First Time Sex with Old Classmate

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Dear all, this is my first attempt to write my own experience and I am glad to do it in such a wonderful site. After reading the experiences of others, I thought that I should also share my experience. My name is Ryhan, 25, single based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This is about my first experience with my old classmate, which is still going on. (more…)

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Hi readers. This maiden story of mine is a work of pure fantasy and imagination. I have written it as if a lady herself is narrating them. The woman, or you can say the heroine of this erotic story is a young married lady of age 29, fair skinned, 5.7″ in height with a slender physique and a voluptuous size of 34d-28-36. So, wasting no further moment let’s enjoy what she has got in store for us!

Amit mishra and i were married to each other five years ago. It was an arranged marriage. Amit is a talented biological scientist and is most of the time engaged in his experiment and studies. This has been the case both before and after our marriage. Amit is 33 now and is 4 years elder to me. His father, mr. Harish mishra, has got a dozen of garment shops running in the state under his name. Namrata, his wife, is a housewife in her early fifties now. Their eldest son and amit’s only brother, sanjeev, is a professor in the s.k. university. He was married to a lovely woman, shalini, who had died of cancer just one and half a year after their marriage without reaching motherhood. Sanjeev lives alone in a big house in the downtown area of the city. Amit and i reside in an apartment in the heart of the city, and my parent-in-laws have been living in the great bungalow near the market complex to the south of the city.

As i have already mentioned, amit is a busy man and hardly ever gets time out of his day for me. In my post-married life it did hurt me in the beginning but i gradually accepted things like they were. And they became easier for me when my parent-in-laws granted my request of letting me to take up a job. With the help of my elder brother-in-law, sanjeev, i joined the as a lecturer. That was three years ago.

Time flew swiftly on and with it was widening the gap between my husband and me. Sometimes he stayed whole night out of the house submerged in his research. And when he did return the next morning early, it took only a couple of hours before he would off again to the science research center. The routine became habituated to me. And yet, lonely moments at nights and during the days tormented my mind, my soul, and most of all, my desires. Sex in our life became almost negligible. But i let him have his own way of leading life.

After i became lecturer in the, things slowly started taking new turns in my life. The cause was amit’s brother, sanjeev. I found before long a growing friendship between us. He, a charming and considerate personality, began to share my loneliness. At first, it appeared to me that what he wanted was only to find himself a friend with whom he could share his thoughts, his lone times. However, i soon realized myself being attracted to him as something more than a friend. I tried to stop myself early on, but almost a year later, i finally gave up myself to him physically as well. And it was as if i had laid my hands upon some golden treasure of immense joy, happiness and satisfaction. There had been no looking back for me since then and we are still indulged in the secret relationship of romance at the back of my husband and my parent-in-laws.

For the time being, what i will be telling you is about the day when i had submitted my body to him, though i was not cent percent ready to accept his physical love.

By that time we had become closer as intimate friends and many-a-time, i used to visit his house on the outskirt of the city. It is a white two-story building with a tall fence circling it. The nearest house is some 300 meters away to its right. Now, i will tell you what happened that day.

It was a winter day and the university was closed for some reason. We had some papers to check and so i went over to his place around 9 o’ clock in the morning. I was wearing a deep yellow colored flower-printed silk sari, and light green short-sleeve blouse with not-so-deep round neck. My long black hair was done into a big knot at the back of my head.

When i reached the place, i found him just getting up from sleep. He asked me to wait in the hallway as he went away to freshen up. I walked to the end of the hallway where the house was rounded and a bench had been built in the curved wall under a circular window looking out over the side yard. I sat on the bench and looked through the window at the green leaves of the peepal tree in the yard, shining in the soft morning light.

As i sat there in silence, i thought about sanjeev. I pondered over my budding acquaintance with my brother-in-law. I thought of my husband and felt a confusion griping me. Sanjeev was becoming a major ingredient in my life. It was appearing as if i have fallen in love with him. And yet i could not bring myself forward to believe what i wanted to believe. Somewhere in my heart, i knew i liked to be close to him, but my being the wife of his brother restrained my steps from getting closer to him. And i was a helpless soul crushed between her wish and the reality.

I felt sanjeev sit down beside me. I turned to look at him. He was wearing a white plain t-shirt and a red trouser. The dark brown eyes seemed so deep and luminous as he stared at me with a steady gaze. A cool breeze blew in through the window and i shivered slightly.

“good morning,” he said with a relaxed voice. “you had breakfast?”

“yes,” i replied, and smiled faintly as i slipped the sandals off my feet. “what about you?”


“i can go into the kitchen to make breakfast?” i asked.

“i’m not feeling that much hungry right now.”

The suddenly i felt it. The lonely house around us, the closeness between us, his dark mystic eyes watching me. They somehow unnerved me. And i felt a little afraid to be with him for the first time.

“you are so beautiful.” the words floated out of his lips like some rich melody and made me blush.

“what…? I…” i found it hard to get any word to speak. And what i should say?

I almost jumped up as i felt his arm sliding around my waist. He pulled me to him and kissed my forehead.

“sanjeev…” the unfinished sentence trailed off my mouth into silence as he kissed the corner of my eyes, the tip of my nose.

“i love you,” he softly whispered near my face. “i want you, kajal.” the words felt so beautiful, so lovely and i trembled again. I leaned back against his arm, and he drew a line of kisses along my forehead and down my cheek.

Desire flowed through me, insistent, warm and heavy. I raised my face and opened my lips and kissed him for the first time, deeply, drinking him in. My head went dizzy as his tongue pushed into my mouth and explored around languidly. He took his arm from my waist and encircled my shoulders, supporting my head as his mouth drove down on mine. With his other hand, he shifted my sari and cupped my full breast over the blouse. His large fingers drew up the curve to my nipple that went taut with his touch.

My mind by then was in a turmoil, my thoughts spinning away from the hunger of my body. Tears stung my eyes and i was swept away by the waves of happiness and feelings of guilt at the same time. I thought i must stop this…stop him…it is wrong…what?…to love him? To be loved by him? I was caught in a dilemma. But my body was yielding to his touch.

Sanjeev let go of me and stood up. He held me by my shoulders and made me stand up facing him. I could see naked hunger in his eyes glittering bright.

“come with me, darling.” he led me to the foot of the stairs to the upper floor and i walked behind him as if hypnotized. Reaching the foot of the staircase, he lifted me up in his hands and carried me upstairs to his bedroom.

Inside the room, he made me stand near the large canopied mahogany bed and shut the door. Then he came close and loosened the bun of my hair letting my dark wavy hair cascade down behind me. Then he swiftly stripped my sari off my body and threw it down. I stood before him there in the dim lit bedroom in a state of utter confusion.

Then he once more lifted me up and laid me down on the bed. Quickly pulling off his t-shirt, he moved up and stretched himself beside me. My heartbeat soared and i felt so weak to speak even a single word. Lying beside me he said quietly, “the last twelve months have been so good; i’ve met you, and slowly we have come closer. Since the death of wife, i had been so much alone. And you have now filled that gap. I need you, dear, both emotionally and physically. All between us has been so wonderful till now. Has it not been, kajal?”

I gripped my hands to steady myself. “yes,” i said reluctantly now.

He slid his arm along the pillow, beneath my neck, and pulled me to himself. “i want to know you fully; feel you wholly.” his lips brushed my cheek and my eyes that closed under his touch. “i want to build a new relationship based on all those fond moments between us, dear woman,” he said, and his mouth covered mine.

I lay there uncertain of doing anything, taut and frantic. His hand unbuttoned my blouse and slid the material off my chest. My conscience shouted at me, echoing and contradicting my physical need. It was betrayal to my husband and yet, i could not bring myself up to stop his brother, to pull away myself from my lover.

I opened my eyes as sanjeev, supporting me with one arm, pulled down my petticoat and panties, then unhooked my brassiere. Pulling the last bit of cloth off my body he drew his breath deep and for a moment kept quietly looking down at my nudity. I blushed to find myself off-cloth before someone except my husband for the first time. I watched him as he quickly undressed himself completely.

His hands and mouth began to move on my body; his lips whispered on my breasts in slow kisses that made me writhe in a soft sensation. My hands rose and with my fingers i felt the muscles of his shoulders, the smooth skin of his back, and realized i was embracing him. I quickly tore my hands away. For an instant his body stilled, as if caught in mid flight, then bent to me again. He held my breasts and kissed the hollow of my throat.

I heard soft moans escaping from my lips and struggled to hold them back. His naked body moved against mine, demanding and already familiar, and beneath his insistent hands i felt myself letting go into the languor and the desire that flew in chilling waves through the nerves of my body.

I must stop this. The conscious voice slashed through the flames of passion inside me and i winced. Thinking that he has hurt me, sanjeev pulled back, but my body, detached from the tumult in my mind, helped him return to me.

I felt his stiff manhood poking at the flesh between my thighs and thunderbolt hit me. Parting my legs a bit, my body waited in anticipation for him to move. When he slowly entered me, i lay calm and open to him. I could feel that i was by then wet and smooth down there. Three powerful thrusts and he was full inside me. In a sudden rush of joy that leapt like flames before i could control it, i rose to meet him with such a passionate force that he went wild.

He began to push himself in and out of me, in a rhythm. My body flexed under the movement, responding back. His thrusts gradually went deeper and slow, grazing my inner flesh. The next moment he was ramming fast and hard, his flesh slapping mine, arousing my needs further. Desires that had been left ignored overtook my conscious self and i moaned with a pleasure that i had long forgotten.

Moments later, his muscles went tight; he fiercely pressed his lips against mine and sucked hard; a low cry escaped his mouth into mine as he came deep inside me. And with him i had also came, first time after so many weeks.

Then, we lay still, while he pressed me beneath his weight into the bed. The feel of his strength upon me made me feel so much weak and vulnerable. He slowly kissed the nape of my neck, his warm breath caressing my skin. Soon the sense of guilt returned to me as i lay under him all wet and exhausted. “let me go,” i whispered to him.

He lifted his head and his eyes locked mine. “i’m sorry, my dear.” he slid his arms around me again. “are you hurt?”

“please, sanjeev. Leave me.” tears rolled down my eyes as i pleaded to him in a tone torn by agony. I turned away my head to avoid his loving and sympathetic eyes. I shivered as he moved himself off and lay beside me. I got up and walked into the adjoining bathroom to wash up.

Twenty minutes later, i left his house and came back. For six days after that i did not meet him. I even did not go to the university pretending to be ill. Those six days, i found myself in a terrible and decisive fight between my heart and my conscience. My heart had become his, and so too my body, while my conscious self judged it a sin to be disloyal to my husband.

In the end when i met him next, it was my heart that had triumphed in the inner conflict. What happened when we met that day, and how, that i would be telling in the next part of my narration.

[so dears, watch out for the next sequel of this story. And forget not to send remarks and opinions. Forever thine, sanjeeb.

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My day ended up being a bust. I was at my studio apartment alone drinking cognac and coke, and listening some hot Jamz trying to keep my spirits high. I ran through all the digits in my cell, and even dug out my old black book. The only girl I in contact with had screaming kids in the background.

I cooked my self a fat steak and a potato, and sat at my table like I had company. I even dance with myself, but made sure I stayed away from the windows. I flipped through the TV channels and found a rerun of S Train, which amused me for a second. I was getting stir crazy. I stepped out on my balcony about fifty times. I turned on the projector and shined a slideshow of nude chicks up on the wall.

I jumped hearing my cell phone ring. I turned down the music and answered the phone trying not to show how anxious I was. It was my Aunt Nelly. She was coming up with my mother who had too much to drink. I turned off the projector. Hell, I didn’t have anything going anyways.

My mom was a party hound, but sometimes she ended up drinking too much. My mom was still ready to party, but it was more than my Aunt could handle. My Aunt didn’t even wait for me to get my mom in my apartment before she was running back to her car.

My mom took off her shoes and turn my stereo up so loud that I had to turn it back down. For a forty-seven year old woman, my mom had some moves. I got my love for music and dancing from her.

I made some room and we started popping to the music. She was moving her body in ways that would have gotten any body. She was putting that ass on me too. I had to get back with it. That’s just the way it done. She was popping that ass and I was sticking it. I was all up on her as if she was a girl in the club.

It was like three songs before she poured her some cognac. A slow song came on and she got right up on my boy. I was like, “Damn!” She looked up at me and kept grinding. I grabbed her ass and dug in. Oh yeah, fucking with our clothes on.

A fast song came on and she moved away like it was nothing. I was crossed eyed. I made myself a drink and she turned on the projector flashing naked black women on the wall. She kept dancing looking at the pictures. She bounced over and turned off the lights, and then came back up on me.

Some hip hop lyrics make you want to fuck. This was my mom and she was finer than any of the hoes I went out with. She was working me over with that booty up against my pipe. I was like, “Fuck it.” She look back over her shoulder at me and smiled. No wonder all my boys wanted to fuck my mom.

I went for the “tak’em to the parking lot moves.” I reached over touching the inside of her knee and on the next beat I slid my fingers up her inner thigh then around to her ass, while slipping my other hand under her short dress and coochie a pat. I was more surprised by that move. She didn’t even have pubic hair over her pussy. She twisted and bumped her crotch to mine before I could make my next move.

The tempo changed and she put her soft ass back up against me. I slid one hand to her boob and the other to her pussy. She grind back as I rubbed her wet pussy. I was more intoxicated by her than I was by the cognac.

She turned around in my arms when the music changed to a slow song, and kissed me fully on the lips. I mean, deep tongue kissing. All I could think was, “Fuck! Now!”

I pulled her tightly little up over her round booty as I walked her back over to my bed. She opened my pants and I only had to step out of them when we got to the bed. She grabbed my dick and pulled me on top of her.

We would have been bagging the head board if I had one. I think it was the best pussy I ever had because it was my mother that I was fucking. She was throwing that shit back at me too. I mean, we were grunting and sweating up the sheets. It got even better when she turned around doggie-style. I hit it with everything that I had. Most of it was because I wanted to impress her, the other was just pure lust.

I woke to the smell of bacon and eggs the next morning. My mom made up breakfast and was sitting it out on the balcony. I hit my mouthwash, and then gave her a good morning kiss on the cheek. Sometimes my mom would just let things go without talking about them, I thought this was cause for one of those times, and we could let things go back to normal.

She sat down and said, “Oooo my pussy is so sore.”

I laughed out loud, not because she was in pain, but it was the first time that I had ever heard my mother use the word “pussy.”

“It was the joint!” I said.

She said, “Well, don’t get too happy. It’ll be a week before you can get some more of this.”

“I can have some more?” I asked.

“Well, I want some more too,” she said.

I didn’t have any more problems finding a babe on the weekend, because my mom and I were going out getting ripped.

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Sisters Plus one

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By the time this experience happened, my sister Lynn and I had been lovers for almost a year (see my previous story, “Sisterly Experience”). I was now 14, and my breasts had grown considerably. Lynn, now 16, was every bit as beautiful as she had been when we became lovers. We still enjoyed our sex together very much, but we had discovered something else that was an incredible turn-on to us. Often, after we played around for a little while to get good and horny, we would simply masturbate together while we talked about something sexual. It was sometimes a role-play fantasy, and we would talk as if we were the people we were fantasizing about; other times, we would just talk about someone we knew, and what we would like to do to her.

That’s how this experience came about. Lynn and I were alone at home one day, and we were in the living room, lying across from each other on the couch. We were both rubbing our young pussies while we talked about Lynn’s best friend Deana. Lynn had never talked to Deana about her secret lesbian interests; in fact, no one knew about her sexuality except a couple of friends whom she had been with before me. Deana was a beautiful girl, with very nice breasts (although not as big as Lynn’s) and a fantastic ass. Both of us had seen her naked numerous times, as we often went swimming with her in her pool during the summer. As we lay there masturbating, Lynn and I discussed what we would like to do to Deana. Eventually, we both erupted into huge orgasms. As we lay there afterward, Lynn said, “Jane, do you think we could ever actually get Deana to join us?”

I was all for the idea, and together we cooked up a plan, a plan that would either ruin our friendship with Deana or get her into bed with us. The following Saturday, Lynn asked Deana to go to the movies with her. Again, Lynn and I were home alone (a common occurrence at our house, fortunately), and as soon as Lynn hung up the phone and announced that Deana was on her way, we got to work. When Deana came in, there we were, on the floor. I was on top of Lynn in a hot 69 position. We looked up, acting as if we were shocked. Deana’s jaw dropped, but she didn’t turn and run; in fact, she seemed rather excited. Neither of us made an effort to move; we just looked at Deana, two naked bodies stacked up on the floor. Finally, Deana broke the silence. “Don’t let me stop you; go right ahead,” she said, her voice breaking with excitement.

She didn’t have to tell us twice. Lynn and I instantly went back to work on each other. I buried my face deep between her legs and continued to eat her cunt as I had done so many times before. Before we knew what was happening, Deana had stripped and was kneeling beside us in the floor. She began to run her hands across my upturned ass, finally pulling my cheeks apart to reveal my tiny pink hole. As she leaned forward to lick it, Lynn could wait no longer; she reached out and planted her hand firmly on Deana’s soaking wet pussy. Deana moaned as her tongue made contact with my ass. Finally, I had an idea; I suggested that we retire to our parents’ bedroom, where we could be more comfortable. As we made our way, Deana asked us how long this had been going on. We told her the story of how Lynn and I had become lovers. She was very intrigued, and told us of her experiences with her older cousin, who had taught her about a year before.

Once inside the bedroom, we arranged ourselves and continued with our passion. We started with a simple, yet steamy, three-way kiss. It was so exciting to have these two soft tongues touching mine. Deana laid back on the bed as Lynn and I began to suck on her beautiful tits. I slipped my hand between her legs and began to massage her clit while we continued sucking. Before long, Deana was screaming as she had her first orgasm of the day. She then asked for Lynn’s pussy, explaining that she had wanted my sister ever since she became interested in girls. Lynn obliged, lying back and spreading her legs. Deana crawled between Lynn’s legs and buried her face in Lynn’s hot pussy. Lynn moaned loudly as Deana ate her like a pro; I just sat back and fingered my own cunt as I watched the action. Lynn, too, came quickly; then it was my turn. I lay face down, with my knees under me and my ass in the air. Deana crawled underneath me and began to lick my pussy, while Lynn positioned herself behind me and began to probe my anus with her tongue, something she had never done before. This new sensation, combined with the prospect of being with two beautiful girls at one time, made me lose control; I had perhaps the best orgasm of my life so far. Deana then suggested that we head to the bathroom, saying that she had something new for us to try. Once inside, she instructed me to lie down on the tile floor. I did as asked, and Deana squatted over me and began to urinate; she pissed all over me! I lay there, thinking that this was unusual, but also very pleasurable. After she finished, she knelt down and began to kiss everywhere that she had just pissed; it was incredible. Lynn, sensing an opportunity to try something new, began to eat Deana’s pussy from behind, no doubt getting a good taste of urine. After Deana cleaned me off with her mouth, she kissed me; it was incredibly erotic to taste her piss off her tongue.

We decided to try one more thing. Deana dressed and drove home quickly (about a 5-minute drive). She returned with a Polaroid camera and a roll of film, which she said she had been saving “for just such an occasion.” We took the entire roll of pictures of all of us in various combinations and positions. We then divided the pictures and Deana had to leave. We had a couple more threesomes with Deana in the next few months, before her grandmother got sick and her family had to move away to take care of her. My sister and I kept our share of the pictures in the back of the closet, and I frequently used them to masturbate, until Lynn took them with her when she moved away (with my permission, of course).

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Love in CBM parking lot

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Love Making around in a CBM parking lot again haha.

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