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camp rape and revenge

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Lying in a pool of sweat, breathing heavily and head spinning I looked around me to see who was still in my bed. I lay my head back onto the bed where only minutes before there had been the most spectacular escapade I’d ever seen or been a part of.

My face was covered in sex juice and my cock was laced with cum and hurt like hell. I was raw from a fucking that only the luckiest man in the world could get. Four beautiful women and I lay sprawled out entangled with each other on the bed. But let’s go start at the beginning. (more…)

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Fucking wet virgin babe

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It was perfect. God must have sketched this scene like an artist just for me. How amazing every detail was! I was 18 back then, wearing a black shirt and dirty rugged jeans and below that was a pair of worn out black canvas shoes. It was the perfect attire for any occasion if you asked me. I stood there on a muddy lane, (more…)

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Fucking 2 Horny Sisters In Dubai

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Hi, I am Shahzaib 27 years old from Dubai and I will narrate you my experience with two sexy sisters. It is really a true story, and it happened with me around 6 months’ back. I live in Dubai and not too far from house lived two girls Pinky and Deepa belong from indian Family. Let me describe you Pinky a little.

She is 5″ 7′ very fair and sexy, cute and decent with long black hairs till her waist and she is really very beautiful. Actually, I was thinking of proposing Pinky, who is 20 years old and very beautiful. One day I got my guts and proposed her and happily to my excitement she accepted my offer and became my girl friend.

Then we went to movies and all that for a couple of times and I really loved her and she was also in love with me. Now one day she told me that her parents are going to attend a marriage in Hyderabad and she and her sister (studying in college) will be alone for the next two days. So, she said that I should come to her home in the morning as her sister will go to college and she will be left alone.

So, the very next morning I reached at her home around 10 ‘O clock. She was pleased to see me there then we talked about different things for about half an hour. She asked me if I would like to have breakfast. I said ok but it should be as good as you. Then we have our breakfast. She told that she had not bathed till now and she would like to bath and she spoke

“Could you please sit for a while, I had to take bath” and she switched on T.V. I started Star-movies and was some romantic movie coming on it, with plenty of kissing scenes and I got aroused a little bit. In the meanwhile Pinky came out of the bathroom wrapped in a red color towel. Oh God! She was looking damn sexy with droplets of water on her face and hair.

I was going out of control but I kept my cool and decided to do it easily. I told her that she is looking very beautiful and sexy. She blushed at my comment and I asked her to sit down for a moment and said “Tum Kaparhe baad mein badal lena”. She sat on the sofa besides me and started watching movie with me.

Just after 2-3 minutes a kissing scene came in the movie, I looked at her and found that she was too looking at me. So I asked her ( although, I am not very courageous in using these type of terms) “kya mein tumko ek kiss karoon” she replied “nahin yeh theek nahin hoga”. Then I asked her

“Arey isme darne ki kya baat hai, mein to sirf ek kiss karoonga and we are already having a affair” and I came near her took her face in my hands and started kissing her red lips which were just like rose-petals. I kissed her for about a minute and in the meanwhile, I had loosened her towel but it was not taken off ( i.e. it was on her body but slightly loosened).

Then I asked her what’s the matter why you didn’t replied me in kissing “Kya mein tumahe achha nahin lagata” she said “nahin nahin yeh baat nahin hai”. I said okay then you kiss me too as passionately as I had kissed you, and I got up from the sofa. She too got up and started kissing me,

that’s what I have wanted I wanted her to get up from the sofa so that towel can come off easily and while she was kissing me I loosened the towel more and she couldn’t even feel it. Now as soon as she left me, the towel, which was on her body due to our hugging came off and she said “Oh! yeh kya ho gaya”

and she tried to pick up the towel from the floor but I stopped her and took her hand in my hand and said “Tum aise bhi bahout achhi lag rahi ho”. Her tits were great in size (34C) and good in shape just like two big apples. She was shying as she was standing nude in front of me, then I got closed to her and started kissing her again.

Now she was loosing control over herself but she told me “nahin nahin ye theek nahin hai please chorhho mujhe” but then I finally get her consent by saying that we both are lovers and we had a right to make love. Then I started pressing her tits and said “Tumhare mommay bahaut khubsurat hain”.

She said “Chalo bedroom mein chalte hain”. I picked her in my arms and went to the bedroom and put her on the bed and I switched on the lights (although there was some natural light). She asked me the reason, so I told her “main tumahri body ko achhe se dekhna chahta hoon” and I started pinching her boobs and nipples which get hardened in no time.

Then I hugged her and started kissing her neck while, my one hand was busy exploring her sweet pussy and the other one playing with his butts. Her boobs were just great pearly, white, soft and silky mounds I was sucking them, pinching them and biting them. She screamed “Ah! Ah! Oh! Dheere Dheere karo Itna mat dabaao main mar jaoongi, please aaraam se karo”.

Then I asked her if I can fuck her, she replied negatively, and the reason she gave was, that she may got pregnant. After all I loved her, so I asked her to wait and went out of her home (any guesses why?). If you had answered condom, full marks to you. I went to the chemist shop and buyed a packet of condoms and returned to her home.

She was just eagerly waiting for me I showed her condoms and I asked her to undress me which she readily did. Then I asked her to suck my cock but she refused and said “nahin main aisa nahin kar sakti”. So I pulled her down on the bed and placed my mouth between her legs and started kissing her wet pussy.

She was moaning with pleasure and said “yeh tum kya kar rahe ho aisa nahin karte” but soon she started enjoying that. And she started saying “I love you darling meri choot chato tum bahout achha kar rahe ho AHHH!!!! UMM!!!! OH!!!! UFF!! Main mar jaaongi” and I said do you enjoy she said yes, I said similarly you will enjoy, just suck my lund, and I forced her lund into her mouth.

I said “Mera lund chooso meri jaaneman” She resisted earlier, but now she was enjoying. Then after 5 minutes, I cummed in her mouth and she dranked all my cum. She than asked me to fuck her. She was so desperate that she took my lund in her hands and guided towards her pussy. She said “Mujhe chod do apna lund meri choot main daalo jaldi karo”.

Then I got on up in a missionary position and put my penis in her wet cunt. She said “Ai maa bahaut dard ho raha hai HMM!!! AH!!! OH!!!! AH!!!!!”. I asked if she is enjoying or not she said “Mazaa to a raha hai” I told her “Pehli baar dard hota hai par chinta mat karo” soon I started thrusting into her pussy and her hymen breaked and blood started coming out of her pussy,

but she didn’t care and said “Ah! aur zor se, meri phudi phaad do”. She was moaning and screaming very loudly so I started kissing on her lips, so no one could hear us and my hands were pinching her great lovely boobs and she cummed in around 8 minutes. I told her that I am cumming she told me to take my dick out and cum on her boobs.

I cummed on her boobs and she said “ab mere mommay ko achhi tarah maslo” and then I started massaging her boobs and laid on her and kissed all over her body her arms, back, neck and kissed on her soft bums, which were really sexy. Then, we went to bathroom to clean ourselves, and started taking a shower.

While taking shower her tits again aroused me and I started licking her nipples and she enjoyed. I told her to held the shower pipe and I put my dick inside her and began fucking her once more. Water was running down our bodies, but we were terribly hot. But I had done one mistake (or say it was a good luck).

After bringing condoms, I had forgot to close the main door and while we were taking shower, Deepa returned from college and she was surprised that her sister was taking bath at such odd time. She asked her, so Pinky get terrified as our clothes were in her bedroom and we both were nude.

After a bit of argument, we decided that we should tell Deepa all about what has happened. I was also feeling low as it was my first fuck. So, we both came out nude from bathroom (as we had forgot even taking the towels). Deepa was not surprised to see us and she told us that she had seen the bedroom and our clothes were there

and even told that she had heard the voices of both of us while we were making love in bathroom. We went to bedroom to pick our clothes but Deepa told it is not that easy, and told me “tumne meri behan ko choda hai, ab tumhe mujhe bhi chodna parega, nahin to main daddy ko bata doongi”. We had no choice left, but to satisfy her needs.

Deepa too was a cute and sexy girl, but Pinky was more beautiful (or say it appeared to me as I was in love with her). So, we all three moved on to the double bed. Deepa was wearing the skirt (her uniform) and she really had a great legs. So I told Pinky to remove her shirt and I myself put hands into her skirt and tore her panty apart. I don’t know why but I didn’t felt taking her skirt off.

Instead, I widened her legs and put my head into her skirt and started kissing her pussy. That tasted so good. After kissing her there I moved my head outside and to my amazement, Pinky has taken off her shirt and bra and was massaging her boobs. Her boobs were also nice though she was just in XI class. Then I removed her skirt and told her lie to down, so I can fuck her.

But she said, no “pehle mere mommay dabao, inhe chooso mujhe thora tarpadoo, uske baad chodna”. I asked her how she knew about sex this much, she told us that she had once seen xxx movie with her friend at her house. So, I asked her to come towards me and hugged her and took his one boob in my mouth and the other one was tuning the other boob.

After a bit of foreplay I said that I am going to fuck you and I took out one another condom from my jeans (which lay on the table). She said, that do it without condom. I asked her that she may got pregnant. She said “Nahin tum meri gaand maaro, pichhe se gushao apna loda”. Then I moved her round and tried to insert my penis in her ass, but it was too tight.

So, I asked Pinky to start fingering in her ass so it will loose a little and I started working on Pinky’s tits (after all she had a good pair of tits and she is my girlfriend also). After a bit of fingering, I again tried ramming up my cock in Deepa’s ass but it was still tight, so I asked Pinky to bring some oil to lubricate her ass (I had seen in a movie).

Soon I was inserting my oily finger into Deepa’s ass and Pinky was massaging my dick with the oil. Now I asked Deepa to lay on my lap, in a way that her bottoms were on my lap and I started slapping her bums tightly. She was moaning “Ah! Ouch! Dheere karo, mat maro”. I told her to keep patience, and said this will loose up your ass.

After 8-10 slaps her ass was a real red and then I asked her to be on her knees, so that I can churn up her ass. I held up her boobs tightly and started putting my dick in side her ass. My dick is 6″ long and 2″ was in her ass. She was screaming loudly but she told my to put my hold dick into her ass in one full shot

“Zor se dam lagao or pura mere andar daal do, maar do meri gaand” and I with my full strength rammed my dick into her ass, though it was also painful to me as her ass was really very tight. She screamed ” Ahh!!!!!!! Ehee!!! Mar gayi main”. I asked whether I should take my dick out but she refused and said “Jitni Zor se chod sakte ho chodo mujhe” and I started at my full pace.

Pinky by this time has really got hornier by seeing her sister and was fingering into her pussy. I held Pinky by one hand and grabbed her and started biting on her boobs, while my dick was busy in exploring her sister’s ass to the fullest. Soon, I cummed hot loads of my sperms into Deepa’s ass.

Pinky too was fascinated by the ass fucking and she said “please meri bhi gaand maro” but till that time my cock was overworked and I told her that I will fuck her in the night. I told my parents that I am going for combined studies that night, and I fucked the two beauties very well that night and next day. Pinky’s ass was much nicer and she really has a great body.

That was the only two days I enjoyed thoroughly. After that her parents came. Due to some reason I stoped meeting her but promised her that if we meet again in life, we will definitely be a good friends. Then they went to Bombay.

The very night, they left Pinky told me that she loves me and will miss me. There were tears in her eyes. Even I love her and miss her too. So guys if like my life happening then do tell me. Any beauties living in dubai write to me email I will be with you.

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Fucking my horny sexy Bhabhi

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Hello Everyone this is my first time on human digest I always been fan of reading stories I thought this is the time I should share my story with you readers this happened about 6 years ago I am rohit and I am from new Delhi I live with my mom dad and my brother and his beautiful wife. (more…)

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Fuck through internet

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When i was fucking namrata i was still visiting the cyber café and chat room to hook uo with some one new. Once when i was on my routine mail checking and chat stuff i was checking the hard drive when i saw some resumes stored in the my document folder… i opened it and saw it was few girls in that. I quickly noted their number and names… one girl was of my area … i just gave a miss call to check it the number is working or not. To my luck i got a miss call again from that number… i dint knew what to say so i just told her that i was trying some one else number &l by mistake i dialed ur number sorry about that. She said that its perfectly fine. And we just had a small light conversation.

After we stayed in touch over sms and some times call. She use to work in a call centre so her time were irregular and we hardly use to speak. After 2 months time i was returning home at 11pm in the night when she called me asked me where i was. I said i was going home she said than even i am done with my work if we can meet. I said fine with me. And she asked me to come downstairs to her office. As her office was in malad its was a famous area so i reached there easily and waited downstairs for her. She came after 10 minutes. She was a fair girl wearing specks with huge boobs, she was atound 5’5 tall 36-30-38. We had the initially hi and hello and she asked me where shall we go. I said i have no idea about this area and she should tell me.she said lets take a walk around the back side of the area as its usually deserted at time in the night/. We went there and it was a huge lane totally dark just 1 or 2 vehicle passig here and there ….mostly coupe trying to get cosy in the night .. We started to chat and she started to get free.. I took the chance and put my hand around waist. She dint object.. I kept my hand there. And carried on… she put her hand around my waist and i got the green singnal.

She said that she liked my voice and she is like mad after my voice… we saw a car in a corner and took the support of the car and went and stood there. I took the chance and while talking hugged her whiche she dint object…than i planted a kiss on her check and she replied back by giving a peck on my lips.. Well that was it.. We kissed there for some while and after some time i tried my hand on her breast but she said lets got from here and n by that time the night cops had also arrived. We took a auto and asked him to take a round in that area …. We sat in that and kissed for a while and than i took her to a lane behind a movie theater which was very deserted. I took her in a corner and kissed her smooched her she was loosing her control. Now i put my hands on her breast and squeezed it for some time… than i put my hand inside her t-sirt and felt her smooth flesh above her bra. It was so soft and wowowo….we were there for about 20 minutes when she broke the kiss and said she is getting late. We came on he main road and took a auto and dropped her home and we kissed all the while in the auto. We kissed each other good nigh and i left home…

After that we never got the opportunity to meet her but we had out share over the phone…one day in the evening she called me and said tat her parents are out and will return only by 9 in the night and she was alone if i wanted to come… but i was at a place where i could have taken about 30 minutes to reach her house and than i would have just a hour time to be with her so i refused and said we will meet later. She called me again and asked me if i can make it.. Well this time even i could not refuse and i said yes to her. I reached her place within 15 minutes and she was waiting after outside her flat to receive me. I went in and sat in the hall on the sofa. She came and sat near me …..we chatted for a while and slowly planted a kiss on her lips. She dint react. So i took the opportunity and kissed her again. Within no time our mouth were exchanging our saliva. Slowly i made her lie on the sofa and was on top on her kissing each other. I placed my hand over her breast over her t-shirt and squzzed. She moaned but her mouth was sealed with mine… i pulled her t-shirt up and over her breat.. My my such huge and soft breast… i took them in my mouth over her bra and sucked them.. I had little patience left so i pulled over her bra of and of came her huge marvelous melons… i sucked them for a while.. She was enjoying it… now she broke the bond and lead me toward her bedroom. I asked her to check if the main door is closed when she went to check it we were shocked the find out that it was not locked.. Our luck that no one came at that time.. We laughed and locked the door and went in..i threw her on the bed and jumped over har and kissed her again for some time..i played with her tits for a while n suck them like a hungry kid… i went own to remove her pyjama but she was reluctant but i was adamant and within minutes i pulled down her pants . Now she was just in her panties.. I went down and kissed her pussy over her panties. She dint have any hair on her cunt. I mover her cloth piece over her pussy area and put my finger in her pussy . She moaned a little and i started fingering her… she was in heaven…. I kept in finger fucking her for a while till she came for the fist time. Than she told me that she was not a virgin and sex twice with her childhood friend. Now even i was getting restless and quickly removed my clothes and was naked in front of her. She was shocked to see my huge prick.. She took it in her hand and started to stroke it.. Wowowo what a feeling… i was enjoying it.. When i felt that i was about to shoot my loads i asked her to stop…. I was not carrying any protection as i never expected such a incident..

I went on top of her and kissed over her lips than to her tits and slowly came down to her pussy. I sucked her for a while till she got wet so that i could enter her now. I kept my dick on her entrence and pushed in once… i went with a huge thud and i could hear her pain .. She asked me to stop as it was huge she was having immense pain… i was not ready to stop so i started moving up and down. Slowly her pain subside and she was enjoying it.. She started to massage her tits and her breast…. All that she was saying was.. Yes jai fuck me hard>>… tear me … i want u inside me fuck me harder yes fuck me…. I got more wild and started to stroke more faster… after 10 minutes of fucking i took out of dick on came all over her pussy and tummy.. We laid there for some time when we heared the bell ringing…. We quickly got up and dressed and she went and opend the door while i sat on the sofa. She introduced me to he mom and bhabi….i waited for some time and later went of from there bidding good bye to all of them her mom asked me keep visiting and with a wicked smile i said sure aunty i will..

I left from there happily… after that we never had any encounter but sure waiting for some more andvernture.. If any girls and aunty interested in real fun and adventure please mail me…

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