Top 10 Reasons to Look Forward to Valentine’s Day

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Theories about the origins of Valentine’s Dayabound, but to the disappointment of conspiracy theorists everywhere, one thing is clear – it predates Hallmark by centuries. As it turns out, the more likely origins tie back to a handful of misfortunate martyrs, all appropriately (and, I assume, retroactively) named Saint Valentine. (more…)

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With Moms Help Part 1

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Jill sat at the kitchen table with her head in her hands. One look and you could tell that she had been crying for a long time. Bill, her husband, had brought their 19-year-old home and sent him to his room. Then he had slammed the door on his way out, saying he would be back later.

Bill had about all he could take of Ben. He had been an outstanding student and athlete until the end of his 11-grade year. He started running with the wrong crowd and had been using drugs and alcohol ever since. They had tried everything they knew to make him stop and nothing had worked. He was about to cause trouble between his mother and father if something wasn’t done. Bill had just picked him up at the jail for the second time. He had failed the 12 grade and was now repeating it. If he didn’t change he was going to fail it again.

Jill could not imagine what went wrong. For most of their lives they had been a close family, and now it was about to come apart. She tried to keep them together but Ben didn’t help the cause any, and now Bill had all he could take. He was ready to kick Ben out of the house and would have if Jill hadn’t begged him not too. (more…)

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My lovely sister (A true story)

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I stubbed out the cigarette and stood up as the passengers arrived at the lobby. Through the glass partition I spotted my sister near at the conveyor belt waiting for the luggage. She had put on wait, I noticed. The extra few pounds she had gained over the years had made her elegant. She was wearing a white churidar, light blue top and a matching shawl was swung around her shoulders. Dark glasses shaded her eyes. No one would say that this tall fair elegant lady was the mother of a 4-year-old child. Even at the age of 28 she looked so beautiful as ever.

She picked her luggage and came out. I waved and rushed to her. “How was the flight sister? I asked as I took the luggage from her hand. “It was okay. Where is your car parked? I led her to my car and put the luggage in the car. “So what brings you here on such a short notice, sister? I asked as I started the car. “Aren’t you happy to see your elder sister? There was a mock shock on her face. I told you about the boutique I am managing. I need to buy certain things for it She said. I think we can do some purchases now she handed over a list to me. I glanced at the items and took her to the shopping mall. We moved from shop to shop and by 8 at night we were through with the purchases. We had dinner out side and reached my apartment. It was small but tidy apartment with a bath attached bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. She put her luggage on a side table and took a bag and headed for the bedroom. I need to shower, she said. I sat on the couch and lit a cigarette.

“Would you like some coffee? she asked as she came out. She was bathed and changed to a nightgown. “Sure, let me make it for you I stood up. “No, no you change your dress. I will do it she headed for the kitchen. I went to my room and changed to a printed dhothy and loose T-shirt. I never wore any underwear at home. I came out, put on the television and sat on the couch. A few seconds later, she came with two cups of coffee. She set them on the side table and sat on the armrest of the settee near me. “You should give more attention to your hair she inserted her fingers into my hair and commented. I sat there without saying anything. She picked her coffee and drank it all along her fingers were running through my hair and sometimes patting my side-whiskers. The feeling was good and I did not stop her. “I spoke to Sreya last week she said as she put her cup back. I was lost for a second. I could not remember who it was. Don’t you remember her? she asked. “Sorry, but I can not place her face”

She took my face in her both palms and looked into my eyes and said, Oh my forgetful brother, don’t you remember the house we visited last before my marriage. She went out to buy me some things and she stopped midway. Now I remembered and I said, Yes, I remember her “Just her or there was a sly smile on her face now. Her face was just inches away from me and I smelt the sweet aroma of the soft perfume she was wearing. I wanted to tell her how could I ever forget the last frantic lovemaking we did in her flat. But instead, do you remember? I asked her. “How could I ever forget my brother! she kissed softly on my forehead. That had an electrifying effect on me. My shaft started to lift up and I needed no further invitation. I reached for her breasts and patted on the sides. She moved her face down and our lips locked in an earnest kiss. I poked my tongue into her mouth and chewed on her full tender lips. I was hungry for her body now. I undid the front buttons of her nightgown. When I removed the top buttons she stood up and gown slid to the floor. She had a black bra and panty on her. She sat on my lap and kissed me again. Then she pulled the T-shirt over my head. She kissed me on my lips and ears and her tongue moved down to my nipples. She chewed them and slid to the floor and pulled my dhothy off. She licked on the inside of my thighs and finally she took my mast in her hand as if testing its strength and size. She kissed gently on my shaft and took it in her mouth.

I was shocked for a moment. My sister had never performed oral for me before. Now she was kneeling on the floor sucking on my cock! She took my 7-inch long cock fully in her mouth and with tight lips she was giving me the perfect mouth fuck of my life. She lifted her eyes to see if I am enjoying and I reached out cupped her breasts. I undid her bra and caressed them while she sucked and licked my cock. The friction of my cock in her full tight red lips gave immense pleasure and I knew I was about to ejaculate. Sister easy, I am coming! I blurted. But she did not stop and I shot my load into her mouth. She drank my cum and sucked on my cock till the last drop was out. At last she let cock free and sat on my lap and kissed me. “Did you enjoy that? she smiled sweetly. “That was the best oral I ever had, sister. How did you learn all these? I kissed her breasts. “I am a married woman you silly! “Wonderful sister, what else you learned? I could not believe that my brother in law taught her this. “You will find out soon my sweet brother”, she said with a smile. “Come on let us wash she took me to the bath. There were a few drops of my cum dripped through the corner of her lips and spread on breasts. She lathered soap and washed my dick making it fully erect in doing so. I removed her bra and panty and admired her beauty. Sister, you look more gorgeous now. Her pussy was covered with curly blue hair, which was clipped and pruned. I sat on the closet and pulled her to me. I put one of her legs over my shoulder and her vaginal petals opened for me. I licked the tender lips of her vagina and sucked on her clit. “Oh! Ah! I missed you so much my brother! Ahhhhhhhh! she groaned with pleasure. I sharpened my tongue and gave her a long tongue fuck. I knew she was enjoying every bit of it and finally I felt her body tighten and she cried out, now brother, now! her head was tilted back and body became limp and for a second she lost her balance. I stood up and held firmly. She placed her head on my shoulders and her eyes were glazy. “Did you come sister? “Several times! she smiled. I lifted her bodily and laid her gently on my bed. I heard the phone ringing in the lobby. It was a friend of mine asking if I could join him for a drink the next day. I told some excuses and hung up.

My sister was lying fully naked on my bed. I sat down and fondled her. When I kissed her pussy I noticed it was wet and ready again. I lay next to her and said Let us try doggy style She immediately turned and stood on all four. I positioned behind her and the wonderful arse, which I so dearly longed all these years, was inviting me to enjoy. I kissed her buttocks and poked my tongue into her arse hole. She did not stop me at all. On the contrary, she seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps, that is something she learned from her marriage”, I thought. I spat into her arse hole and took my rod in my hand. I smeared the spittle on her arse cheeks and placed the head in position. I caught her firmly by the hip and pushed. I thought she would cry out with pain and wriggle away. But there was a sudden gasp and she said, great my brother! Fuck my arse. I love it! I rammed my rod into her tight arse and she moved her hip back to take the full length in. The pleasure was so exquisite that fucked her arse with full force. Oh sister your arse is so great. I am dying with pleasure sister. How you learned to hold your arse so good? “My sponsor for the boutique shop is an Arab my brother! she whispered back. I was jolted by her confession. Obviously the Arab sponsor has fucked the wind out of my sister. The knowledge that she had fucked around after her marriage gave me an added strength and increased the speed and force of ramming my cock into her tight sweet arse. I crushed her tits and slapped her buttocks. She was enjoying all this and finally I was ready to shoot. I rammed one last time hiding my cock fully inside her arse and released my load in her arse. We stood like that for a few minutes till my cock shrunk and slip out of her dripping arse.

We made love one more time that night. The next day before taking her to the airport I fucked her twice making her exhausted but fully satisfied. She told me she would come quite often to Dubai to enjoy sex with me till my wife was back. Obviously my sister loved my cock better that anybody else’s.

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I am amar .I am 25 year old, I have a sister who is 19 year old , she is good looking and

You know I never thought of making sex with her but it just happened .she use to sleep in the same room, we stay in a 2 room flat, in one room my parent stay

we normally play either carom or any other game before we go to sleep

it so happened that , before few days she purchased a loose night suit for her. while playing her boobs were visible , I first ignored but u know I am a boy first then any thing else ,

she have a real good pair of boobs , it was really a very sexy scene she was not wearing any banyan only bra ,the boobs size was visible .my cock was hard by seeing this I tried to hide my feeling

At first I thought she don’t know about but I was so hot that my voice was also fumbling and was breathing very heavy.

I was really interested to some how touch her body and feel her I was really trying to see her boobs fully I was really wishing that if she has not wear her bra I could have seen her boobs in full view

You know I was so excited that I ejaculated in my underwear

I can make out that my sis is aware of my hard rod

That night I masturbated twice when I thought that my sister is now asleep

but I tell u now I really enjoy having sex with my sister v make sex a really memorable fuck with lot of entertainment and variation she is really great in bed

you know from that day I use to look for the chance to look at her boobs and to touch it when ever possible it was our winter holiday father dint got leave hence to attend the family function in gorakhpur we along with my mother went to the place , u know in the function how crowded the place become we all were very tired and the uncle had given one room for kids we all were suppose to sleep on the floor on the gadda, laid there I slept with my sister on my right side when I thought that every body is sleeping I touched her boobs , she dint responded I lifted her t- shirt so that her boobs are free I was sweating with tension that, I dint know how she will respond with lot for courage I lifted the t-shirt and started sucking her nipples over her bra for almost 10 minutes she didt moved I was now getting more bold I lifted her bra now her boobs were free .I was beating so fast that I could have fainted I held her boobs for 5 min like that then started massaging it she was not moving at all .then I took her nipple in her mouth she was still sleeping .she later told me that she did not knew about it which I don’t believe . I was milking her boobs one by one and was sucking it like a kit my Lund was rock hard with lot of pre cum on the top of penis it was throbbing up and down. I was almost mad I lifted her skirt and put my hand in her panty it was very wet at that time her panty was very much socked I touched my own sister pussy for the first I can not explain the feeling, I kept my hand on her bur (pussy) and later started fingering it .her pussy was beating like a heart beat.I decided to see her pussy as rest every one in the room was sleeping hence I decided to took her panty out with little difficulty I removed her panty and saw her pussy closely and as clearly as I could have in the night lamp .It was a great feeling.For quite a long I sucked her boobs and fingered fucked her.I was dying to fuck her .I took my Lund out

of my pajamas and was trying to find the hole of my sister pussy .I tried to enter her but I could not for the first time, I was not able to locate her hole ,it was totally wet by now ,I forget the relation in between both of us all I knew I want to have her ,my tool was rock hard I kissed on her pussy and smelled it ,it smelled great ,then I located the hole and inserted my one finger and started doing in and out movement ,after some time I inserted two finger I was feeling the palpitation in her pussy ,when I tried to put the third finger in ,she moved but by now I was so very excited that it was not possible to stop ,I kept my hand on her pussy without doing any thing after some time I kissed on the pussy again ,I parted her pussy lips and tasted it out of excitement I even inserted my tongs in her cunt ,it tasted little salty(not great to be frank), but because of excitement I kept on licking it for around 10 minutes, I saw small little buds of her pussy fully erect, it was a great feeling to see ,then I put my tool on her pussy opening and tried to put it in side but I don’t know in spite for trying so hard I was not able to penetrate her it was really frustrating after some time I tried again but when I applied too much pressure she closed her leg I think because of pain , in the meat time I ejaculated on her pussy and failed to fuck her that night I was able to do this after 3 days I will tell you in detail in my next letter , how I entered her please send your incest to me I will tell you more..

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My stepfather

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When I was 5, my mother remarried an older man. He was about 45, but strong, handsome and very virile, as you will see. My mother worked days and my stepfather worked nights. That worked out for them, as he could babysit me during the day. He would come home at 7 in the morning, just when she was getting ready for work. They would spend a little time together and then she would leave. Sometimes he would be really tired after working all night, so he would try to get me to sleep with him so he could get some rest. I would lie next to him, wiggling like little girls do, until he got frustrated and pulled me into his arms to hold me still. One morning my daddy (as he liked me to call him) was napping with me trapped in his arms. I must have wiggle a little, because his thing got real hard against my butt and he moaned in his sleep.

I reached my little hand behind me, to feel what that hard thing was between us. His thingy was hard on the inside and silky soft and pliable on the outside. I felt it up real good, running my pudgy little hand up and down the length of it. His breathing got heavier in my ear and he started to hunch his hips into mine. “What are you doing, Pammy?” he asked quietly. “Nuthin'” I said, ashamed at being caught. I stopped what I was doing, but he wrapped his big, manly hand around my tiny girlish fist and encouraged me to continue jacking him. “It’s okay, baby, ” he whispered into my hair. “Go ahead and feel Daddy’s cock. It feels good.” I couldn’t believe that Daddy said that naughty word to me! Cock was a bad, grown-up word! Once he had me jacking him with my tiny fist just right, Daddy slipped his fingers under the waistband of my panties and cupped my little pussy with his hands. “Mmmm,” Daddy said. “You are making Daddy hot, little girl. You are such a hot, sweet little cunt.” I didn’t know what that word meant, but I liked the way he said it. It gave me shivers up and down my spine to be laying in bed with my big strong Daddy, doing naughty, grown-up things with him. His cock twitched and leaked in my hand, and his fingers felt big and strong as they began to explore my little wee-wee. Suddenly, Daddy flipped me over so that I was facing him, and put his face real close to mine. He grabbed my baby butt cheeks in his palms, and forced his tongue into my mouth. I was shocked and didn’t know if I liked it. His adult tongue in my childish mouth was a shock and an intrusion. He jammed his hard tongue halfway down my throat, and I almost choked on it.

“Daddy!” I cried, pushing at his big, broad chest with my little hands. “Don’t!” “Oh, honey,” Daddy growled. “It’s too late to stop. Look what you did to your Daddy.” He forced my head down to look at his cock. It looked huge and purple and angry. He had one hand on the small of my back and the other wrapped around the base of his cock. Daddy wagged it at me. “Mama would be really mad if she saw what you did to Daddy’s cock, little girl,” Daddy said. “That’s Mama’s job, to make Daddy’s cock all hard.” “I’m sorry, Daddy!” I cried, my little eyes filling with tears. “Please don’t tell Mama on me!” “I won’t tell Mama,” Daddy said. “But you’ve got to fix what you done.” “I will, Daddy!” I cried, hugging him happily. “I’ll fix it. What do you want me to do?” Daddy let go of me and rolled over onto his back, his cock pointing straight at the ceiling, It looked huge to my 5 year old little eyes. He clasped his hands behind his head and propped up a little to look down proudly at his towering erection. “Get down between my legs, Pammy,” he said. “Good girl. Now take Daddy’s cock in both your little hands. Yeah, like that. Good. Yeah. Now squeeze a little tighter and move your hands up and down on Daddy’s cock.” I did what Daddy said, staring intently at the jerking, fat, erect penis in my dimpled palms. Daddy grunted his satisfaction, but before long he wanted more. Daddy took his right hand from behind his head and grabbed my pony tail. He began forcing my face towards his cock, as I struggled against his strength. He wrapped his legs around me, trapping me up against him, as he forced my mouth down over his member. “Open your mouth for Daddy,” he said. “Come on, Daddy needs you to open your mouth. Do what I say, or I am gonna tell Mama on you!” The plum-sized head of his cock slipped between my baby teeth and into my mouth. My tongue reacted by pressing against the invader, trying to force it out of my mouth. Daddy seemed to love that as he hunched his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I was strangling on his adult sized member and he pulled my hair and forced me to take more and more of it down my throat. I began to scream and cry, but the sounds were strangled on the thick man meat that was blocking my cries. “Oh, you are a good little cocksucker,” Daddy groaned out. He acted like I was doing it on my own! Like he wasn’t raping my tiny childish mouth! He kept saying the filthiest thing to his little girl.

“Oh, Baby. What a little cum-slut you’re turning out to be. I love fucking my little girl’s mouth. Oh yeah, baby, take it! Take it all.” His eyes popped open and he stared down at my face, all sweaty and red. He watched his huge erection sawing in and out of my tiny lips, forcing my face to contort around his member. Suddenly, he stiffened and pulled his cock out of my mouth with an audible pop. “Oh no, you don’t, little girl,” Daddy said. He paused for a moment, squeezing the base of his cock hard. “You’re not getting off that easy. Whew. You almost made Daddy cum. And Daddy doesn’t want to come so fast with his little girl.” He kept talking this nasty baby talk to me. Getting control over his throbbing cock seemed to take alot out of him, but he finally fixed me with a stern look and said, “Nice try, Baby girl!” With almost no effort, Daddy pulled my 50 pound frame up and dragged me under him, pawing at my panties at the same time. He ripped off my clothes, leaving me in the tatters of my nightie and just my little ankle socks. Forcing my legs apart, he scrunched way down on the bed and pressed his face in my private parts. “Aw, sweet little baby cunt,” he hummed into my pussy. “Sweet, hairless little infant baby cunt!” I pushed at his head ineffectually with my hands, trying to stop him. “No, Daddy, don’t!” His unshaven jaw scraped against my immature, hairless sex. Without further preparation, Daddy stuck his tongue out as far as he could and stabbed it into my virgin cunt. I could feel my tiny pussy walls react to the intrusion by tightening up. But it did feel kinda good. I lay still as he lapped and lapped at my tight cunny with his big, adult tongue. “Oh baby,” he hummed against my immature clit. “Baby Pammy’s little cunt tastes so sweet. So little, so innocent.” He was talking himself, and me, into a frenzy! He was hunching his cock into the mattress like a mindless thing, intent on fucking whatever he could find. After a few minutes he released my legs and hips and pulled himself up, the shadow of his huge body dwarfing my tiny frame. Looking down between our bodies, Daddy seemed to totally lose his mind, talking to himself and me in the same, sing song baby-talk. “Look what Pammy did to her Daddy,” he crooned, grabbing his cock with his fist. “Little girl is gonna get fucked now. Oh, yeah. Daddy needs it. Daddy needs his little girl. Open your legs, baby, that’s a good girl.” Aiming his cockhead at my virginal pussy, he began to pant as he dragged the bulbous end up and down my tender slit.

I began to suck my thumb, as I always did when frightened. My eyes were as big as saucers, watching the stranger that my Daddy had become before my very eyes. He was a man possessed. Possessed by lust. He was going to fuck a little girl, something that he had only dreamed about. He was going to fuck his own little girl, his own little 5 year old girl. Of course, I didn’t know all of this at the time. All I knew what that he was making my pussy all wet with his juices and mine, and he was sure enjoying what he was doing. Enjoying it like a rutting, out of control animal would enjoy it. He pressed the tip of his cock into my tiny hole and began to diddle my immature clit with his thumb. “Oh, baby’s wet,” Daddy crooned. “Wet and hot and tight.” He leaned forward and the head of his cock popped into my cunt. It didn’t hurt too much, but it was a shock. When I squealed a little, around the thumb in my mouth, Daddy looked at me like a wild man. “Pammy,” he growled. “This is going to hurt a little bit. But Daddy’s going to do it, do you understand? Daddy NEEDS to do it. You teased Daddy by touching his cock and now you are going to get it.” As he stared into my frightened eyes, Daddy leaned slowly into me, enjoying the pain and confusion on my face as he speared me with his cock, pinning me to the bed. It took a long time, with him grunting and sweating, and me kicking and squealing like a stuck pig, but Daddy finally got his long, fat cock all the way in. My pussy was stretched to the breaking point. It felt like he was going to split me in two! But he didn’t care, he just flopped down with a mighty cry, cuddled me into his huge embrace, pulling one leg up like a hurdler, and began to fuck me. Hard. His left hand gripped my pony tail, pulling my face back for more of his oral assault on my tiny mouth. His right hand snaked around me and cupped my butt, pulling me hard against him as he rocked and rocked, sawing in and out of my sore little cunt. He timed his oral thrusts to match his cock thrusting into me. His tongue almost gagged me as he jammed it down my throat. I was stuffed full of his cock and his tongue. He growled. He groaned. He sweat and rutted and mumbled filthy words as he took me.

And, as if my rape were not enough, as if he was not defiling me sufficiently, Daddy began to massage my anus with his thumb as he ravished me. I could feel his cock stretching me, and his tongue gagging me, as his thumb pressed inexorably into my asshole. I clamped down, trying to keep him from entering me there, but that only served to excite him more. I felt his cock like an iron bar as my immature cunt muscles clamped down on it. Soon he had me filled in all three holes, cunt, ass and mouth. I went limp in his embrace. I was almost in shock and too tired to fight against him any longer. He took me. He took me every way a man can take a child – anally, orally and vaginally. My little mind swam with confusion and degradation. And pain. A little girl’s cunt is too small to comfortably accomodate a grown man’s penis. A little girl’s mouth is too tender and tiny to withstand the assault of an adult’s tongue. And a little girl’s anus is too tight, to immature, to take the jabbing of a working man’s thumb. But there I was, 5 years old and very small for my age, taking an abusive assault that would have damaged a grown woman. “Bad little girl,” Daddy began to chant. “Bad little nasty cunt whore girl. Make Daddy rape you? Yeah, Daddy has to rape his little girl now. His nasty little girl.” If I was more mature, I would have know that my torture was nearly at an end. No man can take the iron grip of an immature cunt on his cock for long. No man can stand to digitally rape a little girl’s ass for more than a few minutes. It would take a madman or a machine to not blow a nut as you sawed your cock in and out of a little girl that was limp with shock in your arms. It would take an animal or a drugged up psycho to withstand the feeling of a child’s anus clamped on your thumb as you ravished her cuntlet. I was too young, too immature, to know that my torture was nearly at an end. His body tensing in waves, his ragged breathing, his cock spasms did not tell me anything. I was too young and to tender to know that this man, this adult father figure, was soon going to blast my pink insides with rope after rope of sticky sperm. His cock throbbed. His shoulders tensed. Sweat poured off of him as he worked his thick, veiny shaft painfully in and out of my clasping twat. He went suddenly rigid. With a roar that frightened me anew, my Daddy blasted his cum into me. I felt it. My cuntlet was so tight around his invading cock that it began to spew out the sides, running down my chubby, childish thighs.

He began to collapse on me in stages. His breath was ragged and deep. His shoulders pinned me to the bed beneath his huge frame, his cock finally shrank and slid out of my cunny with a little plop. Finally, one last spasm of my asshole pushed his thumb out of my butt. I could barely breathe. His full weight was on me. “Good girl,” Daddy panted, patting my head. “Good little Daddy’s girl.” Finally, he rolled off of me. With an evil look in his eye, Daddy took in my splayed legs, my wet, wide open cunt, the tears that stained my chubby little cheeks. My thumb found it’s way back into my mouth. “After breakfast, Daddy is going to teach his little girl some more tricks,” he promised, an evil, lustful look in his eyes. “What kind of cereal do you want?”

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