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With Moms Help Part 1

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Jill sat at the kitchen table with her head in her hands. One look and you could tell that she had been crying for a long time. Bill, her husband, had brought their 19-year-old home and sent him to his room. Then he had slammed the door on his way out, saying he would be back later.

Bill had about all he could take of Ben. He had been an outstanding student and athlete until the end of his 11-grade year. He started running with the wrong crowd and had been using drugs and alcohol ever since. They had tried everything they knew to make him stop and nothing had worked. He was about to cause trouble between his mother and father if something wasn’t done. Bill had just picked him up at the jail for the second time. He had failed the 12 grade and was now repeating it. If he didn’t change he was going to fail it again.

Jill could not imagine what went wrong. For most of their lives they had been a close family, and now it was about to come apart. She tried to keep them together but Ben didn’t help the cause any, and now Bill had all he could take. He was ready to kick Ben out of the house and would have if Jill hadn’t begged him not too. (more…)

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Part 1 of The Boy Gets Older

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This one must be the book Daddy asked for in his bedroom. The slim boy followed his Daddy directions. It’s an erotic one, the boy wondered. Daddy’s voice was hard now, “Did you find it, Son? It’s the one with the yellow cover, a real Daddy on the cover, in the left drawer of my desk.”

“Here is it Daddy! Eh. I didn’t know that you collect these kind of gay books. Your desk is full of them! Wow, cool!” (more…)

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Fucking sexy Rakhi sister

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Hi all, I am a guy from Guwahati, Assam.I am a regular reader of Hotandromence. And I am sharing my real experience with my Rakhi sister. it happened to me 4 years back. When I was in college. We both were from Guwahati and we studied in same college which was 300 Km from here she was 1 year senior to me,


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Fucking hot Mallu aunty

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Hi my name is viru(name changed) I am residing at Chennai, I am regular reader of stories at hotandromence blog and also give my contributions too which I have experienced in my life the below incident happened in my life two days before only. I used to go to college in city bus where I have smooched lots of girls and sexy aunties. (more…)

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Me & Nidhi Bhabhi

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During my stay in Gurgaon my neighbour was a Punjabi aunty with a married son, her daughter-in-law whom I used to call Nidhi Bhabi was a damn sexy lady, I always dreamt of having her one day. (more…)

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