Fucking wet virgin babe

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It was perfect. God must have sketched this scene like an artist just for me. How amazing every detail was! I was 18 back then, wearing a black shirt and dirty rugged jeans and below that was a pair of worn out black canvas shoes. It was the perfect attire for any occasion if you asked me. I stood there on a muddy lane, (more…)

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Fuck through internet

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When i was fucking namrata i was still visiting the cyber café and chat room to hook uo with some one new. Once when i was on my routine mail checking and chat stuff i was checking the hard drive when i saw some resumes stored in the my document folder… i opened it and saw it was few girls in that. I quickly noted their number and names… one girl was of my area … i just gave a miss call to check it the number is working or not. To my luck i got a miss call again from that number… i dint knew what to say so i just told her that i was trying some one else number &l by mistake i dialed ur number sorry about that. She said that its perfectly fine. And we just had a small light conversation.

After we stayed in touch over sms and some times call. She use to work in a call centre so her time were irregular and we hardly use to speak. After 2 months time i was returning home at 11pm in the night when she called me asked me where i was. I said i was going home she said than even i am done with my work if we can meet. I said fine with me. And she asked me to come downstairs to her office. As her office was in malad its was a famous area so i reached there easily and waited downstairs for her. She came after 10 minutes. She was a fair girl wearing specks with huge boobs, she was atound 5’5 tall 36-30-38. We had the initially hi and hello and she asked me where shall we go. I said i have no idea about this area and she should tell me.she said lets take a walk around the back side of the area as its usually deserted at time in the night/. We went there and it was a huge lane totally dark just 1 or 2 vehicle passig here and there ….mostly coupe trying to get cosy in the night .. We started to chat and she started to get free.. I took the chance and put my hand around waist. She dint object.. I kept my hand there. And carried on… she put her hand around my waist and i got the green singnal.

She said that she liked my voice and she is like mad after my voice… we saw a car in a corner and took the support of the car and went and stood there. I took the chance and while talking hugged her whiche she dint object…than i planted a kiss on her check and she replied back by giving a peck on my lips.. Well that was it.. We kissed there for some while and after some time i tried my hand on her breast but she said lets got from here and n by that time the night cops had also arrived. We took a auto and asked him to take a round in that area …. We sat in that and kissed for a while and than i took her to a lane behind a movie theater which was very deserted. I took her in a corner and kissed her smooched her she was loosing her control. Now i put my hands on her breast and squeezed it for some time… than i put my hand inside her t-sirt and felt her smooth flesh above her bra. It was so soft and wowowo….we were there for about 20 minutes when she broke the kiss and said she is getting late. We came on he main road and took a auto and dropped her home and we kissed all the while in the auto. We kissed each other good nigh and i left home…

After that we never got the opportunity to meet her but we had out share over the phone…one day in the evening she called me and said tat her parents are out and will return only by 9 in the night and she was alone if i wanted to come… but i was at a place where i could have taken about 30 minutes to reach her house and than i would have just a hour time to be with her so i refused and said we will meet later. She called me again and asked me if i can make it.. Well this time even i could not refuse and i said yes to her. I reached her place within 15 minutes and she was waiting after outside her flat to receive me. I went in and sat in the hall on the sofa. She came and sat near me …..we chatted for a while and slowly planted a kiss on her lips. She dint react. So i took the opportunity and kissed her again. Within no time our mouth were exchanging our saliva. Slowly i made her lie on the sofa and was on top on her kissing each other. I placed my hand over her breast over her t-shirt and squzzed. She moaned but her mouth was sealed with mine… i pulled her t-shirt up and over her breat.. My my such huge and soft breast… i took them in my mouth over her bra and sucked them.. I had little patience left so i pulled over her bra of and of came her huge marvelous melons… i sucked them for a while.. She was enjoying it… now she broke the bond and lead me toward her bedroom. I asked her to check if the main door is closed when she went to check it we were shocked the find out that it was not locked.. Our luck that no one came at that time.. We laughed and locked the door and went in..i threw her on the bed and jumped over har and kissed her again for some time..i played with her tits for a while n suck them like a hungry kid… i went own to remove her pyjama but she was reluctant but i was adamant and within minutes i pulled down her pants . Now she was just in her panties.. I went down and kissed her pussy over her panties. She dint have any hair on her cunt. I mover her cloth piece over her pussy area and put my finger in her pussy . She moaned a little and i started fingering her… she was in heaven…. I kept in finger fucking her for a while till she came for the fist time. Than she told me that she was not a virgin and sex twice with her childhood friend. Now even i was getting restless and quickly removed my clothes and was naked in front of her. She was shocked to see my huge prick.. She took it in her hand and started to stroke it.. Wowowo what a feeling… i was enjoying it.. When i felt that i was about to shoot my loads i asked her to stop…. I was not carrying any protection as i never expected such a incident..

I went on top of her and kissed over her lips than to her tits and slowly came down to her pussy. I sucked her for a while till she got wet so that i could enter her now. I kept my dick on her entrence and pushed in once… i went with a huge thud and i could hear her pain .. She asked me to stop as it was huge she was having immense pain… i was not ready to stop so i started moving up and down. Slowly her pain subside and she was enjoying it.. She started to massage her tits and her breast…. All that she was saying was.. Yes jai fuck me hard>>… tear me … i want u inside me fuck me harder yes fuck me…. I got more wild and started to stroke more faster… after 10 minutes of fucking i took out of dick on came all over her pussy and tummy.. We laid there for some time when we heared the bell ringing…. We quickly got up and dressed and she went and opend the door while i sat on the sofa. She introduced me to he mom and bhabi….i waited for some time and later went of from there bidding good bye to all of them her mom asked me keep visiting and with a wicked smile i said sure aunty i will..

I left from there happily… after that we never had any encounter but sure waiting for some more andvernture.. If any girls and aunty interested in real fun and adventure please mail me…

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I am amar .I am 25 year old, I have a sister who is 19 year old , she is good looking and

You know I never thought of making sex with her but it just happened .she use to sleep in the same room, we stay in a 2 room flat, in one room my parent stay

we normally play either carom or any other game before we go to sleep

it so happened that , before few days she purchased a loose night suit for her. while playing her boobs were visible , I first ignored but u know I am a boy first then any thing else ,

she have a real good pair of boobs , it was really a very sexy scene she was not wearing any banyan only bra ,the boobs size was visible .my cock was hard by seeing this I tried to hide my feeling

At first I thought she don’t know about but I was so hot that my voice was also fumbling and was breathing very heavy.

I was really interested to some how touch her body and feel her I was really trying to see her boobs fully I was really wishing that if she has not wear her bra I could have seen her boobs in full view

You know I was so excited that I ejaculated in my underwear

I can make out that my sis is aware of my hard rod

That night I masturbated twice when I thought that my sister is now asleep

but I tell u now I really enjoy having sex with my sister v make sex a really memorable fuck with lot of entertainment and variation she is really great in bed

you know from that day I use to look for the chance to look at her boobs and to touch it when ever possible it was our winter holiday father dint got leave hence to attend the family function in gorakhpur we along with my mother went to the place , u know in the function how crowded the place become we all were very tired and the uncle had given one room for kids we all were suppose to sleep on the floor on the gadda, laid there I slept with my sister on my right side when I thought that every body is sleeping I touched her boobs , she dint responded I lifted her t- shirt so that her boobs are free I was sweating with tension that, I dint know how she will respond with lot for courage I lifted the t-shirt and started sucking her nipples over her bra for almost 10 minutes she didt moved I was now getting more bold I lifted her bra now her boobs were free .I was beating so fast that I could have fainted I held her boobs for 5 min like that then started massaging it she was not moving at all .then I took her nipple in her mouth she was still sleeping .she later told me that she did not knew about it which I don’t believe . I was milking her boobs one by one and was sucking it like a kit my Lund was rock hard with lot of pre cum on the top of penis it was throbbing up and down. I was almost mad I lifted her skirt and put my hand in her panty it was very wet at that time her panty was very much socked I touched my own sister pussy for the first I can not explain the feeling, I kept my hand on her bur (pussy) and later started fingering it .her pussy was beating like a heart beat.I decided to see her pussy as rest every one in the room was sleeping hence I decided to took her panty out with little difficulty I removed her panty and saw her pussy closely and as clearly as I could have in the night lamp .It was a great feeling.For quite a long I sucked her boobs and fingered fucked her.I was dying to fuck her .I took my Lund out

of my pajamas and was trying to find the hole of my sister pussy .I tried to enter her but I could not for the first time, I was not able to locate her hole ,it was totally wet by now ,I forget the relation in between both of us all I knew I want to have her ,my tool was rock hard I kissed on her pussy and smelled it ,it smelled great ,then I located the hole and inserted my one finger and started doing in and out movement ,after some time I inserted two finger I was feeling the palpitation in her pussy ,when I tried to put the third finger in ,she moved but by now I was so very excited that it was not possible to stop ,I kept my hand on her pussy without doing any thing after some time I kissed on the pussy again ,I parted her pussy lips and tasted it out of excitement I even inserted my tongs in her cunt ,it tasted little salty(not great to be frank), but because of excitement I kept on licking it for around 10 minutes, I saw small little buds of her pussy fully erect, it was a great feeling to see ,then I put my tool on her pussy opening and tried to put it in side but I don’t know in spite for trying so hard I was not able to penetrate her it was really frustrating after some time I tried again but when I applied too much pressure she closed her leg I think because of pain , in the meat time I ejaculated on her pussy and failed to fuck her that night I was able to do this after 3 days I will tell you in detail in my next letter , how I entered her please send your incest to me I will tell you more..

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Hotest smooch don’t miss it

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Shreya Lip lock from Dil dosti etc..

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Shreya Lip lock from Dil dosti etc..

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