Hot Neighborhood Girl

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This happened to me one year ago, in Bangalore. It was bright sunny day I was sitting on the roof of my house. The electricity went away and sitting inside the home was like baking oneself in the Oven. I decided to take umbrella along with reader digest to kill time.

As my house on two units I could get a chance of looking at neighbor’s house. My next door neighbor had a daughter older to me. She had a perfect figure as I always blushed staring at her lower body part. There were times I leave my room curtain open as I used to do body building.

I noticed she gave me appealing smile when my body was sweaty as each drop running from head to smooth curved chest, bumping through abs and disappearing under my skin tight shorts. She used to get erotic as her hormones arouse and her nipples erect shaping out from

blouse. I couldn’t concentrate on body workout as my penis arouse giving a clear figure of 8 inch long cucumber. I thought she was not noticing my action directly but she read my action quiet well leaving flames of unholy desire burning in her body.

I woke up from day dreaming as mother shouted to collect ice from neighbor house. I raced downstairs like a lightening and wore skin tight t-shirt. I knocked Sara my wet dream neighbor’s door. I heard her high heal shoes coming towards the door.

She opened the door and the first look in her eyes passed a wave of current into my body. I couldn’t speak to her as my throat got dry. And without speaking a word I presented the empty ice cube holder. She grabbed it and the edge of her finger tip touched my hand.

It was the most sensational touch I guess it was a sign of welcome. I was about to melt down when I saw her back, she was wearing a see through silk and her back gave no sign of bra her healthy round ass gave no lines of underwear.

I thought she was about to take shower as I came to ask for ice cubes. My penis started swelling and it was on the verge of wetting. I started walking behind her. I asked Sara that “where is your parent?” she told me that they went to meet friends and relatives and she

couldn’t go because she had to complete her assignments. I thought it was a good chance to get a little informal. Amazingly, she was reading my mind she removed her “dupatta” and the healthiest nice round breast appeared in front of me.

She said it’s very hot and she didn’t want to wear bra and nobody was at home. I couldn’t believe the words I was hearing all I said in return was a dry and thirsty breath out. Her soft round breast was sticking out from her silk “kurta”.

I couldn’t handle the heat I sat down on the chair and turned me face away from her. But in my heart I was forcing to look at her. I was surprised to hear that she was going to take shower and asked me to stay here to open door if his parents arrive and answering phone calls.

Without thinking I said “I will stay till you are through with shower”. I sat on the living room and Sara went to take shower. She closed her room’s door and I heard her not locking it. It was strange, but she told me that

“she is afraid of locking the door as she was locked many times in childhood”. One side of her room’s wall covered with mirror and from it a person sitting in living room can see her bath room. She turned on the knob of shower and water started splashing on the ground.

There was pin drop silence in the house and I could hear her whispering a song while bathing. I heard her moan when the hot water touched her naked body. I badly, wanted to see her naked bathing, her creamy white body, pink nipple and fully developed vagina.

My prayer was answered a strong wind wide opened her room’s door. My eyes was left wide opened to see her naked through the mirror. She didn’t closed her bath room’s door and her 5’9 milky flesh, two rounded breast thick pink nipples and her saved vagina made my fully erected

penis to drop off sperm. She was the most magnificent women I ever saw. I stared her rubbing each part of her body with body wash. I knew that she is being watched by me. Now it was my turn to proof how macho I was? And the sleeping giant wanted to reveal his potential.

I unzipped my jean and let the 8 inch penis to swing free in the air. It was like cucumber ready to get swallowed by her. She was pretending of bathing as her eye was stuck on my penis which she was watching from the mirror.

I was about to fulfill her wildest desires, unfortunately a doorbell rang. The whole scenario came back to normal as we were about to fulfill each other fantasies. It was her parents; I greeted them and went home with ice cubes.

Every step I took made me the most unfortunate person of the world. But, I accept the situation as it was just a glimpse of how fearful, temping and desirable sex can be for two virgins. When ever I see her I don’t have the courage to talk to her because I am feeling guilty of crossing the religious boundary lines and finding myself nowhere when I stare her body.

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Saradas hot neighbours

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I am Sarada again working with Patel family as a maid. Santhaben, wife of Mr.Patel, got pregnant and went away to her house for rest and for delivery. She may not be coming here for another six to seven months.

Mr. Patel asked me to continue since his household has to be taken care of, cleaned, and his food required to be cooked whenever he is in station. He had complete faith in me and in the night he allowed me to sleep in his room and sometimes in his own bed.

As I told you in my previous story, sometimes he gets horny and goes on sucking my clit and licking my cunt and asks me to climb on him and fuck him. His body weight so much that he cannot climb on me to fuck.

His tool is so small that as soon as I put it in my cunt he ejaculates and makes a mess of everything. But he satisfies me by licking my cunt as much as I want. He gave me handsome presents and cash whenever I wanted.

He took me to a ladies store and bought me nice clothes, panties, bras and to a beauty parlor and had my facials done, hair cut and curled. They were asked to show how to wax my private parts to depilatory my public hair.

Practically I had no work in the house except to watch TV and watch porno CDs. which he brought from outstations. Prembabu and Ajaibabu who stayed upstairs got another servant and I dont go their flat for doing any work.

One day morning Ajai babu knocked our door and asked for Santhaben. I asked him to come in and offered him tea. He was staring at me and asked me that I am looking more beautiful. I just smiled at his compliment. He asked me to come sit with him in the settee.

He put on the TV. I had just switched it off when he came and the DVD player was on. The screen started to show a scene from the porno DVD which I have been watching. I hurriedly rushed and put off the DVD player. He was shocked and asked me to put on the DVD player.

Reluctantly I put it on. There was a very hot scene in action. The man was licking the cunt of the girl and she was giving all kinds of sounds and soon the fucking action started. Ajaibabu, whom I liked for his gentle ways from the way he was fucking Santhaben,

watched tansfixed at the screen and I noticed a bulge was rising in his lungi. With such a handsome man sitting near me and watching a hot porno movie in the tV made me hot and aroused and my panty was getting wet.

Ajaibabu put his hand on my shoulders and drew me closer to him. I moved closer to him. His other hand started to unhook my blouse and pulled the bra up and exposed my boobs. My nipples were already erect and awaited to be squeezed or sucked.

Ajaibabu ran his hand over my boobs and made me more hot. I moaned loudly. He looked at me and pulled me to sit on his lap so that he can suck my nipples watching the video. I also liked it to have my nipples sucked while I too watched the video.

Ajaibabu slowly removed my blouse and the bra and made me to remove my saree and pettycoat and made me to stand before him stark naked. I just obeyed him and did not know what made me to do it.

He too hurriedly removed his shirt and lungi and asked me to lie down on the floor. His 7 inch tool was stiff and pulsating. He laid on me and sucked my both nipples and his tool was knocking at the door of my cunt.

With my hand I rubbed the tip of it on my clit and directed it to the hole. He plunged it inside. My cunt was not accustomed to receive such a big tool. But the lubrication was excessive that it went in tightly giving me and him immense pleasure.

He was not in a hurry, and not even I. Slowly he started to fuck deeply and his whole cock went inside. His hands were pressing my boobs and he was kissing my lips. I encircled him with my legs and my hands held him tight. Sarada, Saru, my dear, he cried and fucked leisurely.

Ajaibabu, I shouted and asked him to fuck deep and fast. My orgasm was coming and it was getting collected from every nerve end in my cunt. It was like a mountain of pleasure. I moaned and moaned and cried.

He fucked fast and he too came to his orgasm and his shot of liquid went deep inside me and one after another spurts and spurts of cum filled my cunt. But he did not stop. He was going on pumping. I too was ready for the continuous action.

My orgasm never diminished and kept me in constant pleasure. This was a new experience for me. I regretted why I did not have it before. Ajaibabu went on pumping panting. He was careful not to put all his body weight on me and tire me. I kissed his cheeks and face and everywhere.

His second orgasm was again mind bogling. It lifted me to even greated heights. And finally slowly he pulled his cock out and looked at the condition of my cunt. Fluids were flowing like a flood. He got up and went to the bathroom and washed his tool and I too went and the fluids

were flowing all over the drawing room. I cleaned the cunt and with a cloth I wiped all the fluids on the floor. This was a memorable experience I ever had. Ajaibabu came back, held me tight and kissed me and fondled my boobs and asked me whether anybody will be there in the night.

I said nobody. Then he said he will come again in the night and have a detailed fucking session. I said ok. he left immediately. By about 10 pm I heard a faint knock on the door. When I opened it was Ajaibabu. He said Prem has gone to his native place and he was alone in the room.

He brought several parcels containng hot biriyani, sweets, and other eatables, fruits, and some clothes, like churidars, saree etc. I wondered he must have spent a lot of money. He asked me to lock the door and we went to the dining room and ate our supper.

He said eat as much as you want, you are not going to sleep tonight. I laughed and kissed him on his face. We started our session on the bed of Santhaben. Ajaibabu’s cock was semi erect and I wanted to put it in my mouth. I put the whole thing inside.

But it grew and became big and hard. But Ajaibabu asked me to lie down with my legs raised and opened wide. He bowed and licked my hairless cunt. His tongue was very active. It touched and teased my clit and went inside my cunt hole. I was hot and verymuch aroused.

I asked him to put his cock inside and allow it to be there for some time. He laughed and inserted his cock deep inside my cunt. I told him that I had seen him fucking Santha ben. How, he asked. I showed him the window to the kitchen from where I used to watch all the fucking

scenes. Have you seen Prem fucking her. I said yes. You are a naughty girl he said. He made small movements to keep our organs busy. His finger were nudging my clit and it made me more passionate. I asked him to lie down and I would straddle him.

He agreed and we rolled over without pulling his cock out. I was atop him and with my legs wide apart, his cock deeply inside me, my boobs pointed upwards, I started to move back and front. His cock travelled all the far reaching corners of my cunt hole.

Lying down on him I moved my hip up and down in a deep fucking action. His cock went deep inside me and sent waves of pleasure to both of us. He enjoyed it very much. Our orgasm was whole and complete. Ajaibabu enjoyed my straddled position. We took the doggy style.

His cock went deep inside when he fucks in doggy style. I did not keep count of the number of times we orgasmed. It was early morning 4 am. We both were tired and slept nude in the bed of Santhaben.

My episodes with Ajaibabu continued for some more days. Then Prembabu came. His methods were more rude and crude. We had two sessions but both the babus were transferred and they had to leave vacating the flat urgently. I regretted that they are leaving. But that is the way of life.

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Sidra ki chudayee (Story 18+)‏

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today i am going to tell u the story of my life,… and i will wait for ur responses.
Sidra age 27 fig 30-29-36 waoooo colour doodh jaisa aur Lips gulab jaisay. Hamara aik doosaray kay ghar dosti aur neighbourhood ki wajah sya kafi aana jana tha. Woh bhee meri tarah kafi funny kisam ki shakhsiyat theen. Hum aik doosaray ki jokes sunatay khoob hanstay aur dosoroun ko hansatay. Aisy tarah hamari bhee jald he dosti ho gayee.
Aab main un say ghar aksar jata rehta. Phir aik din main nay unhain aisay he kaha keh anti meri bhee kia life hay no g/f? Un-houn nay kaha suchi, Main nay kaha aur to kia ghoot bool raha houn.unhoun nay kahang/f ka kia achar dalna hay.main nay kaha agar kisi tarah dala ja sakay to main to sara iak he bar kha gaoun.unhoun nay kahan acha such such batana kia koi g/f aab ya pehlay?main nay kaha aik thee.unhoun nay poocha pher kaisi rahi dosti main nay bataya keh bohot achi.unhoun nay kaha kabhi faida bhee uthaya,main nay kaha han.kya kya kia.main nay bataya keh sub kuch.pher poocha kon thee main nay bataya keh cousion. ummmmmmmm
Pher unhoun nay kaha koi joke to sounao.main nay aik sexy sa joke (aik sardar g ka beeta heera maindi jata tha.ussay bari fikar rehti.aik din us nay kaha.deekh putar tu heera mandi jata hay,tujay aids ho gayee ga,pher tugh say teri bv ko us say mujh ko mujh say teeri maan ko ho gayee ga aur agar teeri maan ko ho gaya to pooray muhalay ko ho gayee ga.) woh hansanay lagi aur kaha tumhain aisay joke bhee aatay hain.main nay kuch na kaha bas aik smile dee.pher aik aur din main nay un say poocha keh anti aap itni khoobsorat hain uncle to mazay kertay houn gay.unhoun nay kaha nadeem tumharay uncle bhee bas zero he hain,stemna to hay he naheen aur aab to khara bhee naheen hota,main kia karoun.main nay yeh sun ker thoori c himat ker kay anti kay gulab lips per kiss ki aur kaha yeh.unhoun nay kuch na kaha.pher main nay mooka acha jantay houayunhain kaha anti plz aik bar mujhay mooka to dain.unhon nay kaha theek hay deekh laitee houn tumhain bhee.tumharay uncle aab to office say aanay walay hain kal tum college ki b ajayee aidhar aa jana we will be alone.main nay kaha ok thanxx aur aik bar pher kiss ki aur chala aaya apnay ghar.
Pher main next day plane k mutabik un kay ghar nay black shalwar kameez pehni houi thee aur bari khoobsarat lag rahi thee.main drawing room main beeth gaya .thanda serve kernay k bad woh ussi sofay per meray pass he beeth gayee.aidhar udher ki kuch batain kernay k bad us na poocha keh aab tumhara kia airada hay main nay kaha wohi jo tumhara nay smile dee aur main nay apnay hont us kay hont per laga diyee.waoo what a french that was,pher main us kay hont gaal (cheeks) kan nak aankhain thoori choomanay laga.main nay un per kisses ki boochar ker di aur woh mast ho gayee.pher french sharou hoiee aur hamrai zabanain aik doosaray ko suck kernay lagi.main nay ais dooran apna hath us k breast per rakah aur ussay sehlata raha.pher hum bed room main gayee aur main nay jatay hee us ki kameez utar dee aur brazer kay ooper say he us kayu half open breast choomanay laga.pher main nay un ka brazer bhee utar diya aur un kay breast kay tanay houay nipples suck kernay laga sath sath kabhi kabhi us kay br easts per zaban bhee circles ki tarah pheerta. aaaaa hhhhhhhh ssssssss ooooooooo hhhhhhhh pher un kay pait aur kamar ko choomta chat ta houa neechay aaya aur un ki shalwar ka nara khool diya.waoo what a sexy choot,gulabi lips,main nay us per kiss kiya aur apni zaban pheeri sssssssssssssssss anti to maza aaya.pher maiin us ki ran choomanay aur chat nay laga aur sath he sath apnay hath ki unglioun say un ki choot ko khoolna sharoo ker diya.pher us ki sucking ki aur pher fingure fucking start ker di.aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhh marrrrrrrr gaaa…..yeee uuuffffff aaaaaaaaaa sssssssssss uuuufffffffff. yeh tumh….ari hay aisay than….di karoo pher woh sari ki sari tan gayee aur ais kay sath he chhoot gayee.pher main nay kiss ker kay un say kaha keh meray kapay.unhoun nay mujhay neechay litaya aur pehlat meri kameez utari pher chest aur paet kper kisses ker kay meri shalwar utar dee.mera lun tanna houa tha.unhoun nay ussay hath main pakra aur kaha” size to tumhara kai acha hayu”ais kay sath he apnay gulab hountoon main meray lun ki toopi li aur choosanay lagain.wah kia maza thaaaaa aaaaahhhhhhhhhh pher aahista aahista mera poora lun month main liya aur baray sexy andaaz main sucking kernay lagain.takreeban 5 main bad main nay unhain hataya aur kissing ker nay laga.unhoun nay kaha”kia bas kiss he kertay rahoo gay ya pher piyas bhee bujhaoo gay”.main nay kaha darling i m for u.aur apna lun us ki choot say ragarnay laga.woh tarap rain thee lun k liyee lakin mujhay tarpanay main maza aa raha tha.pher aik ghatkay k sath main nay poora lun un ki choot main dal diya. sssssssssssss she mouned, pher thoori deer bad main nay strokes laganay sharou ker diyee.sssssssss u fffffffff waooooooooooo aur teez phar doo aaj.main tumhari houn.aab ussay aur bhee maza aanay laga aaaaaaaaaaa zoooooor sssaaaaayyyyyyyyyy phar dayyyyyyyyy aaaaaaa sssssssss hhhhhhhhhhhhhh. aooooooowww………….main nay speed teez ker di.mujhay bohot maza aa raha tha.aaaa………. pher main neechay ho gay aur woh ooper aa gain main nay hath un kay breasts per rakhay she was makin sounds like ssssss aajjjjj mazaaaaa aaayaa hayyy. Tera lora bara acha hayy meri jan hay tuuuuuu ssssssss aaaaaaaahhhhh. Pher mujhay mehmoos houa keh woh chootnay wal hain .main nay unhain neechay litya aur full speed main choodnay laga.woh tan ker kman ban rahain theen.pher meray kisses kay sath he woh choot gayee.aab main bhee chootnay wala tha.main nay unhain bataya to kaha under he chootoo.mainnay kaha koi masla na ho gayee unhoun nay jawab diya main nay manaiee hamal tablets khaien hain.aab main nay speed teez ki aur un ki choot main full ga ker choot gaya.May nay loora aab bhee un kay andar rehnay diya aur kissing kernay laga. 3 4 mins kay bad main nay Lora bahar nikala aur poocha kaisa, Unhoun nay kaha bohot acha tuj nay really mujhay satisfies ker diya hay. I Love You phir hum takreeban half hour aisi tarah laitay rahay, Pher main nay kaha Anti kabhi gand bhee marvanee hayun houn nay kaha pehlay tumharay uncle martay thay magar aab kafi arsay say choot ko he thanda naheen ker saktay. Pher main unhain kiss kernay laga .Lips Breasts aur choot kiss kernay kay bad.woh beeth gayain aur unhoun nay mera Loora gulab hountoon ki kaeed main lay liya, thoori dair kay bad loora pher tan gaya, unhoun nay kaha Aik bar pher choot aur choot kay bad gand bhee bayshak mar lena, main nay doobara position li aur choot main loora dal ker choodnay laga. ssssssss aaaaahhhhhhhh pher jab woh choot gain to main nay gand ka kaha,unhoun nay oil ki bottle di aur doggy style bana liya, main nay oil laga ker loora un ki choot per rakha aur aahista aahista andar dal diya.unhain kuch kuch pain ho raha tha jo thoori he deer main khatam ho gaya, phir main nay aahista aahista looray ko aagay peechay kerna shorou ker diya.Aab unhain maza aanay lagay aur hhhhhhhh sssssssssssss aaaaaahhhhhhh uuufffffff barrrrrrray dinoun baaaad yeh mazaaaaaaaaaa aayaaaaaaaa hayyyyyyyy aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh choodddddddoooooooo aaaaaaa——–ooooooo-sssssssssss—–hhhhhhhhhhh———.Pher main takreeban 20 min bad main nay kaha main chootnay wala houn,unhoun nay kaha bahir nikaloo aur apnay mooun main lay lya aur sucking kernay lagi.1,2 minutes bad main choot gaya.Phir chudaiee ka yeh silsila sharu raha. Aik din unhoun nay mujhay bataya keh woh next week say Kwait ja rahay hain. Uncle ko wahan job mili hay. I was shocked. Phir unhoun nay kaha Faisal main tumsay mohabbat ki nishani mangti houn. May nay kaha kia, Unhun nay kaha aisi nishani jusay deekh ker tumhari yaad aayee, jisay main berhta deekhoun jisay pyar karoun. Mujhay apnay bachay ki maan bana doo plz. Main nay kaha ok. Pher main nay us week main unhain kayee bar chooda aur her bar un ki choot main choota, Phir woh chalay gayee.
Wahan say bhee hamara rabta mails kay zeryee rehta hay.abhi kuch he din pehlay unhoun nay bataya keh tumhara beeta aanay wala hay.main us ki aur beetay ki kheer ki duain ker raha houn.
Yeh thee meri story.
Please mail me if u r interested in having such a wonderful and exciting relation with me. Everything will be kept a secret and only passionate, hungry, sex loving and serious ladies of any age are welcome.
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housing complex bhabi‏

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I stay in a housing complex. There’s a middle aged couple staying in the flat opposite mine (it is on the same floor and there are only 2 flats on a floor, with only a very narrow corridor). For a long time I have had a crush on bhabhiji and have visualised her many times in my wild fantasies. Although I have never had much interaction with her, I always used to wish for a time when I could have her completely and fulfil my cherished desire.

One day I did not go to college & sat at home .I have a small collection of porno CDs, so I just took out one and started watching. As I stay alone, I normally take off all clothes at the time of watching such a movie so that I can enjoy it freely. While I was lustfully watching the movie in just such a carefree attire, the doorbell rang. I got really frustated. Anyways, quickly I switched off the TV, and hastily put on my small shorts that were kept nearby (which could barely hide the heavy bulge). I looked thr ough the keyhole and was.. amazed, surprised, something like ‘shock and awe’. Standing outside the door was my favourite bhabhiji clad in a plain nighty (not the sexy kind but the normal plain and simple). I opened the door as if I had not seen the person outside and had just hastily come to open the door. I opened the door wide and immediately purposefully just closed it a bit, mildly apoligising for my bare attire, and asked her “Ji bhabhiji?”.

“Mere gas ka cylinder khatm ho gaya hai, doosra lagana hai, par naye cylinder ke upar se cover nahin nikal raha. Kya aap cylinder laga sakte hain”. While she was standing there and speaking I realised that she wasn’t wearing any bra inside, and felt that probably the nighty was the only piece of clothing covering her lithe and immensely desirable body (To the spolisports: its obvious her husband was away at work, else he would have done the needful – connecting the cylinder that is). “Ji bhabhiji, kyon nahin” I said, all the more bu rning with desire to devour her then and there. Saying this I started to turn inside my flat in a particularly reluctant manner, as if I wanted to put on something over my upper half of my body, and was unable to find something suitable around. As I wished, bhabhiji believed my apparent hesitation, and said “koi nahin, thoda sa hi waqt lagega, aap aise hi cylinder laga sakte hain”. This is just what I wanted.

Just taking a break to describe bhabhiji. She’s probably in her late thirties – not particularly beautiful, but better than ordinary. However, the best thing about her is her figure. She has been able to maintain a reasonably slim figure inspite of her age and looks quite agile.. and so desirable, as I’ve already mentioned.

She took me inside her flat and into the kitchen. I brought out the new cylinder and soon connected it to the burner. “Thanks. Aap chai peeke jayiega”. “OK bhabhiji. Main change karke aata hoon”. “Koi nahin, aap baithiye, chai abhi tayy ar ho jayegi. Ab to cylinder bhi lag gaya hai” she said laughing. While the drawing room was to the left of the kitchen, her bedroom faced the kitchen directly, and this is where she was pointing me to sit (or was it my perverted imagination that made me see things that way). I was feeling really awkward now. At one hand I just wanted to ravish her totally, while on the other I was afraid lest I do something stupid. Anyways I went into her bedroom, and started looking around. There was a bathroom attached to the bedroom, and I could see her bra and panty on the clothsline inside, alongwith a few other clothes. This tended to confirm my feeling that she was actually wearing nothing beneath her nighty. I was now totally consumed with lust and desire. While I was thus looking around, bhabhiji came into the room. “Aaiye, chai tayyar hai”. She must have seen me looking at her bra and panty suspended from the clothsline inside the bathroom, I thought.

Anyway, even if she had seen me doing so, she did not try to show any indication of the same. Chuck it, I thought. She has also been watching my bare body for so long, the bulge in my shorts, my bare and slender legs; she’s the one who asked me to come into her flat as it is, without my getting dressed; she’s the one who asked me to stay in for tea even though I volunteered to get dressed again – why should I be so hesitant. Thinking thus, instead of sitting at the edge of her bed, I climed on it and helped her put the tray on the bed, between myself and edge of the bed. I purposefully did so, so that she would bend down to prepare tea, unless she’s very careful and sits on the other side, pulling the tray near her to prepare tea. As I was hoping, she did not go to the other side, but rather bent down to prepare the tea.

As she did so, I realised that the top few buttons of the nighty were open, and her cute and lovely breasts were longingly protruding out. “Kitna chini daaloon” she looked up at me and said. She smiled seeing me looking intently into her breasts. “Chai thandi jo jayegi. Do chammach chini?”. “OK”, I said almost apolegetically, lowering my eyes. I looked up again, she was still smiling. “Bhabhiji, you’re beautiful. Very very beautiful. Can I kiss you?” I blurted out, unable to restrain my burning desire. “You can hold me too. You are also quite handsome”. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was as if my wildest dreams were all coming true. Hardly had I heard this, that I pulled her near me and started furiously kissing, licking and sucking her breasts from within her nighty. I could feel her inhibitions giving way as she started to clasp my head drawing it even tighter towards her cleavage while I continued sucking and licking her breasts and nipples. She was now messaging my back and occasionally kissing me deep on my neck. Emboldened, I put my hands underneath her nighty and pulled it all the way up in one shot. It came out easily, with her offering no apparent resistance. She was now standing in her entire and unadulterated beauty in front of me. I stood up, and taking off my shorts, took her in my arms. She looked up at me, and we kissed.. deeply. Her breath was wonderful.

My organ was now completely erect. I had been rubbing it on her smooth and silky legs all this while. She now came down on her knees, and started kissing my erect penis. I desperately wanted her to take it in her mouth and suck it dry. She probably sensed my need (which I was actually trying to indicate to her by pulling her head over my penis while she was kissing it) and began to lick the top of it. Slowly she took it in her mouth and began sucking it. While sucking she was also intermittently mildly biting it. The feeling was heavenly. I now took her onto the bed, and making her lie comfortably, spread out her legs and began licking her labia, while massaging her breasts with my hand. She was ecstatic. I now desperately wanted to enter her, but was h esitant lest I ejaculate inside her. “Mere periods kal hi khatm huey hain, aaj koi fikr nahin”, she said sensing my dilemma. I didn’t have to wait for anything more.

Positioning my penis over her vagina, I slowly inserted the penis through, and then completely entered her in one smooth drive. She let out a mild “Aah” and closed her eyes to take in the pain and ecstasy. I was now not only atop my dream bhabhi but also inside her. She was so lovely. She opened her eyes and drew me onto her. I slowly bent over her, and kissing her, I started moving my penis up and down into her vagina. Soon her vaginal muscles were contracting onto my penis and I could feel her orgasm coming on. I increased the pace and within a minute or two, we orgasmed together. We kept lying on each other for a while, before she got up slowly and said “Chai to thandi ho gayi. Phir se bana deti hoon”. Both of us smiled. I asked her to make the tea without putting on any clothes. She agreed. This time we dran k the tea together with bhabhiji sitting on my lap.

I left her flat soon after, but since then we’ve have been having such intense sessions at every mutually

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Fucking girlfriend on birthday

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Hi my birthday was last week. I had a very eventful birthday. Here is how it went I was getting ready to leave my house when I heard the bell ring, I opened the door thinking it was the watchman or the sweeping lady asking for the waste. I had a present surprise.

There standing in front was my GF in a lovely Maroon salwar. Oh. For a minute I was wondering. Then I asked her in and closed the door and latched it. Turned around hugged her and kissed her lips. While doing so I also happened to damage her lovely earring.

( bought one for her later) Well the kiss lasted a nice long time with each of us probing each other. We had not had such a time for more than a month even though we used to meet nearly every alternate day and go for a small drive.

Well after that she had asked me for some water. While I got her the water she removed her duppatta. Then I took her to my bed room and we kept kissing each other. I now rubbed my hands all over her body especially her lovely butt.

My hands rubbed her breasts and I kissed them My hand was now under her dress and feeling her smooth firm stomach. I love this area and keep rubbing them. Next my hands reach her bra and feel her size 34 breasts. I pull off her top. She was wearing a white lace bra.

And her black nipples were hard and pushing to come out of her bra. I kissed them and began sucking them through the bra. She was now moaning and rubbing her hand on my thighs I moved to remove her pyjama while still kissing her all over her body

she was in a white flower design panty and it was wet.I kissed the wetness before getting to remove the panty. Oh!. Her wet soft skin was so good. She had cleanly shaven it knowing pretty well how much I like to suck her.

I got to rubbing her clit and slowly inserted a finger in her and was moving it in and out while I got to kiss her navel and moved to her breasts. She was moaning in pleasure. Her hand was holding mine into her pussy. I moved her up and removed her bra and the soft melons came out.

I love to kiss the nipples till they become hard as a stone before sucking them. My finger moving fast and me kissing her was too much for her to hold. She had a lovely orgasm. And he juices were now starting to flow.

I moved her upwards and landed my face straight into a very WET pussy. She was awesome. WET, Slimy and a little saltish with her juices. Her clit was twitching from her orgasm when I started to suck her. I soon moved on top of her to a 69 position and started sucking her.

She too started to suck me. MY full face was in her love hole. While licking her I moved my face from left to right of her pussy fast and she asked me to do this again. It was a great experience. She started cumming again and was begging me to lick faster.

I did so to a whitish cum from her pussy squirting out.She asked to move my face in her pussy faster and she was moaning.. I could feel her suck me harder and knew she was having a good orgasm. When I stopped she begged me to just lie on her body.

She licked my face. She wanted to go to the loo and I followed her while she went in. We moved back to the bed. I put on a condom and slowly inserted my hard rod into her. Eyes closed She was enjoying every moment. I could hear slow moaning.

AH!! Oh!! HM!! She held my head to her breasts and I sucked it while I was pushing my rod in her. She was enjoying this and her hand was on the other breast rubbing it and making it hard. Could not resist Rubbing my chin on her nipples and biting them.

She screamed in pain. But held my head hard to her breasts. My stroking increased in speed. I suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes As if asking what happened I need more. The look prompted me to push it real hard into her. We continued like this for some time.

Rolling over each other at some time to make her on top of me. And her breasts were now dangling in front of me. She was reaching multiple orgasms today. WE had a good real fun for a long time. It was the best birthday gift I got

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