Sex with Sue and my sister

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It was after midnight, my parents were sound asleep and I
was watching the late show when Mary, my seventeen year old sister,
suddenly walked into the den. To my utter surprise her blond haired,
blue eyed, 36″-22″-34″ Teeny Bopper body was decked out in a flimsy
see-through nightie. In the dim lighting I could easily see the
outline of her voluptuous breasts.  They swayed firmly from side to
side without so much as a hint of a sag. Her dark auroras were the
size of silver dollars and they were capped with one inch protrusions
as fat as my thumb tips. As if the sight of her magnificent nipples
weren’t enough to awaken my unbrotherly interest, her hemline played
a forbidden game of peek-a-boo with the crotch of her panties. Here
too, she bulged with maturity and for the first time I could plainly
see just how much of a woman she had become. Her golden haired pussy
lips were literally consuming their intended covering. The wanton
sight of the fabric disappearing into her depths was enough to give
me an instantaneous erection of massive proportions.
“I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d see what you were up to.”
Mary spoke boldly as she walked up to the couch. Her eyes were on
my tented shorts. The wicked grin on her face told me that she knew
exactly what was up. My nine inch erection!
“I was watching TV.” My eyes moved up and down the length
of her body. She was absolutely beautiful. “Now, I’m not so sure
about what I’m seeing.”
“What do you mean?” Mary put her hands on her hips. She
was testy. She knew she looked delicious.
“Remember the last time I saw you naked?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I was only twelve.” She blushed.
“I know, and you were the sexiest twelve year old girl a boy
could ever hope to look at.” I reached down to adjust my erection.
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“Five years ago you looked good enough to eat.” I reached
for my zipper and slowly lowered it exposing my massive erection.
Her eyes widened at the size of my hardon. I watched her fidget with
the crotch of her panties trying to unwedge them. “Tonight, you look
good enough to eat….and fuck! It’s been a long time. When I saw
you walk out here I was wondering if I were seeing my most forbidden
fantasy come true.”
“Maybe…but it depends on two things.”
“What?” I began to stroke my erection with anticipation.
“First you have to promise not to tell a living soul.”
“That goes without saying.” I leaned forward to plant a
kiss on her inner thigh.
“Second, you have to do it with Susan first.”
“WHAT?” I gasped.
“Not so loud.” My sister looked over her shoulder toward
our parent’s bedroom.
“You want me to fuck Susan first!” I repeated my thoughts
out loud.
“Yes. Do you mind?” She bit her lower lip.
“I’d love to fuck her. I mean that. She’s a hot bitch and
I’ve been wanting to fuck her for a long time. But, what about us.
I’m horny tonight. I want you now!” I reached for her and pulled
her into my arms. She landed with her steamy pussy wedged against my
erection. Both of us sighed.
“Don’t be so impatient.” Mary giggled.
“I’m not waiting!” I reached for my sister’s breasts and
began to fondle them through her nightie. Her nipples immediately
responded by throbbing. “It’s too late to go looking for Susan at
this hour. Besides she might turn me down.”
“You’re so silly!” Mary pushed away from me. “I don’t
think she’s going to turn you down! It was her idea in the first
place. She’s outside waiting on both of us.”
“Are you serious?” I stared unbelievingly.
Mary reached under the seductively short nightie and hooked
her thumbs around the waistband of panties. With a smile she pulled
her panties down. After they fell to the floor she stepped out of
them and spoke.
“Follow me and I’ll show you exactly how serious a horny
girl can get!”
I picked up her panties from the floor and followed her out
the front door. While we walked through the neighborhood I held the
sweet fragrance of her pussy up to my nose. Entering the woods at
the end of the street my sister slowed down. Even though it was
pitch black she found her way expertly. When the thick trees gave
way to a little clearing I heard someone stir not more than twenty
feet away.
“Susan, it’s us.” Mary spoke softly.
“Thank God!” I saw a form move out into the opening in
front of us. The moon light was bright enough to illuminate Susan.
“I was just about to give up on you.”
“Come closer.” Mary lowered my shorts and began to stroke
my erection. “You’ll see it was worth the wait.”
“Jesus he’s hung!” Susan gasped. “I always knew you had a
big one Richard……Can I touch it too?”
“Yes…” I moaned with pleasure as I felt a second hand
grip my swollen member. “I can’t believe this is happening.”
“I’ll spread the towels while you two get acquainted.” Mary
moved away.
I reached from Susan’s top and pulled it off. Her breasts
were smaller than my sister’s, but they were perfectly proportioned
and shaped like wine glasses. I pulled on her pencil eraser sized
nipples until they were throbbing with excitement. Next I unsnapped
her pants and let them fall to the ground. My fingers traced down
and into her opening and she let out a low growling moan. She was
tight, but she was also wet and ready. I quickly had three fingers
preparing her for what was to come. My cock oozed pre-come into the
palm of her hand and she spread it up and down my shaft in a fucking
“Richard.” My sister broke my spell. “Lay down on your
back and we’ll show you what two girls can do to a stud!”
Licking Susan’s sweet nectar from my fingers I laid down on
the towels and waited. Mary knelt down over my crotch. She rubbed
her steamy pussy up and down my nine incher until I was bucking to
get myself inside. To my surprise she teasingly moved her pussy away
and lowered her face to my crotch. I sighed when I felt her tongue
lash out to taste her own juices. She licked my shaft all over the
she took my cockhead into her hot mouth. I began to moan in
uncontrollable pleasure. Susan stiffed me by lowering her pussy down
to my mouth. I was suddenly in heaven. I ate Susan’s delicious
pussy while I got the blow job of my life. My sister obviously knew
how to suck a cock. Hell, her feverish mouth would occasionally take
my entire length. This was a first for me. I wanted to look down to
see her tiny double-jointed mouth impaled around my girth, but Susan
began to moan that she was coming. I dug my tongue up into her hole
for my gushing reward. She tasted so good I continued to eat her and
she came twice more. Finally my cock couldn’t take the pleasure any
long. I gave my sister warning. To my surprise she wanted my orgasm
in the mouth. As I began to come Susan quickly moved to get her
mouth near my cock. Mary swallowed several shots of come then she
passed my cockhead to Susan’s waiting mouth. I moaned and flooded
Susan’s mouth. Mary took my cock back into her mouth finished
sucking my orgasm off until I was bone dry.
Mary and Susan whispered something and giggled. Then to my
utter disbelief, Susan laid back while Mary swung around to get into
a sixty-nine position. I held my breath knowing that a wild fantasy
of watching two girls was about to come true. Suddenly Susan’s face
came up and I saw her tongue dart out to lick my sister’s drenched
pussy. Mary let out a soft sigh of approval as her face came down to
return the favor. I saw Mary’s tongue slip into Susan’s waiting
snatch. Finally, I began to breathe again. Both of them knew what
they were doing. They had obviously done this before, however, I was
absolutely certain I was their first audience, and probably the last.
Needless to say, my spent cock erected instantaneously.
Both Mary and Susan had several orgasms and it looked like
they would never stop sixty-nining. I think they got so wrapped up
in what they were doing that they forgot about me. Finally I broke
their spell by moving my erection between Mary’s mouth and Susan’s
pussy. Mary gave my cockhead a kiss then spoke.
“Give it to her! I want to watch like this…the view is
I reached down around Susan’s waist and pulled her up into a
better doggy position. She ground her pussy against my shaft in
response. I felt a hand guiding my cockhead. I knew it had to be my
sister. When I felt Susan’s opening yield to my cockhead I leaned
back for a better angle then I slid my cock in. She was tight, very
tight, but she was also wet enough to take anything humanly possible.
With a moan of pleasure I fed her more and more cock. Suddenly I
felt a slight popping sensation around my cockhead. A heatwave
washed over my size while some kind of inner suction literally pulled
me in to the hilt. I gasped in surprised pleasure. Unless she was
fucking two-inch pencil dicks, Susan had been a virgin just seconds
“OH GOD!” Susan moaned. “OH GOD…OH JESUS!”
“I’m sorry.” I froze. “I didn’t know. I would have taken
more time. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“JESUS……FUCK ME!” Susan began to move against my
impaled shaft.
“Huh?” I was confused. I never had a virgin before. “It
doesn’t hurt?”
“Hell no…..It feels so damn good. I never dreamed I could
feel so full of hot cock. Please, FUCK ME!”
I didn’t waste anymore time. I began to fuck Susan’s
virginal pussy with long slow thrusts that caused us both to moan
loudly. Mary, in the meantime, was getting the sight of her young
life. I pushed Susan’s face back to my sister’s pussy. She took the
hint. While I fucked Susan I watched her tongue work Mary’s pussy
over. I was already fucking some of the best pussy of my life, but I
already knew there would be more just as soon as I finished. As if
she could read my mind, Mary fueled my incestuous thoughts by licking
and sucking my balls. When Susan came on my cock it was like an
explosion. Her whole body was racked with violent contractions that
let her breathless. I slipped my cock out of her hole and pulled my
sister up to her knees.
We embraced in a wet kiss. Our tongues explored every
crevasse of our oral cavities while our hands explored everywhere. I
felt like a blind man touching for the first time. I explored her
pussy with gentle strokes then I traced my fingers up to where we
could both lick and taste her flavor. With a giggle she fell back
pulling me on top of her. As if it was destined to happen my huge
cockhead landed at her entrance. Both of us sighed when I pushed my
size into her velvety tunnel. I teased by fucking her with just the
tip of my cock. I popped in and out several times. Her depths
beckoned unlike any I had ever encountered, but I remained in control
of the situation. Finally I pushed in a little deeper. Finally, at
the halfway point I felt the wall of resistance. As I suspected, my
sister was giving me her virginity too!
“DO IT……FUCK ME!” Mary folded her legs back.
I leaned back and forced my knees under her thighs on either
side of her ass. The sight of my enormous shaft sticking out of her
opening was wanton to say the least. Fighting the urge of just
ramming myself in like we both wanted, I reach down with a hand to
rub her engorged clit.
whole body thrashed. The pulsations were centered around my
erection. “DON’T STOP……I’M GOING COME!”
True to her word I felt my sister’s pussy come to life all
around my manhood. The muscles contracted and twitched wildly while
wave after wave of cream gushed out. I backed out until just my cock
head was left inside. Mary bucked and gyrated for more cock while
her orgasm peaked. Just as it was beginning to end I rammed my shaft
into her with forceful anticipation. I felt myself bend as I struck
her virgin barrier. Just when I thought my cock was about to snap in
half she gave way. I sank to the hilt with a moan. Her depths were
searing hot.
“FUCK HER.” Susan moaned. “Show her how good it feels to
get it by a stud like you.”
Neither Mary or myself needed the encouragement. We were
both moving both Susan finished speaking, however the reminder that
she was there and watching made our pleasure that much better.
Fucking a sister for the first time is probably the most exciting
thing a guy can do, but then doing it while another girl cheers you
on is a whole new world. I fucked Mary long and slow. My cock took
full thrusts in and out of her tight, wet hole. When she came I took
a few minutes to eat her orgasm. After I licked her hole clean I
plunged my cock back into the hilt.
Soon I was nearing my orgasm so I rolled onto my back. I
pulled Susan’s snatch to my mouth while Mary mounted me. I filled my
sister’s pussy while I ate her bestfriend’s pussy. I had the
explosion of my life. I didn’t think I’d stop coming. Shot after
shot of come pounded up into her forbidden hole and I didn’t even
care if she was on the pill or not. She obviously felt the same
because rode my cock until it shrank into a fully satisfied state.
The three of us laid there for almost an hour touching, fondling,
and talking. Finally we got to our feet and made our way back to
our respective houses and beds.
yfriend. She
didn’t tell much — just enough to give me an idea of what kind of
person he was — and made me laugh with the tale of her family’s
reaction when she brought him home to meet them. Since he was about
six-five and June was so short, her sister teased that it looked
like a skyscraper with a two-story garage.
Still later, after we fucked yet again, I suggested to June
that we spend Saturday night at my place. For one thing, my cat was
forgetting what I looked like. For another, her bed was lumpy and
noisy and her home was cold; my waterbed was quiet and comfy and my
apartment was warm.
She agreed, allowing as how she’d never slept in a waterbed.
And she confided that she was going to buy a new bedroom set, one
with a canopy, possibly. What did I think?
I told her I really disliked canopied beds. She explained that
the canopy wasn’t essential, but the four posts were … and
confided that she had a fantasy involving being tied and fucked…
Bondage had never turned me on. In fact, I was a bit uneasy
with the idas. But if that was what she fantasized — and since I
knew I wasn’t about to abuse her — I thought, What the hell? Maybe
one of these days, I told myself …
Saturday night was everything I had hoped — and more. We went
out to eat at the Waverly Inn, then went back to my place and
opened a bottle of white wine, a Riesling. We pretty much killed
the bottle, sitting in my living room and talking. We got pretty
relaxed and June confided some other fantasies she had, mostly
involving famous people or deserted beaches. She also confessed a
fantasy of having a couple of men at once, as she had seen in a
porno film. She asked me my fantasies.
I told her the truth: I had managed to experience just about
every fantasy I’d ever had, except the one involving the midget,
the fat lady, the mule and the VW Microbus. She laughed and opened
another bottle of wine. She liked scotch, I knew, but my entire
liquor cabinet had been wiped out just before I met June. I’d been
temporarily putting up a sometimes lover, a sleek little blonde,
who was visiting from West Germany, and found out she was an
alcoholic when she left and I discovered every bottle in the liquor
closet was empty. Though I hadn’t known she was sucking booze
almost constantly, I had known she liked a drink and frequently
would get herself buzzed and then wanted to be roughly fucked.
She’d even had me buy her a couple of dildos and a vibrator. One
night, when she was a bit more than somewhat blotto, she put on a
show. I had explained to June about the booze. Now I told her that
just a few weeks before I’d met her, one of my fantasies — to see
a slim, sexy woman fucking herself to orgasm with a big dildo —
had been realized. I didn’t have many left unrealized.
“Do you still have them?”
“Sure. repetition is fine when it comes to fantasies — ”
“No, no,” she said. I noticed that her face was flushed and
she was squirming a bit in the low-slung chair. “The dildos.”
It took me a moment — I’d had about four glasses of wine at
that point — to understand the question. I thought about it. “I
don’t think so,” I said. “I cleaned out one of the closets after
she left and pitched almost everything and that’s where I usually
let her keep a lot of her stuff.”
“How big was it?” She had slid lower in the chair and was
rubbing her thighs together.
“Oh, you know — the size of a closet. About ceiling high — ”
She threw a magazine at me. “Not the closet!”
“Oh.” I held my hands out, about a foot apart. “Twelve inches
long and about two inches thick, maybe a little more.”
She was rubbing her cunt through the taut, dampened fabric of
her jeans. “It’s making me itchy to think about it … ”
It wasn’t exactly sedating me to watch her at the moment,
“Drink your wine, June,” I said, standing. “Because I want to
fuck your hot cunt.”
She shuddered and reached for her glass. She drained it in a
gulp and when she put it down, she toppled the bottle. It was
almost empty, but some of it got on the carpet.
“Look what I did!” she said. “I’m sorry … I want to make it
up to you.” She sat up. I was standing next to her. She unzipped my
pants and managed to work my rigid cock through the opening and
began sucking it furiously, hungrily, as if she enjoyed sucking
cock. The sensation was maddening — and all the more so when I
locked down and saw this lovely, aroused oriental girl’s soft,
thick lips wrapped around my cock.
“Rub your cunt,” I groaned. “I have always wanted to be sucked
off by a woman while she masturbates!”
She groaned, the vibrations stimulating me even more, as she
opened her tight jeans and worked her hand inside. I saw the bulge
of her fingers moving between her legs and watched her hips
beginning to buck on the chair.
I reached down and pulled her head back. I looked down into
her face. She was deeply flushed and her eyes were closed. Her
hand was still moving inside her jeans. Her soft, luscious lips
were parted and her nostrils were flaring.
“Go into my bedroom, take off your clothes and lay down — and
keep playing with yourself,” I told her. “I have another fantasy —
and I think you’re going to like it.”
She staggered slightly as she stood. I think it was more from
arousal and having her movements restricted by the hand still
thrust into her jeans than any effect of the wine. She headed for
the bedroom and I stepped into the foyer where I kept miscellaneous
stuff, like Christmas decorations, boots and the like. I had
remembered something.
It was indeed there. I paused in the bathroom for a little
hygiene exercise, then stepped into the bedroom with the Lufthansa
June lay sprawled on the bed. She was naked and had both
hands between her legs. She had dug the index finger of each hand
into her cunt and was working the fingers in and out and pulling her
cunt open and then letting it close again. Her eyes were closed and
her mouth was open and her nipples, always lovely, looked to be
even longer and harder and more clearly defined than usual.
I stripped and knelt beside her on the bed. The waterbed
rippled and she looked up at me — right at my stiff dick.
“Your cock is so hard and beautiful.”
“You want to fulfill a fantasy for me?”
She shivered with an orgasm and then nodded, still frigging
away. Her eyes were alternately wide and heavy-lidded.
I upended the bag. Three dildos and a vibrator fell onto the
waterbed besides the tube of K-Y I’d grabbed in the bathroom.
I took the smallest of the dildos and spread some of the jelly
on the tip. The rubber dick was black and about the same length as my
cock but only about an inch and a half in diameter.
“Stick this in your cunt,” I told her. “And suck my cock while
you fuck yourself.”
She shook again and groaned, then took the dildo and slipped
it all the way into her twat. She moaned again and began rapidly
fucking herself. I could hear her breath timed to the movements of
the latex dong in her pussy. I lowered myself over her in pushup
position — no mean feat on a waterbed — and she parted her lips
to take the head of my cock.
This was good and hot and pleasurable, but the awkward
position was doing little for me. I wanted to watch her do herself
while she sucked me and I told her so. Also, I noticed that she was
literally burying the dildo in her cunt — to the point where she’d
stick two fingers in behind it to push it deeper, then fish it out.
Could that lovely Chinese cunt take more?
I raised myself and lay beside her in a sideways ’69’
position. She turned to match me and as she engulfed my cock again,
I reached over to the collection of toys and took the next dildo.
This was flesh colored, about eight inches long and just a shade
thicker than my cock. I lubed it with the K-Y, then ducked my head
forward. I displaced her fingers and licked her clit. She opened
her legs wide, raising one as if she were doing a Workout. I
reached around from behind with my free hand and fished the
smallest dildo out of her cunt, all the while licking and sucking
her clit and labia. She shuddered and hunched her hips forward,
ramming her pubis — with its now-soaked mat of fine, straight hair
— into my chin. She came and came and sucked all the harder on me
for her cumming. I tossed the small dildo aside on the big
waterbed, then put the bigger one in her hand.
She raised her leg still wider and quickly lined the dildo up
with her cunt and slid it in until barely a fingerhold remained. To
this day, I can close my eyes and see her maroon-painted
fingernails as she gripped the dildo almost daintily and worked it
rapidly — and deeper than I’d expected — in and out of that
molten cunt.
She fucked herself hard and even faster with the bigger dildo,
When I leaned my head forward to lick her again, she stopped
sucking me for a moment, just long enough to say, “No — lay back
and allow me to pleasure you!”
I didn’t think it would be polite to argue. I rolled onto my
back. She rolled her hips flat on the bed and then propped her
torso up on one elbow. The waterbed was very accommodating; it gave
enough that her face was almost perfectly level with my upstanding
hard-on, a happy coincidence she took complete and immediate — and
enthusiastic — advantage of. And this was the girl who didn’t
particularly like to suck cock!
In the meantime, I was getting a helluva show. Not two feet
from my face, this lusty Singaporean lovely was furiously fucking
her fine cunt with a dildo I’d thought would be too much for her
to handle comfortably. In fact, she was increasing the tempo and
again, completely burying the dong in her soaking snatch. And all
the time, she was rather expertly bringing me repeatedly to the
brink of orgasm and then relenting just enough to hold me in check.
I flailed one hand about till it lighted on the K-Y, then
found the last dildo. I greased it thoroughly and dubiously — for
this one was about a foot long and more than two inches thick. It
was, in fact, as nearly as thick as her forearm and perhaps the
same length! Feeling its massiveness under my fingers as I lubed
it, I was again doubtful …. but then I watched her drive the
medium-size dildo up her cunt and push it still deeper with her
fingers and decided, What the hell? If it appeared she was
uncomfortable, I would simply abandon the idea.
“Take that dildo out of your cunt,” I gasped and she used her
tongue on the underside of my dick — all the while, sucking me
She complied, her hands shaking, and I hefted the big rubber
dong into place. I reached over with one hand and spread her cunt
lips while with the other as I placed the dildo’s rather realistic
head at the entrance.
“If this hurts, you must tell me,” said. “Understand?”
“Mmmmmm-hmmmm,” she hummed and I damn near lost the beans
right then and there, what with the combination of what she was
doing with her tongue and lips and the vibrations.
I began pushing the dildo. She revolved her hips a bit,
working them around in small circles as if searching for the right
angle. I could feel her tense — and then the huge head of the
dildo was in her hot cunt. She flexed her hips down, stretching her
labia and bringing her clitoris, swollen and pink, almost into
contact with the slippery latex. I pushed more, steadily and
carefully, watching for any sign that her limit was nearing.
I might as well have watched for a UFO. Inch after thick inch
of that rubber cock slid into her hungry snatch and I finally
stopped when no more than two inches remained outside. She had
more than ten inches of thick rubber dildo jammed into her cunt.
She not only didn’t seem uncomfortable; she seemed positively
I worked it slowly in and out of her cunt a few times,
watching her pussy lips stretch and grip the sides as it withdrew,
then part, like her legs, as it slid back in.
She lay back, surrendering my cock for the moment, and simply
allowed her cunt to be fucked by the big artificial dick. Her hips
bucked wildly, eagerly and she came powerfully.
“Damn, I never thought anything that big could fuck your
cunt,” I said softly.
“Fuck me,” she gasped. “Fuck me with that rubber cock!”
As if impatient with her own instructions, she reached down
with one hand and began plumbing her own opening with far more
energy than I had dared; I was restrained by fear of hurting her.
She again propped herself on one elbow and bent over to suck
my cock. I lay partially turned toward her, watching her fuck
herself with this enormous artificial prick. She pumped her cunt
wildly as she dropped her open mouth onto my cock and sucked
powerfully. There was no finesse to this fellatio; she was sucking
and pumping my prick powerfully with her hot mouth, doing a
genuine hoover number, as she probed her pussy with the prodigious
I watched her abdomen tense and relent as she fucked herself.
I lay my hand on her lower belly and I could literally feel the
movements of the latex glans with her. I pressed down, carefully
and experimentally and she immediately came again. She flopped back
and gasped and I pressed a little harder, then shifted so I could
compress her abdomen, just above her pubis, with one hand. My other
hand I put over hers on the end of the dildo, simply going along
for the ride.
She came again and again and then she was cumming almost
nonstop. The only time the dildo stopped moving was when she was in
the depths of her orgasm and on those occasions, I simply took over
for her. I was damn near ready to pop just watching her!
And then inspiration struck.
I reversed myself so we were head to head. I licked her
nipples and gave them a light nip with my teeth. (She came again,
each time; I was not surprised.) I rolled her onto her side, facing
away from me and decided to give it a shot. I took the K-Y and
lubed my cock.
“What do you do?”
“I am going to fuck your ass,” I told her.
This was the crucial point. On occasions when I had begun to
finger her ass, she’d expressed great unease — not pain or
discomfort — at having me play with her asshole. But the way
things were going…
I pulled the dildo from her cunt. She tensed, as if reluctant
to surrender it, and then I guided the head of my raging cock to
her asshole. Again she tensed. “I am going to fuck your hot little
ass,” I said and she shuddered slightly. “And I am going to shoot
my hot cum up into your bowels.”
This time her shiver was unmistakably arousal — but with a
tinge of uncertainty to it.
I pressed my hips forward and she rolled away slightly,
slowly, until I was almost on top of her. I drove my cock head down
into her ass. She relaxed some at first, but once my glans was in
her, she tightened up. The sensation was exquisite. Beads of sweat
broke out on her perfectly proportioned back, but I pushed slowly,
steadily down into the heat of her tight ass till her buttocks, so
firm and shapely, were pressed against my abdomen. I reached around
with one hand and lightly dandled her clitoris. With each brush of
my fingers across her hot-spot, her sphincter constricted around
the base of my cock, as if to milk me. After her passionate
cocksucking and the fabulous show, this made self-control a real
accomplishment. The alcohol in the wine may have been the only
thing that saved me at that point — because I did not want to cum
yet. There was one more thing I wanted first.
When I started to pull back, I felt her tense, but not with
pleasure. Having my cock rammed up her ass wasn’t painful to her,
but moving it much would hurt her or be sufficiently uncomfortable
that it would not be fun for her. But that was okay, since my cock
wasn’t going to be moving much for what I had planned.
With the hand that was under her, I gripped her pubis and
using my forearm, levered her back with me as I rolled on my side.
“What are you going to — to do?” she asked. (The stutter was
the result of my rubbing her hard little clitoris again.)
“You are going to put this back inside your cunt,” I said,
placing the giant dildo in her hand. I guided the head of it back
to the entrance of her cunt.
“I don’t know — ”
“Try it in your pussy,” I growled. “Push it up that hot cunt.”
She pushed. Her asshole compressed about me as the thick
rubber glans slid into her. She panted and I leaned forward to
watch her nipples. Her breasts heaved and her nipples looked taut,
as if their distention was so great that they might shatter — or
burst. I licked my palm and rubbed it across first one, then the
Her ass convulsed and her hips jerked. “Don’t do that!” she
shrieked, as if cumming again were too much for her. Since she was
continuing to push the dildo into her, I went along with her
“Unnnnnnnnnn…..” she groaned and I echoed her as I felt the
latex dick sliding into her velvety cunt. Felt it, I say, because
its progress was clearly expressed by the progressive compression
of my cock in the adjoining channel.
“I think it’s too much — too much for the system,” she half-
sobbed … and then rammed the dildo almost entirely up her cunt.
“AHHHH! Ohh –YES!” she screamed and began madly pumping her
twat with the foot-long dildo. Her asshole, tight to begin with and
even tighter with the pressure of the wrist-thick dildo in her
cunt, just on the other side of the thin wall of flesh separating
the two sheaths, tightened still further as she sobbed and came,
sobbed and came. Her orgasms were almost frighteningly intense and
I slid my hand down to her pubis and took her swollen, arching
clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and carefully played with
it, brushing the tip of my index fingers across it as lightly as I
could manage with her bucking.
She screamed and reached up with her free hand to find and
pinch and pull one nipple. Her sphincter was pinching my cock
tremendously; I knew that I was going to cum powerfully and
enormously pleasurably the moment it relaxed in the slightest.
“Is this what you’ve always wanted?” she gasped. “To fuck a
nice, tight Chinese girl in the ass?”
And all the time, she was cumming.
Instead of saying anything, I slid one finger down and wedged
it into her cunt next to the pistoning dildo.
“Ha–aaa!” she cried. She pushed her cunt forward, taking the
finger to the second knuckle as she plunged all but a fingertip’s
worth of the dildo into her snatch. She clenched, cumming, for a
long time, then eased off slightly.
I started to cum.
“Now I’m going to fill your hot little June-ass with my hot
cream,” I whispered — groaned, actually,
As soon as I said it, she began pumping her cunt with the big
dildo, as if she were a tunneler trying to break through to the
next level.
“YES!” she screamed.
“Fuck your ass, fuck your hot fucking ass,” I said over and
over and over again. I thought I’d never stop cumming. The
convulsive squeezing of the taut ring of her sphincter, along with
the varying compression of her anal tube on my cock as a result of
the huge, moving dildo in the adjoining channel, were restricting
the flow of my semen through my cock. My orgasm was being stretched
and enhanced and I thought I was going to pass out with the sheer,
unending pleasure of it.
“I will milk you,” she whispered — and her sphincter began
contracting rapid fire, open-close, open-close. This time I was the
one who screamed. My balls were shivering in my scrotum as I came.
It felt like pints of cum were pouring into her and when I began to
roll, drained and exhausted onto my back, she straddled me, keeping
my cock gripped inside her ass as long as possible, all the time
moving that big rubber dick in her cunt, getting the last possible
drop of my semen.
In the end, of course, even her tight-made-tighter ass had to
surrender my dwindling, drained dick. She rolled quickly onto her
belly and emitted a long, loud … fart, for crying out loud! She
giggled into the pillow — and only then did she remove the huge
dildo from her cunt.
I had the strength to pull her onto me, to feel her breasts
crushed against my chest. I had the strength to turn my head and
kiss her eyes and the side of her nose. But I didn’t have the
strength to do more. I pulled a blanket over us on the juice-soaked
sheets and fell asleep with her sleeping against my shoulder and in
my arms. I was spent, she was spent and we were together. I knew we
would repeat this only infrequently and that it would never be as
shatteringly good as the first, spontaneous, impulsive time, but
that didn’t matter. There was an enormously powerful bond of
passion holding us as close as we could be.
Sated, she slept. Content, I slept. Entwined, we slept.
It so happened that we didn’t fuck for about three days after
that. On the average, we fucked about every eight hours, so this was
quite a long time. And it was just as well, in a way:
“My asshole is sore.”
“I — I’m not surprised,” I said. “I wish it wasn’t — but I
liked the way it got sore.” I thought about my next words. “And so
did you.”
Her eyes blazed at me. I saw the anger beginning in her face –
– and then it collapsed. “I know — but that’s what the gay boys
do, isn’t it? Do you wish I was a boy?”
I started to laugh — and then realized she was only half-
“June, I like licking your cunt,” I said quietly. “And so do
you. Does that mean you wish I was a woman — since cuntlicking is
what lesbians do?”
Her eyes half closed and she shivered. “I know!” She seemed
amazed. “It makes me itchy when you say that — but you know I
don’t like lesbians.”
I licked my lips and stepped toward her. She put her small
hand against my chest, keeping me away.
I didn’t press it. Even if I’d been the kind of moronic
asshole who tries to force himself on someone else, there was
something else to consider: June had been an auxiliary cop in
Singapore, with the attendant martial arts training. We’d sparred
playfully a few times. She was just as fast as I and a helluvalot
more deceptive in her movements. I knew I could absorb enormous
damage, and use my superior strength to prevail, but I had no
desire to do so — and I didn’t know if there were subconscious
resentments in this hard-bodied young woman that could make a
playful blow slip and do serious damage. This was just another
equality that made her attractive to me: June could not be forced
to do anything. Whatever she did, it was by choice.
“But!” She laughed and dropped her hand. She knew my respect
for her prowess — and, more importantly, simply for her. “But!”
I nodded ruefully. “I know.”
Indeed I did. She was working with the Jaycees (yes, they
exist and even flourish in the Big Apple) on the Special Olympics,
a sports competition for “special” children. Special meant
retarded, for the most part, and frequently, physically disabled.
In addition to her routine 60-hour-plus-4 a.m.-Telex weeks, June
donated her enormous energies and ingenuity to things like the
Special Olympics. The timing of the sore asshole, in a way,
couldn’t have been better. The program was going to greatly limit
the time we had together for the next week — and it was one of the
many reasons I was becoming more and more taken with her.
Which was also one of the things that really bothered Annie.
Yes, ahem, well …
At the time I met June, I had already known — in every sense
— Annie for more than two years. I, like she in those pre-AIDS days,
had other lovers. Annie knew about June, and June knew about Annie.
Annie was a lot more at ease with the idea of June than vice-versa.
When I said June and I fucked about every eight hours on the
average, I meant “average.” Annie and I spent two nights a week
together, usually. Annie, like June, was a couple of years younger
than me. We’d met when I was working a part-time job selling
coffees and teas, during a publishing drought. What first got my
attention was, oddly enough, her mind. I had a game I sometimes
played with customers. Since the various coffees we sold had
different per-pound prices, blends called for some arithmetic.
After all, a couple of ounces of Kenya Double-A at $4 per pound and
a quarter pound of French Roast Columbian at $3.65 a pound and two
ounces of Yemen Mocha at $5.10 a pound, etc., gets one into the
realm of challenging numbers. I made a game of it.
My game was to run it up in my head. (Not that tough, dividing
by sixteen and keeping a running total, once you practice it; try
it and see.) That scared customers who weren’t accustomed to using
those mental muscles. They only trusted calculators and adding
machine tapes. So I had this deal: If they wanted, I would run it
up on the adding machine. If I was wrong, they got the coffee free —
I would pay for it out of my own pocket. If I was right, they’d
pay a fifty percent premium … to me.
Few took me up on it. Those that did, lost — always.
Annie came in on a crowded Sunday and ordered two ounces of this
and three ounces op that and so forth. Ended up with six different
beans in the pound. When I turned to tell her the price, she said,
“Wait a minute — five seventy….three? Yes. Yes. Five seventy-
three, if you round up for a half-cent.”
That’s what got my attention. Then her face. I asked her if
she was half-Chinese and half-Irish. She had reddish-brown hair and a
fine boned faced. Her cheekbones were high and her eyes were
slanted. She explained that she was part Magyar — the result of
Mongolians overrunning eastern Europe Way Back When. Her face was
fascinating and her mind was terrific.
Her body was outrageous. Imagine a woman who’s just over five-
foot-one and weighs about ninety pounds. Sounds scrawny, right? No
way. She was very small-boned. Annie had absolutely beautiful,
perfectly formed, firm and sumptuous breasts. Her waist was slender
and her hips were narrow. She had a delectable little ass and the
tastiest cunt…
She was also completely uninhibited. Annie would do anything
that felt good and anything she didn’t like, she wouldn’t do. She
could suck cock expertly, loved to be licked, enjoyed cock in her
cunt from any angle and enjoyed ass fucking. She was multiorgasmic
in the extreme and very vocal about it. She liked men, she liked
women, she liked threesomes, she had even enjoyed orgies.
When I was fifteen and jerking off, I would construct the
perfect sexual partner in my imagination. That image was Annie. I had
to wait till I was in my late twenties to meet her and discover
that reality could exceed imagination. Not only was she lovely,
incredibly sexy and sweet, she was smart and perceptive.
Of course, if this was fiction, Annie and June would have
drooled over each other at first sight and we all would have fucked
off together into the sunset. The fact was, though, that June
hated the idea of doing anything with another woman and Annie didn’t
find June attractive (Annie liked — and likes — women with larger
breasts and voluptuous hips and has a special weakness for long
nipples.) In a way, that was no problem for me, since — oddly
enough — being in bed with more than one woman at once has never
been one of my major fantasies.
In another way, it was a good thing. Considering how
passionate and sexual both women were, a man caught between them in
bed would have gone up in a puff of smoke. No cremation necessary;
by dawn, there’d have been nothing left of the poor bastard but
I should have been in pig heaven. Here were two women whom I
found tremendously attractive and felt the same way about me. For
one reason or another, neither was willing to assert a claim of
exclusivity on me. One was willing to get weird at the drop of a
dildo, while the other simply Liked Doing Things. And one of them
was going to be busy — and had a sore ass! — for a few days while
the other was more than eager to make up a little lost time.
But things were not perfect. For one thing, their periods
coincided. No big deal, I thought, since it didn’t bother me,
either for fucking or sucking. But June was uncomfortable and Annie
got cranky. And that was the least of it.
See, while June was about to be tied up with her Jaycees
project, Annie was about to spend two weeks visiting friends in
France. She was doubly annoyed at the timing.
I, on the other hand, had gotten used to fucking two or three
times each day, sometimes with more than one woman — and now I was
looking forward (if that’s the right term) to about ten days of
Doing Without.
True, the day before she headed for JFK and her transAtlantic
flight, Annie and I lolled about in bed for about eighteen hours of
sexual bliss. True, June stopped by the very next day, flipped up
her skirt to reveal her pantyless cunt, grabbed her ankles and
winked at me upside down between her knees. But that was going to
be it.
Ahh well, I figured. I needed to spend more time at the
Selectric. And in a pinch, there were always the Palm Sisters and
Fond Memories. Hell, what was ten days? I told myself.
It could be a very long time, I told myself.
To my amazement, on the Thursday night that Annie left for
France and June left for Albany, I got a phone call from Philly:
Barbie Shelton was coming to town.
I had known Barb for about four years, at that point. She’d
lived with Bertha, also an NYU student, in the same building as me
during the Great Blackout of ’77 and had come down to keep me
company. Bertha knew I had just had a very bad breakup and was
going — quite literally — crazy. Barbie saved my life. No shit —
I was seriously contemplating suicide when she decided to take me
under her wing.
I had seen her around the building from time to time. She had
a sweet face and a placid demeanor and seemed like a nice, plump
girl. I had no idea what kind of figureshe had, since she always
wore big, loose mu-mu dresses. At about 2:30 a.m. on the second
night of the blackout, after we had killed about two-thirds of a
bottle of cheap red wine that she’d brought, she announced she
really would prefer to stay with me rather than risk waking her
roommate (whom I’d always found more attractive) by coming home
late. Between the emotional shock of the breakup a few weeks before
and my weariness (an hour of sleep at a time was rare) and the
wine, I thought it sounded reasonable — and no more than that.
But in the darkness of my bedroom, I felt something against my
face, then something else. I stood and lit a candle and discovered
Barbie had absolutely enormous breasts. “Where did THOSE come
from?” I’d demanded. She’d laughed — gently, as with everything
else — and beckoned me back to bed. I was rather unprepared for
the body so carefully hidden under the loose, oversize dresses.
Imagine a woman who’s five foot tall, has 32-inch hips, a twenty-five
inch waist and a bra labeled 32-D … and who overflows the
brasierre’s cups.
But what was wonderful about her was her sweetness and
compassion. She loved my delight in licking her cunt and found it
simply amazing that I wasn’t fixated on her tits. (I’d gotten over
my big-tit cravings when I was 17. See, I had this cousin, the same
age — But that, as Conan’s biographer would say, is another tale.)
So Barbie was coming to stay with me for a few days while she
visited friends in the city. I filled her in (in more ways than
one. Heh.) on what I’d been up to and we made love a lot. She
reveled in waking me one morning with her mouth locked on the tip
of my cock and sucked me off, drinking me moaning dry and then
sprawling on me and kissing my lips with my own cum on hers. We
slept again, till nearly one in the afternoon, and then made love,
with her on her face and a pillow under her hips, and then drowsed
till dark. I can still feel the wonderful weight of her breasts
pressed against me and the firmness of her ass under my fingers and
the wet heat of her cunt against my hip and the slightly salty —
from perspiration — taste of her ear when I kissed her awake that
night. I went out and bought the fixings and prepared an odd dinner
of broiled filet of sole, mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus.
Then we went back to bed and made love again. Barb, wherever you
are, you are precious. If you are not happy, call me and talk to
me. You saved my life and my heart and I want to do for you.
A week passed and June came back earlier than planned —
because, she said, she’d missed me and was itchy for me.
Barbie had left for home two days before and I was randy as
I got over to June’s apartment at six. I had just sold a
piece and was feeling jubilant. As soon as the door was closed, she
got a liplock on me and the only thing that kept my cock out of her
was the aroma of broiling steak. She fended me off and we had a
delicious meal. I didn’t do it justice; I kept thinking of desert.
When we got upstairs, June wanted to tell me of the Special
Olympics regionals and I was more than willing to listen. But after
forty minutes, as we were closing doors and shutting windows (heat,
remember?), she suddenly turned to me and said, “Oooooh — I am so
itchy thinking of a big rubber dick.”
“I was surprised you could take that big dildo in your little
cunt,” I admitted.
“I told you my boyfriend-boss was very big,” she said.
“I thought you meant simply tall.”
“I don’t want to think about him,” she said. “I want to be
with you. We can always use that big rubber cock.”
I smiled sadly. “I didn’t think to bring it with me,” I
confessed. I was standing behind her and slid my hands under her
blue sweater to hold her nipples. She pushed her ass against me and
shifted impatiently from one foot to the other, her breath hissing.
“But — we can improvise.”
She reached back and rubbed my cock through my pants. “This
cock is so nice and hard — ” I bent and licked the back of her
neck. She shivered and said, “And this tongue is so nice and wet –”
“I want to fuck you — now!” I breathed into her ear.
That’s when I began to discover just how kinky this lovely
little Singaporean girl really was.
We wouldn’t have been hard to find, even if we’d been quiet. A
trail of clothes led directly to the bed. And we were not being
quiet. June wasn’t, anyhow. I wasn’t making too much noise, since
my mouth was full.
I lay with my head on a doubled up pillow. June was sitting
on my face and she was cumming a lot. She was facing the head of
the bed, so I could look up and see her face and her lovely breasts
— which, at the moment, I was playing with. She went through a
particularly intense string of orgasms, rapid-fire, bang-bang-bang,
and started lifting her cunt off my mouth.
“I want to fuck!” she said sharply.
“And I want to suck more!” I answered. I slid my hands around
to grip her hard little ass and pulled her back down against my
mouth. Her clit was hugely swollen and I was sure was
oversensitized at the moment — but I locked my lips around it and
sucked, all the while trilling my tongue lightly back and forth
across the top of it. Her powerful thighs clamped down over my ears
and I could barely hear her screams — but there was no mistaking
the convulsing of her buttocks and the surges rocking her hips. She
swayed above me and began to topple to one side. It was so
unexpected that I barely steadied her. I guided her back and to one
side and she collapsed on the bed, face down, sprawled partly on
top of me. I slithered out and stood beside the bed.
She was all but unconscious, yet her hips still moved in
pleasure. What a sight she made — her smooth, pale flesh, her
beautifully proportioned back and graceful neck, her slender waist
and her lovely hips. Her ass cheeks were clenching and unclenching
and her legs were slightly parted, one drawn partway up. The
insides of her thighs were shiny with her juices, picking up the
light from under the door to the bathroom.
“Dammit, woman — I want to fuck you in the worst way,” I
said. Her hips jerked at the words. With her face still pressed
into the disheveled blankets, she arched her ass up at me and
pulled her knees underneath her. Veterinarians call it
The height of the bed wasn’t quite right for this, though. I
grabbed the pillows, stacked them, then grabbed her hips and
stacked her on top of the pillows at the edge of the bed. She still
lay limply, with her face down on the bed and her arms
outstretched, as if forgotten. I could smell her rich juices, the
aroma bypassing thought and triggering cockthrobs.
I stepped up to edge of the bed, flexed my knees slightly and
pushed my cock against her opening. She was so wet! I slid in and
groaned, “Baby, your cunt is so hot — it’s like an oven!” Her twat
tightened. There was no finesse to what came next. I simply flailed
away at her, battering her cunt with my dick while I pulled her
hips back and up toward me. “I love fucking you, baby!” I told her,
struggling for the breath to speak. I couldn’t even slow myself; I
needed to ram her cunt — and I told her so. She loved it as much
as I did.
My violent fucking was pushing her forward, farther onto the
bed. I propped one knee on the edge of the mattress to stay with
her, ten reached under with one hand to rub her clit and squeeze
her cunt lips. She screamed, “Oh, David, I am cumming and cumming I
cannot stop — ” Her voice rose in pitch, higher and higher until
the words may have been English and they may have been Chinese; it
didn’t matter, because they were unintelligible. Her cunt spasms
accelerated — and then her entire pelvis seemed to go rigid and
I felt an incredible warm wetness around my cock.
Then her inner cunt seemed to open; I couldn’t feel it against
my cockhead. Even the entrance seemed wider and harder. I reached
under a bit farther and explored her cunt lips with one finger.
This reaction was new to me — and oddly exciting. She was
definitely still enjoying herself, yet her cunt seemed simply to
have grown wider.
I slid the finger in alongside my cock, to increase the
stricture a bit. She groaned and rolled her hips and I took that as
approval and added a second finger alongside my cock. “You like
having your cunt packed like that, eh?” I said and as if in answer,
she began to cum again.
I pulled my fingers out, straightened and yanked the pillows
from beneath her. I pulled her up on her knees and pumped
wildly at her cunt for a minute or so. Then I reached down between
us with one hand and slid two fingers into her cunt, above my cock.
Again, she seemed to welcome it and there was a bit of give, yet —
so I added a third finger. When eating her on previous occasions, I
had sometimes slipped fingers into her, but two fingers seemed
quite adequate and usually it was difficult to get a third inside.
She had three fingers in her twat along with my cock and she seemed
to love it.
I pulled my cock and fingers out of her and dropped to my
knees beside the bed. I pressed my face into her sopping snatch and
sucked powerfully on her clitoris for a moment. She screamed and
shook all over. I reached under her with one hand and pinched her
nipples, then I leaned back and brought my hand up to her cunt.
How much could she handle?
Three fingers went in with ease and only when my pinky was in
her cunt, too, did she seem be getting full. I waggled the four
fingers inside. The walls of her cunt were rigid. I could feel the
texture of them — kind of nubby — and when I pushed my fingers in
farther, till the base of my thumb was against her cunt, I
discovered that my earlier perception had been correct: About three
inches inside, her cunt suddenly opened much more. I knew a woman
had no nerve endings that far inside, yet when I waggled the ends
of my four fingers in that roomier place, she gasped and began
rocking her torso in long, tense, sensuous waves. She made a deep,
guttural sound from somewhere in her throat and I knew that nerve-
endings or not, she was aware of the movement in there and she was
enjoying it.
“You like that when I stuff your cunt, don’t you?” I said.
“You like being full and stretched, doing things you think are
dirty.” She wailed softly and her hands thrashed the tangled
“And you want more, don’t you?”
She seemed to be sobbing — and cumming.
I bent my thumb under and carefully insinuated it into her
cunt lips. Her labia were stretched tight. I used my other hand to
work her pussy lips clear, to avoid pinching the sensitive flesh. I
wished I had some K-Y, but she was so wet and slippery that it didn’t
seem necessary.
With all five fingers folded into her cunt, I began gently
turning my wrist, loosening her hole and spreading her copious
lubricants. Then, carefully, I began working my hand forward. This
was one of those occasions when I did not mind having hands that
were a tad small for my size — and I almost wished the years of
carpentry and karate hadn’t made them so thick.
Still, when my knuckles reached the entrance there was no
room. She was grinding her hips back and forth against my hand and
babbling incoherently, hungrily, but I didn’t want to force it. She
was a small girl and it was amazing that she had taken — and
seemed to be enjoying! — as much as she did, but everything has
its limit, I figured. As it was, I was delighted to have discovered
yet another way to provide yet another kind of intense and
satisfying orgasm for this woman. I experimented with moving my
hand in different ways and at different speeds and her reactions
were so fucking exciting to see that I almost shot my wad. As it
was, my cock was so hard it was beginning to ache.
Then, without warning, with her face and shoulders and tits
flat on the blanket, she reached back with both hands and pulled
her asscheeks apart. Her cunt lips eked back a fraction of an inch
or so from my hand. She began rolling her hips around and
back, around and back. She pressed against my hand and it required
a good deal of strength to hold my arm in place. But I did.
Slowly, bit by bit, the wider part of my hand was being
engulfed by her cunt. Only the souvenirs of a misspent adolescence
in a bad neighborhood — i.e., knuckles that had been broken more
than once — enabled my hand to accept the compression of her cunt.
My fingers were being squeezed awkwardly and it was beginning to
hurt, but I didn’t care. She was determined and I was going to go
along with it as long as I could — because it was one helluva
And all the time, I was talking dirty to her about what she
was doing and what was going on — just the way she liked. “Oh, you
like that, don’t you, impaling yourself on something so big, too
big for that hot little Chinese cunt, stuffing your pussy with
something big and fat and warm, filling up your wet twat — ”
Et cetera.
My fingers were getting numb inside her and we seemed at last
to have reached the limit. The thick, muscular base of my thumb was
pressed against her cunt lips and she simply could not seem to get
that widest part of my hand into her. She jerked and bucked against
my hand, but it wasn’t going any farther.
She took her hands away from her ass cheeks and braced them on
the bed. Her head came up. I could see the shine of sweat coating
her entire body.
She turned her head partially toward me and said, voice
quaver: “Fuck me with your hand!”
“It’s too big — ”
“Fuck me with your hand — all of it — spread me — fuck me!”
“It’ll hurt you — ”
“Do it! Hurt me! Fuck me!”
I ducked my head forward and licked the base of my thumb, then
wrapped my free hand around her thighs. “Alright, you weird,
perverted little cunt — you’re going to get what you’ve been
asking for!”
“Yesssss….” she wailed.
I twisted and turned my hand, forcing my fingers into rough
alignment within her pussy — and pushed. She gasped and I knew it
had to be hurting her, but:
“Yes– fuck — fuck — fuck — ” She grunted it rhythmically,
almost a chant and slowly, the fattest part of my hand slid into
her cunt. I could feel the ring of her pubic bones through her
tortured flesh, but she was pressing back against me as hard as she
could, so hard that her legs and arms shook with the effort.
Bit by bit, my hand slid into her cunt, until it was almost to
the wrist. My fingers were well into that wider, open part of her
inner cunt and her labia were closing on the narrower base of my
“Oooohhh yes, fuck me with it, fuck me with it!” she was
I didn’t know how I was going to get my hand back out, but now
that it was all the way in, I figured we should make the most of
it. I worked my hand back and forth in her cunt, no more than a
quarter of an inch in either direction — but her pussy was so
thoroughly packed that the slight motion was having a powerful
effect. She screamed and came and then began rocking back and
forth, trying to widen and deepen the movement. She took still more
of my hand into her, got it right to the bones of my wrist and only
then did it seem I had touched bottom. With my free hand I caressed
her abdomen (from the outside — for variety). It was as hard as
steel and as I moved my hand within her, her belly rippled and
flexed and she screamed and came again.
I flexed the hand within her and she came even more
powerfully. Carefully, I folded my fingers under, then my thumb and
slowly made and clenched my fist. I felt the walls of that more
open place suddenly close about my fist and then she went
absolutely apeshit. To this day, only once have I ever seen
anything to rival the way June came with my fist inside her.
She was totally out of control, quite berserk. Her lithe,
firm young body gyrated and bucked wildly, her hips pumping as if
it were a nice, reasonable cock in her honey hole — and not a fat,
hard, thick fist. She pulled forward till my entire fist was
spreading even the narrowest part of her cunt — and then rammed
herself back and impaled herself to the limit on it. She did it
again and again, all the time screaming and babbling mad, lusty
gibberish. I reached under to caress her clitoris and when my
finger found the rudely stretched little nubbin, June completely
lost it. Her movements resembled nothing so much as grand mal, a
severe seizure. One leg straightened spastically, and she was on
one knee on the bed, her torso flat to the covers and her hips
cocked and her ass in the air. Her well-stuffed cunt was the only
part of her that wasn’t moving; she shook everywhere else.
And then, abruptly, that condition reversed. She went almost
catatonic, rigid and unmoving — except for her hips. They ratcheted
rapidly, in short, mechanical strokes, her cunt fucking my hand to
the wrist in a way it had never moved on my cock. And while this
continued, she began to roll over, first onto her back, then onto
her side.
I was astonished at the quantity and quality and thickness
of her lubrication, to accomplish this movement. Her juices were
literally dripping down my arm. I eased my free hand under her ass
to move her so her legs were on the bed. Her face was drawn and
gaunt, thinner, her mouth open and lips parted and endless soft
babbling and moans were coming out of them. Her nipples were
inflated; that’s the only word for it. Usually her nipples made
nifty hard little spikes, but even her aureoles seemed to be
swollen and raised. I brushed my fingers over them, wonderingly, and
she groaned like a sleeping dreamer protesting the alarm clock.
And all the time, her legs widespread and now bent slightly at
the knees, her hips were moving – back-forth, back-forth.
Her eyes opened. They were glassy. She looked almost drugged.
Slowly, she focused on my face.
“Nothing … has ever … been so … good … ” she breathed.
“I can’t stop cumming …. ”
My balls were beginning to throb with the prolonged arousal.
She reached for my cock in slow motion. Her hand rested lightly on
it, fell back to the bed, then again reached for it. She grabbed it
and pulled.
My hand still trapped in her cunt made it awkward, but the
differences in our size made it possible. I knelt on the bed, bent
over so my face was near her knees as she drew my cock toward her
“I want to drink you, ” she whispered, “and as you fuck my
mouth, take your fist out.”
I began slowly, carefully straightening my fingers inside her.
“No!” she barked sharply. “Your fist.”
What June lacked in style for cocksucking, she made up for by
sheer, brute sucking. She took half my cock in her mouth and
immediately began sucking for oil. Her body was writhing almost
normally and my balls lurched and I started to cum. I pulled my
clenched fist back, but it simply wasn’t going to work.
Then the full rush of my ejaculation was on me. I came as if I
was hemorrhaging jism into her sucking mouth. My hand in her cunt
unclenched and I began pulling it out. Her twat was fearsomely
tight, but I pulled anyhow and as June drained the last of what
felt like an endless stream of cum from my cock, my hand slowly
began re-emerging form her cunt.
I rolled away from her slightly, and made a fist of the cunt
filling hand — right there, in the narrowest part of her pussy.
She arched and stiffened, as if electrified, and when I yanked
my clenched fist out of her cunt, she let out a scream that
literally hurt my ears. She screamed a word, clearly and precisely,
but at a volume and pitch that was painful: “DARLING!”
She remained arched like that for what seemed a long time,
thought I knew even then it was less than ten seconds. But she was
so rigid that I was afraid to touch her; she might shatter. Every
muscle and ligament in her lovely body was taut and clearly
Then she sucked in a long breath, with a sound like tearing
wool. Her hips jerked violently, then her thighs trembled and she
collapsed back on the bed, shuddering uncontrollably. Her belly was
rippling wildly and from between the lips of her cunt — which,
astonishingly, looked almost as if nothing had happened — thick
juice drooled, soaking the sheets, the blankets and the mattress.
Her eyes closed, she gasped — no: She panted — and shivered.
I grabbed some of the blankets from the floor and threw them across
us, then rolled her into my arms. I lay on my back, holding her
against me, on top of me. She was still shivering and her hips
still flexed and I could feel that juice still dribbling onto my
thighs. I kissed her lovely eyes and her forehead and her nose and
her lips, then I licked her lips, still sticky with my cum. I had
one hand — the hand — resting on her ass under the covers,
lightly caressing. And to my utter and complete astonishment,
despite the fact that I had just cum in her mouth with gut-
wrenching intensity, I found I had another hard-on. My stiff dick
was pressing against her constantly shifting thighs.
June seemed barely conscious, but she parted her legs and
wriggled her hips and her cunt slid onto my cock. If the fact of my
hard-on was surprising, the renewed tightness of her cunt was
downright astonishing.
Prone atop me, her hips barely moving, June pumped my cock
slowly with her cunt. Her eyes opened slightly and she pressed her
lips to my nipple, then raised her head slightly and smiled — at
my expression of amazement, I guess.
“How can you be so tight again?” I whispered.
Her smile broadened — and then her cunt suddenly closed
around my cock. She squeezed, relaxed, squeezed, relaxed — it
almost felt like her cunt was sucking me.
“Do you think you can cum again, my sweet darling?”
“I — I doubt it.”
“I don’t. I am going to make you cum.”
I’m not sure exactly how she did it or even what she did, but
suddenly my cock was pulsating and then I was spurting into her
again. She pressed her pubis down against mine, grinding her
clitoris against me. Her mouth went slack and she gave a soft
little cry of pleasure — and then she collapsed upon me, as limp
as my cock.
“Now we rest,” she said, her mouth wet against my shoulder.
I let myself drift — as if I could have stopped it — and I
remember, quite clearly, that as I fell asleep with this lovely,
amazing, sweet, depraved woman sprawled atop me, I couldn’t imagine
anything weirder … or more oddly pleasurable.
Of course, that was about ten years ago, before I learned to
let my imagination run amok.
Things went along quite nicely for the next few weeks — and
quite a bit more conventionally. As the weather turned warmer with
the onset of spring, we settled into a very comfortable rhythm.
June had communicated her desire to keep the big dildo and a
vibrator handy and both got used pretty regularly as part of our
foreplay. On one occasion, June decided to make use of a cucumber,
but the damn thing kept slipping.
She started inviting me to various Jaycee get-togethers. I fit
in really well — bearded, casual (usually jeans) and absolutely
zero tolerance for bullshit. I was reminded of all the reasons I’d
dropped out of advertising five years before. Still — they were
not only networking; they were actually doing things for the
community … and that was more than I could say. All were civil,
some were polite, a few were friendly and a couple were downright
charming. I in turn invited her to the annual awards banquet held
by my writer’s organization, which shall rename nameless. (Hint: If
you’ve read The Hugo Winners, you could have met most of the
authors there.) Bless her heart, June understood the importance of
the event — hell, I even got a haircut and wore a tie — and
decided to do me up proud.
When I called for her, she was wearing different makeup than
usual. It made her seem a bit older and far more polished. She was
wearing high heels, something she normally avoided. And she wore a
cheong-sam, the traditional sheath-like dress with the slit up the
side. It was jet black, clingy, and tied about her neck, leaving
her back and shoulders bare. With her pale flesh and flawless
complexion, her slinky dress and a flash of long, shapely leg right
up to mid-thigh with each graceful step, she looked utterly
Our arrival at the pre-banquet cocktail party sent a ripple of
silence from the doorway through the large room in the Waldorf.
Heads turned and eyes widened. I was noticed only because I was
with her. She brought all of her Jaycee and ex-im skills to bear
and by the time we were seated for the actual awards banquet, about
a half-dozen editors were introducing themselves to me and asking
if I had any novel-length material (I had already published some
short stories).
When we got back to her place, she was quite tired and we
slept, snuggling close. I went out the next morning and did
something I had never before done: I bought a ring for the woman.
Not only was she bright, sweet, dedicated, beautiful and
unbelievably sexy, she was willing to back up — all the way — her
man. I put the ring in my dresser and began thinking the whole
matter through and trying to determine the right time. And that
time wouldn’t be too long: Her visa was expiring and she would have
to leave America … unless she qualified for accelerated
naturalization, say, as a relative of a citizen. And I knew she
wanted to stay. But I had to be careful. It mustn’t seem like
gratitude or a payoff for this proud, tough woman who’d worked and
thought her way out of the slums of Singapore.
A couple of days later, as I was leaving her place after a
deliciously languorous night of intermittent fucking and dozing,
June stopped me at the door:
“About tonight — ”
“I have a fantasy…”
Oh, goody! I thought.
“I want you to tie me up.”
I paused, regaining compsure and then delivered my
brilliant repiposte: “Huh?”
“Well — ” Abruptly, she seemed almost shy. “You told me once
you always wanted to make a woman cum so hard she would pass out.
And sometimes when it becomes very intense for me I make you stop
what you’re doing until I calm down.”
“And what would you like me to be doing to you while you’re
tied up?”
“Whatever you want to do that will make me cum like that. I
have wanted to try this for a long time, but you are the first
person I ever would trust.”
“It’s not somethig I’m exactly keen to do, you know.”
“That is one reason I trust you to do it.”
“You’re not afraid I would hurt you?”
She smiled and slithered into my arms. “You would never hurt
anyone, least of all me.” She fumbled at my belt. “I want you to do
whatever you want with me and tell me what you are doing and what
you are thinking and imagining — ” She opened my pants and was
fumbling around inside. “It makes me itchy just to think of it.”
I disengaged her hand — carefully, I might add — and
repaired my attire. (That sounds so damned proper, doesn’t it?
“Repaired my attire.” Faded jeans and a sweatshirt.)
“So you’re leaving it up to me, eh?”
“No one knows how to make me cum better — not even me.”
I nodded. “Alright, June — I’ll be here at nine.”
“What would you like for dinner?”
“I’ll have eaten. You will, too — no later than seven-thirty.
I want you to be showered and dried off and warm. I want you to
wear that old blue nightdress, the one that’s worn through near the
shoulder. I will call you at eight-thirty. Take my call on the
phone by the bed. Have the answering machine hooked up for the
office phones.”
She looked at me strangely. “What have you got in mind?”
I stepped to the other side of the vestibule door. She was
wearing jeans and a cableknit blue v-neck sweater. She’d pulled
them on only to see me to the door and there was nothing underneath
except June. But even through the thick strands of the sweater, I
could see that her nipples were hugely swollen and her chest and
neck were brightly flushed.
“June, this is your idea. Go along with it,” I said, “and you
will cum as you have never imagined you could cum.”
Halfway down the block to my house I was wondering if I’d let
my mouth run away with itself. That was a tall order I’d promised
to fill for this short woman.
But by the time I’d reached my place, I was already analyzing
the situation and the outlines of what would do the trick were
forming in my head.
The first thing I did was stop at Rudy’s. I had a good working
arrangement with Rudy, the semi-competent superintendent for my
apartment building. When I needed the use of his workshop, I’d spot
him ten bucks. He’d long since learned that I took good care of the
tools — better than he did, in fact. He even let me store some of
my stuff there. I checked through the pile of scrap lumber and
found some pieces of three-quarter inch CDX that were workable and
enough odds and ends of one-by and two-by to serve.
I took the BMT to 23rd Street and bought some thick,
industrial grade gray carpet remnants at ABC — another five bucks
— and then walked home. Along the way, I stopped at Paterson Silks
at University and Fourteenth. To my knowledge, Paterson has never
sold silk bolts. Their specialty is good, serviceable fabrics for
the thousands of working poor and welfare recipients who try to
make a few bucks stretch farther by doing their own sewing. If you
want to meet some young, stunningly beautiful and irrepressibly
vital Puerto Rican single mothers, Paterson Silks is a good place
to go. But be forewarned — they can steal your heart away.
I bought what I needed in Paterson, walked the rest of the way
home, dropped the hardgoods in the shop, stored the rest in my
place, then headed for the Pink Pussy Cat over on West Fourth near
Jones Street. It was almost ten-thirty and they would be opening.
The Pink Pussy Cat is an adult toystore. There are others, to
be sure — but the PPC staff makes it special. They seems to have
this basic attitude problem: When people work up the courage to
walk down the five steps to the entrance of the well (but not
garishly) lit emporium, the staff for some reason assumes these are
people who think sex should be fun and have a sense of joy and
humor. When I had entered the PPC to buy a vibrator for Annie,
they’d asked me what kind. I’d said, Hell, what’ve you got? To
which the pimply young woman had said, We’ve got these.
She’d proceeded to take one of each and every vibrator in the
store and set it on the counter. Those that could stand up on their
bases were so arranged. Then she activated every one of them. The
standing ones moved around in little circles, the pumping ones spun
and pumped, the squirming ones writhed and wriggled, etc. One of
the other clerks switched the radio from Lite Rock to a disco
station and the staff that weren’t busy stood around and voted on
which vibrator won the Dance Fever contest and someone hug a tinsel
garland around it as an award. We are not talking pretentious,
superior, overbearing fools here.
Indeed, they had just opened and the on-duty clerk asked what
I wanted.
“I want a dildo — big.”
“Long or thick?” he asked, a tad on the fey side, and every
bit as professional as any of them were.
“Both. This is for someone who wants that stuffed feeling.”
“Woman or — ” He grins broadly and infectiously. “– man?”
“Woman. Good definition of woman, in fact.”
“Vaginal, then — or — ?”
“Her color’s got nothing to do — ” His expression stopped me.
“Sorry. Flesh, black, latex — whatever.”
He located a half dozen, ranging in size from the biggest that
I already owned to something he called “Big Fred,” which was about
fifteen inches long and had to be six inches in diameter.
“I just got an inferiority complex.”
“I know the feeling,” he said.
“Do people use this for a coat rack or do they really use this
for, uh –”
“Mostly gay men into fistfucking and pain, I think.” He made a
face. “A great deal of pain.” He shrugged. “Also, we have a catalog
and you can special order — ”
“No. I found just the ticket.”
And I had. It was called, I think, “California Reaming.” It
was about eighteen inches long. It made no attempt at being
lifelike. It was as if someone had put pieces of fruit of
increasing size — smallest first — into a latex tube. The result
was a knob of latex about an inch and a half thick, followed by a
slight depression, then another knob, a bit thicker, and so forth.
The knob at the base had to be five inches thick. The base was
flattened and there was a hollow opening about a half inch thick.
The salesman opened a drawer and took out a length of slim
metal rod that was terminated with a three quarter inch pipethread.
He carefully inserted the stiffener’s blunted end — “For safety,”
he said — into the latex tube. “We also sell a pedestal — ”
I shook my head. “How much for this?”
It was close to a hundred bucks — Yikes! — but I figured,
What the hell? I took my purchase home — along with the salesman’s
wise (if unnecessary) cautions to use PLENTY of lubricant.
Next, I headed for Canal Street. The border between Chinatown
and Little Italy is lined with hardware and electronics stores.
Most of them have merchandise overflowing onto boxes and makeshift
shelves on the sidewalk and many also offer used “as is”
miscellany. I found an “as is” Skil orbital sander that lacked the
lockdown clamps that hold the sandpaper and was missing most of the
handle. No problem — five bucks. At an open-air electrical and
electronics parts supply store I found a perfectly serviceable
rheostat for another fiver. At the plumbing supply outlet I bought
an coupling that would adapt the base of the dildo’s stiffener to
the plate screw on the sander. I picked up a couple of hinges and
headed for the workshop. It was a bit past noon when my shopping
was done.
June was right about me, of course: I did know what made her
cum most. I knew that massive head gave her screaming orgasms too
excruciating for her to bear for very long — and made her always
juicy and hungry cunt downright voracious for stuffing.
I used the plywood to build a cube about on each side. I
drilled appropriate holes and mounted the sander inside, then
mounted the rheostat so the lead to the control dial poked (heh!)
through the opposite side of the box. I hooked up the wiring,
plugged it in, turned it on. With the sander set to its slowest
setting and the rheostat thumbed to the lowest gauge, it made for a
wonderfully variable vibration. I installed the adapter couplings,
then covered the whole thing with the carpet remnants. Then I slid
the dildo onto the stiffener, screwed the stiffener onto the sander
coupling and — presto! — the world’s biggest and most luxurious
vibrating dildo.
Of course, the whole thing weighed about forty pounds. The
weight of the sander, box and rheostat seemed to be enough to
counter the extended weight of the latex.
I had to make one more shopping trip for two extensions — one
to lead to the rheostat from the outlet and one so I could be as
much as ten feet from the box and still control it — batteries and
plenty of K-Y lubricant. I also bought two bottles of wine.
I threw a tarp over the whole affair and stopped by Rudy’s
apartment to tell him I’d be picking up my creation at a quarter to
nine. I gave him another five for the extra trouble. I went up to
my place and fixed a big plate of linguini with clam source and
purposely overate. As I expected, I felt drowsy. I set the alarm
and lay down to nap for a while.
I woke at eight and showered and trimmed my beard. I thought
carefully about what I would say and at eight-thirty I picked up
the phone and prepared to begin June’s night of fantasy fulfilled.
I dialed the number. She answered on the second ring.
“What re you wearing?”
“What are you going to — ”
She hesitated.
“Do you like it when I suck your clitoris? When I stick that
big rubber cock in you? When I jam my hand up your cunt and move it
I could hear her breathing, short, shallow pants.
“Tell me!”
“Ooooo, I am so itchy — ”
“What are you wearing?”
“I’m wearing — ”
“Take it off, all of it, then pick up the phone.”
When she picked up the phone, she giggled, nervously. “Now I
want you to touch your clit.”
“But — ”
“Do it.”
I heard her little gasp; that was all the confirmation I
“Keep doing it — go on — that’s it — rub and press and rub
… and now stick one fingr in your cunt…”
She gasped again. Then: “Oooo, I am so wet and horny — ”
“Now go downstairs and unlock the door to your place, then
come back up. Light one candle and turn out all the lights. Then
lay down on the bed and masturbate and keep masturbating until I
arrive — ”
She groaned.
“I will be there exactly at nine o’clock.”
“But I am naked!”
“Yes. That’s your problem. Maybe someone will get a glimpse of
your sweet tits or your lovely cunt or your tight Chinese ass — ”
She groaned again.
“You wanted to put yourself completely in my fucking control.
Do it — and if you don’t do what I say, this night is over and
someone else will enjoy the treats I have planned for your hot, wet
I hung up and checked the clock. Eight-thirty-eight. I put out
food for the cat, took my supplies and a clean pillowcase, then
locked up the place and left. I went to the workshop and dismantled
my contraption, then put the parts into the pillow case and threw
it into a canvas carpenter’s bag.
I got to her door at five to nine. My cock was like a bar of
iron in my pants. One of the waitresses from the espresso house
occupying the second floor of her building — the first floor was a
retail space — saw me standing there with the bag and smiled.
“What’s in the bag?”
She looked directly at my bulging crotch and grinned. “Uh-
huh,” she said, and shimmied through the entrance to the cafe.
At two minutes to nine I entered June’s vestibule and locked
the door behind me. I climbed the long, carpeted stairway to the
first floor — where her offices were — and glanced inside. The
telex was on STORE and the answering machine was turned on.
So was I.
I climbed the second long flight of stairs to her living
quarters. All the lights were out.
Her voice echoed through the silent — but for the distant
sound of music from the cafe — apartment.
“Are you doing what I told you — ”
“I — ”
“Do it!”
I heard the bed creak and as I listened to her pant faster and
more urgently and the bed begin creaking, I ducked into the
bathroom. In the linen closet were bath sheets — enormous towels.
I took two of them. I stepped into the bedroom and reached into my
bag of tricks. I withdrew the vibrator, opened it, loaded it with
two D-Cells and tossed it onto the bed.
“Use it on your clit,” I ordered and stepped out of the room.
I went through the darkened hallway to her living room. There I
got two of the bolsters from her sectional. I rolled them the long
way and wrapped them in the towel, then tied the whole thing with
two of the lengths of silk ribbon I’d bought at Paterson. I carried
the makeshift cushion and my bag into her bedroom.
She was writhing wildly on top of the bedcovers, plunging the
vibrator in and out of her cunt and —
“Stop!” I snapped.
She almost stopped.
“I said use it on your clit, not in your cunt!”
“But I am so itchy — ”
“That’s the idea.”
She complied, but only after a loud, almost pitiful, groan.
I put my bag on the floor and next to it, the tightly rolled
My cock was trying to rip my jeans.
I screwed the base thread of the dildo stiffener into its
slot and carried the whole thing to the bed.
Even in the darkness, I could see her eyes widen. “What — ”
I didn’t answer yet. I opened the K-Y and smeared it all over
the end of the dildo. I used most of one tube. Then I took the
lead cord and plugged it in to the outlet. Next, I put the bound
billows on the bed and retrieved my other silk ribbons from the
bag. June kept pumping her clit and arching her hips as I bound
her wrists. Then I tied a ribbon about each slender angle. I put
the rolled-up bolsters lengthwise on her belly and breasts and then
tied her with the ribbons from her wrists together around it —
strapping her to the bolsters. Then I did the same with the ankle
ribbons. Next, I rolled her onto all fours — the “fours” being
tied around the bolster. And all the time, she never stopped
working the vibrator around her cunt.
Finally, I took two long ribbons and fed them around and under
the mattress — between the lumpy mattress and the boxsprings, to
be precise. When I was done, she was on all fours, bound to the
rolled-up bolsters and immobilized by the ties to the bed.
At some point, the vibrator had slipped from her fingers —
but no matter. I had begun muttering random, vague dirty words to
her and her juices had already dampened the pillowcase containing
the bolsters.
“What are you going to do to me???” she cried softly.
“Whatever the fuck I want,” I answered. I stripped quickly nd
then paused, taking stock.
Before me was a gorgeous Chinese girl from Singapore who, at
her request, I had tied up and rendered utterly helpless. She had
begged me to do with her as I wished and make her cum till she
literally was unconscious with pleasure.
I stepped to the side of the bed and look down at her. Her
legs were forced apart by her position and beautiful little cunt
was exposed — but her position also tautened and emphasized the
perfection of her sweet, tight little ass; the narrowness of her
hips; the superb proportions of her back, and the perfect line of
her legs.
She had begged me to do with her as I wished — and as I
looked at her naked form, as I inhaled the heady aroma of her
copious juice and her unmistakable arousal, I anticipated doing
just that — fucking her and making her cum till she — and I
— had reached another plane of reality.
I rubbed my hands together rapidly and tightly, making them
warm. Then I began trailing my fingers lightly down her back,
barely grazing her creamy flesh. She shivered at the touch and I
began teasing her with it. In moments, this hypersexed young
Chinese woman was writhing and arching, trying to meet and
anticipate the touch.
Then I began to brush my lips over her back, each time going
lower. At last I spread her ass cheeks with my hand and began
licking her tailbone — with just the tip of my tongue, mind you —
and slowly went lower and lower, almost but not quite rimming her.
The flesh on the inner slopes of her shapely buttocks was more
sensitive than I’d expected. It wasn’t long before she was moaning
and trying to press her smooth, almost virgin asshole up to my
I stopped and held my place, close enough for her to feel my
breath on the newly moistened flesh. Finally she couldn’t take it:
“Why did you stop?” she demanded.
“Beg for it.”
“DO it!”
“Do what?”
“You know what!”
“Say it.”
“Lick my asshole!”
“Say the magic word.”
“PLEASE lick my ass — unnn!”
I paused to glance over at the clock. Nine-thirty-two.
I licked. I licked and probed and tongued. I ate her butt and
it was as sweet and tasty as the rest of this fastidious Singapore
girl. I don’t think she came, but she sure was close to it. The
juices were pouring out of her cunt and after a few minutes, I
moved my tongue lower and began licking her cunt.
This time she did come. She started to come when my tongue tip
grazed her cunt lips. She came harder as my tongue trilled back and
forth over her swollen clitoris and labia. And when I fastened my
lips around the engorged bud of her clit and sucked it the way I
liked having my cock sucked and licked it at the same time, I
thought she was going to explode with her orgasms.
She came and came and came. Only one other woman I’ve ever
known has come like that. It was almost frightening. Almost.
When I stopped, my mouth and nose were filled with her juices
and my beard was positively sopping. I glanced at the clock. Nine-
fifty-eight. June had been cumming for more than twenty minutes. I
stood and reached down to her cunt. It was so tight I got barely get
the tip of my index finger inside — and when I did, her cunt
clamped down on it and began spasming. She came again and again and
I couldn’t resist. I climbed up on the bed behind her, rubbed my
dick on her twat and then forced it inside to the hilt — and there
it stayed, for she was squeezing and clenching my cock madly. I’d
never felt such heat and such wetness combined with such stricture.
I couldn’t restrain myself. I pumped wildly, banging her asscheeks
with my hard abdomen and in less than two minutes I was pouring my
juice into her. And she was cumming all the time.
When I pulled out, my limp cock hung up for a moment in the
viselike grip of her pussy. I withdrew my dick — already
restiffening and climbed down off the bed. In the faint light from
the windows I could see her lubricants and my jism drooling and
gleaming on her overheated flesh. The sight only accelerated my
second hard-on.
I got the contraption I’d built and positioned it. I’d planned
for just about everything — except the effect of its weight on the
mattress. I pressed her down into the bound-bolster with one hand
and fit the fat tip of the dildo against her cunt. She rolled her
lithe hips around and tried to suck it into her cunt. To no avail –
– not that this stopped her from cumming still more. I carried the
remote control of the rheostat with me as I went around to stand
beside the bed, my throbbing dick in front of her face.
“You’ve already had about sixty-five zillion orgasms.” I
thumbed the rheostat higher for a five count. She gasped and then
shrieked in pleasure.
Then I turned it off.
“You’re going to suck my cock until I come and then you’re
going to swallow my cum.” I turned the rheostat to it’s lowest
setting. She made vague, distracted noises and her eyelids
fluttered and her jaw went slack — a condition I immediately took
advantage of. I pressed my cock forward and into her unresisting
mouth. After a few pitifully half-hearted sucks, it just lay there.
I turned off the rheostat. She immediately began sucking harder.
“You got the idea,” I said. “Good. You keep my cock happy, I
keep your cunt happy.”
She kept my cock happy. She sucked powerfully and
enthusiastically, and used her tongue wonderfully. I took all of my
self-control to restrain myself from fucking her face as if it were
a cunt. I slowly increased the speed of the vibrating dildo in her
cunt — which I could not see in the darkness — and soon she was
cumming almost constantly and sucking me all the time.
“Suck extra hard to get all of my — ” And then I couldn’t
talk, because the spasms were on me. But she got the idea. She
got all my juice and then sucked for me and actually seemed
reluctant to relinquish my finally limpening dick. By the time she
did let it pop out of her lips, she was cumming incessantly.
I staggered to the back of the bed and saw that she had almost
two-thirds of the dildo engulfed in her cunt. I the rubber dick
must have been two-and-a-half inches in diameter where the bulge
disappeared — and reappeared — between her cunt lips in the
meagherly lit room. When I tried to withdraw it, her cunt grip was
so powerful that there was great resistance.
But withdraw it I did — and then smeared K-Y all over my
right hand.
Despite the withdrawal, her orgasms had barely slackened. The
clock said 10:40, the glowing numbers telling me she had been
cumming for more than an hour.
“Why did you take it away?” she panted when she finally brought
her voice under control.
“Because,” I said, “now I’m going to shove my hand up that hot
little cunt of yours.”
She moaned and writhed at the dirty words.
“Up your hot little Chinese cunt,” I said, and she came again.
This wasn’t like the first time, when her cunt had opened so
widely. This time her cunt was as it usually was: tight and wet.
The narrowness stymied me at first, but as I worked my pinky inside
— I had all four fingers in her — her eagerness more than made up
for something as transient as physical law. I had to strain to get
my thumb in, especially since by this time she ws screaming into
the pillow even as she tried to force her cunt back onto my hand —
despite the bonds that held her. The K-Y was superfluous, in every
sense of the word; her juices were more than sufficient for what
was happening and there seemed to be no end to them. More: Her
juices had actually washed most of the lubricant from my hand.
Again she screamed: “Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!” Her
accent had returned and “harder” came out as “hard-hair,” perfectly
synchronized to the movements of her hips. When my hand was all the
way into her hot oriental cunt and her labia were stretched around
my wrist, I paused to smear K-Y on my forearm; the last thing I
wanted to do was cause her permanent discomfort.
I pumped my hand in her cunt for a long time, it seemed —
though the clock told me only ten minutes had passed — and her
cunt was opening wide. She had somehow managed to part her legs
even more. She was totally consumed by the cunt-reaming she was
getting and I could feel her orgasmic spasms rippling on my hand
and wrist. When I made a fist and began pumping faster, June lost
it completely. She collapsed on the pillow, sobbing and screaming
alternately, cumming and cumming and cumming nonstop. My first hint
that she had passed out was when I put the tube of K-Y to her ass
and she didn’t react. I called her name softly. “June?” No
response. That’s when I realized that even though she was still in
orgasm and her hips and thighs moving appropriately, she was quite
unconscious — or in such a state of orgasmic detachment that the
difference was irrelevant.
I unclenched my fist and withdrew my hand and then she
stirred. “Don’t stop,” she pleaded softly, all exhausted.
“You’ve had it, kiddo,” I said. And it was, sadly, true.
Sadly, because as much of a turn-on as it was for me, it seemed
pointless if she was unaware of what she was feeling.
She tried to raise her head, but failed. She lay her face
sideways on the pillow and breathed, “Fuck my ass, David.”
I hesitated.
“Pleeeease – fuck my tight, hot little Chinese ass!” It was
almost a moan. I looked down at her, strapped in place as she was
in the faint illumination that came through the window. The
makeshift monster dildo still twitched on the bed, glistening with
her juices, and her thighs, so drawn and taut and graceful, also
shone with her juices. Her cunt was a darkly shining place in the
shadows between her bent legs. Her back was sinuous and ever curve
and muscle was beautifully defined and the line of the back her
neck was a graceful shadow in the dimly lit bedroom. The air reeked
of her aroused juices.
My eyes went to her ass, to the firm, smooth, flawless cheeks.
her buttocks still flexed as if she were yet cumming, though I knew
there was nothing to stimulate —
Or was there? I bent and looked. Sure enough, she had her
immensely swollen clit pressed into tightly rolled bolster to which
she was bound. As I watched, she flexed her hips forward as much as
she could within her bonds and rubbed vigorously — if shortly —
and then she was coming again. Despite the lack of light, I could
clearly see her cunt lips and flex as the spasms went through her.
When she came her asshole, so tiny and tight and little used,
pressed in on itself so urgently that it seemed to pucker outward a
The sight of her and the thought of feeling that hot ass
clamped around my dick was too much to resist. I found a fresh tube
of K-Y, uncorked it and squirted a liberal dose on her asshole. She
jerked forward, away from the shock of the cold lubricant — and in
so doing, pressed her clit against the bolster again … and came
My cock was no more than half-hard, but I couldn’t resist. I went
around to the side of the bed and again presented it to her lips.
Despite the scanty illumination, the darkness of her flesh betrayed
her flush. She took the head of my dick readily into her soft lips
and sucked half-heartedly for a moment, then seemed to doze off. I
worked my dick in and out of her slack mouth a few times, but it
was pointless. I reached down and cupped her left breast in my
hand. Her nipple was as hard as a splinter and as hot as a match-
head. I rubbed my palm across it and she stirred listlessly for a
moment, then her hips clenched and convulsed and relaxed again. I
was about to give it up again. I gave her nipple a little pinch —
just lightly, pulling on it more than pinching it — and she
started cumming again.
“Ahhhh — yes, suck my cock with that sexy mouth,” I
whispered. “Suck it hard, like you’re thirsty for my cum!” All the
time, I continued toying with her nipple and she kept pausing in
her sucking to cum again and again. She kept moaning when I talked
to her like that and I decided to see just how far gone she was.
I pushed forward, farther and farther, waiting for her to gag
and try to withdraw — and I was more than ready to back off if
necessary and move to her hot, puckered ass. But6 she didn’t back
“Ahhh, yeah, use that hot mouth and tongue and throat. I’m
going to use you as a vessel for my sperm, I’m going to use you for
my pleasure and cum and cum and cum in you — ”
She actually pressed her face forward to take my cock all the
way into her hot mouth and throat. She was sucking powerfully,
downright hungrily, and I gave in to my impulse and rocked my hips
smoothly back and forth, fucking her face till her pert nose was
flattened in the wiry pubic hair at the base of my cock, then
withdrawing against the stricture of her hungry sucking.
I felt the cum rising in my balls — and then it was suddenly
on me, erupting, I pulled my cock back and the first shot hit her
in the face, drenching her lovely, closed eyes. She opened her
mouth wide and wailed and pushed her head forward and my dick was
halfway into her mouth for the second spurt — and she was sucking
and grunting and cumming and swallowing. After that, I jammed my
hips forward and buried my prick in her hot mouth and let her drain
my dick.
“You like me using you, fucking you — FUCKing you — ” and
each time I said it, she sucked even harder and came even harder.
She sucked even when I was dry and my dick would have been totally
limp, except for her eager mouthwork.
When I pulled it out of her lips, she held the knob as long as
she could, madly sucking and tonguing it. The pleasure waves still
tingled through me and when she finally released my dick, I dropped
to my knees and licked my cum of her face and kissed her eyes and
her gorgeous cheekbones and finally, her lips, smeared as they were
with my cum.
I felt incredibly tender toward her at that moment, more so
than ever before. She gasped with lips parted and when she had
breath enough, the words were audible:
“Now, fuck my ass!”
I staggered to my feet and looked down at her. I had serious
doubts about this undertaking. She had drained my balls three times
— and according to the clock, she’d been cumming almost nonstop
for more than two and a half hours. I wasn’t sure either of us
were up to it.
“Use me!” she hissed. “Use me for your pleasure!” Her tone was
pleading. “I am so dirty, so bad — use me!”
Her face shone with my cum and my saliva. Her back shone with
her perspiration. Her thighs shone with her seemingly endless flow
of juice.
My cock twitched.
What the hell? I thought. She wanted to be used ….
I stepped forward, closer to the bed. I had to use my fingers
to lift my dangling dick to her mouth — but as soon as it was
within reach, she fastened a liplock on my penis. I told her what
I wanted and while she did as I said, I made sure things were
She sucked my dick with patient eagerness, gradually returning
me to full erection. The harder my dick got, the more urgently she
sucked and tongued it. And all the time, I took advantage of her lack
of height by reaching back between her ass cheeks and rubbing the
K-Y into her anus. It was so tight that at first I could even force
the tip of my finger into it — but finally I did.
“And when my cock is hard enough, I’m going to jam it right
into your ass,” I told her. “And you’ll decide when it’s hard
enough — because when it is, you’ll stop sucking!”
She sucked urgently — and whenever she stopped and I started
to withdraw it from her soft lips, she resumed sucking with an
almost panicky urgency. But even June had to come up for air
sometime, and when she did, I positioned myself on the bed between
her thighs.
“Oooooh, my cunt is so itchy!” she cried into the bolster to
which she was tied.
I teased the head of my cock against her swollen twat.
“Un-uh, baby — you asked for it in your hot, tight little

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