly.

What could I do or say? I led her to my study room, showed her where my file copies of sex stories were, then I left the room. Embarrassed, I guess. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of cold water, and gulped it down while thinking that the goddess of sex is kind to him. I have to admit that I had felt some sexual attraction to Kiran Bhabi always. Whenever I wrote about a girl having great Tits, it was my Sis-n-law’s face I had in mind. Her young body, her youthful eagerness, her intelligence, all had inspired and influenced me. And now she was actually reading the material I had written.

I grabbed another glass of water, and went to my study to find Bhabi avidly reading the sex stories. From the look on her face it was obvious she was enjoying what she was reading. She was breathing rapidly, sweat shone on her upper lip, and her nostrils seemed to flare, all the signs of a woman in heat, even a Sister. She saw or heard me and said, “I love to read about people fucking almost as much as I love to fuck. Surprised?”

How could I be? I mean, she was smart, witty, attractive and old enough. I felt a twinge at the thought of my own Sister-n-law getting dicked by some pimply teenager (her student). Jealousy, I guess. I also felt a twinge in my loins as I warmed to the subject with my big Sis.

“I have been reading this kind of stuff like, MY SECRET GARDEN, FORBIDDEN FLOWER, ETC., since my college days, but your stories are hot enough to melt the most frigid, warm enough to rejuvenate a corps and as one turn the pages, feel the fire.” She said excitedly.

“Does it embarrass you that I’m talking about fucking, Sunny?” She asked with widening her beautiful eyes.

“Well, not embarrassed, I’m just not used to it,” I answered.

“Not used to fucking?” She asked astonishingly.

“Oh, you know what I mean, I’m not used to talking about it with my elder sister-n-law.” I said.

She was enjoying this conversation immensely.

“Come on, don’t be shy, I wanna be your best friend.”

“Don’t you get horny when you write this stuff? God, I know you sure would. I’m getting wet by just reading.

Ooh, this is really hot. “Kiran Bhabi started reading part of a story I had written. “‘My cock had never felt as hard as it did in Zara’s mouth. Her tongue flicked the underside of my meat and her lips seemed to caress and stroke my shaft. “‘”Fuck my tits,” Zara pleaded as she took her mouth off and held her big jugs together. Trouble was, I wanted to eat her pussy first. After all, eating her pussy was what I’d dreamed of doing for years.

“Damn, Sunny, I love this stuff!” Hearing Kiran Bhabi reading that passage had excited me as well. And there was very little I could do to hide my excitement, since a bulging cock is difficult to hide in night suit. Kiran Bhabi immediately noticed and then she blushed.

“I guess you do get horny, Sunny,” she grinned, standing up as she stared at the front of my pajamas.

She came to me threw her arms around my neck and started to kiss me passionately, while pressing her body into mine. After a couple of minutes she drew back a little and looked again at my bulging Cock.

“Was it my reading that did that, Sunny? Or it sure could be my tits ’cause I do think mine are big enough to fuck. See?” Kiran Bhabi lifted her T-shirt and showed me her pert and huge breasts, the nipples dark brown and rigid. My personal preference is for large tits always. I felt my cock grow another inch as I looked at my Bhabi’s mouth-watering TITS.

“Kiran Bhabi, you have great tits,” I said. She beamed. “Most guys like big tits,” she said and spurred her breasts. “A girl with big breasts always becomes attracted.”

I said. “Yours are gorgeous and swanky, Can I touch them?”

“Yes, I want you to suck them now, Sunny,” she said breathily.

I couldn’t have resisted if I’d wanted to, Bhabi or not. And, believe me, I wanted to suck those nubbins. So I lowered my head to her left mound and stuck out my tongue. I circled the perky nipple then popped the rigid nub between my lips. Kiran Bhabi gasped and her arms went around me, holding me as I sucked and chewed, first one, then the other, hot mound of flesh.

“Oh, Sunny, that feels so good!” Kiran Bhabi’s body wiggled as she tried to push more of her titty-flesh into my mouth. I think she must have had a mini-orgasm from the way she jerked around and gasped.

Then she asked me if I ever eat a pussy.

I told her I did.

“Your brother has never licked me.” She said complainingly.

“It’s strange,” I said.

“Would you.will my pussy?” I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. I pulled off her sleepers while she removed her T-shirt. I reached for her jeans, the button and the zipper but stopped. “Kiran Bhabi, are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, please.” “You won’t hate me for it, will you?

“Off course not but this is incest, you know.” I informed her.

“Oh, Sunny, you don’t know how desperately I’ve dreamed of having sex with you since your brother has gone to Nairobi”. She added, “I was double minded before this revelation, but not after coming into my knowledge that you write sex stories, my handsome, smart Brother. Please. Do it to me, Lovvvvve meeee.”

I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, gripped the waistband of her jeans and panties and slid them down her legs and off her beautiful long nail polished feet. Her downy black pubic triangle contrasted with the pale flesh of her belly. I gently spread her legs and put a pillow under her ass to give me the best access to her pussy.

And what a beautiful pussy my Bhabi had! The fragrance of her secretions made me even more eager to feast. She used her sexy fingers to part her slick folds and exposed the wet crimson of her cunt. Her clit was stiff and the largest I’d ever see on a woman. It was as big as the end of my pinky finger, almost like a miniature cock. No wonder she seemed to get so excited. With a clit like that, it’s a wonder she wasn’t horny 24 hours a day! But I’ve since found out that she does stay excited 24 hours a day!

“I hope my pussy is not stinking, whenever I go to the toilet, I wash my pussy with a special liquid because I’m extra careful about my pussy.” She explained, as pushed her pussy lips apart with her sexy long nailed fingers.

I let the flat of my tongue lick her slit from asshole to clit. Kiran Bhabi shuddered, her legs locked around my head and she chanted,

“Yes, yesss, oh yeessssss.” Kiran Bhabi tasted tangy sweet and more of that love liquid oozed from her hole and onto my tongue. My nose kept rubbing against her clit so I stuck a finger into her cunt and took that clit of hers between my teeth. Needless to say, my Bhabi went crazy.

“Oh, God, oh.oh!” She wailed and she bucked and thrashed at the mercy of my finger and tongue. I eased my finger out of her pussy, and sent my tongue into her cunt to quench my thirst for her nectar.

In all honesty it wasn’t doing anything for me, but Kiran Bhabi was fit to be tied. She began moaning and jerking awfully and when I tried to pull back, she wrapped her thighs around my head preventing any escape.

Kiran Bhabi’s heels pounded my back and she went wild as she came. Fortunately my parents were not at home, because the screams of ecstasy were loud enough to arouse them in their room. As it was, I’m glad her children asleep and our servants were in their quarters because Kiran Bhabi was loud when she came. After a few minutes I stopped and she caught her breath.

“It’s never been like that,” she said. “Whew! I think you’ve spoiled me.” She put her hand on the bulging wet spot on my pajamas.

“What can I do to repay you, Sunny?” Kiran Bhabi tugged my pajamas down and my 7-incher sprang out, strands of pre-cum strung between the tip and my matted pubic hair. Her eyes got as big as saucers and she gripped my COCK in both hands.

“Ugh, this thing’ll split me if.”

“Don’t worry, Bhabi,” I said. “We don’t have to fuck.”

“Oh, but I do want to fuck and I’m dying to have a cock since your brother left,” Kiran Bhabi assured me. “It’s just that this is so damn big!”

In many cases where passion has built up over a long period of time, I’ve found sex to be a hurried thing; grasping, groaning. With Kiran Bhabi it was lovemaking.

We kissed for what seemed like hours. Her lips were so sweet, her tongue so agile. I felt certain I would come without her touching me there.

We took our time when we first fucked. She wanted me to fuck her without a condom because

“I want to feel you shoot off inside me”. She told me.

I told her I just wanted to be cautious because of babies but she said, ” I’m on the pill from the day I decided to love you and you don’t have to worry about me getting pregnant.”

I was caressing her large breasts. Her nipples were hard buttons under my fingers. As I gently pinched each one, she sighed into my open mouth. I was enthralled by her breasts, I continued to play with her nipples as we passionately kissed. I then broke our kiss to take one nipple in my mouth as my hands began to kneed her large ass cheeks.

After a very short time at this, she began to whimper and shake. As I nibbled on her nipple, she cried out and came! Since her legs would no longer support her, we laid down on the bed. She rested there for a bit as we kissed slowly, then sat up and pinched her hard nipples with her long polished sexy nails.

Yes, she was large, and to me, with the passion and love in her eyes, she appeared to me as goddess of sex.

She then started kissing me everywhere. When she got to my cock I warned her that I couldn’t last long. She gave it one loving lick with her tongue and kissed the head of my dick.

Kissing her and feeling her hot, soft body next to mine brought me back to hardness quickly.

“Sunny, please! I want your cock in me, please.”

“I always thought I had the sexiest BHABI around, now I am going to fuck that sexy body of yours. I have always dreamed about it”. I told her.

“But I want to fuck your TITS first?” I asked.

She looked into my eye very seductively, lied down on her back and I sat on her rib cage with my hard penis pointing between her gigantic breasts. I took her long nail polished, sexy hands in mine and laid them on the outside edges of her breasts and forces them together, pressing her breasts around my aroused dick. I began hunching my cock between her breasts. I was fucking my own Bhabi’s tits! She was wet with perspiration and my organ slid very well between her soft mounds. I moved my hands and Her hands were pressing her breasts around my cock. My left hand reached behind me and found her pussy again. I slid my finger in again.


I stopped hunching and said to her. “Now.massage my dick with your tits.”

She moved her breasts around with her hands, massaging my swollen cock.

“Oh, yes . that feels good!” I said.

I reached behind and again played with her pussy as I rode her chest. I noticed that her hips were again moving up and down with my fingers.

I rolled Kiran Bhabi onto her back completely and slip between Kiran Bhabi’s widely spread legs.

My tongue slipped into her mouth and her hand found my cock and pumped it enthusiastically.

She took my cock in her sexy fingers and rubbed it all around on her pussy.

Gazing into my eyes, Kiran Bhabi placed the head of my hard dick at her hot opening and murmured, “Sunny, I have wanted you to fuck me since I saw you the first time.”

As I found her opening, Kiran Bhabi raised her knees high and humped her pubic mound up against my cock. The whole head was engulfed in hot wetness and I paused in the sheer pleasure of the moment. Kiran Bhabi opened her eyes and looked up at me.

In almost a strangled voice, she said, “Please, Bhai, please. I can’t stand any more waiting.”

I pushed my hips forward and my cock slowly began to sink into Kiran Bhabi’s hot channel. I was expecting my sister to wince in pain, but she only frowned a little as my cockhead gently pushed aside the constriction of her cunt. Soon, we were completely merged. I was flesh of her flesh and she was flesh of my flesh.

Kiran Bhabi’s frown lines disappeared and she released her held breath with a loud, “Ahhhhhh.OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH .GOD!”.

She reached behind my head and pulled my lips down to hers. Holding our bodies perfectly still, we kissed a long, deep kiss. As we broke away, she whispered, “Oh, Bhai, we’re finally there. You don’t know how many times I’ve dreamed of this. It’s so good. Your cock is so much better than the dream. Now, make love to me. Love me hard, and if it’s a dream, I hope I never wake up.”

I slowly withdrew my cock from Bhabi’s inner recesses, stopping when only the tip of the head was in place. I lunged forward, driving my cock home with one long, swift movement. I groaned aloud from the wave of pleasure that swept over me.

Kiran Bhabi said, “Yes! Yes! Oh, it’s so good!”

She pushed her hips up against mine and our bodies were pulled into full hot contact. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist and her arms reached around my neck and held me tight. Once again I retreated and attacked, and once again she matched my motions. Soon we were rocking back and forward against each other. I was moaning and so was she. I was nearing my peak, and I could tell she was close to hers.

Suddenly, Kiran Bhabi clutched me even harder. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and the walls of her pussy grasped against my seesawing cock. Kiran Bhabi threw her head back and wailed, “Oh, God, I’m there! I’m coming, I’m cominnnngggg.!


My hands found her sore breasts and squeezed them hard.

“Oh Sunny . I love you. I missed you . Please forgive .Me . Oh . oH. Ram it . In me . Yes . ram me .”

Then it hit me. I hit the crest and then went into a freefall that seeming like it would never end. My vision blurred and waves and waves of almost unbearable pleasure flowed outward from my groin to all parts of my body. Spurt after spurt after spurt jetted into my sister, filling up and overflowing Bhabi’s spasming pussy. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. Gradually, our motions slowed, and then we were still, making soft “Ohhhh” sounds.

We both opened our eyes and looked into each other’s face. Our lips drew together and we kissed a long, tender kiss that sealed our love forever. No word needed to be spoken. We both knew that there could be no other for either of us.

We both relax as I withdrew my cock and rolled over on to the bed beside her.

“Good Brother, you were great! I guess you just don’t think of your own Bhabi being so good in bed.”

Bhabi was naked lying next to me, panting. I reached over and cupped her very sore breast in my hand.

“Bhabi, how do you feel?”

“Very sore. That was unbelievable.”

“Yea, I know. I really went off watching you reading fuck stories.” I replied.

“Oh, Sunny, please hold me in your arms.”

I rolled over on top of her and pressed my semi hard cock on her sore cunt. Very slowly, I pushed up and down.

“I hope this new relationship with my brother in law continues.” She said seductively. At this moment, I felt closer to her than I ever had.

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My childhood Sex event

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I am mano from tirunelveli. I heard about this web site by one of my friends.
So i came across this site once and i was very much surprised by reading the
Stories posted by the members that they fucked their moms,sistes,cousin sisters,
And females fucked their fathers and brothers and maids.

We are living in india and our culture goes far i thing.sometimes while i thinking
About that stories that small boys even middle aged sons fucked their moms stories
Shivering my body.even though it gives us horny mood and eagerness to fuck a woman,
As a sixth sensible human being,we could realize that whether these stories are real ones or not.
Obiviously 99 percent stories would be imaginary and falsehood i feels.

Each and every human being needs sexual interaction by nature and it is happening
In our life in many ways.but how it would be with their mothers. In some families brothers
And sisters fucking. I know that. It is quite very rare case. In my childhood days i have seen
It directly from one of my neighbours family and after a short period they formed their separate
Families and forgot everything. As i am coming across this site, i wants to share
Only three incidents ( one is happened before my presence in my neibour house and two
Incidents of mine with my anni and with neighbour virgin girl.).

These three incidents are real and absolutely real

Most of my relatives lived in trivandrum . When i was 13 years old i went to my relative house in trivandrum. It was a line house with common backyard to all houses. My relative were govt employees.i have to stay there 45 days on my school vacation. There were my chithi and chithappa lived. Daily they were going to office and return to home at evening time. Meantime i had been handed over to the neighbour house to take care. There was a 14 year old girl and 12 year old boy(sister and brother) . So we used to play in their house very happily. While playing hide and seek they always asked to play like i had to search them and they would hide.
Playing very interesting.

Once while playing, i was serching them.but i could not find them. They hide in a very secret
Store room. I tried hard to find them and when reached closed window behind the store room i heard a
Sound and i tried to see the small hole, there i saw a scene, 14 yr old yamuna sucks her 12 yr old
Brother’s small cock. But at that age i could not realize that they were doing sex activities.
I very nicely came before the room and made a sound and told them that i have seen everything and
Asked that “shall i join to that play?”.

Both of them requested me not to tell about this play to anybody. I promised
And we closed the front door and entered her bedroom.she removed her brother ramesh shorts and
Queezed his little cock and asked me to hold. I didnot know what i was going to do and i obeyed
Her words and caught her brother’s cock. After some minutes,it growed little larger and became
Temper.he was smiling.then she kissed his lips and also kissed his cock. I felt that it was somthing
Intersting.she asked me to kiss his cock. In the interesting of that play i kissed his cock.she smiled
And asked to remove my shorts.i did. She now began to hold my cock and sucked it. I felt my head was

After that she asked both of us that “ente pundayine randu perum nackuumo ?”. I could not understand her question and agreed to do that.she removed her pavadai and she laid on her bed. She removed her brown color panty. I very first saw a matured pussy. It was covered by small thin hairs.ramesh bend towards her thigh and began to lick her pundai. Now she asked me to do that. Ramesh got up and signalled to do that.when i bend towards her pussy, it emits a different smell. But i liked that smell and licked outer side of pussy, her hand fingers widened her pussy.oh what a beautiful scene it was.still i remember that scene.inside of her pussy was rose color and some flesh growth between her pussy lips. I licked the flesh.she begand to moaned.” angane thanne .mm nannayittu choopi thaa mone …..ahhh “. Now she spread her legs as much she could. I did that continuously.

After 10 minutes her hip was jumping up and down.she shivering lot.both of us were feared while
Seeing her shivering. Ramesh started to cry that ” checheee enthu pattti ? “. She never cared his
Question and she released some whitish fluid from her was like a curd.then she gradually
Began to smile.then we to smiled together.she asked me that ” u wants to eat paal payasam ? Nackki edutho “.

I slitely tasted it. It tastes like pulitha something different taste. She asked “ramesa neeyum nackkada.
He drank it one at a strech, and cleaned her pussy with his tongue.

Two days later she asked both of us to insert one’s cock into another anal hole.i agreed to
Insert my cock into ramesh’s anal hole.she did all suppots to implemet that. She brought some soap
Solution and rubbed it on my cock after tempered it. Then she rubbed some coconut oil to
Ramesh anal hole.very first it was not possible and paining. She engouraged to try it again and
Aagin.finally i forcefully pushed my cock to his anal.he cried because of pain. So she asked me to
Insert my cock into her anals.i was happy and very first i kissed her anals. And successfully inserted
My small cock into her anal hole.she began to move front and back slowly and after some time she asked me to stop.i pulled out my cock from her cock was yellow in color.she laughed and washed my cock with soap.

This practice continued for one month.but even to the last day she did not allowed me to
Insert my cock inside her that time i did not realize why she refused to get my cock inside
Her pussy.but i understand these days why she refused it.

Ok. This is the first experience of mine with a brother and sister. Now ramesh married a kannada
Girl from banglore and yamuna settled with her malayali husband with mysore.once i saw them recently in a wedding function.she never like to remember that incidents.but her glamour intends me to remind that incident.but she replied in a single line “past is past.forget it”.now she never liked to give her residence address.

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Fuck through internet

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When i was fucking namrata i was still visiting the cyber café and chat room to hook uo with some one new. Once when i was on my routine mail checking and chat stuff i was checking the hard drive when i saw some resumes stored in the my document folder… i opened it and saw it was few girls in that. I quickly noted their number and names… one girl was of my area … i just gave a miss call to check it the number is working or not. To my luck i got a miss call again from that number… i dint knew what to say so i just told her that i was trying some one else number &l by mistake i dialed ur number sorry about that. She said that its perfectly fine. And we just had a small light conversation.

After we stayed in touch over sms and some times call. She use to work in a call centre so her time were irregular and we hardly use to speak. After 2 months time i was returning home at 11pm in the night when she called me asked me where i was. I said i was going home she said than even i am done with my work if we can meet. I said fine with me. And she asked me to come downstairs to her office. As her office was in malad its was a famous area so i reached there easily and waited downstairs for her. She came after 10 minutes. She was a fair girl wearing specks with huge boobs, she was atound 5’5 tall 36-30-38. We had the initially hi and hello and she asked me where shall we go. I said i have no idea about this area and she should tell me.she said lets take a walk around the back side of the area as its usually deserted at time in the night/. We went there and it was a huge lane totally dark just 1 or 2 vehicle passig here and there ….mostly coupe trying to get cosy in the night .. We started to chat and she started to get free.. I took the chance and put my hand around waist. She dint object.. I kept my hand there. And carried on… she put her hand around my waist and i got the green singnal.

She said that she liked my voice and she is like mad after my voice… we saw a car in a corner and took the support of the car and went and stood there. I took the chance and while talking hugged her whiche she dint object…than i planted a kiss on her check and she replied back by giving a peck on my lips.. Well that was it.. We kissed there for some while and after some time i tried my hand on her breast but she said lets got from here and n by that time the night cops had also arrived. We took a auto and asked him to take a round in that area …. We sat in that and kissed for a while and than i took her to a lane behind a movie theater which was very deserted. I took her in a corner and kissed her smooched her she was loosing her control. Now i put my hands on her breast and squeezed it for some time… than i put my hand inside her t-sirt and felt her smooth flesh above her bra. It was so soft and wowowo….we were there for about 20 minutes when she broke the kiss and said she is getting late. We came on he main road and took a auto and dropped her home and we kissed all the while in the auto. We kissed each other good nigh and i left home…

After that we never got the opportunity to meet her but we had out share over the phone…one day in the evening she called me and said tat her parents are out and will return only by 9 in the night and she was alone if i wanted to come… but i was at a place where i could have taken about 30 minutes to reach her house and than i would have just a hour time to be with her so i refused and said we will meet later. She called me again and asked me if i can make it.. Well this time even i could not refuse and i said yes to her. I reached her place within 15 minutes and she was waiting after outside her flat to receive me. I went in and sat in the hall on the sofa. She came and sat near me …..we chatted for a while and slowly planted a kiss on her lips. She dint react. So i took the opportunity and kissed her again. Within no time our mouth were exchanging our saliva. Slowly i made her lie on the sofa and was on top on her kissing each other. I placed my hand over her breast over her t-shirt and squzzed. She moaned but her mouth was sealed with mine… i pulled her t-shirt up and over her breat.. My my such huge and soft breast… i took them in my mouth over her bra and sucked them.. I had little patience left so i pulled over her bra of and of came her huge marvelous melons… i sucked them for a while.. She was enjoying it… now she broke the bond and lead me toward her bedroom. I asked her to check if the main door is closed when she went to check it we were shocked the find out that it was not locked.. Our luck that no one came at that time.. We laughed and locked the door and went in..i threw her on the bed and jumped over har and kissed her again for some time..i played with her tits for a while n suck them like a hungry kid… i went own to remove her pyjama but she was reluctant but i was adamant and within minutes i pulled down her pants . Now she was just in her panties.. I went down and kissed her pussy over her panties. She dint have any hair on her cunt. I mover her cloth piece over her pussy area and put my finger in her pussy . She moaned a little and i started fingering her… she was in heaven…. I kept in finger fucking her for a while till she came for the fist time. Than she told me that she was not a virgin and sex twice with her childhood friend. Now even i was getting restless and quickly removed my clothes and was naked in front of her. She was shocked to see my huge prick.. She took it in her hand and started to stroke it.. Wowowo what a feeling… i was enjoying it.. When i felt that i was about to shoot my loads i asked her to stop…. I was not carrying any protection as i never expected such a incident..

I went on top of her and kissed over her lips than to her tits and slowly came down to her pussy. I sucked her for a while till she got wet so that i could enter her now. I kept my dick on her entrence and pushed in once… i went with a huge thud and i could hear her pain .. She asked me to stop as it was huge she was having immense pain… i was not ready to stop so i started moving up and down. Slowly her pain subside and she was enjoying it.. She started to massage her tits and her breast…. All that she was saying was.. Yes jai fuck me hard>>… tear me … i want u inside me fuck me harder yes fuck me…. I got more wild and started to stroke more faster… after 10 minutes of fucking i took out of dick on came all over her pussy and tummy.. We laid there for some time when we heared the bell ringing…. We quickly got up and dressed and she went and opend the door while i sat on the sofa. She introduced me to he mom and bhabi….i waited for some time and later went of from there bidding good bye to all of them her mom asked me keep visiting and with a wicked smile i said sure aunty i will..

I left from there happily… after that we never had any encounter but sure waiting for some more andvernture.. If any girls and aunty interested in real fun and adventure please mail me…

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Hi readers. This maiden story of mine is a work of pure fantasy and imagination. I have written it as if a lady herself is narrating them. The woman, or you can say the heroine of this erotic story is a young married lady of age 29, fair skinned, 5.7″ in height with a slender physique and a voluptuous size of 34d-28-36. So, wasting no further moment let’s enjoy what she has got in store for us!

Amit mishra and i were married to each other five years ago. It was an arranged marriage. Amit is a talented biological scientist and is most of the time engaged in his experiment and studies. This has been the case both before and after our marriage. Amit is 33 now and is 4 years elder to me. His father, mr. Harish mishra, has got a dozen of garment shops running in the state under his name. Namrata, his wife, is a housewife in her early fifties now. Their eldest son and amit’s only brother, sanjeev, is a professor in the s.k. university. He was married to a lovely woman, shalini, who had died of cancer just one and half a year after their marriage without reaching motherhood. Sanjeev lives alone in a big house in the downtown area of the city. Amit and i reside in an apartment in the heart of the city, and my parent-in-laws have been living in the great bungalow near the market complex to the south of the city.

As i have already mentioned, amit is a busy man and hardly ever gets time out of his day for me. In my post-married life it did hurt me in the beginning but i gradually accepted things like they were. And they became easier for me when my parent-in-laws granted my request of letting me to take up a job. With the help of my elder brother-in-law, sanjeev, i joined the as a lecturer. That was three years ago.

Time flew swiftly on and with it was widening the gap between my husband and me. Sometimes he stayed whole night out of the house submerged in his research. And when he did return the next morning early, it took only a couple of hours before he would off again to the science research center. The routine became habituated to me. And yet, lonely moments at nights and during the days tormented my mind, my soul, and most of all, my desires. Sex in our life became almost negligible. But i let him have his own way of leading life.

After i became lecturer in the, things slowly started taking new turns in my life. The cause was amit’s brother, sanjeev. I found before long a growing friendship between us. He, a charming and considerate personality, began to share my loneliness. At first, it appeared to me that what he wanted was only to find himself a friend with whom he could share his thoughts, his lone times. However, i soon realized myself being attracted to him as something more than a friend. I tried to stop myself early on, but almost a year later, i finally gave up myself to him physically as well. And it was as if i had laid my hands upon some golden treasure of immense joy, happiness and satisfaction. There had been no looking back for me since then and we are still indulged in the secret relationship of romance at the back of my husband and my parent-in-laws.

For the time being, what i will be telling you is about the day when i had submitted my body to him, though i was not cent percent ready to accept his physical love.

By that time we had become closer as intimate friends and many-a-time, i used to visit his house on the outskirt of the city. It is a white two-story building with a tall fence circling it. The nearest house is some 300 meters away to its right. Now, i will tell you what happened that day.

It was a winter day and the university was closed for some reason. We had some papers to check and so i went over to his place around 9 o’ clock in the morning. I was wearing a deep yellow colored flower-printed silk sari, and light green short-sleeve blouse with not-so-deep round neck. My long black hair was done into a big knot at the back of my head.

When i reached the place, i found him just getting up from sleep. He asked me to wait in the hallway as he went away to freshen up. I walked to the end of the hallway where the house was rounded and a bench had been built in the curved wall under a circular window looking out over the side yard. I sat on the bench and looked through the window at the green leaves of the peepal tree in the yard, shining in the soft morning light.

As i sat there in silence, i thought about sanjeev. I pondered over my budding acquaintance with my brother-in-law. I thought of my husband and felt a confusion griping me. Sanjeev was becoming a major ingredient in my life. It was appearing as if i have fallen in love with him. And yet i could not bring myself forward to believe what i wanted to believe. Somewhere in my heart, i knew i liked to be close to him, but my being the wife of his brother restrained my steps from getting closer to him. And i was a helpless soul crushed between her wish and the reality.

I felt sanjeev sit down beside me. I turned to look at him. He was wearing a white plain t-shirt and a red trouser. The dark brown eyes seemed so deep and luminous as he stared at me with a steady gaze. A cool breeze blew in through the window and i shivered slightly.

“good morning,” he said with a relaxed voice. “you had breakfast?”

“yes,” i replied, and smiled faintly as i slipped the sandals off my feet. “what about you?”


“i can go into the kitchen to make breakfast?” i asked.

“i’m not feeling that much hungry right now.”

The suddenly i felt it. The lonely house around us, the closeness between us, his dark mystic eyes watching me. They somehow unnerved me. And i felt a little afraid to be with him for the first time.

“you are so beautiful.” the words floated out of his lips like some rich melody and made me blush.

“what…? I…” i found it hard to get any word to speak. And what i should say?

I almost jumped up as i felt his arm sliding around my waist. He pulled me to him and kissed my forehead.

“sanjeev…” the unfinished sentence trailed off my mouth into silence as he kissed the corner of my eyes, the tip of my nose.

“i love you,” he softly whispered near my face. “i want you, kajal.” the words felt so beautiful, so lovely and i trembled again. I leaned back against his arm, and he drew a line of kisses along my forehead and down my cheek.

Desire flowed through me, insistent, warm and heavy. I raised my face and opened my lips and kissed him for the first time, deeply, drinking him in. My head went dizzy as his tongue pushed into my mouth and explored around languidly. He took his arm from my waist and encircled my shoulders, supporting my head as his mouth drove down on mine. With his other hand, he shifted my sari and cupped my full breast over the blouse. His large fingers drew up the curve to my nipple that went taut with his touch.

My mind by then was in a turmoil, my thoughts spinning away from the hunger of my body. Tears stung my eyes and i was swept away by the waves of happiness and feelings of guilt at the same time. I thought i must stop this…stop him…it is wrong…what?…to love him? To be loved by him? I was caught in a dilemma. But my body was yielding to his touch.

Sanjeev let go of me and stood up. He held me by my shoulders and made me stand up facing him. I could see naked hunger in his eyes glittering bright.

“come with me, darling.” he led me to the foot of the stairs to the upper floor and i walked behind him as if hypnotized. Reaching the foot of the staircase, he lifted me up in his hands and carried me upstairs to his bedroom.

Inside the room, he made me stand near the large canopied mahogany bed and shut the door. Then he came close and loosened the bun of my hair letting my dark wavy hair cascade down behind me. Then he swiftly stripped my sari off my body and threw it down. I stood before him there in the dim lit bedroom in a state of utter confusion.

Then he once more lifted me up and laid me down on the bed. Quickly pulling off his t-shirt, he moved up and stretched himself beside me. My heartbeat soared and i felt so weak to speak even a single word. Lying beside me he said quietly, “the last twelve months have been so good; i’ve met you, and slowly we have come closer. Since the death of wife, i had been so much alone. And you have now filled that gap. I need you, dear, both emotionally and physically. All between us has been so wonderful till now. Has it not been, kajal?”

I gripped my hands to steady myself. “yes,” i said reluctantly now.

He slid his arm along the pillow, beneath my neck, and pulled me to himself. “i want to know you fully; feel you wholly.” his lips brushed my cheek and my eyes that closed under his touch. “i want to build a new relationship based on all those fond moments between us, dear woman,” he said, and his mouth covered mine.

I lay there uncertain of doing anything, taut and frantic. His hand unbuttoned my blouse and slid the material off my chest. My conscience shouted at me, echoing and contradicting my physical need. It was betrayal to my husband and yet, i could not bring myself up to stop his brother, to pull away myself from my lover.

I opened my eyes as sanjeev, supporting me with one arm, pulled down my petticoat and panties, then unhooked my brassiere. Pulling the last bit of cloth off my body he drew his breath deep and for a moment kept quietly looking down at my nudity. I blushed to find myself off-cloth before someone except my husband for the first time. I watched him as he quickly undressed himself completely.

His hands and mouth began to move on my body; his lips whispered on my breasts in slow kisses that made me writhe in a soft sensation. My hands rose and with my fingers i felt the muscles of his shoulders, the smooth skin of his back, and realized i was embracing him. I quickly tore my hands away. For an instant his body stilled, as if caught in mid flight, then bent to me again. He held my breasts and kissed the hollow of my throat.

I heard soft moans escaping from my lips and struggled to hold them back. His naked body moved against mine, demanding and already familiar, and beneath his insistent hands i felt myself letting go into the languor and the desire that flew in chilling waves through the nerves of my body.

I must stop this. The conscious voice slashed through the flames of passion inside me and i winced. Thinking that he has hurt me, sanjeev pulled back, but my body, detached from the tumult in my mind, helped him return to me.

I felt his stiff manhood poking at the flesh between my thighs and thunderbolt hit me. Parting my legs a bit, my body waited in anticipation for him to move. When he slowly entered me, i lay calm and open to him. I could feel that i was by then wet and smooth down there. Three powerful thrusts and he was full inside me. In a sudden rush of joy that leapt like flames before i could control it, i rose to meet him with such a passionate force that he went wild.

He began to push himself in and out of me, in a rhythm. My body flexed under the movement, responding back. His thrusts gradually went deeper and slow, grazing my inner flesh. The next moment he was ramming fast and hard, his flesh slapping mine, arousing my needs further. Desires that had been left ignored overtook my conscious self and i moaned with a pleasure that i had long forgotten.

Moments later, his muscles went tight; he fiercely pressed his lips against mine and sucked hard; a low cry escaped his mouth into mine as he came deep inside me. And with him i had also came, first time after so many weeks.

Then, we lay still, while he pressed me beneath his weight into the bed. The feel of his strength upon me made me feel so much weak and vulnerable. He slowly kissed the nape of my neck, his warm breath caressing my skin. Soon the sense of guilt returned to me as i lay under him all wet and exhausted. “let me go,” i whispered to him.

He lifted his head and his eyes locked mine. “i’m sorry, my dear.” he slid his arms around me again. “are you hurt?”

“please, sanjeev. Leave me.” tears rolled down my eyes as i pleaded to him in a tone torn by agony. I turned away my head to avoid his loving and sympathetic eyes. I shivered as he moved himself off and lay beside me. I got up and walked into the adjoining bathroom to wash up.

Twenty minutes later, i left his house and came back. For six days after that i did not meet him. I even did not go to the university pretending to be ill. Those six days, i found myself in a terrible and decisive fight between my heart and my conscience. My heart had become his, and so too my body, while my conscious self judged it a sin to be disloyal to my husband.

In the end when i met him next, it was my heart that had triumphed in the inner conflict. What happened when we met that day, and how, that i would be telling in the next part of my narration.

[so dears, watch out for the next sequel of this story. And forget not to send remarks and opinions. Forever thine, sanjeeb.

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