First sex with younger sister

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It was a long time back when we were young. We were low middle class family and shared a single bedroom house in north Chennai. We were quite poor to afford dresses though by gods grace food was on table. This is weird but true as I My underwear used to go missing at times.

Much later I knew the true reason. One day morning after bath my underwear was missing. I was furious and was rummaging the draws. I asked if anyone knew it and all including my widowed mother and sister were quiet. I left for school without it.

I suspected that my sister was using it. I thought so because she had that wicked smile which I see on her usually during our sibling rivalry moments. So I hid behind the door and true enough she came in to change after school.

The moment she dropped her skirt and I saw it I jumped from behind and confronted her. She was furious and refused to give it to me. I was equally mad and told her that I will take it by myself. She dared me and I took the bait.

I lunged on her and tried to pull it down while she held it tightly. I tried pulling it down from the sides and my hand went to the front of the pussy and as the panty came down I withdrew my hand almost as a shock. the area was spongy, wet and red with blood. I ran away in panic.

After 30 minutes she came into the hall and I was very apologetic. She was quiet with anger. Mother sensed something was wrong. I realised how selfish I was and was determined to fix it. From the commission money I saved from buying family groceries,

I bought her a new set of underwear. I showed it to her and offered to put it on her as I made the mistake of pulling them down. She consented and stood before me with her skirt up. There was pubic hair I slid the panty up her thighs towards her hip.

It fit her smugly and that altered our relations. She thanked me and hug me tightly and we were in embrace for a long time. She offered to help me with my underwear and I stood naked before her. My dick was standing and as she was trying to fit my underwear was having fun in making

my dick stay inside the underwear. She pushed it but that only made it bigger. She held it for few minutes gently. We stood up and she removed her shirt. Her boobs were tiny but shapely. I held them in my mouth and suckled for a while.

After 2 to 3 years of intimate relationship we finally had sex the first time when I was 18. It continued till we got married. She lives with her children and family. When we meet we share our family concerns and remain best friends.

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Sandhya fucked by brother in law

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I am 18 years now and my experiences started about 2 years back when my sister, Sandhya got married to Sanjay at a very early age. She was two years elder to me, that is 18 at the time of her marriage, and Sanjay was 21 years.

He had just completed his studies and started working and Sandhya was attending college. My mother had also married early, as it used to happen in villages and my sister was born when she was only 16 years old. So at the time of Sandhya’s marriage she was only 34 years of age.

It so happens, all of us females are well endowed and are attractive as felt by the glances and interest shown by the male gaze. Incidentally, coming from a village background, we were also quite conservative in our dress sense.

It so happened that after Sandhya’s marriage, as per tradition they were to spend three nights in our house before they could go for their honeymoon and they planned to go to a beach resort in Thailand. Since ours was a two bedroom house,

one bedroom was for my parents and the other used to be for us sisters. Now, that Sandhya got married, our bedroom was given to the new weds and I had to shift out to the drawing room. We didn’t have the facility of attached toilets and one had to make use of the common toilets.

On the first day after the marriage, Sanjay was taking rest in our bedroom in the afternoon and we sisters were in the other bedroom. After sometime, I felt like taking a nap and lay down on the bed. After sometime, my mother came to the bedroom and started talking to Sandhya

while I kept pretending to be sleep. She had few advises for Sandhya. She said, “Beta you are entering a new phase of life now, a married life. I, being your mother, feel free at anytime to call me up for any advice whatsoever.

I want you to enjoy all aspects of your married life to the fullest. Excuse me, if I am being very frank with you. I feel, it is my bounded duty to tell you all this. Following my advice will be your choice anyway.” She continued further by saying, “This is your first night with Sanjay.

I know you may be slightly afraid as to what is going to happen. I assure you just go by the flow, you’ll enjoy a lot. You are so well endowed, like all males, he will savour your breasts a lot. As a matter of fact, I had seen him looking at them continuously when he had come to see you for

the first time. This I had discussed with his mother also and she had told me that she knows his weakness for them and that is one reason she wanted him to marry early that he is already in a decent job. As a matter of fact, his mother enquired from him what sort of a wife he wants and

his obvious answer was that his wife should have a great body” When further persisted to define that he answered shyly “her breasts”. And finally, they had chosen you since you have all such attributes.” Sandhya said, “Yes Ma.

I also thought so because when he wanted to speak to me alone when he had come to see me, and I had taken him to my room, his eyes were wandering here and there and got fixated at my breasts. As a matter of fact, I had to remind him by telling him that

“Hey look, I’m here, look into my eyes” and he felt shy that he got caught.” My mother said, “You are still small, like children, so enjoy yourself, be careful, use protection, I don’t think you will like to burden yourself with babies too early!”

She winked and said, “Keep these condoms handy with you, in case, he has forgotten to bring them Sandhya. And one more thing Sandhya, sometimes these boys do not know where to put it and you may have to help him do it. Hope you understand.”

Sandhya was perplexed and did not say anything. Ma said, “Oh God! I have to tell the children everything! Sandhya dear what I mean is that these young boys may not know where to put their penis and if required, do not hesitate to hold it and lead to the right place.

Otherwise, they will keep going in circles not knowing where to put it”. Sandhya grabbed the condom pack and looked at me. I pretended sleeping. She held Ma’s hand and said that she was afraid. Ma told her not to be afraid and said just go ahead and enjoy.

At night time, I had to vacate my room for the new weds and put my bed in the Drawing Room. After dinner, when my sister went inside the bedroom for her first night, my parents went to sleep in their bedroom after closing their door.

I watched TV for a while in the Drawing room and a little later switched it off and went to bed. I could hear some hushed voice from Sandhya and Sanjay through their closed door. After a little while, Sandhya came out of the room.

She went to the Toilet and then opened the door of the refrigerator for drinking water. In the meantime, Sanjay also came out and went to Sandhya and hugged her from behind. Sandhya told him, “No Sanjay. Not here. Sadhna is sleeping here”.

He looked at me, obviously, I was pretending to sleep. He told Sandhya, “She is sleeping yaar.” And started smooching here, there and everywhere. I could see clearly from the light coming from the refrigerator. Initially, Sandhya resisted and then just stood still after a while.

Sanjay took hold of her face gently, and started kissing her lips and put his tongue inside her mouth and both got along ferociously. Sandhya, then came to her senses, I think, pushed him and said, “To the bedroom”.

She went inside and Sanjay went to the Toilet and came back and rushed to the bedroom. He closed the door but in a hurry, he didn’t bolt it properly and it came slightly ajar. This was a great moment for me. I tiptoed to the door and peeped in.

Sandhya was still in her bridal wear saree for the occasion and was lying down with her head facing the door side. Sanjay, just stood close to the bed and was admiring Sandhya. Sandhya asked, “What are you seeing?”

Sanjay told her, “I’m the most lukiest person in this world to have such a beautiful girl like you”. Sandhya asked him, “What do you think makes me such a beauty?” Sanjay said, “It is your boobs.” He bent over Sandhya kissed her again.

Sandhya raised her hands, held his head tightly, kissing him forced his head to rest it over her breast. This made Sanjay go wild, he kissed her ferociously and pulled her to standing position. Sandhya stood up. Sanjay held her waist and started kissing her again.

Slowly, he took out the pin of the pallu held at the blouse top and let the pallu slip down. He was enjoying Sandhya’s precious assets and slowly placed his palms over them. Sandhya let out a moan. Sanjay took out the other pin from the saree at the waist level

and slowly pulled out the saree. Now she was in her petticoat and blouse only. He hugged her very tightly and pulled her to him by holding her bums. He just tugged at the petticoat and it came off. He removed the hooks of the blouse slowly one by one at a time enjoying Sandhya

with his gaze and touches here and there. Once the blouse came off, now Sandhya was in bra & panties only. He took her to the front of the mirror and held her from the back and was pressing her bum with his body, holding her tight and slowly pressing her boobs and seeing her

in the mirror. Sandhya was moaning a lot. He then slowly removed the back hook of the bra and removed it. He just pounced on the milky boobs of Sandhya, kneading them, sucking the nipples and Sandhya was moaning like hell.

I got afraid that Ma may come out of the room and catch me but luckily nothing of that sort happened. I continued to enjoy my sister, Sandhya’s first night. Sanjay could no longer restrain himself, started going down on Sandhya and pulled her panty down and buried his face in the

triangle. Sandhya was moaning like hell and would have cum numerous times by now. Sanjay could restrain himself no more and literally tore his clothes and out came his sensational tool. Sandhya just stood, looked at it, and turned her eyes away, may be frightened.

Sanjay held her face and forced her to see the friendly demon as he said and forced her to hold it and feel it. He said, “This is the one you have to get friendly with now Sandhya” and that she should enjoy her friend daily.

Sanjay took out a condom and asked Sandhya to help him put it on his member. She obliged very quickly. Sanjay immediately took her to the bed and put her on the edge, raised her legs, put them on his shoulder, and started teasing Sandhya by touching his tool close to her pussy.

Sandhya could take it no longer and as Ma told her, held his tool and put it where it was meant to be in. He started pumping it in and out, Sandhya was again moaning and their hissing sounds was making the atmosphere great.

I could see the huge thing going in and out and I started enjoying thoroughly. He then cum inside Sandhya with great thrusts and a huge grunt and lay down over her for some time. Sandhya pushed him and lay down on the bed properly, exhausted.

Sanjay stood up removed the condom and looked here and there probably for a dustbin, couldn’t find one. Immediately, I understood that now he is forced to come out of the room to dispose of the used condom. I immediately, jumped on my bed and pretended sleeping.

Sanjay came out naked, ran to the dustbin, and ran back naked. Then I could hear him wearing something and I realized, he couldn’t wear anything because his one hand was holding a used condom and he could not wear anything with one hand.

Sanjay came out again in his loose shorts to the refrigerator and opened the door. I saw no tent being formed in his shorts and sensed that it must have got limped off. Just then, Ma came out of her bedroom and saw Sanjay drinking water. She enquired whether everything is alright.

Sanjay got tense and did not say anything. Then Ma came near to him, looked at his shorts and probably seeing no tent, mildly hug him, held his head and put it over her shoulder and with one hand caressed his hair and said, “Beta don’t worry.

I know this is the first time so there can be problems sometimes. You are like my son and please do not hesitate to tell me anything and everything. Your Mom told me to take care of you, if you have any problem whatsoever. So feel free to talk to me on any topic.

You are young and have a great body beta. Sandhya is lucky to have you. You children enjoy to the fullest. You children are so young, I should say, you children are lucky to be enjoying each other so early in life.” Sanjay said, “Aunty, I am attracted to a lot to aunties also.”

Ma asked him which sort of aunties he gets attracted to. Sanjay said, “I like aunties with good figure, around 35 years. Ma asked him what does he mean by a good figure and Sanjay replied, “Fullness at the top and bottom and slim in the centre.”

Ma told him, “Don’t worry, one day Sandhya will also come to that age and I am sure she has the body you dream off.” All of a sudden I realized, that Sanjay’s dream aunty will be exactly like my Ma. They were standing so close to each other,

that Ma’s big boobs were literally pressed against Sanjay. Sanjay held my Ma lightly for sometime and I saw his tent raising. I think Ma also realized that and she held him slightly more tightly and when Sanjay was fully erect, she let him go and said,

“Yes, now go ahead and have a field day. I have already told Sandhya to hold your thing and guide it where it is supposed to go. She will cooperate”. Ma looked into the bedroom and saw Sandhya naked and said good. She went inside and said “Gosh! She is sleeping.

Sandhya get up, you can sleep later on. Take care of poor Sanjay. See he is ready now.” Sandhya woke up shocked! “Ma” Ma told, “Take care of Sanjay, dear. This is your first night. Sanjay do I need to help you children or you know what to do.”

Sanjay said, “Aunty please help us out once. We may not require the same the next time.” Ma said, “Why first time, any number of times, you children have to be happy always.” Sandhya wanted to say something, but Ma shut her mouth and said,

“Don’t, I am here to help you children. Don’t worry. Sandhya take off Sanjay’s shorts.” Ma came to the door and closed it. I got very angry, i’ll be missing out some action and Ma will be enjoying it. I tiptoed to the door and pushed it slightly.

Oh! I was so lucky, it was not bolted and from the slight open door as was earlier I was having a good view inside the room. Sandhya removed Sanjay’s shorts and I could sense Ma’s expression on seeing the big monster. Ma said, “Sandhya, it seems that Sanjay is ready.

Sanjay, tell me is it fully erect and it will grow more, then Sandhya will have to do something to it.” Sanjay replied, “This is fully erect”. Ma said, “Alright Sanjay, feel down below and check whether Sandhya is ready.”

Sanjay lowered his hand into Sandhya’s snatch and said probably no. Ma said, “If that is the case carry on some foreplay, and Sandhya will get aroused.” Sanjay lowered himself on Sandhya’s boobs and started kneading, licking, sucking.

Sandhya started moaning and I realized that Sanjay was looking at Ma also in between while doing this act of foreplay. Ma was encouraging Sanjay and telling him, “Good Sanjay, take Sandhya’s nipples between your lips, now open your mouth, lick them, now suck them……..”

And she went on for some time. Then she asked Sandhya, “Beta, are you ready?” Sandhya told her, “Ma, I was always ready”. She immediately got up, took out condom which she brought and proceeded towards Sanjay.

She extended her hand to hold Sanjay’s tool for helping him wear the condom, but Sanjay got frightened, I think, and he was backing off. Ma told him, “Beta, don’t worry, I am only helping you.” She went to him, held his erect tool, and put the condom over it.

She said you are ready now and go ahead. Sandhya opened her legs. Ma told Sanjay to get between the legs and adjust himself. She held his penis and slowly helped Sanjay guide it inside Sandhya’s pussy. Sandhya started to moan and Sanjay started pumping in and out.

Ma went at the head of Sandhya and was looking at Sanjay and he was also looking at Ma and pumping hard. I then realized that since Ma had bent down, he was enjoying the view what Ma was giving him of her huge breasts.

Ma realized this and instead of covering her up, she removed one button so that Sanjay can have better look. Immediately, Sanjay started pumping still vigorously. Ma held the hand of Sandhya and lowered herself further so that Sanjay will enjoy more.

And then Sanjay came like hell. It seems that he kept on cumming continuously for some time and continuously he was looking into Ma’s eyes. When he was through, Ma patted his head and said, “Good, Sanjay. Enjoy your married life. If you require any help, do not hesitate to ask.

Alright, good night.” I immediately jumped on my bed. I realized that I had gone all wet down there where Sanjay and Sandhya were devouring themselves all this time.

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Family Incest “Something Happened “

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I’m 45, a good husband and a loving father to a son and a daughter. I run my own business and I run it pretty well — we’ve never really wanted for money.

I play golf once a week when I can, I put my pants on one leg at a time and I belong to a couple of local service clubs. In short, I’ve always seen myself as normal.

Until today, that is, when I walked into the bathroom and everything changed.

My daughter’s name is Jenny. She’s 19 and home from college for the weekend. My wife’s out of town visiting her parents, and Jenny’s brother will be back next weekend.

Until this afternoon, I thought of my daughter as beautiful in the way every doting father sees his daughter as beautiful. Jenny’s also a good girl — studious, hard-working, a scholarship student — but she’s also a little introverted. Not many friends in high school and only a couple of boyfriends, neither of whom made it past two months of dating.

To Jenny’s benefit, she got most of my wife’s looks. Jenny’s got a heart-shaped face and shoulder-length brunette hair. She’s wide-hipped and big-breasted, but she’s fairly athletic and she’s tall. At least I contributed height to the package. At 5’11”, her 34D breasts simply make her look statuesque. Sometimes, she slumps so as not to accentuate them.

Jenny had been quiet all weekend. She’d talked a bit and laughed at all my unfunny jokes, but her eyes were distant. It was mid-afternoon on Saturday as I finished up washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen that I realized my daughter had been showering for what must have been an hour. We’d had lunch together. She’d gone to shower after lunch. Now, an hour later, the water was still running.

Dish towel over my shoulder, I debated what to do. Sighing, I finally went to knock on the bathroom door.

“Go away,” Jenny said.

“Honey, you’re using all the world’s hot water reserves. What’s wrong?”


I tried the doorknob. Locked from inside.

“Honey, what’s wrong?”

I heard the doorknob click as she unlocked it and pulled the door slightly open. Steam billowed out.

Without thinking anything through, I walked in.

Jenny sat naked in the tub while the shower streamed down on her. The curtain was partially open, but the floor wasn’t too wet.

She turned and looked at me. “Leave me alone.”

I was transfixed by the sight of her. For the first time, I realized my daughter’s breasts were a woman’s breasts. They glistened in the stream of water, large and full and flushed from the heat. Her full lips pouted, but instead of wanting to soothe whatever the cause of that pout was, I wanted to kiss those lips, feel my tongue slide between them and be met by her tongue. I wished the curtain was fully open so I could…

I shook my head to clear it and wiped my forehead. “Honey, whatever’s wrong, we can talk about it. Turn the shower off and get dressed. I’ll be in the living room.”

She grabbed my arm and stopped me from leaving while she rose, shower still running, water still streaming down her body, which was now entirely revealed.

Her naked breasts were even more lovely when she stood. I noticed one tiny black hair growing out of the aureole of her left nipple and wondered what it would feel like to pull that tiny imperfection out with my teeth before suckling at that perfect pink-bubblegum nipple.

A small black mole sat about an inch below her belly button. She was an ‘insie.’ I’d known that and not known that until now. Now, I wanted to insert the tip of my tongue into that belly button and see if I could make her laugh. Or moan.

Jenny had the slightest of bellies rising up from her naked pubic area. Somehow, that belly and the realization that my daughter shaved her pussy finally overwhelmed my cock and caused it to stand at attention. If it could have whistled, it would have.

I hoped my daughter wouldn’t look down. I was wearing sweat pants.

“Honey, I’ll be in the living room,” I said. I could see what I’d seen described in erotic novels as the delicate flower of her womanhood, but there was nothing delicate about the feelings aroused in me now.

I wanted to suck her shy clit into my mouth. I wanted to gently insert two of my fingers between these other pouting lips. I wanted to lick and lick and lick. I wanted to know what my daughter’s pussy smelled like. More importantly, I wanted to know what it tasted like. Would she taste like her mother?

Jenny leaned over to turn off the shower. Her ass cheeks developed charming dimples went she bent over. Then she turned back to me and said, “Daddy, am I fat?”

“No,” I said.

Oblivious to her own nakedness and my erection, she continued talking.

“I was in bed with this guy I met at a party on Thurday and he laughed at me. Said I was fat.” She pinched the slight stomach bulge above her mound for emphasis. “Fat! I am so sick of these boys.” She looked back and pinched a bit of her beautifully rounded, wide-hipped ass for further emphasis. “Fat!”

I couldn’t take any more.

After saying, “I’ll talk to you in the living room. I have to change,” I turned tail and fled into my bedroom.

Looking down, I silently cursed both the erection and the spot of pre-cum that now stood out like a cock-targetting laser-pointer on my groin. I shut the door behind me and sat on the edge of the bed, kicking off the sweat pants and then my underwear.

My cock felt 19 again and ready for action. I groaned and thought of those breasts — no, those gorgeous boobs, my daughter’s gorgeous, suckable boobs — and those pouting lips on her face and those beckoning, pinker lips below.

I wondered what it would feel like to gently run the tip of my cock down that long, long back to the crack of that unimaginably dimpled ass. That 19-year-old ass. My daughter’s 19-year-old ass.

No, I corrected myself, hating myself for the thought, my 19-year-old daughter’s round, wide-hipped, dimpled, absolutely perfect ass. I wondered what her asshole looked like, and what a cock — my cock — would look like greased up and sliding into that hole.

I hunched over on the bed and pumped my cock. Cum built and built within me with each stroke, begging to be released. I felt young again. My head pounded. Both heads pounded. Just another stroke or two…

Without knocking and still adjusting the towel covering her, Jenny walked in the door. Her eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise as she came to a sudden stop less than a foot from me. Forgotten as she stared at me, her towel dropped to the floor.

It was all too much. My cock let go as my orgasm tore through me. I groaned and the yelled her name. Cum erupted from my suddenly nostalgic cock in the spurts and jets of my youth, and I powerless to either stop or divert them.

Two great gobs of my cum splatted onto my daughter’s perfect body. One ran down to pool in her perfect belly button. The other landed on an inner thigh to run down her leg. Absently, she rubbed at the cum in her belly button and brought it to her lips. She licked the finger clean and then looked at it and then me, eyes even wider.

Horrified, we stared at each other. She grabbed the towel up and walked quickly from the room. I lay back on the bed. My cock pulsed out a couple more dribbles of cum before finally starting to soften.

I looked at my hands. They were shaking.

Having put on a bathrobe, I had a shower before returning to my bedroom to change. Finally dressed, I walked softly out to the living room, dreading most of the scenarios that might come of this.

Dressed in jeans and a blouse and sitting primly in an armchair reading a magazine, Jenny looked up and smiled when I came in.

“Have a good shower, Daddy?”

I sat on the couch. “Um, yes. Look…”

She rose and walked up to lean over me and kiss me on the cheek before returning to her chair. “It was good talk, Daddy. We should go out for dinner later. Mom said this new Italian place is good, and you’ve been stuck cooking all weekend.”

“Um, yes. Yes it is. That’s a good idea. And, um, maybe a movie afterwards.”

The remainder of the afternoon, thedinner and the movie all went well. We were just a father and daughter again, and Jenny was talking again as well. She was even willing to tell me when my jokes were awful, which I’ll admit they often are.

We watched the news together after we got home and then, yawning, I admitted I should go to bed. Jenny’s a night owl, so I left her in the living room watching an old horror movie. As I leaned over to kiss her good night, one of her hands grazed my groin.

But that may have been an accident, or I may have imagined it.

Now I’m lying here in bed, unable to sleep. The TV turned off a couple of moments ago. Jenny’s footsteps just started down the hall, and I can’t help wondering where they’ll stop, and what I’ll do when I know where they’ve stopped.

Is that a knock on the door?

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Fucking drunk aunty

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Hi My name is Ravi 25yrs old settled in Bangalore. I was from a lower middle class family. My father was a school teacher and my mother housewife. This story had happened when I was 18 yrs old. My parents were settled in a village 40km from Ernakulam.

There were no good colleges near by our village. So I had to go to Ernakulam for my college. It was difficult for me to go all the way to college from my home everyday and also my parents didn’t have enough money to admit me in the hostel.

So the only option left was to stay with one of my distant relative Shobha who was living in Ernakulam. She readily agreed to this option because she was staying alone in her home, as she had not yet married although she was 33 yrs old.

So my college life started out there from my Shobha auntie’s house. Now about Auntie she was an average looking woman with about 160cm height and around 55kg medium complexion, short light brown hair till her shoulder, shining black eyes.

Although she didn’t have very big pair of tits they were very firm and they stood upright. Her ass was bigger when compared to the normal expectations. She was working in a private firm and had very good income that she didn’t know how to spend, as she didn’t had many relatives.

So my life out there was pretty lavish. I had a room with attached bath near my auntie’s in the 3-bedroom house. We became good friends in no time as she was of such friendly nature and also because we both had no one else out there to mingle with.

She lived a jolly life may be because she wanted to forget all her past. (Her past was full of tragedies, which I don’t want to explain now and even you wont be interested in all those sad stories.)

She used to go have drinks with her friends during the parties but she never used to be really so much drunk that she looses her control. But after one late night party when she reached the house I found that she was totally drunk and she had a bottle of beer in her hands

when she knocked the door. When I opened the door hearing the bell ringing I saw Shobha auntie leaning on her back on a pillar with the beer bottle in left hand and a ladies cigarette in right. On seeing me she smiled and said sorry for disturbing during the late hours.

She told that she is in a great mood after the party and she wants to drink and smoke all night. I looked at her whole body. She was wearing body tight jeans and a white low neck short Kurta with 2 buttons, the top one being open.

I helped her in into the drawing room and she sat on the sofa. She kept the bottle of beer on the small table and asked me to sit there to give her a company. I asked her to stop drinking for the day and go to sleep but she plainly refused to the idea.

She was so drunk that she was speaking a lot. She jumped from topics to topics. I remained a mere listener not interested in her talks. But I couldn’t resist myself looking at her shaped tits as she had her top button open.

She in between bend for taking the beer bottle from the small table and keeping it back when I got glimpses of her cleavage. She had a white bra inside her Kurta. I was thoroughly enjoying the feast in front of me when she got up.

Now I couldn’t any longer peep into her Kurta, so I was naturally a bit sad. But she came near me laid down on my lap. She continued her talks in my lap looking on my face. Her head was so near my half erect dick that I was totally out of state.

She held my right hand and started playing with it casually and after sometime kept it on her belly just on the top part of the jeans. Half my hands rested on her jeans and rest on her belly. I tried to pull it but couldn’t reach more than her upper stomach

just below her boobs when she held it again. The lower part of kurta came up with my hand and I could now see a small portion of her belly. Her navel was just below the top portion of her jeans. She had a great navel with a definite round shape and a small height.

She had black mole very close to her navel, which took me by surprise. My hands were still on her upper belly and I was trying to move it as near as her boobs as possible without she noticing it. When it almost reached her boobs she got up in a flash and I really got a bit tensed.

To my relief she asked me to guide her to the toilet. She was in no state of moving about alone. I held by her waist with her left hand on my shoulder and guided her towards the toilet attached to her bedroom. It had a western style lavatory in it.

She stood there inside the toilet leaning against the wall and I was about to retreat closing the door when she called me. She yelled “Are you leaving me in the half way? Now how will I come out of this jeans “.

I slowly moved towards her and was in a state of confusion whether she trying to show me her private parts or else are she really innocent. The smile in her face made me believe that she really is innocent and she is in no position to open her jeans by herself.

Anyway I was happy that I would be able to see more of her private parts. I went near her and knelt down in front of her. I unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zip. She had black panty inside. She was standing with her back leaning on the wall.

It was very difficult to pull down the jeans but I found it very exciting because I could slowly see more and more of her hidden parts. While removing the jeans I took great care in touching her maximum and I brushed my hands all over her thighs in an innocent manner

which she didn’t care of. She had smooth a bit hairy thighs with not even a small mark on it other than the black mole on her inner left thigh. Now she was standing in front of me with a white kurta and black panty on.

I watched her from top to bottom. She asked me to balance her by her back and turned with her back towards me. I used both my hands to hold her by waist. Still she was moving front and back as a pendulum.

She lowered her panty herself to about half her thigh. I was really shocked to see her butt in front of me and as expected there was a black mole on her butt too. I couldn’t control myself and in a flash I moved my hands over her ass as if I am adjusting the hold on her waist.

She asked me make her sit on the closet. I made her sit on it. Now I was there standing in front of her and the whole of her bottom was naked in front of me. I saw her pussy for the first time. It was royal site. I felt she had never trimmed or shaved her pussy, as it was very hairy.

I love hairy pussy and armpits. I looked towards the pussy. Slowly her legs separated, the cunt lips opened. The first drop rushed out pushing the small skin on the top. It was a thrilling site as I am pee lover I thoroughly enjoyed the scene.

I looked on each and every drop flowing out from the pussy touching the hair into the closet. Some drops remained on the hair. I was almost in a comma stage when she held my hands and asked me to give her the hose to wash her pussy. She sprayed the hose on to her pussy.

All the hair got wet and as if it was feeling shame it covered the pussy. She pulled down her panty bit lower with her hands and later with her feet. It fell down to the floor. She got up and stepped out from it from supporting me.

Now she looked on towards my eyes as if what to do next. My wicked mind said, “Why don’t you have a bath”. She said, “I am ready if you can help me in it”. That was what I was waiting to hear. I made her lean against the wall opposite to the shower and I opened the shower.

Water started flowing out of it onto her body when she cried out “Remove my kurta before wetting me”. I had forgot to do that as I was in really hurry to see her wet. I closed the shower. She had drenched a bit. I unbuttoned the lower button and pulled up the kurta.

Now she was in front of me wearing just a white bra. I didn’t wait for her permission to unhook the bra. I made her in a position as if she is hugging me and I unhooked her bra and removed it and threw it the side. Now she was actually in a position that she soaked me.

My T-shirt and lungi got a bit wet in the front. I had no underwear inside so my almost erect penis was poking onto her lower belly. She didn’t wanted my body heat to go away when I tried to separate myself from her and look on to her face so she pulled me back and hugged me

tightly and said that she is feeling very cold. I used my left hand to open the shower and both got fully soaked in it. I kept on hugging her under the shower. She still was in the drunken stage to understand my wicked desires. My hands moved all over her back from her hair to her butts.

I had lost my control. I started kissing her on her neck and shoulder. I made her lean against the wall moved back and closed the shower. I had a good full view of her body. She had her eyes closed as if she is watching some dream.

Water droplets fell from the tip of her pointed black round nipple. I removed my T-shirt and lungi in a flash. She had her eyes still closed. I went near her and gently kissed on her lips. She was breathing on to my face. I rearranged her hair such that I could see her face clearly.

I bent down to kiss her erect nipple. I gave a small bite on her nipple for which she responded with a ssssshhhhhhhhh sound. I looked up to her eyes to see it still closed. She was enjoying it thoroughly. I took my right hand and moved it over her bush.

I separated the bush to make the way the pussy. I separated the pussy lips and slowly slid in my middle finger into her pussy. She had her hands on my shoulder. She was holding it a bit harder now.

I was standing sidewise kissing her on her lips and my right middle finger played with her pussy. I continued this until I felt wet juices oozing from her pussy. I bent down and licked the oozing juices. It tasted a little salty.

I helped her to the bedroom and made her lay on the bed on her back. The whole body was under my control. I started kissing from her forehead down to her lips to her boobs and settled down in the pussy. Her hairy pussy and armpits excited me a lot. I played with it for sometime.

I was feeling very restless down on my dick. Although I felt she was thoroughly enjoying what I am doing with her she was not in a position to give pleasure back to me. So I decided to find a way for it my self.

I took and 69 position inserting my dick in her mouth and I started fucking her mouth. I did it for sometime while my tongue played with her clitoris. Now it was time for the real play…I made her position herself so that I perfectly can enter my dick into her pussy.

I slowly inserted my naujavan into her pussy oozing with the precum. I started out slowly but took up the pace. She had started moaning. Her sound grew with my pace. I thrusted my dick inside her tight pussy. I was feeling like in seventh heaven.

I felt that I was about to burst out myself in her when her moan grew the loudest and she held me so hard that I almost lost my pace. But soon I rediscovered my rhythm and fucked her hard inserting my dick into the maximum possible depth.

It went on until I exploded my whole cum into her pussy. The cum overflowed from her pussy. She still laid naked her eyes closed her hands around me keeping me close to her body. I kissed her again on her lips and lay near her and didn’t know when I slept.

The next morning when she found both of us naked on her bed she was shocked a bit but not sad for what happened. From that day on she took the lead in having sex. She loved to ride on top of me.

We used to try out play each other and mostly we reach our orgasms almost together. We used to have sex until recently. But after my marriage we didn’t get enough time for the same.

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