Fuck through internet

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When i was fucking namrata i was still visiting the cyber café and chat room to hook uo with some one new. Once when i was on my routine mail checking and chat stuff i was checking the hard drive when i saw some resumes stored in the my document folder… i opened it and saw it was few girls in that. I quickly noted their number and names… one girl was of my area … i just gave a miss call to check it the number is working or not. To my luck i got a miss call again from that number… i dint knew what to say so i just told her that i was trying some one else number &l by mistake i dialed ur number sorry about that. She said that its perfectly fine. And we just had a small light conversation.

After we stayed in touch over sms and some times call. She use to work in a call centre so her time were irregular and we hardly use to speak. After 2 months time i was returning home at 11pm in the night when she called me asked me where i was. I said i was going home she said than even i am done with my work if we can meet. I said fine with me. And she asked me to come downstairs to her office. As her office was in malad its was a famous area so i reached there easily and waited downstairs for her. She came after 10 minutes. She was a fair girl wearing specks with huge boobs, she was atound 5’5 tall 36-30-38. We had the initially hi and hello and she asked me where shall we go. I said i have no idea about this area and she should tell me.she said lets take a walk around the back side of the area as its usually deserted at time in the night/. We went there and it was a huge lane totally dark just 1 or 2 vehicle passig here and there ….mostly coupe trying to get cosy in the night .. We started to chat and she started to get free.. I took the chance and put my hand around waist. She dint object.. I kept my hand there. And carried on… she put her hand around my waist and i got the green singnal.

She said that she liked my voice and she is like mad after my voice… we saw a car in a corner and took the support of the car and went and stood there. I took the chance and while talking hugged her whiche she dint object…than i planted a kiss on her check and she replied back by giving a peck on my lips.. Well that was it.. We kissed there for some while and after some time i tried my hand on her breast but she said lets got from here and n by that time the night cops had also arrived. We took a auto and asked him to take a round in that area …. We sat in that and kissed for a while and than i took her to a lane behind a movie theater which was very deserted. I took her in a corner and kissed her smooched her she was loosing her control. Now i put my hands on her breast and squeezed it for some time… than i put my hand inside her t-sirt and felt her smooth flesh above her bra. It was so soft and wowowo….we were there for about 20 minutes when she broke the kiss and said she is getting late. We came on he main road and took a auto and dropped her home and we kissed all the while in the auto. We kissed each other good nigh and i left home…

After that we never got the opportunity to meet her but we had out share over the phone…one day in the evening she called me and said tat her parents are out and will return only by 9 in the night and she was alone if i wanted to come… but i was at a place where i could have taken about 30 minutes to reach her house and than i would have just a hour time to be with her so i refused and said we will meet later. She called me again and asked me if i can make it.. Well this time even i could not refuse and i said yes to her. I reached her place within 15 minutes and she was waiting after outside her flat to receive me. I went in and sat in the hall on the sofa. She came and sat near me …..we chatted for a while and slowly planted a kiss on her lips. She dint react. So i took the opportunity and kissed her again. Within no time our mouth were exchanging our saliva. Slowly i made her lie on the sofa and was on top on her kissing each other. I placed my hand over her breast over her t-shirt and squzzed. She moaned but her mouth was sealed with mine… i pulled her t-shirt up and over her breat.. My my such huge and soft breast… i took them in my mouth over her bra and sucked them.. I had little patience left so i pulled over her bra of and of came her huge marvelous melons… i sucked them for a while.. She was enjoying it… now she broke the bond and lead me toward her bedroom. I asked her to check if the main door is closed when she went to check it we were shocked the find out that it was not locked.. Our luck that no one came at that time.. We laughed and locked the door and went in..i threw her on the bed and jumped over har and kissed her again for some time..i played with her tits for a while n suck them like a hungry kid… i went own to remove her pyjama but she was reluctant but i was adamant and within minutes i pulled down her pants . Now she was just in her panties.. I went down and kissed her pussy over her panties. She dint have any hair on her cunt. I mover her cloth piece over her pussy area and put my finger in her pussy . She moaned a little and i started fingering her… she was in heaven…. I kept in finger fucking her for a while till she came for the fist time. Than she told me that she was not a virgin and sex twice with her childhood friend. Now even i was getting restless and quickly removed my clothes and was naked in front of her. She was shocked to see my huge prick.. She took it in her hand and started to stroke it.. Wowowo what a feeling… i was enjoying it.. When i felt that i was about to shoot my loads i asked her to stop…. I was not carrying any protection as i never expected such a incident..

I went on top of her and kissed over her lips than to her tits and slowly came down to her pussy. I sucked her for a while till she got wet so that i could enter her now. I kept my dick on her entrence and pushed in once… i went with a huge thud and i could hear her pain .. She asked me to stop as it was huge she was having immense pain… i was not ready to stop so i started moving up and down. Slowly her pain subside and she was enjoying it.. She started to massage her tits and her breast…. All that she was saying was.. Yes jai fuck me hard>>… tear me … i want u inside me fuck me harder yes fuck me…. I got more wild and started to stroke more faster… after 10 minutes of fucking i took out of dick on came all over her pussy and tummy.. We laid there for some time when we heared the bell ringing…. We quickly got up and dressed and she went and opend the door while i sat on the sofa. She introduced me to he mom and bhabi….i waited for some time and later went of from there bidding good bye to all of them her mom asked me keep visiting and with a wicked smile i said sure aunty i will..

I left from there happily… after that we never had any encounter but sure waiting for some more andvernture.. If any girls and aunty interested in real fun and adventure please mail me…

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First sex in hospital

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Hi, Readers, I am not a real story writer but I am telling u my real life example which happened me some time back, Whenever I visit that site I always wonder are they real or not, But when it happens to me I strongly agreed with that, its all real. Anyhow I must start my story.

I am Ali (name changed) from Lahore, doing job in Telecom Company and having no any affair with any Girl or lady. As my family called me Molvi (but they don’t know me Hhahhahhh). I am just checking my mails on internet any suddenly I got a mail from somebody.

I just click that and become a member of that community for 1 year for free, I am happy that I don’t need to pay any amount so I just visited that site and see who is a member of that site, Then I find a lady robeena (name changed) who is married with 3 kids now these are 4,

so I just give a message for friendship. I believe that could be a fake ID, so I just put my cell number with my message, After 3 day I got a call from Warid number and ask who is it, she was robeena and we kept going on for chat,

as she is very good by nature she at the first call told everything about her, she is married, having 3 kids, and her life with his husband, One night I was making my collage work making some assignments, I received a call from robeena,

I cut her call and called her on her number and ask is everything okay. she begun crying, I forced her to tell me the reason of her carrying, she said she will tell me latter, so days passed she did not call and not even send me any message, I was worried about her,

(at that time I don’t have any bad feelings about her,) she said she will call me in night I said okay, at the time of 2.45 AM, she called me and said she is not happy with her husband, her husband having a affair with the lady who works in his office,

and he spent more time with her and don’t want do any relation with me, I felt sorry for her, and I changed the topic,, she understand my techniques and suddenly said “tum be usi ki tharah ker rehy hoo mari baton main, mary zindgi main kiss ko koi interest nahi,

” I said “nahi yar I am always with u. ” she again carrying, I make her to relax by telling a joke so she feel okay at that time, same way she called me at late night although it hurts my MBA but I don’t mind as she feel relax and okay while talking to me,

so one day at the end of my semester and having off from office I way enjoying with my family I again received a buzz from robeena, she said her husband is ill and having his MRI from other hospital and it will take 4 to 5 hours can you come,

I agreed and start my bike (i have bike at that time) to reechoed the hospital in 25 mins as it was far away from my home, at the door of that hospital I ask where to I come, she got a private room in hospital and was in 2 nd floor,

I reached at the room and she was standing there and doing wait for me, Oh my GOD, what a sight that was, As I was thinking she is just a average woman but she turn me on, You people cant image what a bomb she was, she was in her early 30s and a mind blowing body,

she was 36 29 and 32. yar she was looking kowl. she welcome me and I entered the room, she shut the door and sat near by me, Oh my GOD I was just looking at her and keep as she said “abs bus be ker kiya nazar lagani hai,”

at the first 20 mins I was unable to understand what to do. so we start doing chat and I ask her what was the reason you did not tell me any thing about u, she said she was afraid that if she tell me anything I begin to black mail her, but after then she told me everything.

She is a well educated as she has done masters in economics and little bit Islamic as well, but she is a fashionable as well. so we were talking about her life she again begin crying, and put her head on my shoulder. I ask her if she is not feeling well then she should take rest,

but she said mujhy yeahi rehny do, and then I warp her up with my arms and ask her what she wants from me, she said me give me ur Dick, I was shocked as I didn’t heard such a bold word from any lady before, so I said take I am urs, then she said me lay o bed,

I did so then she said loses ur paints, and then said “aping shirt be utar do ” I did so, at the same time she was just instructing me, and I was doing as she was saying, after that I said “tum be tu apny kapary utarooo ” she said “kion nahi lakin yeah kam tum keron”

I just put my right hand on her left booob “yar yeah tu bouht kamal hain ” then she said “abhee tum nay bouhat kuch or dekhana hai ” so I kept untie her from her cloths as I pull down her shirt, wow what a sight st, Michel’s bra was on her I told her

“yeah to baray piayary lag rehy hain ” she said “abhe yrah tumharay hain jo marzi kero” then I began to suck that, wow what that taste was, I was enjoying a woman’s boob first time. any how I really don’t know how to do. as per her she said “yar fikar kion kerty hoo main honn na”

I told her, “isi bat ka tu dar hain kay tum hooooo” she smiled and said “choro main khud hi kuch kerty hoon, ” then she hold my dick which was already in 90′ degree position, and begaun to sucking it, yar I cant tell you the feeling at that time,

she suck that my tool for at-least 10 to 12 mins so I was about to cum, I put out my dick from his mouth and cum on floor, after that, I suck her boobs for 5 mins, at that time I was eating bananas as well. Which provide me some energy to do that again,

after that I ask her to lay down, she did as I was unable to put into her hole my 8 inches dick, because that was my first time that I was fucking any lady so I ask her come over me and she did the same, she was doing that first time as well with any other person other then her

husband, so she was used to it, she came over me hold my dick in her hand and guided to her hole, Oh my GOD what a feeling that was. I was like in heaven, moans are coming out mf my mouth, and her as well, she was jumping on my dick and enjoying the time,

I was enjoying her moves, I was laying on bed and staying clam, she was doing by her own style, after 5 mins I came again at that time she stand up and bring some tissues to clean my dick she put these tissues on dick and clean with her own hands, what a pleasant sight that wassssss, I really enjoy that.

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My friendship with James lost it’s way once girls found me!  I say found me
because even though I was a well renown class-clown,  I was very shy around
girls.  So they had to nearly throw themselves at me before I would ask one
out.  I was fortunate that even though I was on the short side (perpetually
5′ 6″) I had my 1/2 Italian background that made me attractive to girls my
age and sometimes older.  Which reminds me…

There was a girl who made it known she wanted me in a big way, and at that
point (I was 15 she was 14) I had no experience with girls at all.  I mean
yeah, I knew where that parts were, just not what they “really” felt like.
Well she was willing to show me and I didn’t turn her down!  We were
outside in a local park late at night and I started to give her a backrub.
She was enjoying it and so I went underneath the top she was wearing to get
to the “flesh” of her back.  She said she really liked that but would undo
her bra so the straps wouldn’t be in the way.  Fine, fine with me!!!  As I
reached back up under her top I didn’t remember such large zits!  Gross I
thought until I realized she was on her back and these were her nipples!!!
No way!  Here I was rubbing them like everything and it must have hurt but
she didn’t say a word!  I was so embarrassed and I thought she knew I was
too but just didn’t say anything.  I kept my cool (what was left) and kept
fondling her, slowly exploring her upper regions until I got up enough guts
to go for the crotch.  I slid my hand down her belly to the edge of her
panties.  I swam my hand all around the area to see if she would resist.
Nothing.  So I slipped my hand underneath her panties until I felt the
little mound of pubic hair, passing it I found the soft, wet surprise.  I
fingered her as she grabbed at my crotch in my jeans.  Just then someone
came over the hill we were on and we quickly ended our groping.  So much
for that night.  Damn.  She then told me here parents would be gone for
most of Saturday and we could finish there.  I stumbled out Ok and walked
bent over until then.  😉

She answered the door wearing cutoffs and some kind of t-shirt I don’t
remember.  We immediately went up to the bedroom I began to grope her
again.  This time it was during the day and I could see everything!  Wow
this was what my mind had constantly dreaming of!  I got her shorts to her
knees and then I grabbed her pussy and fingered it for all I was worth.
She went right for my zipper and had my shorts to my knees in no time as we
lay on our sides facing each other.  She took hold of my member, which was
rock hard as soon as I left my house, and immediately pumped it!  I grabbed
her hand once to slow it down or I’d cum and/or get rug-burned by her heavy
fist action.  I had little control once a “real girl’s hand” was on me, so
it wasn’t long before I came all over her hand.  She got up for a towel and
that was that!  We never did it again and she asked me later why I didn’t
even kiss her..  What a selfish dope I had been, I just wanted to please
myself and then high-tail it out of there.  Really, to me a kiss was more
serious than a grope.  I figured I’d grope or let myself be groped by
anyone, but a kiss is for someone I loved.  Yea, well it made sense to me!

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Fucking girlfriend on birthday

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Hi my birthday was last week. I had a very eventful birthday. Here is how it went I was getting ready to leave my house when I heard the bell ring, I opened the door thinking it was the watchman or the sweeping lady asking for the waste. I had a present surprise.

There standing in front was my GF in a lovely Maroon salwar. Oh. For a minute I was wondering. Then I asked her in and closed the door and latched it. Turned around hugged her and kissed her lips. While doing so I also happened to damage her lovely earring.

( bought one for her later) Well the kiss lasted a nice long time with each of us probing each other. We had not had such a time for more than a month even though we used to meet nearly every alternate day and go for a small drive.

Well after that she had asked me for some water. While I got her the water she removed her duppatta. Then I took her to my bed room and we kept kissing each other. I now rubbed my hands all over her body especially her lovely butt.

My hands rubbed her breasts and I kissed them My hand was now under her dress and feeling her smooth firm stomach. I love this area and keep rubbing them. Next my hands reach her bra and feel her size 34 breasts. I pull off her top. She was wearing a white lace bra.

And her black nipples were hard and pushing to come out of her bra. I kissed them and began sucking them through the bra. She was now moaning and rubbing her hand on my thighs I moved to remove her pyjama while still kissing her all over her body

she was in a white flower design panty and it was wet.I kissed the wetness before getting to remove the panty. Oh!. Her wet soft skin was so good. She had cleanly shaven it knowing pretty well how much I like to suck her.

I got to rubbing her clit and slowly inserted a finger in her and was moving it in and out while I got to kiss her navel and moved to her breasts. She was moaning in pleasure. Her hand was holding mine into her pussy. I moved her up and removed her bra and the soft melons came out.

I love to kiss the nipples till they become hard as a stone before sucking them. My finger moving fast and me kissing her was too much for her to hold. She had a lovely orgasm. And he juices were now starting to flow.

I moved her upwards and landed my face straight into a very WET pussy. She was awesome. WET, Slimy and a little saltish with her juices. Her clit was twitching from her orgasm when I started to suck her. I soon moved on top of her to a 69 position and started sucking her.

She too started to suck me. MY full face was in her love hole. While licking her I moved my face from left to right of her pussy fast and she asked me to do this again. It was a great experience. She started cumming again and was begging me to lick faster.

I did so to a whitish cum from her pussy squirting out.She asked to move my face in her pussy faster and she was moaning.. I could feel her suck me harder and knew she was having a good orgasm. When I stopped she begged me to just lie on her body.

She licked my face. She wanted to go to the loo and I followed her while she went in. We moved back to the bed. I put on a condom and slowly inserted my hard rod into her. Eyes closed She was enjoying every moment. I could hear slow moaning.

AH!! Oh!! HM!! She held my head to her breasts and I sucked it while I was pushing my rod in her. She was enjoying this and her hand was on the other breast rubbing it and making it hard. Could not resist Rubbing my chin on her nipples and biting them.

She screamed in pain. But held my head hard to her breasts. My stroking increased in speed. I suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes As if asking what happened I need more. The look prompted me to push it real hard into her. We continued like this for some time.

Rolling over each other at some time to make her on top of me. And her breasts were now dangling in front of me. She was reaching multiple orgasms today. WE had a good real fun for a long time. It was the best birthday gift I got

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