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Sexy StoryWith Sexy Sister Astraphobia Part 1

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Kelly was always afraid of storms. Until she was about fourteen she always slept in our parent’s room when the weather was bad. This was mostly because our trailer only had two bedrooms. I was older, so I got to keep the second bedroom when dad decided that I was too old to share it with my little sister. The living room doubled as Kelly’s bedroom from the time I was thirteen. I suppose a storm would be more frightening in the living room, but they never bothered me. (more…)

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Fucking sexy Rakhi sister

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Hi all, I am a guy from Guwahati, Assam.I am a regular reader of Hotandromence. And I am sharing my real experience with my Rakhi sister. it happened to me 4 years back. When I was in college. We both were from Guwahati and we studied in same college which was 300 Km from here she was 1 year senior to me,


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Sexy Sister In Law is Above the Law

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When Kiran Bhabi found out that I often wrote sex stories, she hardly leaves me alone. I am almost 28, a sale executive working with a multi-national company and Kiran Bhabi is my elder sister-n-law, a 35 year dame, now living with us, quite a doll and a mother of two, 18 & 19 year old teenagers. My elder brother, her spouse, is an Army officer and in Nairobi on deputation for the last one year. She has been teaching in a Montessori school. Never before or since have had I seen another female body like Kiran Bhabi’s – not in the flesh? From her short dark brown hair with its steady brown, pouting full lips, pointed nose and sensuous overbite, perfectly manicured hands, to her pretty long nail polished feet; Kiran Bhabi was the well-stacked, broad, curvaceous stuff of little boys’ fantasies. Hell, grown men’s fantasies, too. Five-seven and a hundred-forty five pounds packed full, round and tight, with softness about her, like a layer of wondrous padding that I find impossible to describe. Her vital statistics are 38-27-38.She really has pulling power and She is a buxom beauty to my views.

A few weeks ago, I answered the door to find Kiran Bhabi, wearing jeans and a low cut T-shirt, exposing her breast decently.

“Hi, Sunny,” she said. She would call me ‘Sunny’ as a pet name. “Got a few minutes to talk?” I asked her in and no sooner had I shut the door then she said bashfully, “Can I ask you something?”

“Why not but about what?” I asked anxiously.

“Is it true you write fuck stories?” I’d heard Kiran Bhabi say ‘fuck’ before, but always as part of a joke. But this time it was different.

“Who told you that?” I asked. Writing erotic stories, whether you call it smut, porn or ‘fuck stories,’ it isn’t something you announce to the general public, I just write for my satisfaction and as my past time hobby. My close friends knew. No one thinks it’s wrong or “bad.” It’s good activity and I don’t write degrading crap. But I certainly don’t tell everyone I meet or know that I write erotica. My parents do not know. I did not think Kiran Bhabi did.

“Never mind how I found out,” she answered. “But if it’s true, I think it’s pretty neat. Well”? I felt a twinge of embarrassment but I couldn’t lie.

“Yes, it’s true, But I don’t call them ‘fuck stories”. Kiran Bhabi’s face lit up. I suddenly became aware that my nubile big sister-n-law was braless as her nipples poked the thin material of her T-shirt.

“I would like to read some, Sunny.” She said sparklingly.

What could I do or say? I led her to my study room, showed her where my file copies of sex stories were, then I left the room. Embarrassed, I guess. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of cold water, and gulped it down while thinking that the goddess of sex is kind to him. I have to admit that I had felt some sexual attraction to Kiran Bhabi always. Whenever I wrote about a girl having great Tits, it was my Sis-n-law’s face I had in mind. Her young body, her youthful eagerness, her intelligence, all had inspired and influenced me. And now she was actually reading the material I had written.

I grabbed another glass of water, and went to my study to find Bhabi avidly reading the sex stories. From the look on her face it was obvious she was enjoying what she was reading. She was breathing rapidly, sweat shone on her upper lip, and her nostrils seemed to flare, all the signs of a woman in heat, even a Sister. She saw or heard me and said, “I love to read about people fucking almost as much as I love to fuck. Surprised?”

How could I be? I mean, she was smart, witty, attractive and old enough. I felt a twinge at the thought of my own Sister-n-law getting dicked by some pimply teenager (her student). Jealousy, I guess. I also felt a twinge in my loins as I warmed to the subject with my big Sis.

“I have been reading this kind of stuff like, MY SECRET GARDEN, FORBIDDEN FLOWER, ETC., since my college days, but your stories are hot enough to melt the most frigid, warm enough to rejuvenate a corps and as one turn the pages, feel the fire.” She said excitedly.

“Does it embarrass you that I’m talking about fucking, Sunny?” She asked with widening her beautiful eyes.

“Well, not embarrassed, I’m just not used to it,” I answered.

“Not used to fucking?” She asked astonishingly.

“Oh, you know what I mean, I’m not used to talking about it with my elder sister-n-law.” I said.

She was enjoying this conversation immensely.

“Come on, don’t be shy, I wanna be your best friend.”

“Don’t you get horny when you write this stuff? God, I know you sure would. I’m getting wet by just reading.

Ooh, this is really hot. “Kiran Bhabi started reading part of a story I had written. “‘My cock had never felt as hard as it did in Zara’s mouth. Her tongue flicked the underside of my meat and her lips seemed to caress and stroke my shaft. “‘”Fuck my tits,” Zara pleaded as she took her mouth off and held her big jugs together. Trouble was, I wanted to eat her pussy first. After all, eating her pussy was what I’d dreamed of doing for years.

“Damn, Sunny, I love this stuff!” Hearing Kiran Bhabi reading that passage had excited me as well. And there was very little I could do to hide my excitement, since a bulging cock is difficult to hide in night suit. Kiran Bhabi immediately noticed and then she blushed.

“I guess you do get horny, Sunny,” she grinned, standing up as she stared at the front of my pajamas.

She came to me threw her arms around my neck and started to kiss me passionately, while pressing her body into mine. After a couple of minutes she drew back a little and looked again at my bulging Cock.

“Was it my reading that did that, Sunny? Or it sure could be my tits ’cause I do think mine are big enough to fuck. See?” Kiran Bhabi lifted her T-shirt and showed me her pert and huge breasts, the nipples dark brown and rigid. My personal preference is for large tits always. I felt my cock grow another inch as I looked at my Bhabi’s mouth-watering TITS.

“Kiran Bhabi, you have great tits,” I said. She beamed. “Most guys like big tits,” she said and spurred her breasts. “A girl with big breasts always becomes attracted.”

I said. “Yours are gorgeous and swanky, Can I touch them?”

“Yes, I want you to suck them now, Sunny,” she said breathily.

I couldn’t have resisted if I’d wanted to, Bhabi or not. And, believe me, I wanted to suck those nubbins. So I lowered my head to her left mound and stuck out my tongue. I circled the perky nipple then popped the rigid nub between my lips. Kiran Bhabi gasped and her arms went around me, holding me as I sucked and chewed, first one, then the other, hot mound of flesh.

“Oh, Sunny, that feels so good!” Kiran Bhabi’s body wiggled as she tried to push more of her titty-flesh into my mouth. I think she must have had a mini-orgasm from the way she jerked around and gasped.

Then she asked me if I ever eat a pussy.

I told her I did.

“Your brother has never licked me.” She said complainingly.

“It’s strange,” I said.

“Would you.will my pussy?” I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. I pulled off her sleepers while she removed her T-shirt. I reached for her jeans, the button and the zipper but stopped. “Kiran Bhabi, are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, please.” “You won’t hate me for it, will you?

“Off course not but this is incest, you know.” I informed her.

“Oh, Sunny, you don’t know how desperately I’ve dreamed of having sex with you since your brother has gone to Nairobi”. She added, “I was double minded before this revelation, but not after coming into my knowledge that you write sex stories, my handsome, smart Brother. Please. Do it to me, Lovvvvve meeee.”

I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, gripped the waistband of her jeans and panties and slid them down her legs and off her beautiful long nail polished feet. Her downy black pubic triangle contrasted with the pale flesh of her belly. I gently spread her legs and put a pillow under her ass to give me the best access to her pussy.

And what a beautiful pussy my Bhabi had! The fragrance of her secretions made me even more eager to feast. She used her sexy fingers to part her slick folds and exposed the wet crimson of her cunt. Her clit was stiff and the largest I’d ever see on a woman. It was as big as the end of my pinky finger, almost like a miniature cock. No wonder she seemed to get so excited. With a clit like that, it’s a wonder she wasn’t horny 24 hours a day! But I’ve since found out that she does stay excited 24 hours a day!

“I hope my pussy is not stinking, whenever I go to the toilet, I wash my pussy with a special liquid because I’m extra careful about my pussy.” She explained, as pushed her pussy lips apart with her sexy long nailed fingers.

I let the flat of my tongue lick her slit from asshole to clit. Kiran Bhabi shuddered, her legs locked around my head and she chanted,

“Yes, yesss, oh yeessssss.” Kiran Bhabi tasted tangy sweet and more of that love liquid oozed from her hole and onto my tongue. My nose kept rubbing against her clit so I stuck a finger into her cunt and took that clit of hers between my teeth. Needless to say, my Bhabi went crazy.

“Oh, God, oh.oh!” She wailed and she bucked and thrashed at the mercy of my finger and tongue. I eased my finger out of her pussy, and sent my tongue into her cunt to quench my thirst for her nectar.

In all honesty it wasn’t doing anything for me, but Kiran Bhabi was fit to be tied. She began moaning and jerking awfully and when I tried to pull back, she wrapped her thighs around my head preventing any escape.

Kiran Bhabi’s heels pounded my back and she went wild as she came. Fortunately my parents were not at home, because the screams of ecstasy were loud enough to arouse them in their room. As it was, I’m glad her children asleep and our servants were in their quarters because Kiran Bhabi was loud when she came. After a few minutes I stopped and she caught her breath.

“It’s never been like that,” she said. “Whew! I think you’ve spoiled me.” She put her hand on the bulging wet spot on my pajamas.

“What can I do to repay you, Sunny?” Kiran Bhabi tugged my pajamas down and my 7-incher sprang out, strands of pre-cum strung between the tip and my matted pubic hair. Her eyes got as big as saucers and she gripped my COCK in both hands.

“Ugh, this thing’ll split me if.”

“Don’t worry, Bhabi,” I said. “We don’t have to fuck.”

“Oh, but I do want to fuck and I’m dying to have a cock since your brother left,” Kiran Bhabi assured me. “It’s just that this is so damn big!”

In many cases where passion has built up over a long period of time, I’ve found sex to be a hurried thing; grasping, groaning. With Kiran Bhabi it was lovemaking.

We kissed for what seemed like hours. Her lips were so sweet, her tongue so agile. I felt certain I would come without her touching me there.

We took our time when we first fucked. She wanted me to fuck her without a condom because

“I want to feel you shoot off inside me”. She told me.

I told her I just wanted to be cautious because of babies but she said, ” I’m on the pill from the day I decided to love you and you don’t have to worry about me getting pregnant.”

I was caressing her large breasts. Her nipples were hard buttons under my fingers. As I gently pinched each one, she sighed into my open mouth. I was enthralled by her breasts, I continued to play with her nipples as we passionately kissed. I then broke our kiss to take one nipple in my mouth as my hands began to kneed her large ass cheeks.

After a very short time at this, she began to whimper and shake. As I nibbled on her nipple, she cried out and came! Since her legs would no longer support her, we laid down on the bed. She rested there for a bit as we kissed slowly, then sat up and pinched her hard nipples with her long polished sexy nails.

Yes, she was large, and to me, with the passion and love in her eyes, she appeared to me as goddess of sex.

She then started kissing me everywhere. When she got to my cock I warned her that I couldn’t last long. She gave it one loving lick with her tongue and kissed the head of my dick.

Kissing her and feeling her hot, soft body next to mine brought me back to hardness quickly.

“Sunny, please! I want your cock in me, please.”

“I always thought I had the sexiest BHABI around, now I am going to fuck that sexy body of yours. I have always dreamed about it”. I told her.

“But I want to fuck your TITS first?” I asked.

She looked into my eye very seductively, lied down on her back and I sat on her rib cage with my hard penis pointing between her gigantic breasts. I took her long nail polished, sexy hands in mine and laid them on the outside edges of her breasts and forces them together, pressing her breasts around my aroused dick. I began hunching my cock between her breasts. I was fucking my own Bhabi’s tits! She was wet with perspiration and my organ slid very well between her soft mounds. I moved my hands and Her hands were pressing her breasts around my cock. My left hand reached behind me and found her pussy again. I slid my finger in again.


I stopped hunching and said to her. “Now.massage my dick with your tits.”

She moved her breasts around with her hands, massaging my swollen cock.

“Oh, yes . that feels good!” I said.

I reached behind and again played with her pussy as I rode her chest. I noticed that her hips were again moving up and down with my fingers.

I rolled Kiran Bhabi onto her back completely and slip between Kiran Bhabi’s widely spread legs.

My tongue slipped into her mouth and her hand found my cock and pumped it enthusiastically.

She took my cock in her sexy fingers and rubbed it all around on her pussy.

Gazing into my eyes, Kiran Bhabi placed the head of my hard dick at her hot opening and murmured, “Sunny, I have wanted you to fuck me since I saw you the first time.”

As I found her opening, Kiran Bhabi raised her knees high and humped her pubic mound up against my cock. The whole head was engulfed in hot wetness and I paused in the sheer pleasure of the moment. Kiran Bhabi opened her eyes and looked up at me.

In almost a strangled voice, she said, “Please, Bhai, please. I can’t stand any more waiting.”

I pushed my hips forward and my cock slowly began to sink into Kiran Bhabi’s hot channel. I was expecting my sister to wince in pain, but she only frowned a little as my cockhead gently pushed aside the constriction of her cunt. Soon, we were completely merged. I was flesh of her flesh and she was flesh of my flesh.

Kiran Bhabi’s frown lines disappeared and she released her held breath with a loud, “Ahhhhhh.OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH .GOD!”.

She reached behind my head and pulled my lips down to hers. Holding our bodies perfectly still, we kissed a long, deep kiss. As we broke away, she whispered, “Oh, Bhai, we’re finally there. You don’t know how many times I’ve dreamed of this. It’s so good. Your cock is so much better than the dream. Now, make love to me. Love me hard, and if it’s a dream, I hope I never wake up.”

I slowly withdrew my cock from Bhabi’s inner recesses, stopping when only the tip of the head was in place. I lunged forward, driving my cock home with one long, swift movement. I groaned aloud from the wave of pleasure that swept over me.

Kiran Bhabi said, “Yes! Yes! Oh, it’s so good!”

She pushed her hips up against mine and our bodies were pulled into full hot contact. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist and her arms reached around my neck and held me tight. Once again I retreated and attacked, and once again she matched my motions. Soon we were rocking back and forward against each other. I was moaning and so was she. I was nearing my peak, and I could tell she was close to hers.

Suddenly, Kiran Bhabi clutched me even harder. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and the walls of her pussy grasped against my seesawing cock. Kiran Bhabi threw her head back and wailed, “Oh, God, I’m there! I’m coming, I’m cominnnngggg.!


My hands found her sore breasts and squeezed them hard.

“Oh Sunny . I love you. I missed you . Please forgive .Me . Oh . oH. Ram it . In me . Yes . ram me .”

Then it hit me. I hit the crest and then went into a freefall that seeming like it would never end. My vision blurred and waves and waves of almost unbearable pleasure flowed outward from my groin to all parts of my body. Spurt after spurt after spurt jetted into my sister, filling up and overflowing Bhabi’s spasming pussy. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. Gradually, our motions slowed, and then we were still, making soft “Ohhhh” sounds.

We both opened our eyes and looked into each other’s face. Our lips drew together and we kissed a long, tender kiss that sealed our love forever. No word needed to be spoken. We both knew that there could be no other for either of us.

We both relax as I withdrew my cock and rolled over on to the bed beside her.

“Good Brother, you were great! I guess you just don’t think of your own Bhabi being so good in bed.”

Bhabi was naked lying next to me, panting. I reached over and cupped her very sore breast in my hand.

“Bhabi, how do you feel?”

“Very sore. That was unbelievable.”

“Yea, I know. I really went off watching you reading fuck stories.” I replied.

“Oh, Sunny, please hold me in your arms.”

I rolled over on top of her and pressed my semi hard cock on her sore cunt. Very slowly, I pushed up and down.

“I hope this new relationship with my brother in law continues.” She said seductively. At this moment, I felt closer to her than I ever had.

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Part 1 of Brother Licks Little Sister

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I read a story on Alwayz Ultra which reminded me a lot of what happened between my sister and me about eight years ago. I must add that she is happily married now and that nothing of this sort has happened in about seven years. I had forgotten all about it until I read that story.

First, let me introduce myself: I am an Indian guy, 31 years old now, I am about 6 feet tall, 160 lbs, with short dark hair. I won’t go into the background about where I am from in India since that is irrelevant here. Almost all Indian people are the same when it comes to having strict family values and even talking about sex with your sibs or parents is considered a crime worthy of social abandonment. It is the taboo that makes sex so appealing and you almost feel like you are playing with fire when you even fantasize about sex and your sister happens to be a part of your fantasy.

The lord knows I have fantasized about every inch of her body and grown up jerking off to mentally crafted images of her ever since she hit puberty and ever since I noticed the little mounds on her chest develop into B-sized lobes of love. Ever since I saw a brand new women’s razor appear in the bathroom, I knew the little angel had sprouted into one fine woman! She shaved. And something told me she shaved more than just her armpits. My sister is four years younger than I am. She is not particularly hot but she is cute nonetheless. She is petite, about 5 feet 2, about 95 pounds, with nice, supple B cup breasts with large dark brown nipples and a shapely body, and an ass so big, it is worthy of a grand prize, considering she is an Indian girl and no offense, but Indian girls aren’t exactly blessed with black genes when it comes to butts. My apologies to all Indian female readers but I am sure even you guys would agree.

As I mentioned, this stuff is from about 8 years ago. We had recently come to the United States with our mom and dad and had started school together. We used to live in Boston then, since my father is a professor and he had been recently granted professorship at Tufts, which is a just outside of Boston, in Amherst. He is a smart man, very intelligent and qualified but he barely made any money for us to get by. When he got a chance to move to the United States, he brought us all with him and being a traditional Indian family, we all lived together at home. The first apartment that had been allotted to us by his university was a two bedroom hole in the wall, with no living room and a half-ass kitchen. The bathroom was the size of an airplane toilet and almost every wall in the apartment had at least a million cracks. Even the wooden floors made squeaky noises when you walked on them, and if you walked with reckless abandon, stomping your feet like my sister, you would start praying that the floor doesn’t collapse and you don’t end up in the bathroom of the person living underneath you! Needless to say the apartment had no air-conditioning, no sound or water proofing and the locks on bedroom doors served more of a decorative purpose than actual locking or protection. My mom and dad took one bedroom and my sister was given the other. I ended up on the couch in the tiny living room. However, I was allowed to leave my clothes and my stuff in my sister’s bedroom.

Sorry for the long intro. As I said, the apartment was so small, you could hear almost everything going on in any other corner of the house. Mom and dad used to work and my sister and I went to school. I used to get home early since I was in college and she was still in high school. I knew her routine by heart. A sex-starved young man, new in this country with little knowledge of English, I was stuck with her: the only girl who existed in my life at that time, my sister Nisha. She used to come home every day and went straight to her room. This is when the fun started to kick in.

I could hear her take off her shirt first. The movement of the clothes was clearly audible in the living room which was right next to her bedroom. Then she took off her pants. I would just picture her unbuttoning, unzipping, and then wriggling out of her tight jeans, undressing in front of the mirror. She would step out of one leg, then the other. I knew now she was standing only in her bra and panties. This is when my hand started to creep towards my crotch. I could then hear her reach around her back and unhook her bra. She took it off and then went for her panties. The panties used to just roll off her ass easily as I didn’t hear any sound but I could tell that she was lifting her one leg and out, and then the other side came out. Now I knew she was standing there, buck naked in front of the mirror, only about 4 feet away from me, but in the other room. So close but oh so far! Then she used to put on her Indian clothes at home. First she got hold of a clean bra, then she put her shalwar (loose bottoms) on, and then the shirt. Indian girls usually don’t wear panties at home. The shalwars are very loose and the long shirts usually reach way below their butts, so you cannot really tell the shape. Anyway, this used to be my routine everyday: wait for her to get home, listen to her rip her clothes off that warm, young, supple and vibrant body, and I used to just lay on the couch, with my hands in my pants. Then I used to get up and just walk to the bathroom and finish it off.

The incidents I am about to describe started happening about a couple of months after I had gotten used to get myself off from the sounds of her changing her clothes. Several incidents before that led up to me ending up in bed with my sister, with her legs closed together, trying to stop my cock from entering her doorway to heaven, half resisting and half allowing me, saying No bhayya, no but meaning Yes bhayya yes, fuck me as hard as you can, for as long as you can.”

One day she came home from school and went to her room as usual. I was on the couch, pretending to watch TV. I used to keep the volume low so she didn’t notice the drop off in volume when I muted it while trying to listen to her change. As the norm was, she went in, took off her top, then her pants, then her bra and then the panties came rolling off. Usually she would just pick up another bra and continue to dress up but that didn’t happen on this day. After her panties came off, there was a pause. I was just waiting for her to put a new bra on but no. I had muted the TV, listening intently. This time, I heard her walk. Then I heard her sit on the bed. She was in her room, naked from head to toe, and instead of putting clothes on, she was laying on her bed. The bed creaked, and I could hear her stretch out. I do not know what she did on the bed. But she laid there for about 15 minutes, then got up and put her clothes on. She must be really exhausted and maybe was trying to relieve some stress”, I thought to myself. This became the daily routine, however. She used to always get naked and then relax on her for a little while.

The routine changed then. One day about 5 minutes after she had retreated to her bed, naked, with nothing on, relaxing as I had thought, I heard her bed move. I heard the sort of creaks that you hear when someone changes sides on an old bed while sleeping. But the creaks weren’t intermittent. This was constant shaking. The bed continued to shake, in a slow rhythmic motion at first and then fast. Then a little faster, and then so fast I had no doubt in my mind what she was doing. She was masturbating! My little sister, about 4 feet away from me, albeit on the other side of the wall, lying there buck naked on her bed, fingering her pussy violently. Her virgin pussy, which I am sure no foreign hands had touched she was rubbing it and manipulating it and doing whatever she wanted to it This continued for about 20 minutes and then silence! I found my hands inside my pants moving faster as the noises from her bed grew louder. She figured I had the TV on and I probably couldn’t hear her, but little did she know. She finished herself off, got up, got dressed and then came out of the room looking normal.

Her masturbation had become a daily routine now. Except that she took a three to four day break in the first week. She might have been on her period, I don’t know. But then she started doing it daily, with everyday being louder and more violent than the previous.

I was becoming restless like a dog in heat. What would you feel if a hot young girl is getting herself off in the next room and you could hear her shaking on the bed, and you could even hear her moan if she gets too excited! I had to do something. I had to see this. But what if what if she gets mad? What would she think of me? But no I had heard and waited long enough.

On a warm summer day she came back from school and went straight to her room. She did her routine and then climbed her bed to masturbate. Then the bed started to shake. First slow, then faster and then violently. Now was my time. I got up, mustered up the courage and just stormed into her room screaming Nisha, are you ok? What’s the noise? And boom!

There she lay, in all her glory. Alone in her nekkidness. Young and warm and pure and juicy. Not a single piece of cloth on her body. Her left hand on her boob, holding the right one. Her legs open wide, her middle finger in her pussy, moving in and moving out when I walked in. She was stunned. She yelled you fuck! What the fuck!”, and then rolled off the bed as fast as she could onto the other side, and then tried to hide behind the bed. Were you having a seizure?”, playing innocent.

“No bhai (brother in Hindi), I am fine. You just go”

“But what was the noise? I thought either someone had climbed the window and was trying to attack you or you were having a seizure!”

“Bhai, NO! I am fine, you just go. Don’t look, I don’t have shit on!”, she screamed. She was now covering her exposed chest with her hands and her lower body was almost under the bed. She had pulled the bed covers over her by now.

“OK, if you say so, and don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, I didn’t see anything”, I said sheepishly and walked out.

I knew that she knew and she knew that I knew what had happened. She got dressed and came out.

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My lovely sister (A true story)

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I stubbed out the cigarette and stood up as the passengers arrived at the lobby. Through the glass partition I spotted my sister near at the conveyor belt waiting for the luggage. She had put on wait, I noticed. The extra few pounds she had gained over the years had made her elegant. She was wearing a white churidar, light blue top and a matching shawl was swung around her shoulders. Dark glasses shaded her eyes. No one would say that this tall fair elegant lady was the mother of a 4-year-old child. Even at the age of 28 she looked so beautiful as ever.

She picked her luggage and came out. I waved and rushed to her. “How was the flight sister? I asked as I took the luggage from her hand. “It was okay. Where is your car parked? I led her to my car and put the luggage in the car. “So what brings you here on such a short notice, sister? I asked as I started the car. “Aren’t you happy to see your elder sister? There was a mock shock on her face. I told you about the boutique I am managing. I need to buy certain things for it She said. I think we can do some purchases now she handed over a list to me. I glanced at the items and took her to the shopping mall. We moved from shop to shop and by 8 at night we were through with the purchases. We had dinner out side and reached my apartment. It was small but tidy apartment with a bath attached bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. She put her luggage on a side table and took a bag and headed for the bedroom. I need to shower, she said. I sat on the couch and lit a cigarette.

“Would you like some coffee? she asked as she came out. She was bathed and changed to a nightgown. “Sure, let me make it for you I stood up. “No, no you change your dress. I will do it she headed for the kitchen. I went to my room and changed to a printed dhothy and loose T-shirt. I never wore any underwear at home. I came out, put on the television and sat on the couch. A few seconds later, she came with two cups of coffee. She set them on the side table and sat on the armrest of the settee near me. “You should give more attention to your hair she inserted her fingers into my hair and commented. I sat there without saying anything. She picked her coffee and drank it all along her fingers were running through my hair and sometimes patting my side-whiskers. The feeling was good and I did not stop her. “I spoke to Sreya last week she said as she put her cup back. I was lost for a second. I could not remember who it was. Don’t you remember her? she asked. “Sorry, but I can not place her face”

She took my face in her both palms and looked into my eyes and said, Oh my forgetful brother, don’t you remember the house we visited last before my marriage. She went out to buy me some things and she stopped midway. Now I remembered and I said, Yes, I remember her “Just her or there was a sly smile on her face now. Her face was just inches away from me and I smelt the sweet aroma of the soft perfume she was wearing. I wanted to tell her how could I ever forget the last frantic lovemaking we did in her flat. But instead, do you remember? I asked her. “How could I ever forget my brother! she kissed softly on my forehead. That had an electrifying effect on me. My shaft started to lift up and I needed no further invitation. I reached for her breasts and patted on the sides. She moved her face down and our lips locked in an earnest kiss. I poked my tongue into her mouth and chewed on her full tender lips. I was hungry for her body now. I undid the front buttons of her nightgown. When I removed the top buttons she stood up and gown slid to the floor. She had a black bra and panty on her. She sat on my lap and kissed me again. Then she pulled the T-shirt over my head. She kissed me on my lips and ears and her tongue moved down to my nipples. She chewed them and slid to the floor and pulled my dhothy off. She licked on the inside of my thighs and finally she took my mast in her hand as if testing its strength and size. She kissed gently on my shaft and took it in her mouth.

I was shocked for a moment. My sister had never performed oral for me before. Now she was kneeling on the floor sucking on my cock! She took my 7-inch long cock fully in her mouth and with tight lips she was giving me the perfect mouth fuck of my life. She lifted her eyes to see if I am enjoying and I reached out cupped her breasts. I undid her bra and caressed them while she sucked and licked my cock. The friction of my cock in her full tight red lips gave immense pleasure and I knew I was about to ejaculate. Sister easy, I am coming! I blurted. But she did not stop and I shot my load into her mouth. She drank my cum and sucked on my cock till the last drop was out. At last she let cock free and sat on my lap and kissed me. “Did you enjoy that? she smiled sweetly. “That was the best oral I ever had, sister. How did you learn all these? I kissed her breasts. “I am a married woman you silly! “Wonderful sister, what else you learned? I could not believe that my brother in law taught her this. “You will find out soon my sweet brother”, she said with a smile. “Come on let us wash she took me to the bath. There were a few drops of my cum dripped through the corner of her lips and spread on breasts. She lathered soap and washed my dick making it fully erect in doing so. I removed her bra and panty and admired her beauty. Sister, you look more gorgeous now. Her pussy was covered with curly blue hair, which was clipped and pruned. I sat on the closet and pulled her to me. I put one of her legs over my shoulder and her vaginal petals opened for me. I licked the tender lips of her vagina and sucked on her clit. “Oh! Ah! I missed you so much my brother! Ahhhhhhhh! she groaned with pleasure. I sharpened my tongue and gave her a long tongue fuck. I knew she was enjoying every bit of it and finally I felt her body tighten and she cried out, now brother, now! her head was tilted back and body became limp and for a second she lost her balance. I stood up and held firmly. She placed her head on my shoulders and her eyes were glazy. “Did you come sister? “Several times! she smiled. I lifted her bodily and laid her gently on my bed. I heard the phone ringing in the lobby. It was a friend of mine asking if I could join him for a drink the next day. I told some excuses and hung up.

My sister was lying fully naked on my bed. I sat down and fondled her. When I kissed her pussy I noticed it was wet and ready again. I lay next to her and said Let us try doggy style She immediately turned and stood on all four. I positioned behind her and the wonderful arse, which I so dearly longed all these years, was inviting me to enjoy. I kissed her buttocks and poked my tongue into her arse hole. She did not stop me at all. On the contrary, she seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps, that is something she learned from her marriage”, I thought. I spat into her arse hole and took my rod in my hand. I smeared the spittle on her arse cheeks and placed the head in position. I caught her firmly by the hip and pushed. I thought she would cry out with pain and wriggle away. But there was a sudden gasp and she said, great my brother! Fuck my arse. I love it! I rammed my rod into her tight arse and she moved her hip back to take the full length in. The pleasure was so exquisite that fucked her arse with full force. Oh sister your arse is so great. I am dying with pleasure sister. How you learned to hold your arse so good? “My sponsor for the boutique shop is an Arab my brother! she whispered back. I was jolted by her confession. Obviously the Arab sponsor has fucked the wind out of my sister. The knowledge that she had fucked around after her marriage gave me an added strength and increased the speed and force of ramming my cock into her tight sweet arse. I crushed her tits and slapped her buttocks. She was enjoying all this and finally I was ready to shoot. I rammed one last time hiding my cock fully inside her arse and released my load in her arse. We stood like that for a few minutes till my cock shrunk and slip out of her dripping arse.

We made love one more time that night. The next day before taking her to the airport I fucked her twice making her exhausted but fully satisfied. She told me she would come quite often to Dubai to enjoy sex with me till my wife was back. Obviously my sister loved my cock better that anybody else’s.

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