Fucking wet virgin babe

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It was perfect. God must have sketched this scene like an artist just for me. How amazing every detail was! I was 18 back then, wearing a black shirt and dirty rugged jeans and below that was a pair of worn out black canvas shoes. It was the perfect attire for any occasion if you asked me. I stood there on a muddy lane, (more…)

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Bus Ride and Sex

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Travelling by bus gives us fantastic experience sometimes. We may meet strangers, with all unknown problems, undergoing agony not finding a solution to solve it and finally when a solution is found expressing gratitude in all possible ways.

Once I happened to travel by bus from Gudalur to Bengaluru by bus. It was a winter night, very chill outside, chill wind was blowing, occasional showers made things worse. I carried a small brief case of clothes etc., a big woollen shawl, which was too big.

I had to keep folds in my lap so that the loose ends may not fall on the floor. I sat in the window side seat of the bus and the bus was getting filled. Time was 10 pm and because of the chill wind I kept the window closed and had no idea how many people are standing outside.

A girl with a bag came and occupied my next aisle seat. She did not have any wrap around her but just a sleeveless sweater which was inadequate to protect her from cold. People were getting in and searching for their seats and a lot of confusion over reserved seats prevailed.

And finally it was all settled and the conductor was taking a head count and we were about to start. I looked at my copassenger. She was a girl of about 25 or so and she held her arms across her chest crossed to protect from cold. I was quite warm in my shawl.

The bus moved on and they put a movie in the video player. I asked my neighbour whether she is bound for Bengaluru. she said yes. If you feel very cold I can allow you to cover yourself with the other end of my shawl. She looked me with suspicion and finally said yes.

I took out the loose end of my shawl and put it around her pulling her closer to me. It covered her all over and I could feel her cold hands. In the process of covering her with the shawl, I touched her boobs or even pressed them. She did not move away.

I asked her whether I may put my hand across to hug her so that her cold may go away fast. Without replying she came closer to me. I removed the hand rest between us and she was practically hugging. me. I took her hand and put it between my thighs to warm them.

She cooperated. Perhaps she forgot for a moment that my erect cock generated all the heat required for both of us. The shawl was all over her head and her head was resting on my chest. As if to adjust the shawl I send my hand through her chest touching her boob.

I did not remove it and it rested on her soft boob. Beneath the sweater she wore a blouse and a bra. She leaned over and was lying on my lap. The warmth was very comfortable. All the passengers were busy watching the movie and sending my other hand over her back,

I tried to unhook her bra. She understood and cooperated. The bra was unhooked and her bra cups became loose and my other warm hand ran over her boobs lavishly. Now she was huddled comfortably over the bulge in my pant and the naughty girl was trying to unzip my pant.

I straightened my body so that she may accomplish her task easily. The jerks and the jumps in the journey made things easy for us and I tightened my grip over her. I asked her whether she is comfortable. Her hands softly pulled out my cock and in the secrecy of the hood of the shawl,

she was cuddling my cock and balls with her both hands and pressing my cock on her cheeks. The bus was winding its way through many hairpin bends and stopped at several places to allow other vehicles to passby. I asked her whether she is comfortable. She said yes.

Now since she has taken possession of my cock how go about touching her pussy. She wore a long skirt and to pull the whole thing up is difficult. I told her that I want to touch her pussy. She took my hand and inserted it through the gap in her skirt and placed it on her panty.

I pulled down the elastic and touched her pussy. Either the hair was clipped or she had scanty hair, her pussy was soft and my finger located the tiny clit. She widened her thighs to allow me access. We were enjoying our journey. The bus stopped for tea and snacks.

Some people got down and many did not move. We too did not move. I was disappointed at the sudden break that I had to remove my both hands which are comfortably placed. The girl got up and stuck her head out and looked around. I asked her her name. She said softly Sheila.

I asked her do you want tea and snacks. She said no. Her hand was still holding my cock its heat was very comfortable for her. My hand in her juicy cunt was also getting her heat. What more we want. When the bus started again, in the sudden jerk she took my cock in her mouth.

My God, I thought, what this girl is doing. Totally unknown to me, she only said her name is Sheila going to Bengaluru, giving me a wonderful blowjob ever. I could not stand it any more. I shot my cum into her mouth and she took it fully.

She licked it smooth and my limp cock was in her mouth and again gettig hardened. My hand was busy in her dripping pussy and thats all. It was past midnight and she dozed off on my lap and I too leaned back and closed my eyes.

I covered her well so that she may be well protected from the biting chill weather. The bus is supposted to reach Bengaluru in the morning. I slept well and suddenly when I woke my next seat was empty. She was not there.

We were in the city and when the bus stopped in the outskirts she must have got down without even informing me. My right hand gave her a good massage of her ample boobs and my left fingers nibbled at her clit and finger fucked her.

From the oozing I thought she must have had a good orgasm. But where is she. I was desparate. The bus stopped at the bus stop and all the passengers got down. I collected my things, zipped up my pant and with a great sense of loss and disappointment I got down.

I asked the conducter where that girl got down. He said she got down at the previous bus stop. I took an auto and rushed to the previous bus stop. Foolish, will she be sitting there waiting for me. But my urge was so strong that I went looking around for her.

There were many women at the stop. Is that she or she or the other girl I thought. I remember she had a thick mat of dark curly hair tied with a ribbon or a clip, I dont remember. Her fragrance was very sexy and arousing. I thought I will take ber with me to the hotel and have a good fuck.

She would have come. She definitely was a hot type, otherwise will she volunteer to put her hands between my thighs to steal the warmth. Having had a nice time with a stranger in the bus, she must be laughing within herself for taking me for a ride. What to do, this is the first time I was cheated in sex.

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My sisters big tits (incest brother sister)

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It was a game we played, my sister and I, as we sat across from each other eating our dinners in silence. It would begin with Lisa crossing then uncrossing her stocking-encased legs. I loved the sound it made and she knew it. This would go on for a while as the meal progressed.

Then, I’d drop my fork.

I’d reach down, looking under the table. My sister would have her legs slightly parted, showing her satin panty covered pussy beneath the short skirt she’d be wearing.

I’d sit up again returning my fork to my plate. This move would all be over with within a couple seconds so as not to arouse suspicion from our parents sitting at the table. Lisa would give a little fleeting smile.

This game played second fiddle to my true obsession about my older sister: her enormous tits. Her bra size was 34F. Slim and pretty with shoulder length light brown hair, and boobs that look completely out of proportion with the rest of her body. Balloons on a stick in other words, and I was completely in lust with her.

She knew I had the hots for her. Though I’d always been careful, she caught me looking just too many times. And that’s when the real fun started: her teasing me with her beautiful body.

As soon as our parents would leave, the short skirt or tight pants she’d be wearing would come off and she’d be loafing about the house in nothing more than her hugely bulging top and a pair of panties.

“Say it, Tom,” my sister said one afternoon, staring at my arousal she’d caused.

“Say what?”

“I give you a hard on. You think I’m hot. You can’t stop thinking about me. You think I’m the hottest girl in high school.”

“I.” I stammered and tried to hide the big lump in my pants with my hand.

“Say it, brother dear. Don’t be shy. I know you can’t stop thinking about my tits.” She hefted her T-shirt covered melons in her hands for emphasis. “My BIG tits.”

All this time she did not crack a smile even once. That meant trouble.

“Say it or I’ll tell Mom,” she hissed.

“Tell Mom what?”

“That you like to look up my skirt under the table, and you drop your fork on purpose so you can.” Her beautiful face showed mock anger. “Oh, and I’ll also tell Mom I found your CUM stains in one of my BRAS!”

Jesus, I thought, how could I have been so careless as to leave a stain?

“In one of my BIG bras.” She stepped closer, thrusting out her massive breasts while looking me straight in the eye.

Gaining some composure I said, “Lisa I’m sorry, I.”

“Never mind ‘sorry,’ just admit it, Tom: YOU get extremely aroused by your own sister!”



Swallowing a dry lump in my throat knowing I wasn’t getting out of this without giving her what she wanted, “I get extremely aroused by own sister.”

Smiling triumphantly Lisa said, “And?”

“And I’m madly in love your huge boobs,” I said truthfully. Then I added, “You’re the hottest girl in school Lisa.”

She smiled prettily, seeming satisfied. “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it baby brother?” She caressed her giant mounds. “I’m glad you like me.” She reached out and put her slender hand on the obscenely bulging crotch of my jeans. “But don’t jerk off with my bras anymore. Mom will find out.” She removed her hand from the front of my pants and drew herself up on tiptoes to give me a peck on the cheek. This kiss would’ve been wonderful in its own right, but it also caused her big F-cup breasts to press into my chest before she stepped away. I was in heaven.

Lisa turned away and pranced off toward her bedroom, giving me an excellent view of her luscious, heart shaped, panty covered ass. “Mom and Dad will be home soon. I’d better put some pants on.”

Needless to say that night I jerked off furiously thinking about my gorgeous stacked sister and what had transpired that afternoon.

The first time things went beyond just teasing, it was a week after my 15th birthday and Lisa was 17. Our parents were away for the weekend and we decided to rent a couple movies. (For my beautiful, popular sister to stay in on a Saturday night was unusual; I knew something was up.)

As soon as we got back from the video store, she changed into something more “comfortable.” This consisted of a tank top, a schoolgirl kilt skirt that was so short it barely covered her panties in back, and thigh high stockings. By the way her massive jugs moved beneath her shirt I could tell she’d removed her bra as well. When she saw my reaction to her attire she smirked and said, “It’s no fun watching a movie on the couch with my little bro if I’m not giving him a hard-on.”

When she put the tape in the VCR she took her time about it, bending over more than necessary. Her short pleated skirt rode up and gave me a marvellous view of her perfect ass in white satin panties.

She looked over her shoulder at me and asked, “Enjoying the view sweetie?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Lisa,” I feigned, playing the game. She smiled and blew me a kiss.

“You’re right of course Tom. Silly me. You’re only interested in my great, big, BOOBS!” My sister flopped down on the couch next to me, all tits and ass and long sexy legs. But mostly tits.

As the movie played on, my big sister began to snuggle up to me. Her huge breasts were now pressed into me. The urge to reach out and fondle her incredible melons was excruciating. Something had to give. Fortunately, it did: “Do you want to touch them, Tom?” she asked looking up from my shoulder where she’d been resting her pretty head.

I paused tactfully, not wanting to blow this opportunity, then: “You know I do, but I don’t want to do anything that’s wrong, or that would hurt you in any way.

She put her head back on my shoulder and replied, “You’re sweet little brother. You always were.” Then she took my hand in hers and placed it on her left breast. It was firm and wonderful. I marvelled at the size of my sister’s tit in my hand.

“They’re big aren’t they?” she breathed.


Glancing down at my lap she said, “Well you’re not exactly small yourself, baby brother.” It was true. The erection in my pants at this point had reached heroic proportions, no doubt at its full 8 inches and maybe more.

I moved my hand away from Lisa’s huge chest. I wanted to kiss her so badly. My own sister! I did move to kiss her. She did not pull away. Our kiss lasted a long time.

That is how it began, making out with my sister. We did this whenever we had the house to ourselves. Sometimes she would take my hands and put them on her big boobs or on her butt or thigh. Sometimes she would stop me when I tried this on my own. I didn’t mind; things had already gone farther than my horny teenage dreams had ever imagined they would – with my own sister. My wonderful, huge breasted sister.

Part 2

“Tom, do you know where my new bra has gone, by any chance?” My older sister Lisa hollered from upstairs. Our parents weren’t home (thank God) and she was teasing me again: “The rose colored one. The one that’s a G-cup. Have you had it by any chance?”

A G-cup. Oh jeez, her boobs haven’t stopped growing, I thought, feeling my cock getting hard in my pants. No, I hadn’t seen that particular bra.

Lisa bounced down the stairs wearing nothing but a baggy sweatshirt and panties. But even the oversized sweatshirt didn’t begin to hide her immense breasts. Last time I’d looked at the tag on one of her bras it said 34F. But now G-cup? Now that I thought of it, her tits were looking bigger than ever.

“Well, have you seen it?” she asked.

“No Sis.”

“You haven’t been exploring my underwear drawer again little brother?” She smiled when she said this, walking up to me, her chest preceding her by what seemed like a foot.

“No Lisa.” I was embarrassed yet very aroused; I never tired of my big sister’s teasing games. “We agreed I wasn’t to jerk off with your (big) bras anymore, ” I said sheepishly, “Mom might find out when she does the laundry.”

“Good boy Tom.” She reached up and tousled my hair, her big tits seeming to expand beneath her sweatshirt.

God, I thought, she’s incredible; those jugs!

“How ’bout a hug for your sister?” Before I could respond her arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. Her humungous, melon-like breasts pressed into my chest.

“And a kiss?” she asked. But again, before I had a moment for that question to even sink in, she was planting one on me. “Mmmm,” she purred. She pulled away. “I gotta scoot. Date with Rick tonight.” My heart sank. I was hoping I’d have her to myself that night; are parents would be out. Our incestuous relationship hadn’t progressed beyond kissing and light petting but these times with my 17-year-old sister thrilled me more than anything ever had in all my 15 years.

Later that evening. “Tom, do you think my butt looks good in this skirt?” Lisa posed suggestively in front of me, presenting her perfect heart-shaped ass to me encased in a black spandex mini skirt.

“Your butt looks incredible in that skirt Sis,” I told her truthfully.

“You’re not just saying that to be nice, ’cause I’m you’re sister?” She mock pouted.

Then she looked at my crotch and smirked. “No, I guess you really do like the way I look in this skirt, judging by the tent your big dick is making in your pants!” Then she looked thoughtful. “Hmmm, some day we’re going to have to do something with what you’ve got there, Tom.” She kept staring at my big bulge and said, “My not so little brother.”

Lisa glanced up at the clock. “And I think that day is today.” She kneeled down. Her beautiful face was level with my big bulge. “Hmmm. I’ve wanted to see your big cock for a long time, Tom.” She unzipped my jeans and licked my erection through my briefs. Then rather unceremoniously she yanked my underwear and jeans down to my knees. My 8- incher sprang free and almost slapped her in the face.

“Oh my God bro, it’s HUGE.”

My older sister wrapped her luscious lips around my thick cock, and then she withdrew, taking in the site of what was in front of her.

“And YOU’VE GOT THE BIGGEST BALLS I’VE EVER SEEN!” She hefted them in her slender hands.

Then my gorgeous 17-year-old big sister got down the business of giving me a blowjob. My first blowjob. I watched her pretty mane bob up and down on my fat cock. The sensation, the pleasure, was unlike anything I’d yet experienced in my life to that point. I gently took her head in my hands as she sucked and licked.

I’d like to tell you this went on for a long time but it didn’t. The excitement was too much. I was 15 after all and made of nothing but raging hormones. My orgasm exploded in my Lisa’s succulent sucking mouth. I came what seemed like gallons yet she did not pull away. (She told me later she didn’t want to get cum on her clothes.)

I stood there in stunned silence, my pants around my knees, my beautiful, enormously stacked sister kneeling before me, licking my cum off her full, pouty lips.

“Well that was fun bro,” she said. “I’d better go finish getting ready for my date.” She stood up and straightened her silky blouse over her big tits. “And brush my teeth. We don’t want Rick tasting my brothers cock when he kisses me.”

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Father in law sex

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George, 53, lost his wife a year back due to cancer and there were many offers for his remarriage which he turned down to enable him to preserve fond memories of his late wife. Paul, 22, his son having done meritoriously in his engineering degree was sected in the campus

interview by a multinational company and within a short time due to recognition of his talents he was promoted as a group leader. His gruup consisted of six engineers, all younger to him, three men and two ladies. They had perfect understanding between them and their group won many

laurels. In the meantime George wanted to get his son married. George was in perfect health, able bodied worked in their own garden for nearly six hours a day. If Paul could marry and bring home his bride, there will be the presence of a lady at home and it will make lot of difference

than being without a lady to take care of things. Paul was not at first willing for marriage but later yielded and with the help of the church they found a buxum girl, Maria, from a distant village. Maria came from a family of agricultural background and was extremely good looking and very

good attractive features. A date was fixed for marriage and invitations were sent, betrothal was conducted in great pomp. The marriage was also well attended. Paul was taken aback at the beauty of Maria in her white bridal attire.

He got more dowry than expected and his father was very happy. A brand new car stood at the entrance of their residence received as a gift from the fatherinlaw. Paul learnt driving and drove in his new car to his office and people looked at him in great admiration,

His group members asked him to give them a small party in celebration of having acquired a new car. Paul threw a party andthey all enjoyed very much. Problem arose in the first night. Mary was too shy to expose any part her body to Paul.

He tried his utmost to just uncover her boobs. But she held it firmly under her dress. She said she is too shy and asked him to give her some time to get adjusted to the new atmosphere. Paul agree and they slept in the same bed but without touching each other.

Next day he just embraced and gave her kiss on her cheeks. Maria was afraid whether anybody will see through the gap in the window or door and finally she checked and made sure that there is nobody in the house and her fatherinlaw was snoring his his bedroom,

she allowed Paul to kiss her and she reciprocated by just smotching on his cheeks. He just touched her ears and neck and kissed and just to stimulate her erotic points. But she was scared stiff. Ok, Paul thought let it take time.

He just dreamt of her juicy cunt and erect nipples and shagged in the bathroom and slept. On the third day he had a close heart to heart chat with Mary. Mary a regular church goer was influenced by the nuns and looked upon sex as a symbol of sin.

Paul took time to make her change her attitude and slowly she was agreeable to uncover her boobs and allow him to suck her nipples. She enjoyed his hand massaging one and the nipple of the other one in his hot mouth and his tongue rolling around it.

She gave out sounds of joy which made Paul to pull her pettycoat down. But Maria did not allow his touching her pussy. She told him her likes and dislikes. She said she is fond of cinema and wanted to see some good latest movies, to which Paul said he will take her.

She said she is very much scared of lightening and thunder. Paul laughed at her immaturity and fondled her like a child. They went for a movie the next day and she was so happy and did not hide her happiness. But in the night she did not allow him to lift her pettycoat and see her

pussy. He asked her to put on a night gown daily rather than the complicated saree. They both went to the textile shop and bought six night gown, all with front open, made in flimsy muslin cloth. He told her she has to wear it only in the bedroom and not to wear it for going out.

Somehow she agreed to be without a bra in the night, but she refused to remove her panty. Paul had not seen her pussy even after 2 weeks of marriage. There was a sudden development. His group was asked to proceed to US to undertake a project at a client’s premises and to finish it

as soon as possible. This was a dream project because the client paid them fabulously and the experience they gain was very precious. Paul was busy going around arranging for the H1b visa and other travel papers for himself and for his group.

Date for the departure was fixed and tickets were arranged and being a bulk booking they got it cheap. Paul was very happy at the prospect of going to US, he was busy buying clothes, shoes and other articles. Maria was not very much elated.

But since her husband is going she was unhappy that her cinema visits are going to be curtailed. Paul bought new suitcases to suit to US specifications and Maria helped to pack them. But to Maria’s question about his return,

he was not able to tell definitely for how long he will be in US and when he will return. His father George was also annoyed. How can it be that he does not know when he will come back. He was afraid that his daughter in law, Mary, in this circumstance may go back to her home and

his own home may be in a mess as before. She was very efficient and her dishes were very tasty. Paul assured him that she will not go back and she will be here only and even if she goes it may be for a special occasion and for short duration.

George who was keeping distance with his daughter in law now felt the handicap of not having a communicative relationship with her. On the day of departure they all went to the airport, after a tearful farewell, waved as Paul disappeared to his security checkup.

They waited for some time and somebody said he will not be allowed to come back after security. Both George and Maria returned home in their car. On the was George reassured Maria that he will take her to any cinema which she wants to see and she can talk to him freely

about her wants. Maria was sleeping in her bedroom alone and George in his bedroom. One day the sky was overcast huge dark clouds covered the entire sky. The time was evening and Maria was watching some TV programme. At 9 she served supper to her father in law and he went to

bed and she ate her supper leisurely sitting in front of the TV. There was a drizzle and the in the wind window panes were moving noicily. Suddenly there was a cold breeze and Maria completed her work in the kitchen and switched off the lights and went to her bed and suddenly

the power went off. A big flash of lightening and followed by a huge thunder shook her and she was scared. Since there was no power she was scared. She got up groped for a candle and a match box and again there was a flash of lightening and another huge thunder.

Poor Maria gave out a cry of fear. Immediately there was another big flash of lightening and a huge thunder shaking the entire building. Maria was scared. She did not know what to do. It was too much for her to bear.

She ran in the darkness in the direction of the room of her father in law and pushed the door open shouting for help. George was scared to her her cry for help. He got up and realised that it is totally dark and there was no power. Before he could tie his lungi around,

Maria’s body was pressed against his and he was thrown into the lying position. She held him in tight embrace out of fear, closing her eyes tightly. George having been awaken from deep slumber all these things were quite unexpected.

A youthfull female body pressed against him out of fear and seeking his protection made him to put his arms around her and tell her not not fear and that he is there to protect her. She hugged him in tight embrace, pressing her boobs against his shoulders and chest.

For George, who never touched a female body for more than three years this was a pleasant shock. Maria’s hands across his chest and her leg over his left leg held him tightly. He turned to face her and pressed her fully against his hairy chest and his hand went over her back.

He found that she was not wearing any bra and her naked boobs were pressed against him. Again his hand went below and found she wore a panty. He kept his hand over her ass and pulled to towards him so that her cunt is pressed against his thigh. He had a glorious erection.

His 8 inch cock which was starved for all these years was invigorated by the feminine touch was standing erect like a steel pole. He turned so that it may touch the girl and make her to come to senses. His cock was pushing against her stomach.

A sensible girl would know what is this strange object. George did some quick thinking and thought ot taking advantage of the situation. He unhooked her night gown with one hand and pushed his on leg between her thighs. Maria did not resist.

His hairy leg was pushing over her panty and he pulled his leg up and down so that her cunt may be rubbed roughtly. Maria opened her thighs wide and George slowly mounted her balancing his weight on his elbows. Maria was embracing him with both of her hands and her

legs were wide open. George was totally nude with a hard erection. He slowly pounded his cock on her panty at the position of her pussy. Suddenly Maria’s cry stopped, lights came, the room was lit by a night lamp, George’s cock was pounding her clit over the panty.

George lowered his face and his lips searched for the nipple of Maria. He was surprised to see that Maria lifted her boobs to feed her nipple into his mouth. George licked around her nipples and then sucked them first softly and then very hard. Maria was moaning with pleasure.

She fed him her boobs alternatingly. George slowly got up and saw her condition in the dim light. Her ligs wide open with the panty on. He smiled at her and pulled her panty down. Maria lifted her hip to enable him to pull down the panty totally. She was totally nude.

Her pussy was full of thin brownish hair. George leaned forward and put his face over her cunt and took a deep breath. Her virgin pussy was having a pleasant frangrance. He asked her to keep it open with her fingers and he took his cock and rubbed it on the clit.

Maria was in fully aroused condition. Geroge again lowered his face and licked her pussy and clit. Maria gave a hissing sound and a loud moan. She lifted her hip to meet the face of George. He gave her a good lick and sucked her clit.

Maria closed her thighs along the side of the head of George and pressed. She had her massive clitoral orgasm. Fluids were flowing free from her cunt. George licked and drank the fluids. They did not speak a word so far.

He took his cock and smeared it with the viscous fluid coming out of her cunt and tried to insert it in her cunt. It went in by about two inches and then it got stuck. He inserted his finger and rotated it in such a way that the passage will be widened.

Somehow George wanted to fuck her that day. It took time for him to inch his cock inside her cunt. Though it was paining, she tolerated because he was stimulating her clit often. It took more than 15 minutes to make a complete penetration.

Maria with full of tears in her eyes tolerated all the pain and when it was over was smiling. It was tight fitting and was enjoyed by both. George started to move in and out slowly. Maria thought it has gone right upto her stomach. But the in out movement was pleasurable.

New waves of pleasure swept through her which was hitherto unknown to her. She too moved her hips to adjust to the movements of George. She liked him and ran her hands through the grey hair on his chest. Her boobs standing like two hills were moving up and down with each

thrust of George. Both were not in a hurry. Her hole was uniformly tight throughout which gave more pleasure to George. He identified it only now at his age of 53. When he was young it was a mad fuck and small nuinces were not noticed.

He asked Maria, how many times you and Paul fucked a day. Suddenly there was a cloud in the face of Maria. She said we did not fuck at all. WHAT, cried George, you did not allow my son to fuck you even after 45 days of marriage. Maria was sorry and was trying to find excuses.

All these discussions happened when George was continuously fucking Maria. Suddenly the level of arousal of Maria came down. But George sucked her nipples and got her to her full arousal and made haste to complete fucking.

Maria, aroused now wound her legs around him and hugged him. Finally both had their orgasm together. To George it was after a gap of three years and Maria’s first vaginal climax. They both kissed each other and licked the cheeks.

Although the George’s erection was intact, he withdrew and went to the bathroom and cleaned up his cock. Maria, totally nude also came after him and and cleaned her cunt of all the mess. When the power came the lights in the bedroom of Maria were burning and George went to her

bedroom and switched off the lights and came back. Maria was putting on the night gown. George told her that she need not put it on. From today you are going to sleep with me in my room in my cot. You are not to wear any clothes, bra or panty when you are lying wth me.

Everyday I am going to fuck you once or twice.He asked her, are you agreeable? She meakly said yes. Then come on, he said and both of them went to the bed. George took a closer look at his daughter in law. He was taken aback at her beauty.

While fucking he did not realise he was fucking such a beautiful stuff. Her face, boobs, navel, pussy, thighs and legs were all white as if carved in ivory. He told her he will shave her cunt on the following day and he wants to be as smooth as her chin. Shyly she agreed.

She took his erect cock in her hands and took a close look, its foreskin, the protruding veins, his ball pouch and all. She smelled his cock and opened her mouth and took it in her mouth and licked and sucked it. He asked her to turn her cunt towards his face so that he can suck and

lick her cunt when she sucked his cock. His tongue went inside her hole and dug at her clit. She was squirming when he pulled her clit with his lips. He understood she was a real hot stuff and somehow he was successful to ignite her.

He asked her to get up and straddle him and take his cock inside her cunt and ride his like a horse. She got the point and put her legs across and straddled him and in one or two attempts succeeded to put his cock in her cunt.

It took time to go in but she moved her butt in such a was that it went in deeply. Her face showed her joy and each movement sent waves of pleasure. She opened her mouth and gave out cries of joy at every movement. She danced on his cock. Geroge was enjoying the show.

Her boobs were jumping up and down. She moved her butt front and back and was enjoying every moment. George wondered how this girl missed all the fun with her husband and now it is his turn to take enjoyment.

With both of his hands he cupped her boobs and suddenly she cooo…ed. Her orgasm was coming She fell on George and moved up and down and both had a fantastic orgasm. His cum was sprouting as if from a fountain into her cunt.

He wanted to by the pill on the following day to prevent pregnancy. They slept in the same condition with their fluids dripping from her cunt into the bed. We will see tomorrow what happens next.

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