Fucking wet virgin babe

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It was perfect. God must have sketched this scene like an artist just for me. How amazing every detail was! I was 18 back then, wearing a black shirt and dirty rugged jeans and below that was a pair of worn out black canvas shoes. It was the perfect attire for any occasion if you asked me. I stood there on a muddy lane, (more…)

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Bhai ne choda

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It was in the year 1991, at that time i was studying in first year of b.sc.
In one of the prestigious college in delhi. Let me tell you, i was a
Sportswoman during my school and college days and used to play basketball
And table tennis. My body was not that developed at that time and my vitals
Were 32-26-34. But i had attained height of 5 feet 5 inches at that time. I
Didn’t had any sexual exposure till that time except light hugging and kiss (more…)

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Renu ki sister ki chudai

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Hi Ashish here this is a story with Renu’s younger sister Resh (short name). This was happened two days after sex with Renu. Renu is more beautiful than Resh. But Resh breasts is more bigger than Renu’s and her ass is like mountain.

Resh always comes to my house to chat with me. And to check her inbox. That day she asked me what is in between her sister Renu and me I said nothing Then she said Renu told her all incidents happened before two days.

On That day there were nobody in my house my mother went to my aunt house And will return evening and my father went for his work. Resh said she actually came to my house to have sex with me. I can’t believe her words and I don’t except this from her.

Then I asked Resh who she happened to know about the former incident with Renu. She answered they both used to do sexual activities every night as they share single room Renu told her about the whole incident..Resh also have a boyfriend but he didn’t make her complete.

Then without wasting the time we started the game. I started to kiss Resh immediately her tongue was down my throat. Then slowly I unbuttoned Resh shirt and was leased to find that she was wearing a black Bra my favorite color.

I asked Resh if her panties matched her bar and to my delight she replied that she wasn’t wearing any! I suck my tongue in her ear and whispered how much I wanted to lick her pussy. She moaned and smiled a little.

I took Resh’s Shirt off and fkicked my tongue over her nipple a couple of times. I worked my way down her frim, flat stomach and stopped at her navel for a while. Next I unzipped her jeans and wriggled out of them. Her public hair was black and nicely trimmed.

I moaned and nuzzled her thighs. She moved around so that I was between her legs. I reached up for a pillow and slid under her ass, teling her that I wanted to do a good job for her. She moaned and said that I was off to a good start.

She was wet and ready I nibbled a little around the edges, then dove right in making long, upwards strockes with my tongue. She gasped loudly and put both hands on my head, spreading her legs as wide as they could go.

I tongued her as deeply as I could, probing between her pussy lips. I found her clit and treated it to short, light rhythmic licks. Resh started moving her lips in time with me and moaning “Oh yes Oh yes.” Finally I knew she was going to come.

She clamped her legs around my head and pushed her crotch hard against my face. In grabbed her legs and tries to keep licking her, but it was difficult with her thrashing around. Finally she collapsed, sighed with pleasure and ran her fingers through my hair.

I moved up beside her and she turned to kiss me. Then she started licking her juices off my face. I had my clothes on throughout all of this. I now asked her if I could take them off. She said yes warned me that she couldn’t go all the way with me because she didn’t know me well.

I took off my shirt and slid off my mudu. I asked her if I could rub up against her ass and she said yes. We lay on our sides with me behind her and I kind od slid my cock between the cheeks of her ass abd rubbed back and forth.

Resh ass felt great, but I needed something more. I asked her if she would go down on me. She said she didn’t feel comfortable enough so instead she reached around, grabbed my stiff prick and started giving me a hand job.

She worked my cock up and down while looking at me and asking if it feel good. I said it felt good and told her she was beautiful tand her Sister Renu and sexy and fucky. She thanked me and look down at my cock. Them she surprised me by putting it in her mouth.

I sighed and told her how good it felt to have my cock in her mouth. With one hand she grabbed the base of the cock and with the other she grabbed my balls. She really knew how to give head.i looked down at Resh and she looked great.

I whispered thet I was about to come, but she didn’t pull away. Finally I thrust my cock all the way in her mouth and exploded. I held it there as she kept sucking. After a while she looked up at me and I saw the come oozing out of her mouth as she sucked on my softening cock.

After all that, the final and main working next means it is time for my dick to enter her pussy. I slowly pushed my tool inside it is lose. she said don’t worry it is the first time a Dick entering her. Then asked Resh why her pussy is lose she said it is her sisters make it lose with her

artificial tool means wood. Then she said leave it and makes her in heaven. I fucked her for minutes till the climax. With Resh I continued when ever we get chances and still we are continuing. I also got a chance to play with both together.

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Sex at friends sisters wedding

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When I was in rajshahi for my friend’s sisters wedding, I met many beautiful girls one of them were simi, she was very good looking with heavy breasts, good figure 38-28-36, about 22 yrs old. On the first day of the wedding I saw her at there and wanted to talk to her,

I asked my friend who she was, she was my friend’s sister’s friend, I asked her to introduce her to me and she did. I and simi started talking about all things she introduced me to her brother also we were together with my friends and hers for almost the full day, joking, talking,

had lunch together and I told her I am going to my room at parjatan motel at night she made a sorry face and said please don’t go stay here in the hall. I told her I will be back in the morning for the weddings again don’t worry as I am used to sleeping in the bed.

Then in the evening my friend had arranged a party for all of us, drinks etc, but I don’t drink so I was just accompanying them. After some hours I wanted to go so I asked my friend for his bike. All my friends also wanted to go to some restaurant at upasahar for dinner and drinks,

so her brother also joined them and told will come to my room after the party to sleep, I told ok and was about to go when my friends sister came to me and said, simi too wants to go home can u drop her home on the way, I told ok and she came and sat on the bike and we rode on,

on the way I asked can we go someplace for coffee or so, she agreed, she was holding me tightly from behind and her breasts were feeling soooooooooooooooooo nice on my back, something soft massaging my back, I was slowly getting an erection,

we stopped at a coffee shop and had coffee she was looking very happy to be with me and I asked her does she really want to go home, she shyly replied no, I asked her if she wants to come to my room and she agreed instantly. I was so happy after coffee we went to my room together.

I went in and opened the balcony door for some fresh air she also came there and stood next to me with some courage I slowly put my hand on hers she smiled and came a bit near I went behind her and embraced her and said, is this what you wanted,

she nodded her head in favor and I held her still tighter on to her stomach. She was wearing a tight salwar suit, the wind was cool and two hot bodies wow the feeling was great, I slowly put my hands on her breasts and slowly rubbing them she was moaning with pleasure and turned

her face to one side and I planted a kiss on her cheeks and slowly went down to her lips, she opened her lips and started kissing me her tongue was in my mouth and I was sucking it, my one hands slowly feeling her breasts the other going down to her stomach and finally to her

pussy. I slowly massaged her pussy and she was now sucking my tongue and moving her hips to my massage.we kissed for some time and went inside the room I took her hand turned her towards me and kissed her again she embraced me tightly and kissing me,

my dick was hard now and pressing her pussy, my hands were now moving on her body and hers on mine. She slowly lifted my t-shirt and removed it, I too unbuttoned her top and lifted it off, wow her heavy breasts were sooooooooooo nice covered in thin black bra,

I bent down and kissed them from her bra, her nipples became hard I caught it between my lips and was sucking it. I made her to lie on the bed and took off my pants. I undid her pajama and slowly took it off, we were only in our under things I then lay down beside her and kissed her

again and again her breasts were crushed on my chest her hips hard against my dick I rolled her on top of me and she kissed my chest and bit my nipples and stood up I was sitting on the bed and pulled her to me and undid her bra her breasts jumped out of them and I dropped the

bra and fondled the heavy breasts kissing them one after the other pressing them slowly, she was moaning, ohhhhhhhhh yessssss suck them please pleaseeeeeeeeee, feeeeeeels sooooooooo goooooooooood, ahhhhhhh yeeaassssssssssss, yes, pressing my head to her

chest offering me her nipples I was rolling them between my teeth, my hands went down to her hips and slowly across her pussy I could a bit wetness there and went on to massage her pussy.

I stopped kissing her breasts and went kissing down to her stomach and then to her pussy, she pushed me away and made me lie on the bed and said now my turn u lie down, she took off my brief and my dick sprang up hard 7”and wet with pre cum she held it and slowly was feeling the

entire length of it I was in the seventh heaven feeling good and she was moving the skin up down and put it in her mouth moving her tongue on the tip slowly and swallowed my dick and started to move my dick in out in out in out of her mouth stopping to lick the tip I was in a big ecstasy

now pulling her head to my dick, I thought that my dick will burst up I was so sexily aroused, I stopped her after some time and pulled her up on me and kissed hungrily her bare breasts pressing to my chest my hands going down to her buttocks and in her panty pushing her to me

tightly she was also kissing me in passion I rolled her down next to me and kissing her body went down till I was kissing her pussy, slowly I started to take off her panties she was wet there I lifted her legs high to take off the panty and kissed her sexy pussy kissing her g spot and

biting it slowly she held the bed post and was moving her hips higher to my kissing and shouting yeeeeee yeeeeees there theeerrreee ohhhhhh I loooooveeeee it please don’t stop doooooooonnnnnntt, I was licking her pussy off her wetness and inserted my tongue in her clit

and moved it up down up down, she held my head tightly and pushed it to her pussy saying, yyyeeeee licccck it allllllll ohhhhhhhh gooooodddd itsssss sooooooooooo goooood, yes lick it yeasssssssssssss, I held her buttocks and lifted her to me and put my tongue in her pussy

and moved it in out in out fucking her with my tongue and licking her pussy too, wow the feeling and taste was just too good,she held my head and said, ravi I cannot control anymore please come up and fuck meeeeeeeeee pllleeeeeeeaaaase.

I obliged her and went upon her she opened her legs wide and I inserted my hard 7”stiff dick in her wet soft, sexy pussy and moved in out in out going in all the way she held me tight and was screaming in pleasure yes, yes, yes do it do it don’t stopppppp now please don’t stop just do it

I went on fucking her she held me tightly and bit me on the shoulder and was scratching my back with her nails I was now fucking her faster she raising her hips to my thrusts my dick going in out in out all the way in out. She was becoming wet and wet there, she clasped her legs

around my hips and was moving with me the bed creaking her heavy breasts wobbling I kissed them again and after some time of fucking I was about to cum I told her so and she said no problem you can cum in me I told her no and opened her legs and just took out my dick and

came out on her tummy in big spurts of my sperms she was still in pleasure moving her hips and after draining off my cum on her tummy I slid off her and kissed her again moving my hands on her breasts to her tummy and her wet pussy, I put my finger in her pussy and was fucking

her slowly when I started to get another hard on she was also playing with my hard dick and laughed, I asked her how about a second round and she said ok we fucked again and were sweating and lay there for some time. We then went and showered I told her thanks for the

wonderful night which I wanted when I saw her first time and she too told me the same. I remembered about her brother coming there to my room I went down and booked another room for my friends so as to not catch the two of us.

My friends came about 3 in the morning I got them the key to their room and they went on to sleep. I returned to my sexy simi she was dressed in my t-shirt now looking fresh after the bath I took her in my arms and took her to bed again to get

some sleep and go in the morning to the wedding. I slept with her in my arms hugging tightly. We got up early in the morning and took her home and then to the wedding. These continued for three days and I almost fucked her almost every positions.

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Sisters Plus one

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By the time this experience happened, my sister Lynn and I had been lovers for almost a year (see my previous story, “Sisterly Experience”). I was now 14, and my breasts had grown considerably. Lynn, now 16, was every bit as beautiful as she had been when we became lovers. We still enjoyed our sex together very much, but we had discovered something else that was an incredible turn-on to us. Often, after we played around for a little while to get good and horny, we would simply masturbate together while we talked about something sexual. It was sometimes a role-play fantasy, and we would talk as if we were the people we were fantasizing about; other times, we would just talk about someone we knew, and what we would like to do to her.

That’s how this experience came about. Lynn and I were alone at home one day, and we were in the living room, lying across from each other on the couch. We were both rubbing our young pussies while we talked about Lynn’s best friend Deana. Lynn had never talked to Deana about her secret lesbian interests; in fact, no one knew about her sexuality except a couple of friends whom she had been with before me. Deana was a beautiful girl, with very nice breasts (although not as big as Lynn’s) and a fantastic ass. Both of us had seen her naked numerous times, as we often went swimming with her in her pool during the summer. As we lay there masturbating, Lynn and I discussed what we would like to do to Deana. Eventually, we both erupted into huge orgasms. As we lay there afterward, Lynn said, “Jane, do you think we could ever actually get Deana to join us?”

I was all for the idea, and together we cooked up a plan, a plan that would either ruin our friendship with Deana or get her into bed with us. The following Saturday, Lynn asked Deana to go to the movies with her. Again, Lynn and I were home alone (a common occurrence at our house, fortunately), and as soon as Lynn hung up the phone and announced that Deana was on her way, we got to work. When Deana came in, there we were, on the floor. I was on top of Lynn in a hot 69 position. We looked up, acting as if we were shocked. Deana’s jaw dropped, but she didn’t turn and run; in fact, she seemed rather excited. Neither of us made an effort to move; we just looked at Deana, two naked bodies stacked up on the floor. Finally, Deana broke the silence. “Don’t let me stop you; go right ahead,” she said, her voice breaking with excitement.

She didn’t have to tell us twice. Lynn and I instantly went back to work on each other. I buried my face deep between her legs and continued to eat her cunt as I had done so many times before. Before we knew what was happening, Deana had stripped and was kneeling beside us in the floor. She began to run her hands across my upturned ass, finally pulling my cheeks apart to reveal my tiny pink hole. As she leaned forward to lick it, Lynn could wait no longer; she reached out and planted her hand firmly on Deana’s soaking wet pussy. Deana moaned as her tongue made contact with my ass. Finally, I had an idea; I suggested that we retire to our parents’ bedroom, where we could be more comfortable. As we made our way, Deana asked us how long this had been going on. We told her the story of how Lynn and I had become lovers. She was very intrigued, and told us of her experiences with her older cousin, who had taught her about a year before.

Once inside the bedroom, we arranged ourselves and continued with our passion. We started with a simple, yet steamy, three-way kiss. It was so exciting to have these two soft tongues touching mine. Deana laid back on the bed as Lynn and I began to suck on her beautiful tits. I slipped my hand between her legs and began to massage her clit while we continued sucking. Before long, Deana was screaming as she had her first orgasm of the day. She then asked for Lynn’s pussy, explaining that she had wanted my sister ever since she became interested in girls. Lynn obliged, lying back and spreading her legs. Deana crawled between Lynn’s legs and buried her face in Lynn’s hot pussy. Lynn moaned loudly as Deana ate her like a pro; I just sat back and fingered my own cunt as I watched the action. Lynn, too, came quickly; then it was my turn. I lay face down, with my knees under me and my ass in the air. Deana crawled underneath me and began to lick my pussy, while Lynn positioned herself behind me and began to probe my anus with her tongue, something she had never done before. This new sensation, combined with the prospect of being with two beautiful girls at one time, made me lose control; I had perhaps the best orgasm of my life so far. Deana then suggested that we head to the bathroom, saying that she had something new for us to try. Once inside, she instructed me to lie down on the tile floor. I did as asked, and Deana squatted over me and began to urinate; she pissed all over me! I lay there, thinking that this was unusual, but also very pleasurable. After she finished, she knelt down and began to kiss everywhere that she had just pissed; it was incredible. Lynn, sensing an opportunity to try something new, began to eat Deana’s pussy from behind, no doubt getting a good taste of urine. After Deana cleaned me off with her mouth, she kissed me; it was incredibly erotic to taste her piss off her tongue.

We decided to try one more thing. Deana dressed and drove home quickly (about a 5-minute drive). She returned with a Polaroid camera and a roll of film, which she said she had been saving “for just such an occasion.” We took the entire roll of pictures of all of us in various combinations and positions. We then divided the pictures and Deana had to leave. We had a couple more threesomes with Deana in the next few months, before her grandmother got sick and her family had to move away to take care of her. My sister and I kept our share of the pictures in the back of the closet, and I frequently used them to masturbate, until Lynn took them with her when she moved away (with my permission, of course).

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