Strange bedfellows Real Story

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Do not repost this story or otherwise fold, spindle, or mutiliate it.
Comments to the author are most welcome. Half of this story is true exactly
as written, but it did not happen to the author. (more…)

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Fucking hot stranger girl in Chennai

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“ahuha……….aha..aha.” was the sound coming from the neighboring room late in the night. It was intermingled with the sound of the screeching of the cot. My sleep was disturbed. It was a hotel, cheap, with only wooden partitions between rooms, since I could not get rooms in any of the decent hotels I had to take this room. (more…)

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Manjari fucked by manservant

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t happened some time ago. Manjari, 20 having done her graduation was not pursuing her studies and just just lazying around. Her big setback was that she had an attractive face and a big pair of boobs. She was staying in a joint family and there were many cousins of her age with whom she used to play all evening. (more…)

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Fucking my dear Shanthi Aunty

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My name is rahul and I live in delhi, I would like to share with all of you my recent experience with an aunty who lives in my apartment complex in vizag. Her name is shanthi, she is around 42 years of age, and blessed with great assets. She has 2 daughters who are 13 & 11 years. (more…)

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My mother and me.

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At first I thought I was dreaming, then I realized I was about to cum. I’d had wet reams before but this was different. This was closer to the feelings I had when I masturbated. And then I realized, even though my hands were at my side I was being masturbated! The fear of knowing I was not alone, that someone was in my bedroom, that someone was sitting on my bed and stroking me made my imminent orgasm subside. Somehow, though, it only made my erection stronger. And, boy was I erect! Achingly so. I had never been so hard or felt so Goddamn Big before. It was like my whole body was my cock, like I was IN my penis and I was standing on the bed and this huge hand was rubbing up and down my chest and legs and abdomen. I felt like Iron Man about to explode.

I must have made a noise because the hand stopped its’ movement and released its’ grip. At that moment I realized three things at once: I was naked, the covers had been pulled off me and the person sitting on my bed – the person masturbating me was my mother. I knew it was her because I heard her moan a bit also. Besides, there was no-one else in the house. She had been acting strangely that evening – in fact, she had been acting strange for some time. My father had died when I was six and she had buckled down to raising me on her own. She had quite a good job and had been promoted several times over the years. She hadn’t really dated anyone since losing her husband – except for a brief period when I was 11 or 12 – but it seemed more as if she was trying to find a father-figure for me and she seemed to have little interest in the men themselves. As she had said at the time: “None of them could live up to your father. Only YOU could do that.” Now that I had reached puberty she seemed to take more and more of an interest in me. Interest in me as a man. She had come home drunk one night a few years ago, stumbled into my room and climbed into bed with me, fully clothed. Even though she was gone in the morning and had fallen asleep within minutes, I remember her saying, quite clearly -“You’re my only Tom now.” Tom was my fathers’ name also. Next day she behaved as if nothing had happened and we never spoke of it but often after that I would catch her looking at me speculatively, as if she saw me differently or was seeing me for the first time. One day last year she had discovered my pornography collection in my closet. She confiscated them and said she was angry that I was spending my money on such ‘trash’ but the two times I caught her looking at them she seemed excited. It was after that that she took to leaving the door open a little when she changed and leaving the bathroom door ajar when she showered. She said it was to let the steam escape. But it was after I started dating that she really changed. I thought she would be happy for me but whenever I mentioned Jill her lips compressed and her nostrils flared and she would refer to her as ‘That little tramp.” If she knew I was going out with Jill she would get all huffy and say things like “You can’t spend an evening in and keep your mother company?” Sometimes I would feel so guilty I would break my date and on those evenings she would cook my favorite food or order pizza and a movie and we would watch the film together, me lying on the couch and she sitting in her favorite armchair in the living room. She would dress up on these occasions, putting on darker lipstick, adding mascara and blush, even a hint of her ‘special’ perfume. Often she would put on her dressing gown – the red silk one – to be more ‘comfortable’. Nothing ever happened on those evenings, but more and more there was a hint, a suggestion, a kind of ‘undertow’ of sexuality between us. Often her arm would brush mine if she was passing food or she would bend over, low, to put a plate in front of me. That would cause her robe to open and her breasts to be exposed, except for the nipples and the lower portion covered by the robe. Because the robe tied at the waist her legs would be exposed when sitting and her chair accentuated that. Often, so much leg was exposed that I could she wasn’t wearing panties. She would drink a lot on these occasions and encourage me to drink with her even though I was still sixteen.

I hadn’t seen Jill for weeks. She had stopped calling me and wouldn’t return my calls. Her mother sounded hostile on the phone and always told me Jill wasn’t in. Even though I couldn’t prove it I had always thought my mother had something to do with it. At the very least, she seemed happy and kind of smug that Jill had bowed out. That had been a month ago. And now she was in my room. Stroking my cock.]

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