Fucking my dear Shanthi Aunty

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My name is rahul and I live in delhi, I would like to share with all of you my recent experience with an aunty who lives in my apartment complex in vizag. Her name is shanthi, she is around 42 years of age, and blessed with great assets. She has 2 daughters who are 13 & 11 years. (more…)

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India Widowed Daughter Sex By Father

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My name is Diwakaran. I am a 53 year old widower, living near Cochin, in the state of Kerala, in India. I was leading a decent middle class life, until my wife expired last year. This is my real life story. Though I am totally ashamed of myself and my actions, I have only written this, to make other widowers like me, aware of the dangers of loneliness and also the dangers of staying alone with their daughters, during such times of loneliness in life .

My wife and I have only one daughter. Her name is Anuradha. Since she was our only daughter, we loved her very much. Anuradha too loved us a lot. Like any daughter, I suppose that she even loved me more, as I was her father. We got her married very early in the year 2001, when she was 18 years of age. Anuradha had a happy married life and gave birth to two children, within the next 4 years. Tragedy stuck in the month of January, this year. In a car accident, her husband passed away. My daughter became a widow. She was only 22 years of age. At such a tender age, now she had the responsibility of bringing up 2 little children. My daughter stayed from January 2006 with her in-laws. As they lived in a joint family and as I lived alone, in the month of October this year, they suggested that Anuradha and her children should come and live with me, from Deepawali onwards. At that point, from the time my wife had expired in 2005, I had been living all alone. For two years, there was no woman in my house. I was depressed and frustrated at my loneliness.

So, when my daughter and her children came to live with me, I was over-joyed to have their company. I had a small house – one living room, two bed-rooms, kitchen, and the usual bath-room, with a WC. Since the rooms were small, each bed-room had space for only one bed. Anuradha and her children occupied one bed-room and I slept in the other bed-room. My daughter took charge of all the needs of the house – in terms of cooking, cleaning, washing etc. She kept the house clean and made sure that, I was served coffee, milk, breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. For one month, things were fine. One day, during the 3rd week of November, when I woke up early in the morning, I found Anuradha asleep on a mat in the living room! I woke her up.

I asked her, ” Anu, what happened? Why are you sleeping here? Why are you not sleeping on the bed, in your room, with your children? ”

She replied, ” Oh Papa! There is almost no place on the bed. Your grand-children toss and turn and kick their legs while sleeping. It was so disturbing, that I came here and slept ”

I said, ” You should have woken me up. I would have come and slept on this mat in the living room and you could have slept on my bed, in my bed-room ”

She replied, ” No Papa. That is your and my late mummy’s bed. I did not wish to be a nuisance ”

I said, ” Anu, what is this? You are my daughter. Though you have become a mother of two children, yet, you are still my child. So dont talk nonsense. From tonight, let your children use the bed in your bed-room, you sleep on my bed and I shall come and sleep here, in the living room ”

She said, ” No Papa. I dont want you to sleep on the floor, so let me sleep here. It is no problem for me. You continue sleeping on your bed ”

I firmly said, ” No Anu, you will sleep on my bed and I will sleep on the floor here. That is final. Now – no arguments ”

She said, ” OK Papa. But, I dont want you to sleep on the floor. If you insist that I should sleep on your bed, then I have an idea. Look Papa, is it OK with you, if I come and sleep on your bed, along side with you? Afterall I am your daughter and have slept on your bed along side you, so many times, during my child-hood ”

I should have thought about the dangers. I should have thought well, before answering. Foolishly, I did not. I simply did not want my own daughter to be disappointed. Afterall she was simply being affectionate. So without any vision, in order not to hurt her,

I replied, ” OK Anu, from tonight, after putting your children to sleep in their room, you come and sleep on my bed, beside me! Happy now? ”

She replied happily, ” Yes Papa. Like old times. I can still recollect all those nights during my child-hood, when I used to sleep next to you and you used to tell me stories! ”

That night, after dinner, I went to my bed and lay down on one side – leaving ample space for my daughter on the other side of the bed. For some reason, I could not sleep and was lying wide awake on my bed, in the darkness, as there was the usual nightly power-cut. After finishing all her work, my young daughter put her children to sleep. The door to my bed-room opened. I saw my daughter entering with a candle. She glanced at me. She thought that I was asleep. So, I too pretended to be asleep – but my eyes were slightly open, watching her. As the candle light, was too dim, she could not see my slightly open eyes. I looked at her, as she moved about silently in the semi-darkness, keeping some news-papers, on the shelf.

I had always looked upon my daughter, as a little girl. Though my daughter was the mother of two children, it was for the first time in the candle light, I realised that, she was a fully grown woman! She was beautiful. She had obviously had a bath. My daughter was very fair. Now with her white saree and blouse, she looked like an angel. I saw the out-line of her gorgeous breasts, from under the palloo of her saree. When she turned, I also noticed the out-line of her large and firm buttocks, from under her saree. As I watched her, I felt my penis getting erect. I had been without a woman for almost 2 years. Now that I was seeing a woman in my bed-room and that too – in the semi-darkness at night – I was getting sexually excited – though it was my own daughter! I was disgusted at myself!

Anuradha put off the candle. In the darkness, she came and lay down beside me. I was awake and hoping that she would not notice the erection under my dhoti! I could smell her fragrance. My erection was fully raging now. Within the next 10 minutes, I noticed that she had fallen asleep. I turned on my side to look at her. She looked so innocent. So beautiful. So tender. So delicate. It was sad that she had become a widow. Though my penis was erect and I felt like touching her exciting body, I knew my limits. Anu was my daughter. I dared not touch her. I tried to sleep and finally fell into a stupor.

After 2 hours, some movement on the bed, woke me. I saw that, in her deep sleep, Anu had turned and snuggled up close to me, like she used to, when she was a little girl. Her voluptous body touched mine. She had flung her left arm over me, hugging me. The only problem now was – she was not a child. She was a fully grown attractive and voluptous woman. And more importantly, I was a man, who had gone without a woman, for two years. My penis was once again erect! My heart was beating wildly. I started sweating! I was frightened. She had hugged me out of a daughter’s trust and love, for her father. Not out of any sexual feeling. I did not wish to do anything foolish. I did not wish to be an idiot. But, no matter how much I tried, I could not control my own sexual excitement. A war was raging within me. A war between a father’s feelings towards a daughter and a man’s feelings towards a sexually attractive woman. After some time, she came more close to me and hugged me more tightly. She was whispering something in her sleep. I tried carefully and listened,

She whispered in Malayalam, ” Vasu . Darling . I want you . I am aching for you . Come Darling . I am waiting! ”

I was shocked and saddened too! Vasu was her late husband! My daughter was missing him sexually! God! She was not hugging me, with affection – as a daughter. She was dreaming that she was in bed with her late husband and hugging him – sexually! I realised that it was almost 10 months since her husband had expired and obviously my daughter was sexually frustrated. So here we were – both – a widower father and a widowed daughter, both sexually frustrated! Anuradha, now put her left leg over my legs. I could distinctly feel the heat from her crotch, seeping through her saree, through her petticoat and through my dhoti, directly onto my penis. Further, again in her sleep, she caught my head with her left hand and pushed it downwards, towards her breasts and began whispering again.

She whispered, ” Vasu . Darling . here, take my nipples . the baby may wake up . so drink my milk . before he wakes up . but keep some for the baby! ”

Though I am a father and I love my daughter as a father should, yet, I am also a man with human weaknesses. I knew that my daughter was breast feeding her baby. Now that she was virtually pushing my head towards her breasts, I did not resist. I allowed her to do so. But after pushing my head a few inches towards her breasts, to my disappointment, she turned. She was lying on her back with her head turned towards me, and I could tell that she was in a deep sleep. I got up slightly.

I crouched over her and whispered, ” Anu, are you awake? ”

Eliciting no response, I gently shook her shoulder to see if she would open her eyes. Again, no response. With my inhibitions disappearing, and my arousal growing, I grabbed the top of her saree palloo and slipped it down, to reveal her young breasts in her bra and blouse. I saw she was wearing a white bra inside her blouse. Very nervously I gazed at my daughter’s body. Her breasts made the blouse, taught, across her chest. I ran my palm very lightly over the breasts and cupped them. I got more excited.

Ever so slowly, I began un-hooking her blouse and managed to open it completely. Now her lovely breasts were visible in her bra. I lightly touched her bra. I paused, checking her face again to see if she was waking. My hands were shaking at this point, and my knees felt ready to buckle. Taking a silent, deep breath, I turned her slowly to her left side. I un-hooked her bra and turned her again on her back. The sight was incredible. My young daughter’s breasts were perfect. They were large, round and fleshy, with large, black and protruding nipples topping them off. Just the way I liked them.

Silently, I began fondling my widowed daughter’s exciting breasts. I lightly pinched her nipples. Anuradha stirred in her sleep. Now, I simply could not control myself. I bent and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I started sucking upon it. Warm sweet milk started shooting into my mouth. This was my daughter’s breast milk, meant for my grand-child. But, here I was – lustfully drinking my own daughter’s breast milk! As I drank her milk, I got careless. I bit her nipple, while pinching her other nipple hard with my hand. Anuradha suddenly woke up. She was shocked to see that I had un-hooked her bra and blouse, was fondling one breast with my palm and was suckling upon her other breast.

She exclaimed, ” Papa! What are you doing? ”

With shame, I replied, ” I am sorry Anu, I could not control myself. After your mother died, I have been with out a woman. Now, when you hugged me in your sleep, I simply could not control myself. I am really sorry! ”

Even when I was saying sorry, I could not stop fondling her breasts. Anu looked at me sadly. She kept quiet for a long time. She was immersed in her own thoughts for a while. She just lay there without moving, or without talking.

I said, ” Anu, I am really sorry Darling. I really am. I have been a beast ”

She quietly removed my hand, from her breasts and said, ” Papa! I understand. I understand that you miss Mummy. But, I am your own daughter. So, please do not do this ”

I pleaded, ” Anuradha, yes, I agree that this is wrong. But, I am not able to help myself. I must touch you and have you now! ”

She exclaimed, ” No Papa. Please. Please dont do this. I am a widow. I am the mother of your own grand-children. This is a sin. I can not face them and myself tomorrow, if you force yourself on me, tonight ”

I said, ” Anu dear, please allow me – only tonight. I am desperate to enjoy your body. Look, I have such a huge erection. Look how frustrated I am! Dont you love me anymore? Dont you care for my needs? Dont you want your Papa to be happy? ”

She started crying and sobbed, ” Papa, I have always loved you and still love you. But not like this. I love you as a daughter. So, please leave me now. I shall go and sleep in the living room now! ”

I was afraid that she would leave the bed and go. I was so desperate that without waiting for her answer, I leaned on my daughter and kissed her. I again lowered my head over my daughter’s breasts and sought her nipples, with my mouth. My daughter began struggling under me and tried to wriggle free, to run away. I caught her wrists and forced myself on her, to crush her under my weight and keep her from running away. She kept struggling, but could not move from under my weight. I opened my mouth and sucked her erect nipples into my mouth. My tongue was moving over her swollen breast. Finally she gave up struggling.

She sobbed, ” Papa, is what you are doing to me, right? Is it not a sin? I know you want a woman to satisfy you. But cant you find some other woman Papa? I am your own daughter, afterall! ”

I replied, ” I know Darling. I am ashamed. But I am unable to control my feelings. I am excited now. I want you as a woman, tonight. I want to touch you, feel you, caress you and fuck you! Please dear, can we forget that we are father and daughter for tonight? Please? I am so desperate! ”

Then quietly she said, ” Papa, if you take me tonight, obviously, you would never be able to control yourself on other nights. That means I will have to become the woman in your life, to whom you have to come for your pleasure. In reality that means, I would become your mistress. Is that what you want? ”

I said, ” Yes, Anuradha, I am really sorry. But I need to enjoy, your lovely body tonight ”

She said, ” OK Papa. I understand that being a man, you have needs. And since you have been without mummy for so long, I understand. Do not be sorry. Its OK! You want to drink my milk, from my breasts Papa? OK – Drink it. Just leave some for your grand-son ”

I fondled her breasts and again and pinched her nipples. I bit her tender breasts and sucked upon her swollen nipples. Gradually, she began moaning and moving her hands through my hair, as she thrust her nipples into my mouth. It was as if, my daughter was handing me, a precious, delicate gift. I suckled on her nipples and completely drank all my daughter’s breast milk. Now, my daughter looked at me – silently.

She asked me, ” Satisfied Papa? ”

I replied, ” Anuradha, I really dont know what to say. You are my daughter. But, frankly . well . I mean . if you are OK . then, I would like to do other things too! ”

Again, she did not answer me, for a long time. I waited. My heart was beating fast and I was desperately hoping that she would allow me to make her mine.

I told her, ” Anuradha, I want to see your cunt now ”

She closed her eyes and parted her thighs. My hand moved to her legs and began pulling up her saree. I could see a white petticoat covering her legs. I pulled up the petticoat too, exposing my young Anu’s lovely thighs. I pulled up the saree and petticoat further, to expose her vagina. Anu had not worn any panties. I was shocked. It was covered with so much, of black, curly, silky hair. Her cunt was completely matted with her thick pubic hair. I untied the rope of her petticoat and pulled it away from her, along with her saree, leaving her naked. She covered her face with shyness. I massaged my daughter’s thighs and kneaded the fleshy mound of her amazingly hairy cunt. I ran my fingers, now and then, all along her crack, manipulating the labial swelling and teasing my daughter’s clitoris. She couldn’t bear the sensations. She widened her thighs and offered her cunt to my access, willingly. Then I pushed my middle finger into the slushiness of her crevice. My daughter lifted her buttocks a little and fucked back at my finger, exposing her own eagerness, shamelessly.

I now kissed my daughter’s hairy cunt and played with her silky pubic hair. When the tip of my tongue probed into her engorged cunt lips, a shiver of pleasure ran through the length of her body. I started lapping at her cunt and sucked up her honey-juices. I ran my tongue all along the labyrinths of its inner lips and on the rim of its swollen outer lips. As time went, waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Tossing her head, from side-to-side, moaning and groaning, she lifted her buttocks and pushed the gash of her cunt at my face. Suddenly my daughter convulsed. The dam inside her cunt broke down, to bathe my tongue and mouth with the floods of its juices. Her buttocks collapsed on the floor, but she didn’t let me go. I lapped at her cunt for some more time, till she was satisfied. I smiled at my daughter. Out of shyness, she covered her face with her hands. I took away her hands and kissed her tenderly.

She whispered to me, ” Papa, take me now. Make love to me, as strongly as you can. Dont worry about me. I can’t wait any more ”

So saying she, spread her thighs wide apart and pulled up her knees to touch her chest. In that spread out position of her cunt, my innocent Anu looked so vulgar, so cheap and yet – so exciting!

She said, ” Is this not, what you lusted for – Papa? Here I am. Here is my most private part, for your own pleasure. Your own daughter’s most private part. I have now made myself completely exposed and as vulnerable as I could be, as my gift for you. For all your love and care for me, from my child-hood! ”

I placed my throbbing cock at her little vaginal entrance and began to thrust it into her. As I began to enter her, she screamed. But, as I kept thrusting my cock deep inside her pussy. She seemed to be in terrible pain. I stopped.

I asked her, ” Anu Darling, what is the matter? Are you in pain? ”

She whimpered, ” Yes, Papa, it is terribly paining. Please keep still and dont withdraw. Just give me a moment to relax. I shall be OK and then you can thrust your organ, fully into me ”

I asked her, ” Anu you have given birth to two children, So, your cunt must be large enough. So, why is it paining you? ”

She whimpered again, ” Papa, you are a real man. The size of your huge penis, is simply too big for my vagina. Your organ is almost three times as long and as thick, as my late husband’s organ – was. My vagina is not used to such a big organ. Plus, after my husband’s death, I have not had sex at all. Almost a year. So possibly I may have shrunk. Now your organ is opening my vagina up, all over, again! But dont worry Papa. Just give me a minute to accomodate your organ. I should be OK shortly and then you can push yourself into me fully and begin to have your pleasure! ”

My daughter was really caring. I kissed her. I leaned over and sucked her erect nipples into my mouth. After a while, when I saw that my daughter was OK, I forcefully thrust my full organ into her tight cunt. She screamed again. Now I began fucking her slowly. Not the big rush, that I was in before, but with long deep strokes. Gradually, my daughter was begining to enjoy my strokes.

She said, ” Papa, my pain is gone now. Now you can increase your speed and take your pleasure from me. I will also try and give you pleasure, like mummy probably gave you ”

I started thrusting myself more faster and deeper into her cunt. She was herself raising her buttocks and fucking herself back, at my thrusting organ!

As I was fucking her, I asked her in lust, ” Anu, is this how your husband used to fuck you too? ”

She said, ” No Papa. Though Vasu was a nice husband, he was not so good in bed. He had a small penis and could not control himself. He used to ejaculate into me in 10 seconds after he put his organ into my vagina. You are fucking me so hard and for so long. I am enjoying you, so much more ” My speed and force increased further. I could see that my daughter was building up towards her orgasm. I started slamming my cock into her cunt with full force and vigour now. Anuradha was biting her lips and focussing on getting her orgasm now. I slammed into her still more deeply. She wrapped her arms and thighs around me. She fucked her vagina upwards onto my penis, with such force and pressure, as fast as I could move. Suddenly her vaginal muscles gripped my penis and burst with her orgasm. She moaned deeply as her vagina, began to release her juices. Her nails dug into my back, as her thighs wrapped tighter around my torso. Her orgasm lasted for almost a minute and she kept moaning through out. Finally she collapsed dead tired. After a minute she regained her composure.

She said, ” Papa, now its your turn for pleasure ”

I said, ” No Anuradha, I should not ejaculate into your cunt. I dont want you to get pregnant. I think that you better suck my organ and let me do that, in your mouth ”

She replied, ” Papa, I shall certainly suck your organ and give you pleasure. But later. Now I want you to ejaculate into my vagina. I want to feel my strong Papa’s fertile semen shooting through my womb. Dont worry Papa, I shall have birth-control pills from tomorrow. But tonight, I want you to have your pleasure in my vagina and fill me up ”

So saying she gripped my cock, with her strong vaginal muscles and again started thrusting her cunt on my penis. I felt heavenly and knew I could not last. Finally, my own orgasm burst. I slammed my cock into my daughter’s cunt with all my might, for one last time and began ejaculating my semen, deep into her cunt. I finally collapsed on my daughter. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me.

I whispered, ” Anuradha, did that feel like, you thought, it would? ”

She smiled dreamily, ” Yes Papa. That was incredible. I always knew you were a strong man, But never imagined that you are so strong and exciting ”

I said, ” I am glad you enjoyed it ”

She said, ” Papa, I am glad this happened between us. I have noted that you were so desperate, due to the lack of a woman. From tonight, I am your woman. I am your Mistress. Now apart from the house, I can take care of your pleasure too! So whenever, you want me in bed, just call me. I shall be glad to give you my body to keep you happy ”

I said, ” But Anuradha, what about our neighbours and your children? I am worried! ”

She mischieviously replied, ” Oh Papa! You are such a dumbo! For the neighbours, we will be what we are. A widowed daughter, being taken care of, by her own father. My children are too small for them to know anything. And anyway, I will put them to sleep in their rooms and then come here to you every night. You can then use my body and take your pleasure from me. So everything would be OK. Dont worry! ”

Now my daughter has actually become my mistress. She sleeps in my bed and 2 – 3 times a week, makes it a point to fuck me and keep me happy.

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First sex in hospital

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Hi, Readers, I am not a real story writer but I am telling u my real life example which happened me some time back, Whenever I visit that site I always wonder are they real or not, But when it happens to me I strongly agreed with that, its all real. Anyhow I must start my story.

I am Ali (name changed) from Lahore, doing job in Telecom Company and having no any affair with any Girl or lady. As my family called me Molvi (but they don’t know me Hhahhahhh). I am just checking my mails on internet any suddenly I got a mail from somebody.

I just click that and become a member of that community for 1 year for free, I am happy that I don’t need to pay any amount so I just visited that site and see who is a member of that site, Then I find a lady robeena (name changed) who is married with 3 kids now these are 4,

so I just give a message for friendship. I believe that could be a fake ID, so I just put my cell number with my message, After 3 day I got a call from Warid number and ask who is it, she was robeena and we kept going on for chat,

as she is very good by nature she at the first call told everything about her, she is married, having 3 kids, and her life with his husband, One night I was making my collage work making some assignments, I received a call from robeena,

I cut her call and called her on her number and ask is everything okay. she begun crying, I forced her to tell me the reason of her carrying, she said she will tell me latter, so days passed she did not call and not even send me any message, I was worried about her,

(at that time I don’t have any bad feelings about her,) she said she will call me in night I said okay, at the time of 2.45 AM, she called me and said she is not happy with her husband, her husband having a affair with the lady who works in his office,

and he spent more time with her and don’t want do any relation with me, I felt sorry for her, and I changed the topic,, she understand my techniques and suddenly said “tum be usi ki tharah ker rehy hoo mari baton main, mary zindgi main kiss ko koi interest nahi,

” I said “nahi yar I am always with u. ” she again carrying, I make her to relax by telling a joke so she feel okay at that time, same way she called me at late night although it hurts my MBA but I don’t mind as she feel relax and okay while talking to me,

so one day at the end of my semester and having off from office I way enjoying with my family I again received a buzz from robeena, she said her husband is ill and having his MRI from other hospital and it will take 4 to 5 hours can you come,

I agreed and start my bike (i have bike at that time) to reechoed the hospital in 25 mins as it was far away from my home, at the door of that hospital I ask where to I come, she got a private room in hospital and was in 2 nd floor,

I reached at the room and she was standing there and doing wait for me, Oh my GOD, what a sight that was, As I was thinking she is just a average woman but she turn me on, You people cant image what a bomb she was, she was in her early 30s and a mind blowing body,

she was 36 29 and 32. yar she was looking kowl. she welcome me and I entered the room, she shut the door and sat near by me, Oh my GOD I was just looking at her and keep as she said “abs bus be ker kiya nazar lagani hai,”

at the first 20 mins I was unable to understand what to do. so we start doing chat and I ask her what was the reason you did not tell me any thing about u, she said she was afraid that if she tell me anything I begin to black mail her, but after then she told me everything.

She is a well educated as she has done masters in economics and little bit Islamic as well, but she is a fashionable as well. so we were talking about her life she again begin crying, and put her head on my shoulder. I ask her if she is not feeling well then she should take rest,

but she said mujhy yeahi rehny do, and then I warp her up with my arms and ask her what she wants from me, she said me give me ur Dick, I was shocked as I didn’t heard such a bold word from any lady before, so I said take I am urs, then she said me lay o bed,

I did so then she said loses ur paints, and then said “aping shirt be utar do ” I did so, at the same time she was just instructing me, and I was doing as she was saying, after that I said “tum be tu apny kapary utarooo ” she said “kion nahi lakin yeah kam tum keron”

I just put my right hand on her left booob “yar yeah tu bouht kamal hain ” then she said “abhee tum nay bouhat kuch or dekhana hai ” so I kept untie her from her cloths as I pull down her shirt, wow what a sight st, Michel’s bra was on her I told her

“yeah to baray piayary lag rehy hain ” she said “abhe yrah tumharay hain jo marzi kero” then I began to suck that, wow what that taste was, I was enjoying a woman’s boob first time. any how I really don’t know how to do. as per her she said “yar fikar kion kerty hoo main honn na”

I told her, “isi bat ka tu dar hain kay tum hooooo” she smiled and said “choro main khud hi kuch kerty hoon, ” then she hold my dick which was already in 90′ degree position, and begaun to sucking it, yar I cant tell you the feeling at that time,

she suck that my tool for at-least 10 to 12 mins so I was about to cum, I put out my dick from his mouth and cum on floor, after that, I suck her boobs for 5 mins, at that time I was eating bananas as well. Which provide me some energy to do that again,

after that I ask her to lay down, she did as I was unable to put into her hole my 8 inches dick, because that was my first time that I was fucking any lady so I ask her come over me and she did the same, she was doing that first time as well with any other person other then her

husband, so she was used to it, she came over me hold my dick in her hand and guided to her hole, Oh my GOD what a feeling that was. I was like in heaven, moans are coming out mf my mouth, and her as well, she was jumping on my dick and enjoying the time,

I was enjoying her moves, I was laying on bed and staying clam, she was doing by her own style, after 5 mins I came again at that time she stand up and bring some tissues to clean my dick she put these tissues on dick and clean with her own hands, what a pleasant sight that wassssss, I really enjoy that.

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Family Incest “Something Happened “

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I’m 45, a good husband and a loving father to a son and a daughter. I run my own business and I run it pretty well — we’ve never really wanted for money.

I play golf once a week when I can, I put my pants on one leg at a time and I belong to a couple of local service clubs. In short, I’ve always seen myself as normal.

Until today, that is, when I walked into the bathroom and everything changed.

My daughter’s name is Jenny. She’s 19 and home from college for the weekend. My wife’s out of town visiting her parents, and Jenny’s brother will be back next weekend.

Until this afternoon, I thought of my daughter as beautiful in the way every doting father sees his daughter as beautiful. Jenny’s also a good girl — studious, hard-working, a scholarship student — but she’s also a little introverted. Not many friends in high school and only a couple of boyfriends, neither of whom made it past two months of dating.

To Jenny’s benefit, she got most of my wife’s looks. Jenny’s got a heart-shaped face and shoulder-length brunette hair. She’s wide-hipped and big-breasted, but she’s fairly athletic and she’s tall. At least I contributed height to the package. At 5’11”, her 34D breasts simply make her look statuesque. Sometimes, she slumps so as not to accentuate them.

Jenny had been quiet all weekend. She’d talked a bit and laughed at all my unfunny jokes, but her eyes were distant. It was mid-afternoon on Saturday as I finished up washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen that I realized my daughter had been showering for what must have been an hour. We’d had lunch together. She’d gone to shower after lunch. Now, an hour later, the water was still running.

Dish towel over my shoulder, I debated what to do. Sighing, I finally went to knock on the bathroom door.

“Go away,” Jenny said.

“Honey, you’re using all the world’s hot water reserves. What’s wrong?”


I tried the doorknob. Locked from inside.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

I heard the doorknob click as she unlocked it and pulled the door slightly open. Steam billowed out.

Without thinking anything through, I walked in.

Jenny sat naked in the tub while the shower streamed down on her. The curtain was partially open, but the floor wasn’t too wet.

She turned and looked at me. “Leave me alone.”

I was transfixed by the sight of her. For the first time, I realized my daughter’s breasts were a woman’s breasts. They glistened in the stream of water, large and full and flushed from the heat. Her full lips pouted, but instead of wanting to soothe whatever the cause of that pout was, I wanted to kiss those lips, feel my tongue slide between them and be met by her tongue. I wished the curtain was fully open so I could…

I shook my head to clear it and wiped my forehead. “Honey, whatever’s wrong, we can talk about it. Turn the shower off and get dressed. I’ll be in the living room.”

She grabbed my arm and stopped me from leaving while she rose, shower still running, water still streaming down her body, which was now entirely revealed.

Her naked breasts were even more lovely when she stood. I noticed one tiny black hair growing out of the aureole of her left nipple and wondered what it would feel like to pull that tiny imperfection out with my teeth before suckling at that perfect pink-bubblegum nipple.

A small black mole sat about an inch below her belly button. She was an ‘insie.’ I’d known that and not known that until now. Now, I wanted to insert the tip of my tongue into that belly button and see if I could make her laugh. Or moan.

Jenny had the slightest of bellies rising up from her naked pubic area. Somehow, that belly and the realization that my daughter shaved her pussy finally overwhelmed my cock and caused it to stand at attention. If it could have whistled, it would have.

I hoped my daughter wouldn’t look down. I was wearing sweat pants.

“Honey, I’ll be in the living room,” I said. I could see what I’d seen described in erotic novels as the delicate flower of her womanhood, but there was nothing delicate about the feelings aroused in me now.

I wanted to suck her shy clit into my mouth. I wanted to gently insert two of my fingers between these other pouting lips. I wanted to lick and lick and lick. I wanted to know what my daughter’s pussy smelled like. More importantly, I wanted to know what it tasted like. Would she taste like her mother?

Jenny leaned over to turn off the shower. Her ass cheeks developed charming dimples went she bent over. Then she turned back to me and said, “Daddy, am I fat?”

“No,” I said.

Oblivious to her own nakedness and my erection, she continued talking.

“I was in bed with this guy I met at a party on Thurday and he laughed at me. Said I was fat.” She pinched the slight stomach bulge above her mound for emphasis. “Fat! I am so sick of these boys.” She looked back and pinched a bit of her beautifully rounded, wide-hipped ass for further emphasis. “Fat!”

I couldn’t take any more.

After saying, “I’ll talk to you in the living room. I have to change,” I turned tail and fled into my bedroom.

Looking down, I silently cursed both the erection and the spot of pre-cum that now stood out like a cock-targetting laser-pointer on my groin. I shut the door behind me and sat on the edge of the bed, kicking off the sweat pants and then my underwear.

My cock felt 19 again and ready for action. I groaned and thought of those breasts — no, those gorgeous boobs, my daughter’s gorgeous, suckable boobs — and those pouting lips on her face and those beckoning, pinker lips below.

I wondered what it would feel like to gently run the tip of my cock down that long, long back to the crack of that unimaginably dimpled ass. That 19-year-old ass. My daughter’s 19-year-old ass.

No, I corrected myself, hating myself for the thought, my 19-year-old daughter’s round, wide-hipped, dimpled, absolutely perfect ass. I wondered what her asshole looked like, and what a cock — my cock — would look like greased up and sliding into that hole.

I hunched over on the bed and pumped my cock. Cum built and built within me with each stroke, begging to be released. I felt young again. My head pounded. Both heads pounded. Just another stroke or two…

Without knocking and still adjusting the towel covering her, Jenny walked in the door. Her eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise as she came to a sudden stop less than a foot from me. Forgotten as she stared at me, her towel dropped to the floor.

It was all too much. My cock let go as my orgasm tore through me. I groaned and the yelled her name. Cum erupted from my suddenly nostalgic cock in the spurts and jets of my youth, and I powerless to either stop or divert them.

Two great gobs of my cum splatted onto my daughter’s perfect body. One ran down to pool in her perfect belly button. The other landed on an inner thigh to run down her leg. Absently, she rubbed at the cum in her belly button and brought it to her lips. She licked the finger clean and then looked at it and then me, eyes even wider.

Horrified, we stared at each other. She grabbed the towel up and walked quickly from the room. I lay back on the bed. My cock pulsed out a couple more dribbles of cum before finally starting to soften.

I looked at my hands. They were shaking.

Having put on a bathrobe, I had a shower before returning to my bedroom to change. Finally dressed, I walked softly out to the living room, dreading most of the scenarios that might come of this.

Dressed in jeans and a blouse and sitting primly in an armchair reading a magazine, Jenny looked up and smiled when I came in.

“Have a good shower, Daddy?”

I sat on the couch. “Um, yes. Look…”

She rose and walked up to lean over me and kiss me on the cheek before returning to her chair. “It was good talk, Daddy. We should go out for dinner later. Mom said this new Italian place is good, and you’ve been stuck cooking all weekend.”

“Um, yes. Yes it is. That’s a good idea. And, um, maybe a movie afterwards.”

The remainder of the afternoon, thedinner and the movie all went well. We were just a father and daughter again, and Jenny was talking again as well. She was even willing to tell me when my jokes were awful, which I’ll admit they often are.

We watched the news together after we got home and then, yawning, I admitted I should go to bed. Jenny’s a night owl, so I left her in the living room watching an old horror movie. As I leaned over to kiss her good night, one of her hands grazed my groin.

But that may have been an accident, or I may have imagined it.

Now I’m lying here in bed, unable to sleep. The TV turned off a couple of moments ago. Jenny’s footsteps just started down the hall, and I can’t help wondering where they’ll stop, and what I’ll do when I know where they’ve stopped.

Is that a knock on the door?

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After My Husband Dead 18+‏

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My husband had died a couple of years ago leaving my
son Brian and me to survive on our own. My husband had
left behind a small nest egg that had run out a couple
of months ago. Brian and I had been looking for work
ever since. It was not easy to find a job though
because the economy was in a slump and we didn’t have
experience in what jobs were available.
One evening I sat Brian down at the kitchen table
after getting in a fight with the apartment manager
over not paying the rent. “Brian, I don’t know what to
do. The apartment manager is threatening to kick us
out the beginning of next month.” I felt a lump
forming in the back of my throat and I couldn’t hold
back the tears.
“It’s going to be ok mom. We will figure something
“I feel like I have failed as a mother. Look at me I
can’t even take care of you.”
“Don’t say that mom. You’ve done fine. I’ll do any job
and live anywhere as long as we are together.”
“That is so sweet Brian.”
A week had went by and I still didn’t have a job. The
end of the month was coming up fast and I needed rent
money bad. Right now I would do anything for money, I
mean anything. I decided to try the internet to look
to see if there was any type of work I could from
home. I turned on the computer and waited for the
monitor to come to life. “What if I can’t get a job?”
The monitor finally displayed the internet login
prompt. After logging in I typed “home based work”
into the search criteria box. After a couple of
seconds some info popped up. I read through the titles
looking for something that I could do. One caught my
eye “Set up your own web cam.” “Hmmm…. What could
that be.” I click on the link and it brought me to a
page filled with a bunch of text and an email link at
the bottom. As I read through the text I felt a cold
tingle to down my spine. In big bold letters it said
“We pay big money for mother/son kissing photos, $1000
a set.” I leaned back in my chair feeling completely
helpless. Am I really that desperate? I browsed the
rest of the links related to working from home. There
was nothing else that even remotely matched my
abilities. “How could I even ask Brian to do such a
thing. How would I even approach him to ask?”
Well my question was answered that evening after
dinner. “Hey mom, any luck looking on the internet
“Well there was only one that was even remote
possibility but I don’t know if we should do it.”
“We? You mean I could work too?”
“Well it is something we can do at home, but I don’t
think it is something that you would be interested
“How do you know? Besides a week ago you said we were
desperate for money, I don’t think we should be too
picky right now.”
“Ok but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you and don’t hate
me for what I am going to say.”
“Mom come on I won’t hate you no matter what you say.
Now I am really curious what it is.”
“The add says they will pay a thousand dollars for
pictures of mother and son kissing.” Brian’s mouth
hung open and his skin turned pale as though he had
seen a ghost. “You ok Brian? Maybe you should sit down
hon.” He just stood there motionless. BRIAN, I said
are you ok?
“Um yeah I’m ok. So you ok with that?”
“Well I figure it’s just photos of us kissing. And
they’ll pay a thousand dollars Brian. I am so
desperate for money!”
“I know mom but they aren’t looking for just a peck on
the cheek you know.”
“I know. I was scared to ask you Brian but I am
running out of options. With you just out of high
school and me not having degree I can’t find shit.
Sorry about the language but I am stressed beyond
“Mom, I’ll do anything to help. I just wasn’t sure if
you knew what they wanted. There is probably one thing
you should know though, I have never kissed a girl
before so I probably won’t be that good.”
I started laughing. Both the stress and Brian being
concerned about not performing well pushed me over the
edge. I kept laughing until tears came out of my eyes.
“MOM I can’t believe you’re laughing at me. It’s not
something I am proud of and I wouldn’t have told you
if I knew you were going to laugh at me!”
“Honey, I am not laughing because you have never
kissed a girl. I am laughing because you look
embarrassed about not having kissed a girl. There is
no need to be embarrassed, I am honored to be the
first girl you kiss. Why don’t you go set up the
computer and the camera.”
“You want to do it now? Uh, ok.”
“It’s going to be ok Brian. Just go set it up and I
will be in there in a minute.” I was feeling nervous
myself. What would it be like to kiss my son
romantically. Would I actually like it? That thought
scared me. “It’s for the money! ” I kept repeating
this to myself as I finished cleaning up the dishes.
After I was done I headed to the bedroom where the
computer was. Brian had just finished setting up the
digital camera with the computer. “You ready Brian?”
“Yeah I guess so.” His face was pale and looked
“You sure you can do this honey?”
“Yeah, I want to do it mom. I am just a little
“That’s ok, so am I” I said with a reassuring smile.
“Yeah, it’s not everyday that you make out with your
son you know. I feel nervous like a teenage girl going
on her first date.”
“Glad I am not the only one” he said with a smile on
his face.
“Ok lets aim the camera the bed so we can get
comfortable. Do you want to practice a little bit
before we start recording?”
He turned the camera towards the bed and zoomed it in
so that I was the full size of the window in the
software. “Yeah we probably should. I have no idea
what to do.”
I patted the spot next to me on the bed “come sit down
and I will give you lessons in kissing 101.”
He walked over slowly as if the six feet to the bed
had been a mile. He sat down on the bed next to me. I
could hear his breathing quicken and I could see the
anxiety in his eyes. I put my hands on his shoulders,
his body instantly tensed up. “Relax Brian, it’s going
to be ok. Let’s just peck each other on the lips a
couple of times to get used to the feeling of our lips
touching, ok?”
With that I leaned forward and gave him a quick peck
on the lips. His body shuddered. “How was that?”
“That was nice mom. You smell great and the warmth
from your lips sent a tingle down my spine.”
“That would explain you shuddering” I said with smirk.
“Ok you ready for another one?”
“Ok, you can do it a little longer this time.”
I giggled. “Well, looks like my son is starting to
show a little enthusiasm.” I leaned forward and placed
my lips on his. His body tensed up instantly and then
relaxed. I lingered there for a couple of seconds and
then pulled away. “Ok how was that one.”
“Oh man my head feels light and a little dizzy.”
“I’m flattered that I have that kind of effect on my
own son.”
“I want to do it again mom.”
“Whoa slow down there stud” I said laughing. “Do you
want to try a little tongue next now that you are
feeling a little more comfortable?”
“Oh man this is crazy. Ok lets do it. What do I do?”
“Just kiss me like before.” I leaned forward and
touched my lips to his. This time I inhaled his scent
and let my emotions go. I touched his lips with my
tongue and then slowly inserted my tongue between his
lips. His body started to tense up again. I put my
arms around his body pulling him into me. I moved my
head around to his ear and whispered “I love you
Brian.” His body relaxed again. I returned to his lips
and licked between his lips. His lips started to open
slightly. I could feel his hot breath on my tongue. My
tongue darted into his mouth connecting with his. His
body started to spasm. I released my arms from around
his body and backed up. “You ok Brian?”
“Uh I need to go to the bathroom.”
“Why what’s wrong with you. Why are you shaking so
“MOM, I need to go to the bathroom. Please don’t ask
what happened or I’ll die.”
“Oh! Wow I did that just by kissing you? I didn’t
realize you were getting so excited. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry mom. That was the most incredible
experience I have ever had. With what has been going
on the last couple of months it felt like a huge
release of stress.”
“Well I am glad I could be of assistance. Now go get
cleaned up and let’s take some pictures.” After he
left I thought to myself “he was not the only one who
had gotten worked up.” I could feel the moisture
between my legs. This was so wrong, but we needed the
money. “We need the money” I kept repeating to myself.
He returned and sat on the bed next to me. “Ok you
ready to shoot some pictures” I said, trying to push
the earlier thoughts out of my head.
“Yep.” He hopped up and grabbed the remote control for
the camera and sat back down and pressed rec. on the
remote. “Ok I’m ready!”
With that I leaned forward and pressed my lips against
his. I played with his top lip between my teeth. I
placed my hands on his back; his breathing was
quickening and becoming horse. I ran my tongue over
his lips and then backed up to look at him. “How you
doin hon?”
“I’m doing great mom. This is pretty wild. I never
thought that I would be making out with mom some day.”
I put my arms around him and forced my tongue into his
mouth. His eyes opened wide from the sudden assault. I
felt the passion building inside me. I searched every
inch of his mouth and his tongue wrestled with mine. I
pushed him back on the bed and crawled on top of him.
I started rubbing my breasts against his chest; the
electricity surged through my nipples. His body
started to jerk again and his pelvis pushed into mine.
I stopped kissing and held him tightly until his
convulsions stopped. “Well let’s send those pictures
so we can pay some rent.” I hopped off of him and went
to the computer.
I looked back at Brian. His face was red and he looked
meek from embarrassment. “I’m going to go to the
restroom and clean up. I’ll be back in a minute.”
“Hey Brian.”
“You know, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I
got pretty worked up too. Another couple of minutes I
probably would have been shaking too.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yep. Now go get cleaned up and I’ll send these
I logged onto the internet and sent the pictures to
the email address that I copied off of the
The next day I logged back onto the internet and there
was an email message waiting for me. I opened up the
email and read the message “Your $1000 check is in the
mail. Would you be interested in sending us more? This
time we would like fondling besides the kissing. We
will give you $2000 for the set.” I couldn’t move. I
closed the message and turned off the computer.
In the next couple of days the check arrived as
promised. I showed Brian the check and we danced
around the apartment. I signed the back of the check
and ran it over to the apartment manager. “Here is for
last month, this month and next month” I said with a
“Look I don’t like to be mean. I have to pay bills
just like you do ok.”
“I know I am just happy that I got the money.”
Now I just had to worry about food and the next couple
months. Two thousand, that could pay for five months
rent and some food but could I deal with the
consequences? When I walked into the apartment Brian
could tell something was on my mind.
“What’s wrong mom?”
“Nothing, I’m ok.” I must not have been able to hide
my concern because Brian continued to bug me.
“Come on mom what is wrong?”
“Oh I was just thinking what I am going to do about
food and the month after next. But you don’t worry
Brian we’ll be ok.”
“Mom don’t hid things from me. What’s going on?”
“Ok Brian. We don’t have enough food to last another
week and we are only paid up until next week on rent.
I received a message back after sending the pictures
that said he was interested in more pictures.”
“Then what is wrong? Let’s do it.”
“Well it is not that simple Brian. They are interested
in something more this time. They want kissing and
fondling.” I choked up. I couldn’t believe I was
talking this way to my son.
He was quiet for a couple of minutes and then said
“I’m ok with it if you are. After what we did
yesterday I have different sort of feelings for you. I
was scared to say anything thinking that you would get
mad at me but right now I don’t care.”
I was shocked at what he had said; everything was
getting complicated. Had I messed up my own son’s
life? “Brian do you know that this isn’t right?
Mothers and sons just don’t do this sort of thing.”
“Maybe because they don’t want to or they are too
scared to act on their feelings. All I know is what I
feel for you and I don’t care what is right and wrong
according to other people.”
His words were soothing. They were bringing up
emotions inside me that I no longer could control. I
walked over to him and encased him in my arms. I
backed my head away and looked him deep in the eyes “I
love you so much Brian.” I ran my tongue over his lips
while looking him in the eyes. “Let’s go take some
pictures. You better grab a box of Kleenex on your way
to the bedroom” I said with a smile on my face.
I went into the bedroom, switched on the computer and
made sure the camera was still focussed on the bed and
zoomed it out a bit. Brian came in and set the box of
Kleenex on the dresser.
“I’m a little nervous mom. It’s freaking me out a
little to tell you the truth.”
“It’s freaking me out too Brian. You want to practice
a bit before we start recording like we did last time
so you are a little more comfortable?”
“Yeah I think that is a good idea.”
I sat on the bed and he sat down beside me in the
usual position. “Ok how do we start” Brain asked in a
trembling voice?
“Well don’t touch too rough and don’t go too fast.
Just enjoy the moment.” I leaned forward and kissed
him softly on the lips. “Why don’t you start by
touching my breasts.” I took his hands in mine and
placed them on my stomach moving them up my tee shirt
until they were on top of my breasts. I let out a soft
moan into his mouth. I slipped my tongue between his
lips and played with his teeth. His hands began to
make soft circling motions on my breasts. I brought my
head back a little “press record on the camera, I
think you are comfortable enough” and then put my lips
back on his. His hands felt like fire through the
fabric of my tee shirt. I yearned for him to touch my
bare flesh. I slipped my tongue in his mouth and
played with his tongue. My breathing was becoming
heavier and I could feel my juices flowing. His
fingers were playing with my nipples through my tee
shirt. I pushed him on his back and ground my pelvis
against his. “Oh yeah baby you’re making me so hot.
Rub my crotch with your hand.” He moved his hand down
to my crotch and started rubbing me through my jeans.
“No baby inside my pants.” I kept kissing him as he
unbuttoned my jeans. He pushed his hand into my jeans
until they were touching my pussy outside my panties.
“Oh yeah that’s it. Now run your finger up and down
the slit.”
“Your so wet mom!”
“Now you know what you are doing to me.”
His body started jerking so I put my hand on his groin
and started rubbing. “Oh mom I’m cumming.”
“I know hon. Give it all to me baby.” I kept rubbing
until his body stopped. “Well that should satisfy
them.” I gave him a big sloppy wet kiss.
“Wow that was incredible mom.”
“I know, you really got me hot. Ok get cleaned up
honey and I’ll send in the pictures.” I went over to
the computer logged onto the internet and sent the
pictures. While I sat at the computer I thought about
what had just happened. I was looking forward to the
next photo shoot. The person receiving the pictures
must have been on the internet because I received an
email immediately. “Excellent photos, I am sending you
$3000. I am willing to pay you $5000 for photos of
intercourse between you and your son if you are
interested. There are also other people I can link you
up with that would be interested as well.”
When Brian came back in the room I told him about the
$3000 and the next offer. “You told me not to hide
anything so I hope you are not upset.”
“You kidding, after what just happened. When do we get
I smiled at him “how about right now I’m so worked up
I need to get some relief. Press record on the
camera.” I pulled off my shirt and unfastened my bra.
By the look on his face I thought he was going to cum
in his pants again. “Hang on there big guy. You need
to get me off first before you cum again.” I pulled
down my pants and looked at my panties. They were
soaked from our earlier playing. “Time for you to give
mommy a little bit of pleasure. Come here big boy.”
I laid back on the bed and spread my legs. “Kiss my
pussy like you do my mouth.”
He crawled on the bed between my legs. He kissed my
pussy through my silk panties. Feeling his breath on
my pussy sent shivers through by body. My pelvis
instinctively pushed up towards his mouth. “Oh Brian.”
He ran his tongue over my panties down the slit of my
pussy. I grabbed his head and pushed my pelvis into
his tongue. “Oh god Brian pull down my panties. I
can’t stand it anymore.”
He pulled down my panties while kissing my thighs and
pubic mound. I kept thrusting my pelvis trying to get
his mouth on my clitoris. “Oh fuck lick me Brian, lick
my pussy.” He ran his tongue up and down my slit. I
could feel the juice seeping out of my clit. I grabbed
his head and pushed it hard against my pussy. “Suck on
top Brian, I am going to cum.” He started sucking on
my clit and my body shook all over. I lost all control
and started flopping all over the bed like a fish out
of water. “OH SHIT THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” He played
until I stopped shaking and then he slid up my body
and gave me a kiss.
“So how was it?” he asked with a big grin.
I kissed him back “not even your father was that good.
Turn off the camera and let’s get something to eat.
We’ll continue later. By the way you can sleep in my
bed from now on
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