Meary dost ki behan or bahbhi

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Dear all desi fans i m a great reader of desi story section and by reading all this experiences i also collect my power to tell u my real story which happen with me in last december now i am a 22 yrs old guy and before that i was a true virgin. But that experience of mine change my whole life and thinking towards gals.and here my true experience among you all if u like then pls convey me. It was a month of december and i have to go to lahore for my friends sister’s marriage  he called me one week before the marriage for some help to him and i went to lahore (i am basically from Karachi, city of lakes) when i reached there all welcomed me there are only 4 persons in his family he, his mother, wife and his sister, his father died two yr. before. and my real story starts from here. I found her sister name is naheed is too beautiful just like the filmi actress and she too was too frank and sais me that her friends always asking for me that who is that handsome? then i replied teasingly that how she likes me but it was all jokes.then later on she become too bold with me and always talk with me some thing notorious. she even ask me about my gf which i denied that i dont have any.then even in our lonliness we chat on sex and i said her that u will taste it soon after marriage but her bhabhi name is saira always had eye on us.

Later on there are only two days left in her marriage and many relatives came at there and we all have dance at the roof and while dance and chat we slept on the roof one day she sleeps near by me the real story starts that night while she was sleeping but there is no sleep in my eyes and i was watching her curves then i got a sudden erect in me and i collect my power and my hand moves towards her navel she was in her shalwar and i was very hot so i slowly-2 move my hand towards her breasts they were around 36D i just move my hand on her breasts and started to squeeze them firmly i was also afraid that any one could catch me and even she can shout but while i was pumping her boobs she took a turn and i have frightened that she would wake but now her back was among me so i turn forward and again put my hand on her and by now my penis was having the touch of her ass cause i was in my short after 10 minutes light pumping i get aroused and try my hand to enter in her kameez and to my great surprise she didnt wake up and i was continue on my mission that night i even suck her boobs and kiss her everywhere but she didnt wake up and so i try to enter her shalwar and i was in her shalwar and touched her cunt from the panty and then i enter my hand in her panty it was all hairy she didnt shaved there and then lowered her shalwar and rotate my hand at her cunt i enter my fore finger in her cunt deep inside and then suddenly some one wake up caus its 6’o clock and my that game comes to end.

But next day i found a mysterious smile at her face and in the noon when we were alone we started chat on sex and i tell her” tum thode dino me woh sab kar logi” then i was surprised on her reply she said “practise to kal raat hi ho gai” and smile on me i ask “kya tum jaag rahi thi? she told “puri raat nahi soi tumse kuch seekh rahi thi”then i ask how u like that? to usne bola “bahut mazaa aaya tabhi to karwa rahi thi lekin sharma rahi thi is liye kuch kaha nahi. then i tel her aaj mat sharmaana. our next day pass as i was waiting for night, at night after dance when we were sleeping both of us are near by and after some time i use to enter in her blanket and pulls down her shalwal and press my hand on her cunt my god !!!! today she even dont wear any panty and thats gave me amazement, tab usne poocha “Ab koi deewar nahi hai main nahi chahati thi ki koi deri ho is liye aaj chaddi nahi pahni ” and she press my hand over her pussy and say “aaj to pura maza dena, kal ki tarah beech main mat chod dena aaj to maine baal bhi kaat diye hai” she really have no hairs on her cunt ie she had shaved there today. Then i open her kamez and bra and start to suck her BOOBS they were really tasty and have a huge erected nipple on it which is pink and then turn to red by my sucking i suck it continuously while kissing her everywhere and by the time she was holding my dick above my half pant and i told her to unzipp me and take out it. she was first shy then on my request she take my tool out it was rockhard and i ask her to kiss there but she denied, then i wake up and started to kissing her from toe then knees then thighs and then come to cunt and kissed her clear cunt vigrously by now she was too hot and saying “pls plssss do it pls welcome come on **** me enter in me HMMMMMMMM i am loosing cum on i love u hmmmm……. …” then she was also wake and kissed me every where and open my tshirt and kiss on my bare breast. my one hand is on her right hand and sucking her left boob oh god really it was great HMMMMMM then she open her legs and start to massage HER OWN CUNT then i put down my short and then without my request she bent down to kiss my lund and such it she was cuntinously moaning HMMHMHMHMMMM. . AHHHhhhh. pls,….. then after some time i bent and lay her down and enter my lund in her choot oh god ahhhh hm she was rally a virgin gal by that time.

after some time and some prassure i got success in entering her love hole and after some strokes deep in her cunt i got to loose and i ask her i m cumming so can i take it out but she said ” after two days i have my suhaag raat so nobody will guess whos is it if i got pregnant so pls cum inside ” and i cum in her and also she cum at the same time my god it was really great and that night we kissed and sex whole night.

next day i found her very happy and Whole day she was smiling on me. Then two days past and her marriege was held and i thaught my game is now over and now i have to go home but this was not the end. my friend stops me for few days at his home caus he have to go to her sisters house to take her it was a custom in ours so when all relatives were about to go then my friend also went to her sisters home it was far away from faislabad and i have to stay there for few more days then i, my friends mom and his wife were alone at home. then at that night his wife told me to sleep at the roof and both of us sleep at the roof and aunty was downstairs in her room. At that night i and my friends were alone at the roof and while sleeping we had a lot to talk about marriage then suddenly she ask me ” aaj to tumhe neend nahi aa rahi hogi kyoki aaj to tum akele ho ” i ask her why she ask me so then she told me ” mujhe sab pata hai main roz raat ko sab dekhti thi” i was really shocked and didn’t say any word but she was smiling on me then after few time i got sleep and then again the story starts…. In night while i was sleeping i feel that someone is massaging me on my cheast and when i wake i found my friend’s wife’s hand was on me and she was so close to me that i can even feel her breath on my back.

after some time i got courage and turn back and put my hand on her and then slowly-2 turn my hand on her breasts and pump them oh god they were too firm and soft after some time i stops my hand then to my surprise she said “ruk kun gaye pls aao na pls…..” after hearing this i got my full power and started to open her blouse and she also help me in doing so and she open her bra and said ” now suck my boobs my boy cum on i m for you and these (BOOBS) are also yours and hugged me and catch mine lund and said ” apne lund aur mere choot ko to bahaar nikalo mujhe to yehi chahiye tha ” and she herself take mine out and bent on it to gulp it in her mouth and started kissing it and sucking it. he then tell me that it is the most likely activity in sex to lick the penis but her husband didnt like it and didnt even suck her choot so she said to me ” pls aaj meri barson ki piyaas bhuja do aur raat bhar meri choot apni zaban se chodo and pls muje apna lund choosne do kyoki main is kaam ke liye bahut tarsi hoon kyoki woh (her husband ) to kabhi oral sex nahi karte hai. ahhh pls meri choot chato aah pls hmm meri piyaas bhuja do aaaaaaa hmmmmmhmmmmhhhhhhm cum in my mouth ahhhhhhhhh oh jaan i love you ohhhh aaah pls cum in me hhhhhmmmmmm “. Then she stsrted sucking mine and she set me in 69 position and tell me the fun and type of this 69position caus i didnt know about that in that position we both lick each others part and when i was about to cum i try to take it out but she catch me tight and tell me “pls apne mani ki bundoon ko mere moon me girne do ” and when i cum in mouth she drank all of my cum in her mouth and still continue on sucking that she even dont want to miss any drop of my cum. later taht night i once more cum in her mouth and then when i ask her to **** in her pussy to usne kaha ” wo to kabhi bhi kar lenge uske liye to mere hasband hain aur tum bhi meri nanand ko chod loge lekin pls ek baar meri gaand maar do maine aaj tak nahi marwai lekin meri friend kahti hai ki usme bhi bahut mazaa aata hai” then later i **** her ass. it was also a great experience for me.

then at that morning i feel so bad that what i had done so i ask her sorry then she said” why you feel sorry sab kuch to maine hi shuru kiya tha aur fir mens and womens are made for each other and ****ing is the need for both of them so we have done no sin but fulfill our requirements. then that day she promise me that she even try her sister for me. i said ” but we are of different caste ” then she replied ” caste is required for marriage and maine kab kaha ki main tumhari shaadi karwa doongi, kya hum ek caste ke hai” then i understand that she is saying about sex only with her sis my god what a lady was she.and that day my friend come again with her sis but i didnt do anything and i have done reservation to come again to karachi and next day i reach my city with lots of experiences and thaughts about gals and womens.

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