Saradas hot neighbours

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I am Sarada again working with Patel family as a maid. Santhaben, wife of Mr.Patel, got pregnant and went away to her house for rest and for delivery. She may not be coming here for another six to seven months.

Mr. Patel asked me to continue since his household has to be taken care of, cleaned, and his food required to be cooked whenever he is in station. He had complete faith in me and in the night he allowed me to sleep in his room and sometimes in his own bed.

As I told you in my previous story, sometimes he gets horny and goes on sucking my clit and licking my cunt and asks me to climb on him and fuck him. His body weight so much that he cannot climb on me to fuck.

His tool is so small that as soon as I put it in my cunt he ejaculates and makes a mess of everything. But he satisfies me by licking my cunt as much as I want. He gave me handsome presents and cash whenever I wanted.

He took me to a ladies store and bought me nice clothes, panties, bras and to a beauty parlor and had my facials done, hair cut and curled. They were asked to show how to wax my private parts to depilatory my public hair.

Practically I had no work in the house except to watch TV and watch porno CDs. which he brought from outstations. Prembabu and Ajaibabu who stayed upstairs got another servant and I dont go their flat for doing any work.

One day morning Ajai babu knocked our door and asked for Santhaben. I asked him to come in and offered him tea. He was staring at me and asked me that I am looking more beautiful. I just smiled at his compliment. He asked me to come sit with him in the settee.

He put on the TV. I had just switched it off when he came and the DVD player was on. The screen started to show a scene from the porno DVD which I have been watching. I hurriedly rushed and put off the DVD player. He was shocked and asked me to put on the DVD player.

Reluctantly I put it on. There was a very hot scene in action. The man was licking the cunt of the girl and she was giving all kinds of sounds and soon the fucking action started. Ajaibabu, whom I liked for his gentle ways from the way he was fucking Santhaben,

watched tansfixed at the screen and I noticed a bulge was rising in his lungi. With such a handsome man sitting near me and watching a hot porno movie in the tV made me hot and aroused and my panty was getting wet.

Ajaibabu put his hand on my shoulders and drew me closer to him. I moved closer to him. His other hand started to unhook my blouse and pulled the bra up and exposed my boobs. My nipples were already erect and awaited to be squeezed or sucked.

Ajaibabu ran his hand over my boobs and made me more hot. I moaned loudly. He looked at me and pulled me to sit on his lap so that he can suck my nipples watching the video. I also liked it to have my nipples sucked while I too watched the video.

Ajaibabu slowly removed my blouse and the bra and made me to remove my saree and pettycoat and made me to stand before him stark naked. I just obeyed him and did not know what made me to do it.

He too hurriedly removed his shirt and lungi and asked me to lie down on the floor. His 7 inch tool was stiff and pulsating. He laid on me and sucked my both nipples and his tool was knocking at the door of my cunt.

With my hand I rubbed the tip of it on my clit and directed it to the hole. He plunged it inside. My cunt was not accustomed to receive such a big tool. But the lubrication was excessive that it went in tightly giving me and him immense pleasure.

He was not in a hurry, and not even I. Slowly he started to fuck deeply and his whole cock went inside. His hands were pressing my boobs and he was kissing my lips. I encircled him with my legs and my hands held him tight. Sarada, Saru, my dear, he cried and fucked leisurely.

Ajaibabu, I shouted and asked him to fuck deep and fast. My orgasm was coming and it was getting collected from every nerve end in my cunt. It was like a mountain of pleasure. I moaned and moaned and cried.

He fucked fast and he too came to his orgasm and his shot of liquid went deep inside me and one after another spurts and spurts of cum filled my cunt. But he did not stop. He was going on pumping. I too was ready for the continuous action.

My orgasm never diminished and kept me in constant pleasure. This was a new experience for me. I regretted why I did not have it before. Ajaibabu went on pumping panting. He was careful not to put all his body weight on me and tire me. I kissed his cheeks and face and everywhere.

His second orgasm was again mind bogling. It lifted me to even greated heights. And finally slowly he pulled his cock out and looked at the condition of my cunt. Fluids were flowing like a flood. He got up and went to the bathroom and washed his tool and I too went and the fluids

were flowing all over the drawing room. I cleaned the cunt and with a cloth I wiped all the fluids on the floor. This was a memorable experience I ever had. Ajaibabu came back, held me tight and kissed me and fondled my boobs and asked me whether anybody will be there in the night.

I said nobody. Then he said he will come again in the night and have a detailed fucking session. I said ok. he left immediately. By about 10 pm I heard a faint knock on the door. When I opened it was Ajaibabu. He said Prem has gone to his native place and he was alone in the room.

He brought several parcels containng hot biriyani, sweets, and other eatables, fruits, and some clothes, like churidars, saree etc. I wondered he must have spent a lot of money. He asked me to lock the door and we went to the dining room and ate our supper.

He said eat as much as you want, you are not going to sleep tonight. I laughed and kissed him on his face. We started our session on the bed of Santhaben. Ajaibabu’s cock was semi erect and I wanted to put it in my mouth. I put the whole thing inside.

But it grew and became big and hard. But Ajaibabu asked me to lie down with my legs raised and opened wide. He bowed and licked my hairless cunt. His tongue was very active. It touched and teased my clit and went inside my cunt hole. I was hot and verymuch aroused.

I asked him to put his cock inside and allow it to be there for some time. He laughed and inserted his cock deep inside my cunt. I told him that I had seen him fucking Santha ben. How, he asked. I showed him the window to the kitchen from where I used to watch all the fucking

scenes. Have you seen Prem fucking her. I said yes. You are a naughty girl he said. He made small movements to keep our organs busy. His finger were nudging my clit and it made me more passionate. I asked him to lie down and I would straddle him.

He agreed and we rolled over without pulling his cock out. I was atop him and with my legs wide apart, his cock deeply inside me, my boobs pointed upwards, I started to move back and front. His cock travelled all the far reaching corners of my cunt hole.

Lying down on him I moved my hip up and down in a deep fucking action. His cock went deep inside me and sent waves of pleasure to both of us. He enjoyed it very much. Our orgasm was whole and complete. Ajaibabu enjoyed my straddled position. We took the doggy style.

His cock went deep inside when he fucks in doggy style. I did not keep count of the number of times we orgasmed. It was early morning 4 am. We both were tired and slept nude in the bed of Santhaben.

My episodes with Ajaibabu continued for some more days. Then Prembabu came. His methods were more rude and crude. We had two sessions but both the babus were transferred and they had to leave vacating the flat urgently. I regretted that they are leaving. But that is the way of life.

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Relationship with mature aunty

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Hello everyone, I have visited this site two or three times before, and read some stories given in Human Digest. I myself wish to publish about my beautiful relationship. My real name is not Vijay, however, the incidents mentioned here happened in my life.

I am a 25 year old man from Thiruvananthapuram. About an year ago, while I was doing my P.G, I happened to form a relationship with my mother’s friend. I shall not mention her name. She is around 50 to 55, and is a little bit fatty. Her house is only at a walking distance from my home.

From the time I had known her, she had been divorced from her husband. They were always having some case in courts over the ownership of their properties for years and only recently did the court order that the house and the land belong to her.

However, her husband could live in the first floor of the house till his last and that she will have full authority over the ground stairs. So, practically the two were living in the same house, the wife in the ground stairs and her ex-husband in the first floor.

They had two children, both of them boys. The first is two years older than me, and the second one younger than me. Both of them stay at hostels where they study. And so whenever my mother’s friend wanted some help with something,

like changing the tube lights or some other house hold repairs, she would call me. I had always wondered whether she had sex all these years she had been quarrelling with her husband. I soon discovered that she was so deprived of sex that

she would never let up a chance to enjoy a young, healthy and strong man like me. For all the people around us, I was like a son to her. My mother also believed so. It was like that between us until the day I was invited to her house to help her repair a torch light.

The moment I saw her face that day, I sensed something was different in her. She had a special kind of look on her face. She gave me the torch to make it work and went to the kitchen. She soon came back with some juice for me.

That was the first time she had offered me any fruit juices, and I noted it. Soon after I had finished sipping in from the glass, she laid a hand between my legs. Her fingers slightly brushed over my pants. My penis felt her fingers teasing it through my pants.

I was wonder struck at first. Soon my pants bulged out in the front. She ran her fingers smoothly over my bulge and smiled. She asked me whether I had done this before. I nodded my head side to side indicating ‘no’. When she realized that it was my first time,

she smiled openly and took my hand and placed it over her nightie. I felt the softness of her plump breasts through the nightie. She then leaned forward and gently kissed my lips. First, going to the corners of my lips and tickling me,

then going at it at full and sucked my lips and tongue. Her hands danced all over my body and we kissed like that for some time. Later she began to unhook her nightie and pulled it up. She had plump and fleshy calf muscles and massive, yet smooth thighs.

She was quite fair, however between her legs, it was darker. She had lots of curly pubic hair, and her lower abdomen was bulging out. She had a very fatty abdomen and above that, were her sweet breasts hanging out for me.

She was completely naked and standing there looking at me with a smile on her face. By this time my penis was as hard and strong as it could be and I wanted to undress myself. But when I began to take off the buttons of my shirt, she stopped me and got hold of my shoulders.

She pressed me down, and I kneeled before her. While I was going down, I kissed all over her body. She raised one leg up to my face, holding on to the wall for balance and said, “Kiss me”. I was so close to her naked body and I couldn’t resist.

I kissed her toes and then moved up slowly kissing her plump calves, her knees, gently nibbled behind her knees and moved further up to her thighs. I hugged her legs closely and placed my face on the smooth inside of her thighs, enjoying the warmth of her thighs on my face.

I felt her fingers running over my head through my hair, gently caressing my head. Then I again kissed her thighs and moved up to the place where her legs joined together. I ran my nose through her curly pubic hair. I felt her strong aroma and enjoyed it for a while.

She then gently parted her legs a little and pulled my head towards her pubic area with both her hands. I pressed my face between her legs, and felt her shivering slightly. Her legs shivered when I kissed her pussy for the first time.

I was thinking of nothing else that time, and was fully enclosed between her legs. My whole body and my mind were concentrating on her beautiful pussy. I gently let my tongue flow from the bottom to the top of her pussy. I did this again and again very slowly.

Then I gently opened her pussy and inserted my tongue into her as slowly as I could and she made a wonderful sound of pleasure. I was thrilled to hear that. I moved my tongue gently inside her, enjoying every soft and warm part with the tip of my tongue. It felt absolutely nice.

I felt her moving one of her legs over my shoulders and using that leg to pull me closer to her. Her hips then began to move forward and backward. She was trying to thrust her hips as much as possible to my face. She rocked her hips and pressed it so beautifully to my face.

Soon her movements speeded up and I felt she was dancing on my face. I sensed a thick flow oozing from her. At first I wondered at this. She then asked me to “drink it”. At first I hesitated, but she kept thrusting her hips to my face, pushing her wonderful,

moist pussy to my lips, and I slowly took in her juicy flow. I had to gulp down a mouthful to lap up every drop that was oozing out of her. That was the first time I drank her vaginal fluids. I enjoyed it very much and after that, I had never let even a drop out.

Soon her movement of the hips became frantic and she made a lot of noise. I sensed she was having a long and beautiful orgasm. I felt the little movements inside her pussy with my sensitive lips and tongue. It was a thrilling experience,

with my mouth working on her highly excited pussy all through her long orgasm. While she was having this long and intense orgasm, I never stopped caressing her pussy with my lips and tongue. She pulled my hair as if trying to pull away my face from her vagina,

but I held on to her hips and pushed my face to her pussy until she had enjoyed every moment of it. I drew in every drop of her immense flow. Soon she settled down and perspired. Her whole body was covered with her sweat. I still pressed my face between her legs,

which was moist with her sweat and vaginal fluids. It felt as if her fragrance has got even lovelier then. I remained there for a long time. She was also happy to have me taking rest down below her. She caressed my head all this time, running her fingers smoothly through my hair.

Soon I was again kissing her inner thighs and she looked down at me with a smile. She then mockingly said, “You are a naughty boy. You are so thirsty for more, aren’t you?” I said ‘yes’. She smiled and said, “We should go to the bedroom now”.

She got hold of my hand and led me to her bedroom. It was a great experience, a fully naked woman leading me to her bedroom. She let me lie down on the bed on my back. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.

She ran her wonderful hands over my chest and tummy and then slowly unzipped my pants and pulled it down. Then within a second she took off her underwear too. She then climbed on top of me and sat on my chest. She was sitting with both her legs on either side of my body,

facing me. She leaned forward and let me kiss her large nipples. I kissed her gently, always keeping in my mind not to apply too much pressure on her nipples. I kissed and sucked her very gently, almost caressing her nipples with my lips.

As I was enjoying both her beautiful breasts, she suddenly moved forward and captured my head between her thighs. It was a beautiful sight, looking at her sitting on my chest, viewing her from between her thighs. “I shall give you more to drink, you thirsty little child”, she said.

Then she began to slide her hips towards my face. I eagerly waited for her pussy to touch my lips. As soon as her soft and swollen pussy touched my lips, I began to suck all over it like someone who had not drank any drop of water for days.

I was so thirsty to taste her, and soon she started oozing her thick fluids again, and satisfied my thirst. She humped up and down over my face with pleasure. Her orgasmic movements lasted longer than the first time.

Soon she slept out of fatigue, and I was lying close to her with my head on her thighs. I lay like that, enjoying her sweet fragrances and her warmth for a long time and later got up. She had fallen into sleep. My penis was rock hard then, but I was not ready to disturb her sleep.

She had given all her beautiful love to me, and I knew she would want to have beautiful sex with me as soon as she is awake. So, I waited for her to wake up. She had slept almost an hour before waking up. She said she was sorry for not taking care of my needs.

“Oh! Don’t be sorry”, I said. She got hold of my penis and glided her hand up and down gently, and it hardened and grew in size to the maximum. She then again climbed over my body and sat over me. Then using the fingers of her other hand,

she held her pussy open and gently inserted my penis inside. She sat down over me with a naughty smile and I felt my hardened penis completely immersed inside her soft, warm and moist vagina.

She then began to hump up and down and I felt my hard penis going in and out of her vagina. It felt like heaven. I could see her face filled with joy and her big breasts dancing up and down. Her whole body was completely wet with her sweat. She was actually glistening all over.

I thought for a moment that she was a beautiful angel from heaven. I pushed my hips from below, making my penis go deeper into her. Soon she frantically humped and wave of orgasm flooded her. I was still thrusting in and out of her. After some time we slowed down.

A little while later we increased our speed and she climaxed again. I too followed her and experienced the best orgasm of my life up to that instant. We soon cuddled in each other’s arms and were kissing and caressing each other.

We slept for some time, and later that day, bathed together at the shower and again made love in the water. Now a days, we get together at her place secretly whenever possible and have wonderful sex. Nobody knows about my relationship with her,

not even her ex-husband who lives in the first floor of the same house. She now urges and encourages me to have sex with other women too. She thinks she will not be jealous. She even advises me to get married soon.

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