Sohaali khan Hot scene with a luchy guy

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Sohaali khan Hot scene with a luchy guy

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soha ali khan hot masala bed scene…Don’t Miss

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violnt bed scene

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Fucked by a super boy

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First I will tell you about my back ground I am sana 35 years old married woman with a 8 year old son. I like “Hot And Romence” very much..I am more opt towards the sex as I was not satisfied by my husbandi am a average woman,medium complexioned and slim.

I have big breasts and big ass.They are very attractive. My interest in sex is very high and so the requirement. During first four years of our married life My husband was not that bad in sex. He is basically a shy and soft in nature.

Though we were having sex his actions were very passive whereas my requirement was hardcore sex and frequently.He was fucking me just like a duty, without bothering about my satisfaction.Anyhow I got a child,which is 8 year old now.

Gradually he started losing even the little interest he had.Whenever I tried to attract him his response was poor.Rarely when he had sex,he had the problem of premature ejacuation which frustrated me further.

Then at one stage I took a decision to cross the limits, as I did not want to lose the enjoyment and pleasure of sex which I love to the core.I decided to have safe secret affairs for fun and sexual pleasure..I was looking for an opportunity.

But the big problem is my cousin brother who is now staying with us.He completed his b-tech in this year in electronics and searching a job in IT-field. As My hubby is a business man he frequently visit tours but at the same time my cousin brother at home.

He oftenly goes for an interview.So my GREATEST DESIRE is as soon as he got a job and leave my family alone so that I can frequently live with my delicious life.But now I was very desperate to have a cock in my cunt since it was a long time I had sex with my hubby

(nearly 6month).So I decided to find a guy who can give me a lot pleasure.I searched for a nice guy in the net.After few days of search I found an information posted by a guy simply describing his profile (most guys upload his faq descriptions)

But this guy was as honest as he(I feel after meeting also)that he was such a person that no one get upset with him and always desire to sex with him for life time.He had included his email.So I am sending my sex desires to that guy and receives a good response.

So I am waiting for my sex luck.And soon the day will come,it was the month of august I found that, day after tomorrow my hobby is on a tour and my cousin brother have interview at Mysore.So I decided to tell the situation to that guy and I mail to that guy.

He agreed and gave his cell number. The day I got alone I call that guy. I was waiting eagerly to get connected to him.The ring went and so I got excited.then the call got connected and asked him whether he could come to my house.He readily accepted and then I gave my address.

He said that he will come after an hour or so.I got dressed up and was anxiously waiting for him.After sometime exactly at 10:15 in the morning I heared the door bell ring.I went to the door opened it and found a guy standing at the door.He said hello and introduced him.

Then I welcomed him in and gave him some soft drinks. About that guy I think he was 5.6, whitish (look like indo-asian)weight 60(I guess).And the most amazing thing is that any woman can make a company with him as he was so cute and handsome

and I think everyone has a desire to have a friendship of that type of guy and roaming with him here and there. I felt that he was very nervous.So I sat near him and asked him to relax.He said its ok and then we talked about us for sometime.

It was 11:00 and now I decided to start the session.I asked him to sit for a while and went into my bedroom.After few minutes I called him in.He came and sat on the bed. Then I sat near him touching his thigh.I kept my hands on his thigh and caressed it.

I could feel his cock bulging inside his pants.Now I asked him to take off his clothes.He obeyed me and removed his shirt and his pants.Now I asked him to stop.then I put my hands on his underwear and pulled it down.wwwwwwwwwow

I was astonished to see his penis….it was almost 7 inches.Now I moved the foreskin and I could see the brownish head of his cock.I then took the cock in my hand and gently squeezed it.He screamed hhhhhmmmmm.then immediately

I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it vigorously.His cock struck my throat constantly as I swallowed his entire cock in my mouth with lots and lots of lust.I didnt leave him until he cummed inside my mouth.I drank all his cum,it was of nice taste.

I was amazed, I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He then responded with a kiss on my lips and now we were trying to explore each others mouth with our tongues. He then put his right hand on my right boob through my clothes.

He started fondling and caressing it and at the same time kissing me passionately. His tongue was roaming inside my mouth. Now he started to fondle my boobs. I said “wait and startd to remove my saree,blouse and my petticoat.

He then cupped my boobs with both hands and squeezed them simultaneously. Now he removed my bra and squeezed my boobs.All the time I was moaning hhhhhhhmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.He then put his lips on them, I felt in heaven.

He started sucking on my tits. I was moaning with utmost pleasure. While he was sucking me, his hands went down to my belly and then to my pussy, he put his index finger right between my cunt lips. I was loving every moment of his touches.

Then he took his face away from my tits to my legs.He started to lick my legs from bottom to top,right up to my thighs.I was just enjoying and groaning.He licked me very vigorously that I came within a flash two times.He drank all my cum and exclaimed that it was so nice…..

Now I asked him to fuck me….slid my panty down and asked to lie on the bed with his penis facing the roof. And then at next moment I sat on his huge cock. His cock was going inside my hole.He screamed aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh….

I groaned in pain… I started moving up and down, his dick was a great feeling inside my thirsty pussy. We did that for some time and after that he decided to come over me and I agreed to him readily. Now I was being laid by him on the back.

He came over me and parted my legs, he then, pushed his cock deep inside my cunt. And I screamed mmmmmnnnnnhhhhh in pleasure. He started to ramn his rock hard cock back and forth in my aching pussy.. Slow at first but then harder as I screamed for him to give it to me.

His hands grabbed my ass and He pounded away, fucking me with all his might. I was as hot as I met his thrusts, moaning every time his balls slapped my clit. He was doing very fast so that I could not control myself and he made me cum and I shivered

as I came but he did not stop he was ramming his rod with a great speed and I was Bit surprised to see his stamina. And thinking of one thing, who says that the thinner guys could not fuck hard? I am telling the fact of this guy that he had that capability

to satisfy a horny lady respective of their ages. While he was stroking his dick in and out of my pussy, my tits were rolling and moving in circular direction. And I was busy fondling my clitoris. My hands gripped his ass as I spread his cheeks and ran a finger in his asshole.

He jumped at this new feeling but looked into my eyes and knew what I was doing. His legs spread and I slid a finger up his ass. My finger kept rubbing his ass as he kept cumming in my pussy.We fucked for at least five times that night.

After it was over we became very tired and slept and in the morning I went to the bathroom for bath and suddenly he came from behind and holded me and he kept his cock between by ass chicks and rubbing it and holding my boobs and kissing me in the neck

which I was feeling great. I asked him to fuck me like wild dog fucking his bitch yes that night I was his bitch and he agreed. We both took bath and came to the bed room I saw the clock it was 7.30AM now. He made me laid on the bed my back facing towards him he parted my ass

chicks and I asked him to apply some oil. He told their will be no fun without pain. He said NO PAIN NO GAIN. He kept his cock at the end of the anus I thought he will do it slowly but I was wrong he pushed it at once. It was hitting inside and I was cumming rapidly.

Some thing was happening inside my stomach. He was playing with my boobs creasing it biting it pinching my nipples I thought I was dead, it caused lot of pain. I shouted at him but he was smiling at me tears ran out of my eyes and I was crying.

Now he slowly started to pump me for more than half an hour and then he told that he was going to cum. I stood up and lay in the bed and he took all the cum in my face and boobs and he hugged me tight. He was young and ejaculated huge amount of semen.

I spread his cum on my body all over so that I now smelled of his sex.Now it was around 8.40 so he dressed up and was able to leave. As I know he is new to this City, a bachelor and searching for a job I tried to pay him some amount for his wonderful fuck

but he refused to take it. He said goodbye and then he went. This guy is having more than enough in every thing like his size, timing (30mins at least), giving pleasure for every woman and also self respected. He is now a good friend of mine.

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Dhulha Bhai Ki Sali

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Hi guys /gals, This is a incident which i had experienced with my sister in law(sali) .I’m telling u my true incident. This happened with me two year’s back in may 2002. First of all I will tell u about my-self . Im Irfan 25 years old living in Multan(pakistan)doing my own businiss.i have normal hight 5’9″and a normal physic but good looking. I am married for 2 years to my sexy wife Rabia. She has a figure of 36 28 38. i love her so much even now .
shadi ke 2 months bad hum apne jis naey ghar main shift hoey wo humarey susral ke ghar ke bilkul sath mila hoa ghar tha aur susral ke ghar ki chath humarey ghar se mili hoi thi aur chath se ane jane ka rasta bhi ley meri biwi akser apne parents ke ghar ati jati rehti thi aur meri biwi ke choti bahen Fozia jo us time matric ki student thi bhi pora din humarey ghar hi rehti thi aur raat ko apne ghar chali jati thi.fozia Rabia ke sath ghar ka kaam bhi kara leti thi,aur merey sath kafi frank thi.wo hamesha mujhey dhola bhai kehti thi.Fozia ki age us time 15 saal thi,rang(complexion)gora aur hight 5’3″ hey,us ke baal bahut lambhey hain ankhin bari bari aur figure 34-26-36 hey.main sara din apni shop pay rehta tha aur sham ko ghar jata tu wo kisi na kisi kaam main lagi rehti thi,kabhi kabhi main usey parha bhi leta tha.
Jun 2002 ke aik friday ko main ghar pay tha,meri biwi Rabia bahut sexy lag rahi thi,main ne usey thora sa chirra tu wo sex keley tiyaar ho gai,main ne usey kissing karni shoro ki tu wo boli keh pehley baher ka door luck kar ao kahin Fozia na aa jaey.main jaldi se baher ka door luck kar ke aa gaya,aur main ne atey hi apny aur Rabia ke kaprey utaar dey.hum kafi deer tak aik dosrey ko chomtey rahey aur phir main ne Rabia ko seedha leta deya aur us ki tangin utha key apna 7″ ka lun us ki pussy main daal kar chodne laga.humari position aisi thi keh Rabia seedhi leti thi room door ki tarf us ka sar tha jabkeh room ka door merey samne tha,jo keh main ne jaldi main luck nahi kia tha,thori deer bad jab Rabia ko ziada maza ane laga tu us ne mujhey peechey ki tarf dhaka deya aur khud merey opper aa gai,ab main seedha leta hoa tha aur Rabia merey opper bethi zoor zoor se uchil rahi thi aur keh rahi thi jano bahut maza aa raha hey tum sey chodwane main,rooz choda karo mujhey.Rabia ka nipple merey monh main tha aur room door ki tarf Rabia ki peeth ke nipple ko suck kartey time meri ankhin band thi,achanak main ne ankhin kholin tu samne room door main Fozia ankhin pharey humain dekh rahi thi,wo chat ke rastey humarey ghar aa gai thi ,us ka face red ho choka tha aur wo kabhi meri tarf dekhti aur kabhi apni bahen ki pussy ki tarf jis main mera lun aa ja raha tha.Rabia zoor zoor se keh rahi thi,aahhhhhhhhhh oooooooh Mano darling bahut maza aa raha hey tumarey lun se,merey nipple ko zoor se chosoo.Fozia ne jab mujhey dekhtey hoey dekh liya tu us ne sharm se monh chopa liya aur wapas douri.Rabia ko fozia ka kuch pata nahi chala.agley 3 din tak Fozia merey samne nahi ai,main ne aik bar Rabia se fozia ka pocha tu us ne kaha keh aj kal wo humarey ghar kam hi ati hey shayd apni study ki wajha se.leken mujhey pata tha keh wo apne dholla bhai ka samna nahi kar pa rahi.
3 din bad main kuch paisey lene ghar gaya tu Fozia humarey ghar thi main ne usey chirra keh Fozi ki bachi aj kal nazer nahi ati ho? us ka chihra phir red ho gaya sharm se aur wo foran kitchen main chali gai jahan Rabia kuch pakka rahi thi,main bhi kitchen main chala gaya tu Fozia jaldi se baher nikil gai.main Rabia se paisey ley ke wapas shop pay a gaya.
Kuch dino bad aik roz main ghar gaya tu Rabia kahin ja rahi thi,aur unchi awaz main Fozia ko keh rahi thi keh apny dhola bhai key kaprey bhi dhoo lena kionkeh kal unon ne shadi pay jana hey aur un ka koi suit tiyaar nahi hey.main ne Rabia se kaha keh tum kahan ja rahi ho?,us ne kaha keh main ammi aur bhai key sath bhai ki shadi ki bat karne uncle ke ghar ja rahi hoon sham tak aa jaon gi,Fozia bathroom main kaprey ddhoo rahi hey ,tum apna trouser shirt pehn lo aur ye suit bhi usey dhone keley de do,etne main Fozia washroom se baher nikli,us ne bareek lown ka suit pehna hoa tha aur us ke kaprey bhegey hoey they,jis se us ka makhmali badan saaf nazer aa raha tha,us ne black bra aur panti pehni hoi thi,leken shamiz nahi pehni hoi thi,jis se us ka pait aur thighs kaprey bheeg jane ki wajha se saaf nazer aa rahe they.Rabia ne Fozia ko dobara kaha keh dhola bhai ka ye suit bhi dhoo lena ,aur dua karna bhai ki shadi ki bat pakki ho jaey kehtey hoey wo chali gai ,aur Fozia ankhin neechey key hoey dobara washroom main chali gai.main abhi room main hi khara soch raha tha keh Fozia kuch kaprey ley baher nikli ,aur un kapron ko baher dhoop main daal ke wapas room main ai washroom jane keley tu main ne us ke bazoo se paker leya.Fozi,kia bat hey aj kal tum apne dhola bhai ko lift hi nahi karati ho?
wo sharmatey hoey boli,dhola bhai plz chorein mujhey app se mujhey sharm ati hey ab.
main ne kaha,kion,is main sharm ki kia bat hey,main ne tumain tu kuch nahi kaha ,main tu apni biwi ko chod raha tha us din.
us ne kaha,plz aisi bat na karein ,bas app jaldi se apne kaprey dein main inin dhoo doon phir main ne ghar jana hey.main ne us ka hath chor deya aur main ne apni qameez utaar ke us ke hath main de di,aur jaldi se apni shilwar bhi utaar di,wo mujhey achanak naga dekh ke ghabra gai aur boli ,dhola bhai app ne merey samne shilwar kion utaar di,aur wo bhagne lagi tu main ne dobara us ke bazoo se paker leya aur kaha keh ab tum se kia chopana ,tum ne sab kuch tu dekh leya tha us din.main ne usey apne qareeb kartey hoey kaha,Fozi tum mujhey bahut piyari lagti ho,tum Rabia se ziada sexy aur khobsort ho.wo boli,bhai plzz mujhey chor do,kisi ne dekh liya tu qayamat aa jaey gi.main ne usey galon pay kiss kartey hoey kaha yahan kis ne dekhna hey wo sab tu uncle ke ghar gaey hain.acha tum jao baher wala door luck kar ke ao.wo jaldi se baher wala door luck kar ai,aur atey hi kaha bhai mujhey kuch kehna nahi plz.main ne kaha nahi kuch nahi kahon ga srif dekhon ga keh tum ziada khobsort ho ya tumari bahen,wo boli leken pehley app apna trouser pehn lain .main ne kaha,kion tumain mera lun acha nahi lagta?wo boli nahi mujhey sharm ati hey.main ne us ka hath paker ke apne lun pay rakha aur kaha ise paker lo ab sharm nahi aey gi,us ne merey tane hoey lun ko lambhi piyari unglion waley hath main paker leya,aur lun ko ghoor ke dekhne lagi.main ne usey apni tarf kinch ke galey laga liya,us ki gol gol galon pay kiss karne laga,phir us ki ankhon pay gardan pay aur mathey pay kiss karne laga,wo siskarne lagi,plz bhai na karo baji ko pata chal gaya tu wo kia sochein gi.main ne kaha main usey pata nahi chalne doon ga.
phir main ne us ke golabi honton pay apne hont rakh dey,ab mera aik hath us ke boobs pay tha ,aur main ahista ahista us ke boobs ko massage karne laga,aur wo merey lun ko rub karne lagi.main apna aik hath us ki qameez ke under ley gaya aur us ke malaim pait par phirne laga.main ne ahista ahista us ki qameez opper ki tu us ne apne dono hath opper utha dey,main ne us ki qameez uthaar ke paink di,us ne dobara se mera lun paker leya aur lun ko masilne lagi.main ne us ke honton,gardan aur galon ki kissing jari ki back ko hath se dabata raha ,us ke monh se mmmmmmmmmm ki awazin ane lagin,main ne us ki hipps ko dono hathon se paker ke dabaya tu mera lun us ke pait main ja laga tu us ne meri kamer main bahein daal ke mujhey kas liya aur boli bhai tum bahut sexy ho.etne main main ne us ki bra ka huck khol deya,tu us ke porey hath main a jane waley gool gool boobs aur pink nipples merey samne aa gaey.main ne kaha Fozi tumarey boobs tu bahut piyarey hain,tu meri ankhon mein dekh ke boli bhai tumara lun bhi bahut piyara hey,main gardan se neechey apni zaban phirta hoa us ke boobs pay aa gaya tu wo zoor se siskarne lagi,oooooooohh aaaaaaaaaah bhaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii plzzzzzzzzz na karo,mujhey kuch hone laga hey,plzzzzzzzzzz bhai chor do ab.main ne us ke nipple ko chosna shoro kar deya tu merey sar ke balon main unglian daal ke apni tarf khinchne lagi,aur kehne lagi plzzzzzzzzzzzz bhai bas karo main mar jaon gi. main apna aik hath peechey se us ki shilwar ke under daal ke us ki hipps ko masline laga ,aur aik hath main shilwar ke opper se us ki pussy pay le gaya,wo apni dono tangein zoor se band karne lagi,main ne kaha Fozi plz apni tangien kholo zara,us ne kaha nahi plz app had se bahr ho jain gey aisa na karein.main ne kaha nahi Fozi main kuch nahi karon ga srif dekhon ga,us ne apni tangien dhili kar dein aur main us ki pussy ko masilna laga aur wo merey kano ko apne danton se katne lagi,main ne ahista se us ki elastic wali shilwar neechey kar di,us ne meri ankhon main ghoor ke dekha aur boli bhai mujhey chodo gey tu nahi na,main ne kaha nahi srif piyar karon ga tumari pussy pay.main ne us ki shilwar utaar di aur us ne jaldi se apni panti khud hi utaar di,ab wo bilkul nagi khari thi merey samne.main ne usey apne bed pay leta deya aur us ki tangien qaleen pay hi rehne dein,kafi deer us ke nipples ko chosta raha phir us key pait pay zaban phirtey hoey main nechey chala gaya,us ki pussy pay halke halke reshmi baal they jo us ne abhi saaf nahi key they,main us ki choti si piyari pussy ke lips pay kiss karta raha,aur phir main us ki pussy ko chatne laga,tu wo zoor zoor se awazien nikalne lagi.oooooooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaah hmmmmmmmmm bhaiiiiiiiiiiii plzzzzzzzzzzzz kia kar deya hey tum ne,main mar jaon gi,ab bas karo plzzzz meri sansein rok rahi hain main ne apni zaban us ki pussy main dali tu wo uth ke baith gai aur boli bhai tum bahut zalim ho,mujhey chodna chahtey ho na.ab tarpao nahi plz ab lun dal hi do.main ne kaha nahi pehley tum merey lun ko apne monh main lo.wo boli,bhai ye tu bahut bara hey,main ne kaha tum jetna le sakti ho monh main le ke choso. us ne sexy ada se meri ankhon main dekha aur lun ko hath se paker ke apne hoton pay le gai,meri ankhon main dekhtey hoey piyar se lun ke head pay kiss ki aur boli bhai tum bahut behen chod ne aik nazer lun ko dekha aur monh main daal liya aur loly pop ki tarha chosne lagi.main us ke chopa lagane ke andaz ko dekh ke heyraan raeh gaya.main ne kaha Fozi tum tu Rabi se ziada acha chopa lagati ho,mujhey bahut maza aa raha hey.wo boli main ne xxx movie main dekha tha aisa aur jab se main ne tumara lun dekha hey mera bahut dil karta tha keh tumara lun choson.main ne kaha jetna dil karey choso mera lun ,leken mujhey apni pussy bhi chatne do na.wo boli tu aa jao kis ne roka hey tumain.phir main bed pay seedha lat gaya aur wo merey opper aa gai.ab mera lun us ke monh main tha aur us ki tight little pusssy merey monh main thi,hum69 ki position main they.
us ne achanak mera lun chor deya aur seedhi lat gai,us ke monh se jhaag nikil rahi thi aur us ki ankhin band thin.main us ke opper aa gaya aur gaal pay kiss kar ke bola,Fozi lun dalon?wo sargoshi main boli haan bhai plzzzzzzz chodo mujhey.main ne us ki tangien khol ke lun us ki pussy pay rakha,ahista se ander kia tu wo apne honton ko katne lagi jaisey dard ko bardasht karne ki try kar rahi ho.main adhey se ziada lun adner dala tu wo chikh uthi ,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooohhhhhhhh bhai baher nikalo bahut dard ho raha hey,main ne thora sa baher nikal ke phir dala tu wo apna sar edher udher marne lagi aur boli bahen chod dard ho raha hey mujhey,main mar jaon gi bahut bara hey tumara lun,main ne kaha thora bardasht karo phir dard nahi ho ga.ab us ne apni ankhin aur hath zoor se band kar ley aur main ne pora lun ander daal deya tu us ki ankhon se ansoo nikil aey aur wo zoor se chikhi oiiiiiiiiiiiii main mar gai,main ne lun adner daal ke baith gaya thori deer bad halka sa hila tu wo normal lagi mujhey.ab main ne halkey halkey hilna shoro kar deya,tu us ne ankhin khol dein aur muskra ke boli bahut berehm ho.main ne pocha ab tu dard nahi ho raha,wo boli ab ziada nahi hey.main us ke opper gir gaya aur us ke nipples chosne laga aur sath sath hilta bhi raha.ab usey maza ane laga tha aur hmmmmmmmm aaaaaaahhhhhhh ki awazien nikil rahi thin us ne apne dono hath meri back pay rakh dey,aur main ne apni speed barha de.wo boli oooooooooooohhhhhh bhai tum ne kia jado kar deya hey ab tu maza ane laga hey,us ke dono boobs hathon main le ke main ne zoor zoor se dhakey marey tu wo boli aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmm bhai bahut maza a raha hey zoor se chodo apni piyari sali ko.wo uth key merey honton pay chimit gai aur boli
I love u dhola bhai,ab tum baji ke nahi merey bhi husbend ho,roz chodo ge na
mujhey.main ne kaha haan apni piyari sali ko roz chodon ga,main ne us ke kanoo main kaha Fozi meri mani nikalne wali hey,wo boli jaldi se merey monh main dalo.main ne lun us ki pussy se nikal ke us ke samne kia tu wo boli is pay tu khoon laga hey,main ne kaha hota hey tum choso isey.wo monh main le ke chosne lagi aur main ne us ke monh main hi sari mani nikaal di jo us ne adhi se ziada pi li.
jab us ne bed ko dekha tu wo preyshan ho gai keh etna khoon kahan se aa gaya hey.main ne bataya keh pehli bar chodwane se aisa hota hey.phir hum ne akhtey washroom main bath liya aur us ne bed sheet bed se hata li,aur hanstey hoey kehne lagi dhola bhai ab tu plzz apna trouser shirt pehn lo.main ne hanstey hoey usey galey lagaya aur trouser shirt pehn ke baher jane laga tu wo boli ab Rabi ko nahi mujhey choda karna.
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