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Maria speaks: When I got married to Paul, a very handsome young man, I was very happy and dreamt about a very happy married life. When I gave my nod to the paster I was thrilled about Paul. My aunt had warned me not to open up my self on the first day itself.

I did not allow Paul to even touch my boobs or my panty although my body wanted to be fondled by him. Slowly I allowed him to touch and take out my boobs and suck my nipples. His powerful tongue and lips played havoc with my nipples.

My panty was totally wet but I thought I will allow him to undo my panty the next day. In the meantime his US trip came on the way and he was busy to go to the US consulate and make arrangements for his journey that he lost interest in the sex.

I was very eager to get him to fuck me, but before I could open up my mind he was away. I had to stay with my father in law, Mr.George, who was nice to me. He lost his wife recently. He was quite healthy and I could feel his eaget eyes on my body.

On the fateful day, when there was huge thunder and lightening, I was very much scared and I ran to his bedroom and made this an excuse to lie down with him and hug him. He was shocked and did not know what to do.

I pressed my boobs on his shoulders and chest to awaken and arouse him. He was aroused and did exactly as I planned. His huge cock finally entered my cunt and fucked to his and my heart’s content. There is a secret which nobody knows.

I was fucked earlier by our servant two years back and his small cock entered my cunt fully. He squeezed my boobs regularly. I could not take advantage of him fully because there was always a crowd of people in the house.

He fucked me just twice and on both occasion because of hurry and fear I could not reach my orgasm fully. But Mr.George compensated for all the sense of loss. He made him to ride over him which was a new experience for me but I enjoyed it the most.

We had a servant for cleaning the house who came in the morning and cleaned all the rooms, helped me in the kitchen and go to the market etc. She was very nosy and wanted to lament at my tragedy of being without my husband and was advising me to go to my own house.

I asked her to keep quiet. Mr. George coming to the kitchen under some excuse or pretext made her wonder what happened to George who never used to come to the kitchen. Before she starts suspecting our relationship, I used to drive her away on some errand.

I warned George not to come to the kitchen at all and if he wants anything to call me so that I will come to his room. He wanted to suck my nipples as frequently as possible. He asked me to remain without wearing any bra so that he can just lift my blouse and take my boobs in his

mouth. I too wanted this more than him but this old lady should not get scent of this otherwise there will be a scandal. I gave her enough food and sent her away earlier so that my rest of the day is free from her torment. As soon as the servant goes away,

I used to bolt the door and go with George upstairs and take bath in the tub with him. His favourite sport is to sit in the tub with his cock totally inserted in the cunt and make me sit on his lap. He used to play with my boobs in the broad day light.

I enjoyed every moment of the bath. We fucked almost all days. His mere touch used to arouse me immeasureably and I took initiative for sex which he enjoyed most. He used to bring me some pill and make me take them to prevent pregnancy.

My husband Paul used to call me on all alternate days and speak at length about his travails due to my absense. He spoke to his father. He said his project was extended by another six months and hence he will be able to come only after one year.

He asked his father to get me a passport so that he can arrange for my visa. But Mr.George told me that he cannot think of being without me even for a day. Sometimes I used to feel guilty for cheating my husband which I used to tell Mr.George. He said it is the fate and not intentional.

He seemed not at all perturbed by fucking his son’s wife. He matched me in my passion and was eager to enjoy at any moment. His body inspite of his age was always ready for a wild sex, which enhanced my pleasure.

He used to shave my public hair every alternate day and lick my cunt and clit for a long time. He seemed to enjoy this ritual most. When he presses my thighs with his fingers, there used to be red marks which pained him.

He used to lick my thighs and cunt at every opportunity. We invented new new postures for cunt sucking. I used to straddle his face and remain so when my cunt juices flowed into his mouth and face. He enjoyed licking them and swallowing them.

Days and months went by immersing us in utmost pleasure. Suddenly there was a message that Paul is coming and wants to take me with him to US when he returns. George was shocked. His moods and attitude changed. Rest in my next post.

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