Part 1 of Brother Licks Little Sister

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I read a story on Alwayz Ultra which reminded me a lot of what happened between my sister and me about eight years ago. I must add that she is happily married now and that nothing of this sort has happened in about seven years. I had forgotten all about it until I read that story.

First, let me introduce myself: I am an Indian guy, 31 years old now, I am about 6 feet tall, 160 lbs, with short dark hair. I won’t go into the background about where I am from in India since that is irrelevant here. Almost all Indian people are the same when it comes to having strict family values and even talking about sex with your sibs or parents is considered a crime worthy of social abandonment. It is the taboo that makes sex so appealing and you almost feel like you are playing with fire when you even fantasize about sex and your sister happens to be a part of your fantasy.

The lord knows I have fantasized about every inch of her body and grown up jerking off to mentally crafted images of her ever since she hit puberty and ever since I noticed the little mounds on her chest develop into B-sized lobes of love. Ever since I saw a brand new women’s razor appear in the bathroom, I knew the little angel had sprouted into one fine woman! She shaved. And something told me she shaved more than just her armpits. My sister is four years younger than I am. She is not particularly hot but she is cute nonetheless. She is petite, about 5 feet 2, about 95 pounds, with nice, supple B cup breasts with large dark brown nipples and a shapely body, and an ass so big, it is worthy of a grand prize, considering she is an Indian girl and no offense, but Indian girls aren’t exactly blessed with black genes when it comes to butts. My apologies to all Indian female readers but I am sure even you guys would agree.

As I mentioned, this stuff is from about 8 years ago. We had recently come to the United States with our mom and dad and had started school together. We used to live in Boston then, since my father is a professor and he had been recently granted professorship at Tufts, which is a just outside of Boston, in Amherst. He is a smart man, very intelligent and qualified but he barely made any money for us to get by. When he got a chance to move to the United States, he brought us all with him and being a traditional Indian family, we all lived together at home. The first apartment that had been allotted to us by his university was a two bedroom hole in the wall, with no living room and a half-ass kitchen. The bathroom was the size of an airplane toilet and almost every wall in the apartment had at least a million cracks. Even the wooden floors made squeaky noises when you walked on them, and if you walked with reckless abandon, stomping your feet like my sister, you would start praying that the floor doesn’t collapse and you don’t end up in the bathroom of the person living underneath you! Needless to say the apartment had no air-conditioning, no sound or water proofing and the locks on bedroom doors served more of a decorative purpose than actual locking or protection. My mom and dad took one bedroom and my sister was given the other. I ended up on the couch in the tiny living room. However, I was allowed to leave my clothes and my stuff in my sister’s bedroom.

Sorry for the long intro. As I said, the apartment was so small, you could hear almost everything going on in any other corner of the house. Mom and dad used to work and my sister and I went to school. I used to get home early since I was in college and she was still in high school. I knew her routine by heart. A sex-starved young man, new in this country with little knowledge of English, I was stuck with her: the only girl who existed in my life at that time, my sister Nisha. She used to come home every day and went straight to her room. This is when the fun started to kick in.

I could hear her take off her shirt first. The movement of the clothes was clearly audible in the living room which was right next to her bedroom. Then she took off her pants. I would just picture her unbuttoning, unzipping, and then wriggling out of her tight jeans, undressing in front of the mirror. She would step out of one leg, then the other. I knew now she was standing only in her bra and panties. This is when my hand started to creep towards my crotch. I could then hear her reach around her back and unhook her bra. She took it off and then went for her panties. The panties used to just roll off her ass easily as I didn’t hear any sound but I could tell that she was lifting her one leg and out, and then the other side came out. Now I knew she was standing there, buck naked in front of the mirror, only about 4 feet away from me, but in the other room. So close but oh so far! Then she used to put on her Indian clothes at home. First she got hold of a clean bra, then she put her shalwar (loose bottoms) on, and then the shirt. Indian girls usually don’t wear panties at home. The shalwars are very loose and the long shirts usually reach way below their butts, so you cannot really tell the shape. Anyway, this used to be my routine everyday: wait for her to get home, listen to her rip her clothes off that warm, young, supple and vibrant body, and I used to just lay on the couch, with my hands in my pants. Then I used to get up and just walk to the bathroom and finish it off.

The incidents I am about to describe started happening about a couple of months after I had gotten used to get myself off from the sounds of her changing her clothes. Several incidents before that led up to me ending up in bed with my sister, with her legs closed together, trying to stop my cock from entering her doorway to heaven, half resisting and half allowing me, saying No bhayya, no but meaning Yes bhayya yes, fuck me as hard as you can, for as long as you can.”

One day she came home from school and went to her room as usual. I was on the couch, pretending to watch TV. I used to keep the volume low so she didn’t notice the drop off in volume when I muted it while trying to listen to her change. As the norm was, she went in, took off her top, then her pants, then her bra and then the panties came rolling off. Usually she would just pick up another bra and continue to dress up but that didn’t happen on this day. After her panties came off, there was a pause. I was just waiting for her to put a new bra on but no. I had muted the TV, listening intently. This time, I heard her walk. Then I heard her sit on the bed. She was in her room, naked from head to toe, and instead of putting clothes on, she was laying on her bed. The bed creaked, and I could hear her stretch out. I do not know what she did on the bed. But she laid there for about 15 minutes, then got up and put her clothes on. She must be really exhausted and maybe was trying to relieve some stress”, I thought to myself. This became the daily routine, however. She used to always get naked and then relax on her for a little while.

The routine changed then. One day about 5 minutes after she had retreated to her bed, naked, with nothing on, relaxing as I had thought, I heard her bed move. I heard the sort of creaks that you hear when someone changes sides on an old bed while sleeping. But the creaks weren’t intermittent. This was constant shaking. The bed continued to shake, in a slow rhythmic motion at first and then fast. Then a little faster, and then so fast I had no doubt in my mind what she was doing. She was masturbating! My little sister, about 4 feet away from me, albeit on the other side of the wall, lying there buck naked on her bed, fingering her pussy violently. Her virgin pussy, which I am sure no foreign hands had touched she was rubbing it and manipulating it and doing whatever she wanted to it This continued for about 20 minutes and then silence! I found my hands inside my pants moving faster as the noises from her bed grew louder. She figured I had the TV on and I probably couldn’t hear her, but little did she know. She finished herself off, got up, got dressed and then came out of the room looking normal.

Her masturbation had become a daily routine now. Except that she took a three to four day break in the first week. She might have been on her period, I don’t know. But then she started doing it daily, with everyday being louder and more violent than the previous.

I was becoming restless like a dog in heat. What would you feel if a hot young girl is getting herself off in the next room and you could hear her shaking on the bed, and you could even hear her moan if she gets too excited! I had to do something. I had to see this. But what if what if she gets mad? What would she think of me? But no I had heard and waited long enough.

On a warm summer day she came back from school and went straight to her room. She did her routine and then climbed her bed to masturbate. Then the bed started to shake. First slow, then faster and then violently. Now was my time. I got up, mustered up the courage and just stormed into her room screaming Nisha, are you ok? What’s the noise? And boom!

There she lay, in all her glory. Alone in her nekkidness. Young and warm and pure and juicy. Not a single piece of cloth on her body. Her left hand on her boob, holding the right one. Her legs open wide, her middle finger in her pussy, moving in and moving out when I walked in. She was stunned. She yelled you fuck! What the fuck!”, and then rolled off the bed as fast as she could onto the other side, and then tried to hide behind the bed. Were you having a seizure?”, playing innocent.

“No bhai (brother in Hindi), I am fine. You just go”

“But what was the noise? I thought either someone had climbed the window and was trying to attack you or you were having a seizure!”

“Bhai, NO! I am fine, you just go. Don’t look, I don’t have shit on!”, she screamed. She was now covering her exposed chest with her hands and her lower body was almost under the bed. She had pulled the bed covers over her by now.

“OK, if you say so, and don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, I didn’t see anything”, I said sheepishly and walked out.

I knew that she knew and she knew that I knew what had happened. She got dressed and came out.

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India Widowed Daughter Sex By Father

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My name is Diwakaran. I am a 53 year old widower, living near Cochin, in the state of Kerala, in India. I was leading a decent middle class life, until my wife expired last year. This is my real life story. Though I am totally ashamed of myself and my actions, I have only written this, to make other widowers like me, aware of the dangers of loneliness and also the dangers of staying alone with their daughters, during such times of loneliness in life .

My wife and I have only one daughter. Her name is Anuradha. Since she was our only daughter, we loved her very much. Anuradha too loved us a lot. Like any daughter, I suppose that she even loved me more, as I was her father. We got her married very early in the year 2001, when she was 18 years of age. Anuradha had a happy married life and gave birth to two children, within the next 4 years. Tragedy stuck in the month of January, this year. In a car accident, her husband passed away. My daughter became a widow. She was only 22 years of age. At such a tender age, now she had the responsibility of bringing up 2 little children. My daughter stayed from January 2006 with her in-laws. As they lived in a joint family and as I lived alone, in the month of October this year, they suggested that Anuradha and her children should come and live with me, from Deepawali onwards. At that point, from the time my wife had expired in 2005, I had been living all alone. For two years, there was no woman in my house. I was depressed and frustrated at my loneliness.

So, when my daughter and her children came to live with me, I was over-joyed to have their company. I had a small house – one living room, two bed-rooms, kitchen, and the usual bath-room, with a WC. Since the rooms were small, each bed-room had space for only one bed. Anuradha and her children occupied one bed-room and I slept in the other bed-room. My daughter took charge of all the needs of the house – in terms of cooking, cleaning, washing etc. She kept the house clean and made sure that, I was served coffee, milk, breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. For one month, things were fine. One day, during the 3rd week of November, when I woke up early in the morning, I found Anuradha asleep on a mat in the living room! I woke her up.

I asked her, ” Anu, what happened? Why are you sleeping here? Why are you not sleeping on the bed, in your room, with your children? ”

She replied, ” Oh Papa! There is almost no place on the bed. Your grand-children toss and turn and kick their legs while sleeping. It was so disturbing, that I came here and slept ”

I said, ” You should have woken me up. I would have come and slept on this mat in the living room and you could have slept on my bed, in my bed-room ”

She replied, ” No Papa. That is your and my late mummy’s bed. I did not wish to be a nuisance ”

I said, ” Anu, what is this? You are my daughter. Though you have become a mother of two children, yet, you are still my child. So dont talk nonsense. From tonight, let your children use the bed in your bed-room, you sleep on my bed and I shall come and sleep here, in the living room ”

She said, ” No Papa. I dont want you to sleep on the floor, so let me sleep here. It is no problem for me. You continue sleeping on your bed ”

I firmly said, ” No Anu, you will sleep on my bed and I will sleep on the floor here. That is final. Now – no arguments ”

She said, ” OK Papa. But, I dont want you to sleep on the floor. If you insist that I should sleep on your bed, then I have an idea. Look Papa, is it OK with you, if I come and sleep on your bed, along side with you? Afterall I am your daughter and have slept on your bed along side you, so many times, during my child-hood ”

I should have thought about the dangers. I should have thought well, before answering. Foolishly, I did not. I simply did not want my own daughter to be disappointed. Afterall she was simply being affectionate. So without any vision, in order not to hurt her,

I replied, ” OK Anu, from tonight, after putting your children to sleep in their room, you come and sleep on my bed, beside me! Happy now? ”

She replied happily, ” Yes Papa. Like old times. I can still recollect all those nights during my child-hood, when I used to sleep next to you and you used to tell me stories! ”

That night, after dinner, I went to my bed and lay down on one side – leaving ample space for my daughter on the other side of the bed. For some reason, I could not sleep and was lying wide awake on my bed, in the darkness, as there was the usual nightly power-cut. After finishing all her work, my young daughter put her children to sleep. The door to my bed-room opened. I saw my daughter entering with a candle. She glanced at me. She thought that I was asleep. So, I too pretended to be asleep – but my eyes were slightly open, watching her. As the candle light, was too dim, she could not see my slightly open eyes. I looked at her, as she moved about silently in the semi-darkness, keeping some news-papers, on the shelf.

I had always looked upon my daughter, as a little girl. Though my daughter was the mother of two children, it was for the first time in the candle light, I realised that, she was a fully grown woman! She was beautiful. She had obviously had a bath. My daughter was very fair. Now with her white saree and blouse, she looked like an angel. I saw the out-line of her gorgeous breasts, from under the palloo of her saree. When she turned, I also noticed the out-line of her large and firm buttocks, from under her saree. As I watched her, I felt my penis getting erect. I had been without a woman for almost 2 years. Now that I was seeing a woman in my bed-room and that too – in the semi-darkness at night – I was getting sexually excited – though it was my own daughter! I was disgusted at myself!

Anuradha put off the candle. In the darkness, she came and lay down beside me. I was awake and hoping that she would not notice the erection under my dhoti! I could smell her fragrance. My erection was fully raging now. Within the next 10 minutes, I noticed that she had fallen asleep. I turned on my side to look at her. She looked so innocent. So beautiful. So tender. So delicate. It was sad that she had become a widow. Though my penis was erect and I felt like touching her exciting body, I knew my limits. Anu was my daughter. I dared not touch her. I tried to sleep and finally fell into a stupor.

After 2 hours, some movement on the bed, woke me. I saw that, in her deep sleep, Anu had turned and snuggled up close to me, like she used to, when she was a little girl. Her voluptous body touched mine. She had flung her left arm over me, hugging me. The only problem now was – she was not a child. She was a fully grown attractive and voluptous woman. And more importantly, I was a man, who had gone without a woman, for two years. My penis was once again erect! My heart was beating wildly. I started sweating! I was frightened. She had hugged me out of a daughter’s trust and love, for her father. Not out of any sexual feeling. I did not wish to do anything foolish. I did not wish to be an idiot. But, no matter how much I tried, I could not control my own sexual excitement. A war was raging within me. A war between a father’s feelings towards a daughter and a man’s feelings towards a sexually attractive woman. After some time, she came more close to me and hugged me more tightly. She was whispering something in her sleep. I tried carefully and listened,

She whispered in Malayalam, ” Vasu . Darling . I want you . I am aching for you . Come Darling . I am waiting! ”

I was shocked and saddened too! Vasu was her late husband! My daughter was missing him sexually! God! She was not hugging me, with affection – as a daughter. She was dreaming that she was in bed with her late husband and hugging him – sexually! I realised that it was almost 10 months since her husband had expired and obviously my daughter was sexually frustrated. So here we were – both – a widower father and a widowed daughter, both sexually frustrated! Anuradha, now put her left leg over my legs. I could distinctly feel the heat from her crotch, seeping through her saree, through her petticoat and through my dhoti, directly onto my penis. Further, again in her sleep, she caught my head with her left hand and pushed it downwards, towards her breasts and began whispering again.

She whispered, ” Vasu . Darling . here, take my nipples . the baby may wake up . so drink my milk . before he wakes up . but keep some for the baby! ”

Though I am a father and I love my daughter as a father should, yet, I am also a man with human weaknesses. I knew that my daughter was breast feeding her baby. Now that she was virtually pushing my head towards her breasts, I did not resist. I allowed her to do so. But after pushing my head a few inches towards her breasts, to my disappointment, she turned. She was lying on her back with her head turned towards me, and I could tell that she was in a deep sleep. I got up slightly.

I crouched over her and whispered, ” Anu, are you awake? ”

Eliciting no response, I gently shook her shoulder to see if she would open her eyes. Again, no response. With my inhibitions disappearing, and my arousal growing, I grabbed the top of her saree palloo and slipped it down, to reveal her young breasts in her bra and blouse. I saw she was wearing a white bra inside her blouse. Very nervously I gazed at my daughter’s body. Her breasts made the blouse, taught, across her chest. I ran my palm very lightly over the breasts and cupped them. I got more excited.

Ever so slowly, I began un-hooking her blouse and managed to open it completely. Now her lovely breasts were visible in her bra. I lightly touched her bra. I paused, checking her face again to see if she was waking. My hands were shaking at this point, and my knees felt ready to buckle. Taking a silent, deep breath, I turned her slowly to her left side. I un-hooked her bra and turned her again on her back. The sight was incredible. My young daughter’s breasts were perfect. They were large, round and fleshy, with large, black and protruding nipples topping them off. Just the way I liked them.

Silently, I began fondling my widowed daughter’s exciting breasts. I lightly pinched her nipples. Anuradha stirred in her sleep. Now, I simply could not control myself. I bent and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I started sucking upon it. Warm sweet milk started shooting into my mouth. This was my daughter’s breast milk, meant for my grand-child. But, here I was – lustfully drinking my own daughter’s breast milk! As I drank her milk, I got careless. I bit her nipple, while pinching her other nipple hard with my hand. Anuradha suddenly woke up. She was shocked to see that I had un-hooked her bra and blouse, was fondling one breast with my palm and was suckling upon her other breast.

She exclaimed, ” Papa! What are you doing? ”

With shame, I replied, ” I am sorry Anu, I could not control myself. After your mother died, I have been with out a woman. Now, when you hugged me in your sleep, I simply could not control myself. I am really sorry! ”

Even when I was saying sorry, I could not stop fondling her breasts. Anu looked at me sadly. She kept quiet for a long time. She was immersed in her own thoughts for a while. She just lay there without moving, or without talking.

I said, ” Anu, I am really sorry Darling. I really am. I have been a beast ”

She quietly removed my hand, from her breasts and said, ” Papa! I understand. I understand that you miss Mummy. But, I am your own daughter. So, please do not do this ”

I pleaded, ” Anuradha, yes, I agree that this is wrong. But, I am not able to help myself. I must touch you and have you now! ”

She exclaimed, ” No Papa. Please. Please dont do this. I am a widow. I am the mother of your own grand-children. This is a sin. I can not face them and myself tomorrow, if you force yourself on me, tonight ”

I said, ” Anu dear, please allow me – only tonight. I am desperate to enjoy your body. Look, I have such a huge erection. Look how frustrated I am! Dont you love me anymore? Dont you care for my needs? Dont you want your Papa to be happy? ”

She started crying and sobbed, ” Papa, I have always loved you and still love you. But not like this. I love you as a daughter. So, please leave me now. I shall go and sleep in the living room now! ”

I was afraid that she would leave the bed and go. I was so desperate that without waiting for her answer, I leaned on my daughter and kissed her. I again lowered my head over my daughter’s breasts and sought her nipples, with my mouth. My daughter began struggling under me and tried to wriggle free, to run away. I caught her wrists and forced myself on her, to crush her under my weight and keep her from running away. She kept struggling, but could not move from under my weight. I opened my mouth and sucked her erect nipples into my mouth. My tongue was moving over her swollen breast. Finally she gave up struggling.

She sobbed, ” Papa, is what you are doing to me, right? Is it not a sin? I know you want a woman to satisfy you. But cant you find some other woman Papa? I am your own daughter, afterall! ”

I replied, ” I know Darling. I am ashamed. But I am unable to control my feelings. I am excited now. I want you as a woman, tonight. I want to touch you, feel you, caress you and fuck you! Please dear, can we forget that we are father and daughter for tonight? Please? I am so desperate! ”

Then quietly she said, ” Papa, if you take me tonight, obviously, you would never be able to control yourself on other nights. That means I will have to become the woman in your life, to whom you have to come for your pleasure. In reality that means, I would become your mistress. Is that what you want? ”

I said, ” Yes, Anuradha, I am really sorry. But I need to enjoy, your lovely body tonight ”

She said, ” OK Papa. I understand that being a man, you have needs. And since you have been without mummy for so long, I understand. Do not be sorry. Its OK! You want to drink my milk, from my breasts Papa? OK – Drink it. Just leave some for your grand-son ”

I fondled her breasts and again and pinched her nipples. I bit her tender breasts and sucked upon her swollen nipples. Gradually, she began moaning and moving her hands through my hair, as she thrust her nipples into my mouth. It was as if, my daughter was handing me, a precious, delicate gift. I suckled on her nipples and completely drank all my daughter’s breast milk. Now, my daughter looked at me – silently.

She asked me, ” Satisfied Papa? ”

I replied, ” Anuradha, I really dont know what to say. You are my daughter. But, frankly . well . I mean . if you are OK . then, I would like to do other things too! ”

Again, she did not answer me, for a long time. I waited. My heart was beating fast and I was desperately hoping that she would allow me to make her mine.

I told her, ” Anuradha, I want to see your cunt now ”

She closed her eyes and parted her thighs. My hand moved to her legs and began pulling up her saree. I could see a white petticoat covering her legs. I pulled up the petticoat too, exposing my young Anu’s lovely thighs. I pulled up the saree and petticoat further, to expose her vagina. Anu had not worn any panties. I was shocked. It was covered with so much, of black, curly, silky hair. Her cunt was completely matted with her thick pubic hair. I untied the rope of her petticoat and pulled it away from her, along with her saree, leaving her naked. She covered her face with shyness. I massaged my daughter’s thighs and kneaded the fleshy mound of her amazingly hairy cunt. I ran my fingers, now and then, all along her crack, manipulating the labial swelling and teasing my daughter’s clitoris. She couldn’t bear the sensations. She widened her thighs and offered her cunt to my access, willingly. Then I pushed my middle finger into the slushiness of her crevice. My daughter lifted her buttocks a little and fucked back at my finger, exposing her own eagerness, shamelessly.

I now kissed my daughter’s hairy cunt and played with her silky pubic hair. When the tip of my tongue probed into her engorged cunt lips, a shiver of pleasure ran through the length of her body. I started lapping at her cunt and sucked up her honey-juices. I ran my tongue all along the labyrinths of its inner lips and on the rim of its swollen outer lips. As time went, waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Tossing her head, from side-to-side, moaning and groaning, she lifted her buttocks and pushed the gash of her cunt at my face. Suddenly my daughter convulsed. The dam inside her cunt broke down, to bathe my tongue and mouth with the floods of its juices. Her buttocks collapsed on the floor, but she didn’t let me go. I lapped at her cunt for some more time, till she was satisfied. I smiled at my daughter. Out of shyness, she covered her face with her hands. I took away her hands and kissed her tenderly.

She whispered to me, ” Papa, take me now. Make love to me, as strongly as you can. Dont worry about me. I can’t wait any more ”

So saying she, spread her thighs wide apart and pulled up her knees to touch her chest. In that spread out position of her cunt, my innocent Anu looked so vulgar, so cheap and yet – so exciting!

She said, ” Is this not, what you lusted for – Papa? Here I am. Here is my most private part, for your own pleasure. Your own daughter’s most private part. I have now made myself completely exposed and as vulnerable as I could be, as my gift for you. For all your love and care for me, from my child-hood! ”

I placed my throbbing cock at her little vaginal entrance and began to thrust it into her. As I began to enter her, she screamed. But, as I kept thrusting my cock deep inside her pussy. She seemed to be in terrible pain. I stopped.

I asked her, ” Anu Darling, what is the matter? Are you in pain? ”

She whimpered, ” Yes, Papa, it is terribly paining. Please keep still and dont withdraw. Just give me a moment to relax. I shall be OK and then you can thrust your organ, fully into me ”

I asked her, ” Anu you have given birth to two children, So, your cunt must be large enough. So, why is it paining you? ”

She whimpered again, ” Papa, you are a real man. The size of your huge penis, is simply too big for my vagina. Your organ is almost three times as long and as thick, as my late husband’s organ – was. My vagina is not used to such a big organ. Plus, after my husband’s death, I have not had sex at all. Almost a year. So possibly I may have shrunk. Now your organ is opening my vagina up, all over, again! But dont worry Papa. Just give me a minute to accomodate your organ. I should be OK shortly and then you can push yourself into me fully and begin to have your pleasure! ”

My daughter was really caring. I kissed her. I leaned over and sucked her erect nipples into my mouth. After a while, when I saw that my daughter was OK, I forcefully thrust my full organ into her tight cunt. She screamed again. Now I began fucking her slowly. Not the big rush, that I was in before, but with long deep strokes. Gradually, my daughter was begining to enjoy my strokes.

She said, ” Papa, my pain is gone now. Now you can increase your speed and take your pleasure from me. I will also try and give you pleasure, like mummy probably gave you ”

I started thrusting myself more faster and deeper into her cunt. She was herself raising her buttocks and fucking herself back, at my thrusting organ!

As I was fucking her, I asked her in lust, ” Anu, is this how your husband used to fuck you too? ”

She said, ” No Papa. Though Vasu was a nice husband, he was not so good in bed. He had a small penis and could not control himself. He used to ejaculate into me in 10 seconds after he put his organ into my vagina. You are fucking me so hard and for so long. I am enjoying you, so much more ” My speed and force increased further. I could see that my daughter was building up towards her orgasm. I started slamming my cock into her cunt with full force and vigour now. Anuradha was biting her lips and focussing on getting her orgasm now. I slammed into her still more deeply. She wrapped her arms and thighs around me. She fucked her vagina upwards onto my penis, with such force and pressure, as fast as I could move. Suddenly her vaginal muscles gripped my penis and burst with her orgasm. She moaned deeply as her vagina, began to release her juices. Her nails dug into my back, as her thighs wrapped tighter around my torso. Her orgasm lasted for almost a minute and she kept moaning through out. Finally she collapsed dead tired. After a minute she regained her composure.

She said, ” Papa, now its your turn for pleasure ”

I said, ” No Anuradha, I should not ejaculate into your cunt. I dont want you to get pregnant. I think that you better suck my organ and let me do that, in your mouth ”

She replied, ” Papa, I shall certainly suck your organ and give you pleasure. But later. Now I want you to ejaculate into my vagina. I want to feel my strong Papa’s fertile semen shooting through my womb. Dont worry Papa, I shall have birth-control pills from tomorrow. But tonight, I want you to have your pleasure in my vagina and fill me up ”

So saying she gripped my cock, with her strong vaginal muscles and again started thrusting her cunt on my penis. I felt heavenly and knew I could not last. Finally, my own orgasm burst. I slammed my cock into my daughter’s cunt with all my might, for one last time and began ejaculating my semen, deep into her cunt. I finally collapsed on my daughter. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me.

I whispered, ” Anuradha, did that feel like, you thought, it would? ”

She smiled dreamily, ” Yes Papa. That was incredible. I always knew you were a strong man, But never imagined that you are so strong and exciting ”

I said, ” I am glad you enjoyed it ”

She said, ” Papa, I am glad this happened between us. I have noted that you were so desperate, due to the lack of a woman. From tonight, I am your woman. I am your Mistress. Now apart from the house, I can take care of your pleasure too! So whenever, you want me in bed, just call me. I shall be glad to give you my body to keep you happy ”

I said, ” But Anuradha, what about our neighbours and your children? I am worried! ”

She mischieviously replied, ” Oh Papa! You are such a dumbo! For the neighbours, we will be what we are. A widowed daughter, being taken care of, by her own father. My children are too small for them to know anything. And anyway, I will put them to sleep in their rooms and then come here to you every night. You can then use my body and take your pleasure from me. So everything would be OK. Dont worry! ”

Now my daughter has actually become my mistress. She sleeps in my bed and 2 – 3 times a week, makes it a point to fuck me and keep me happy.

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Fucking sexy Amisha bhabhi

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I was 21 at that time. My Bhabie Amisha, what a Bomb shell a women worth to die for. I had a real crush on her from the time she came to my house mine elder brother Chetan is away from home most time.

It happened one day when I was coming back from college I heard some thing Amisha was moaning in her bed as mine next door neighbor pushed his Lund in and out of her beautiful choot. She was urging him to do so.

She was in so much heat and in a wanton state for his Lund. His huge Lund was going deep in her choot.. Amisha was 32 years old and was married for 8 years. She was living with her family in a good house and enjoyed a very comfortable life.

Her next-door neighbor, Ashok was a 40 year old having his own family with a son and wife. Amisha’s husband Chetan was gone on a tour and she was free of any fear of being caught by any one. So she invited her boyfriend to have a hot fuck.

Now she was enjoying his Lund in her pussy. She was having a very beautiful body with shapely legs and big boobs. ” Oh…. Ashok fuck my choot with your hot and big Lund I am in need of it. Please give it to me deep.” She moaned. And Ashok pushed his Lund deep inside her womb.

I, entered the home with mine set of keys. I heard the moans of her and smiled at that. “Chetan is always crazy about that hot bitch.” I thought. I moved to his own room and then heard. “Oh Ashok you are so deep in my choot…oh I want it hard and deep.”

I was stunned to hear that name. I knew that he was his next-door neighbor. I moved to her room and looked through the open door, as it was not closed. Ashok was lying on top of my bhabhi and his Lund was deep in her pussy and he was fucking her. I was aghast to see that.

I thought something and smiled. Then I opened the door abruptly and both were surprised to see me. Amisha was not expecting me so early. Ashok pulled his Lund out of her pussy and she gave it up with a moan and both stood up.

Amisha pulled a sheet on her naked body and Ashok picked his clothes and ran by me standing near the door. Amisha was still naked under the sheet not able to see into her father in law’s eyes. I came near her and said, “What was that bhabhi'” she mumbled

“I am sorry Kamal.” I ignored her apology and asked, ” for how long has this been going on'” she was unable to say any thing. I smiled ” Bhai will really be shocked by this when I will tell him about you. That her wife is fucking another man. He might leave you or may kill you.

What do you think Amisha'” “No please you will not say anything to Chetan. It will ruin my life. Please Kamal. I promise you that I will never do such a thing again.” She looked at me and found me looking at her body curves and nude shoulders and upper parts of her boobs.

My eyes were shining. “Yes Amisha there can be a deal between us.” I said. “What type of deal'” she looked at me with surprise. “It depends on you what you can do for an young man of 20 like me.” I said while rubbing mine crotch. She was frightened.

She looked at mine hand on my growing bulge and understood mine demand. “No you cant do that. It’s impossible. I will not do anything for you. No. No. Not such a bad thing.” I smiled and said, “Ok I am going to my room.

And will wait for both you and Bhai and will see who comes to me first. Now it depends on you to save your life and marriage. Otherwise your husband will hate you and you cannot blame me dear. Is it ok'” I smiled and moved out of her room.

Now Amisha was alone in her room. She was thinking about what had happened so suddenly. She could not afford to leave the home and her family. On the other hand it was also difficult to accept mine offer. Her husband’s brother was going to black mail her.

She knew that she had no other choice and she would have to kneel in front of me to save her home. She hated me but could not do any thing but to have sex with me. She decided to save her family life at any cost. So she got up to go to mine room.

She did not try to put on her clothes, as she knew that she would have to get them off again. She wrapped the sheet around her naked body and knotted it in between her breasts and moved out of her room towards mine room. Next moment she was knocking on mine door.

“Come in my dear. Its open for you.” I called. She entered and saw that I was sitting on his bed. I was naked and holding mine Lund in my hand. She was shocked to see mine Lund. It was bigger and thicker than her husband and her lover.

The sight of such a big dick mesmerized her. An itching started in her pussy and she felt it wetting. I was masturbating. I smiled and said, ” It’s good Amisha you have taken a wise decision. Now come here, on the bed.” She could not hear anything.

Her eyes were locked onto mine erect cock. She slowly moved to the bed while looking at mine Lund and as she was going to sit on the bed I said, ” leave that sheet away from bed. Strip it off.” Her hands moved to remove the sheet and now her beautiful body was naked in

front of her brother in law. Her beautiful breasts were protruding out and her nipples were jetting out towards me asking to be sucked. Her bush at the mound of her pussy was smoothly trimmed and her pussy was dripping which was only known by her.

“Beautiful, you really have a gorgeous body.” I said. She sat on the bed near me while looking at mine erect Lund. I smiled evilly and said, ” Go ahead bhabhi. Suck me off. You know you want to and you are going to my dear.”

Her hand moved to mine Lund and she took it into her soft hand and began to rub it. Her hand pumped mine thick organ up and down. I think She had never really seen or handled a Lund that size before and it thrilled her instead of being frightened.

“Well girl what are you waiting for’ Suck it baby.” I taunted. In need of no further encouragement, Amisha moved into a kneeling position bringing her face near the swollen prick jutting up between mine legs. Her lips moved down and kissed the tip of the Lund.

Her lips ovaled and stretched wide and encircled mine Lund head hungrily with her warm lips, trying to capture its entire length in her eagerly salivating mouth. “Mmmmmm” she purred, ” Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm” Suddenly she forgot that she was blackmailed to do this.

Amisha sucked deeply into her hot, saliva filled cavern that it nearly choked her, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath, then began feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside of mine Lund and felt it throb and pulse to her touch.

She tasted the pungent tang of the seeping lubricating fluid oozing from the split of its tip. She cupped mine big balls affectionately in the soft palms of her hands while tiny explosions of lust burst insanely in her brain, and she moved her head up and down,

up and down, in and out of her face in a lewd and lustful delight. I placed mine hand on her soft hair and moved her head up and down on mine Lund. She forgot that she was being blackmailed. She started to like her submissive and overpowered status

by masculine dominance of her brother in law. This drove her to unexpectedly wicked thoughts, whorish thoughts. “Suck it bitch. You know you want to suck it and you like to suck it. Yes you are really a randi.” I said while pulling her head by her hair. “You are a randi. My randi.

My personal rakhel.” mine rough language and rough handling thrilled her. Her choot was afire with the licking flames of lust and passion consuming her. And then suddenly she felt her lewd young brother in law reach down and slide her firm smooth ass towards me.

mine rough hand moved on her smooth and creamy ass and then I began to work mine finger at the tiny puckered ring of her anus. Her breath quickened excitedly and she forgot everything as abruptly as I pushed mine thick finger into her tight virginal asshole

to the palm of mine big extended hand. “Ooooooohhhhh” she gurgled delightedly around the stalk of flesh in her mouth, “I love it! Yaaaaa I love it.” Her lips were encircling mine now fully erect Lund. She swirled her tongue in a clockwise manner

about the throbbing head wanting to suck that Lund dry. She sucked mine Lund to please me and… to please herself too. She tried to take it deep until the swollen head of mine Lund met with the resistance of her gullet.

She moaned deliciously once again when I pushed mine fat thumb into her wetting pussy and began to work it in unison with mine beefy long finger in her ass hole. Now I began to undulate mine massive pelvis slipping mine huge lust maddened prick in and out of her lips.

Never quite withdrawing but leaving the hot swollen head a half inch inside her hot wet oral cavern. I began to pump mine Lund in and out keeping the pace with the fingers fucking into her dual passages from behind.

I smiled with the realization that she was taking more and more of mine penis between her tender clasping lips as she became accustomed to its fleshy presence. She sucked furiously to bring me to climax as she felt her own choot ready to cum.

Suddenly her orgasm burst and she groaned around the thrusting Lund in her mouth, her orgasm flooding in wild sensual waves of cum around the thrusting finger in her choot. It was indescribable rapture and the whole of her crotch felt wet and excited beyond belief.

Tears of subconscious joy rolled from her eyes. Simultaneously she felt m push mine hips upward against her face and I groaned a soul-searching grunt as suddenly I flooded her mouth with mine hot thick cum spurting wildly down her throat in vast gushes.

She gulped automatically swallowing the slightly pungent liquid in her efforts to satiate the still abandoned feelings of degradation continuing to overwhelm her. There was nothing else in the world except the steaming throb of her wet passage and the squirting Lund in her mouth.

At last she swallowed all the cum of mine. Then it was all over and she still lay above me and I was caressing the round smooth mounds of her buttocks and stroking her thighs affectionately. Amisha shivered with excitement as I smiled down at her.

It stemmed from the lubricious gleam in mine dark eyes and the still stiff flesh that jutted from mine groin. She trembled and whimpered. The aroused thrills increased as I leaned over and pulled her to mine chest.

Without speaking, I pulled her naked body to myself, crushing her supple form. She came without hesitation, the stiff nipples of her melon-like breasts stabbing at mine chest. There was absolutely no protest as mine tongue darted from mine mouth.

Her lips opened and accepted the oral probe that filled the emptiness left by mine withdrawn Lund. Her own tongue playfully dueled around the flicking invader, then pushed its way into mine mouth. Carefully, she wedged a thigh between mine legs

and rubbed it over the exposed length of mine manhood, still hard and powerful feeling. I moaned around the mouthful of tongue that speared toward the back of mine throat. She pressed tightly to me, relishing in the inciting sensation of her tit mounds flattening against mine chest,

and then slowly swaying her hips so that the globes rolled deliciously over me. She forgot that she was blackmailed to do all this. Now she was doing this all because of her own lust. Her hand slid down mine back,

anchoring into the taut boulders of mine ass and pulled mine crotch to hers. Simultaneously, mine hands followed hers, dipping her buttocks. Her little wiggle movements increased to a provocative dance as mine hands covered the perky, rounded curves of her bottom.

I squeezed down. Mine fingers firmly dug into the fleshy globes. For several minutes we clung to each other, our tongues darting and exploring the now familiar interiors of ours mouths. Our hands squeezed and urged. Our bodies pressed together with a sensual nearness.

Reluctantly, they separated, gazing at one another for a silent second or two. Then mine hands withdrew from her ass and moved to the front of her breasts, her own fingers occupied themselves with the imposing shaft that was touching wantonly from mine crotch to her pussy.

With loving tenderness, her fingertips glided up and down the still moist spike of flesh; still damp with the traces of her saliva and mine spunk. It jerked and jumped under her teasing. Its red glans glistened from the fresh sexual oils that oozed from mine balls.

She wrapped her arms round mine neck and playfully nibbled at my ear. Then I turned her and laid her down on mine bed. I smiled down at the willing young woman. Lowering myself beside her in mine bed, I once more scooped her up in mine arms.

Her inciting fingers were back at mine Lund, as I slid one of mine hands between her silk-textured thighs. She whimpered with arousal as mine palm closed around the fleshy mound of her pubis. I squeezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of her sex.

Her hips twitched eagerly, hunching their willingness into mine fingers. I could feel the moisture of her anticipation welling from between the outer lips of her labia. There was no need for further foreplay, but that was exactly what made the things I did to her so enjoyable.

Wiggling a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her choot, I sluiced into the juice-filled channel of her vagina, twisting and twirling the intimate digit. The soft folds of her tunnel of Desire responded, squeezing around the probe that had invaded her body.

Mine pelvis moved up and down, working itself on me as if it were feeding on the thickness of a Lund, rather than a single finger. Mine nakedness only made the wonderfully firm mounds of her breasts that much more enjoyable.

Heavy and round, they pressed against mine chest, rolling and spearing the stiffness of their erect nipples into mine skin. Her hands slid up and down on mine prick, neither demanding nor urgent, but letting me know she was more than ready to have its thickness buried

within the tight sheath of her belly. But I still waited, gliding another finger into her heated hole of passion, while yet another fingertip tapped at her clit, taunting it out from under the thin membrane of its hood.

It was as if I teased her body to quell forever whatever traces of “BLACKMAIL” still remained in her body. She whimpered, writhing against mine body, as big fingers expertly manipulated dual digits into the enveloping socket of sex,

while mine third finger flicked and fondled a prodigious series of thrills through her body. She felt me move beside her and mine free hand rolled her to her back. I edged up a little and mine mouth kissed at her neck working downward until it captured one of the high-perched cherries

of flesh topping a warm, pink-colored tit. Mine tongue moistly caressed the stiffened bud as mine lips sucked. She groaned. The double stimulation of her body was fantastic. Her lips twisted with the mounting Desires that trembled through her.

Her body writhed, swishing over the bed. Her hips rose and fell in time with the steady in out pumping of mine fingers. Her hands clamped tightly around my Lund shaft, squeezing and sliding along its pulsating length. I was controlling her once again.

I knew the sexual needs of a woman and even more important, I cared about fulfilling them. Only one man had had that type of control over her body until now – her husband, Chetan. Now she had found another me. Now the maid came for evening work and we had to stop.

Amisha was up early in the morning and she looked at her husband still sleeping on the bed. She smiled and came out of the bed and wore the gown and came down into the kitchen. She made tea and started to think about what she had started to do.

She was a wife and slave of her own brother in law. I had ordered her not to wear any panties under her dress so that I could have easy access to her choot any time. She was not allowed to wear any panties even when she was going out.

It was thrilling for her and always made her choot wet throughout the time she was out. “Good morning bhabhi!” She heard mine voice and saw me in the doorway in mine pajama and robe. “Mind if I join you'” Amisha smiled at me and lover and said, “Sure Devarji!”

I sat near her on the stool and started to sip mine tea. I placed mine hairy hand on the warm and naked flesh of her lower thigh. She gasped with mine touch but made no effort to remove it. “You are a piece of ass and a born Lund sucker.

“Thank you Devarji for your sweet comments.” She became hot and blushed at mine comments. I moved mine beefy fingers in the hair on the back of her head and turned her face to mine for a brutal tongue-probing kiss. She did not resist and started to suck mine tongue.

Our mouths locked. Mine hand had reached up her bare choot and started to massage it. She was getting wet with mine touch as always! With the other hand I took her hand and placed it on mine erecting Lund. “What do you think about a morning blow job for an young man baby'” I said.

She smiled at mine question and slowly slipped down from her stool and pulled mine pajama down. She was going to love mine hard and big Lund. She took it in her hand and kissed the purple head and started to lick it while looking into mine eyes.

She placed his hand on her head and pulled her. Mine cock was in her mouth. She started to suck it. I was still sitting on the stool. I moved mine big toe to her choot and she placed it on her pussy hole and mine big fat toe entered her cunt. She was so hot.

When I was about cum, I pulled mine Lund out and took it in mine own hand and started to masturbate. She saw me quickly take a bread slice and made me cum all over it. I splashed mine cum all over the bread slice and then tucked mine Lund inside mine pajama.

I placed another bread slice on that and made a sandwich, A cum sandwich!. I gave it to her, “Have a sandwich” she smiled and took it from me and took a bite. A long thread of cum got attached to her lips as she took the bite. “Its tasty Devarji” she smiled and took another bite of the sandwich.

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I am amar .I am 25 year old, I have a sister who is 19 year old , she is good looking and

You know I never thought of making sex with her but it just happened .she use to sleep in the same room, we stay in a 2 room flat, in one room my parent stay

we normally play either carom or any other game before we go to sleep

it so happened that , before few days she purchased a loose night suit for her. while playing her boobs were visible , I first ignored but u know I am a boy first then any thing else ,

she have a real good pair of boobs , it was really a very sexy scene she was not wearing any banyan only bra ,the boobs size was visible .my cock was hard by seeing this I tried to hide my feeling

At first I thought she don’t know about but I was so hot that my voice was also fumbling and was breathing very heavy.

I was really interested to some how touch her body and feel her I was really trying to see her boobs fully I was really wishing that if she has not wear her bra I could have seen her boobs in full view

You know I was so excited that I ejaculated in my underwear

I can make out that my sis is aware of my hard rod

That night I masturbated twice when I thought that my sister is now asleep

but I tell u now I really enjoy having sex with my sister v make sex a really memorable fuck with lot of entertainment and variation she is really great in bed

you know from that day I use to look for the chance to look at her boobs and to touch it when ever possible it was our winter holiday father dint got leave hence to attend the family function in gorakhpur we along with my mother went to the place , u know in the function how crowded the place become we all were very tired and the uncle had given one room for kids we all were suppose to sleep on the floor on the gadda, laid there I slept with my sister on my right side when I thought that every body is sleeping I touched her boobs , she dint responded I lifted her t- shirt so that her boobs are free I was sweating with tension that, I dint know how she will respond with lot for courage I lifted the t-shirt and started sucking her nipples over her bra for almost 10 minutes she didt moved I was now getting more bold I lifted her bra now her boobs were free .I was beating so fast that I could have fainted I held her boobs for 5 min like that then started massaging it she was not moving at all .then I took her nipple in her mouth she was still sleeping .she later told me that she did not knew about it which I don’t believe . I was milking her boobs one by one and was sucking it like a kit my Lund was rock hard with lot of pre cum on the top of penis it was throbbing up and down. I was almost mad I lifted her skirt and put my hand in her panty it was very wet at that time her panty was very much socked I touched my own sister pussy for the first I can not explain the feeling, I kept my hand on her bur (pussy) and later started fingering it .her pussy was beating like a heart beat.I decided to see her pussy as rest every one in the room was sleeping hence I decided to took her panty out with little difficulty I removed her panty and saw her pussy closely and as clearly as I could have in the night lamp .It was a great feeling.For quite a long I sucked her boobs and fingered fucked her.I was dying to fuck her .I took my Lund out

of my pajamas and was trying to find the hole of my sister pussy .I tried to enter her but I could not for the first time, I was not able to locate her hole ,it was totally wet by now ,I forget the relation in between both of us all I knew I want to have her ,my tool was rock hard I kissed on her pussy and smelled it ,it smelled great ,then I located the hole and inserted my one finger and started doing in and out movement ,after some time I inserted two finger I was feeling the palpitation in her pussy ,when I tried to put the third finger in ,she moved but by now I was so very excited that it was not possible to stop ,I kept my hand on her pussy without doing any thing after some time I kissed on the pussy again ,I parted her pussy lips and tasted it out of excitement I even inserted my tongs in her cunt ,it tasted little salty(not great to be frank), but because of excitement I kept on licking it for around 10 minutes, I saw small little buds of her pussy fully erect, it was a great feeling to see ,then I put my tool on her pussy opening and tried to put it in side but I don’t know in spite for trying so hard I was not able to penetrate her it was really frustrating after some time I tried again but when I applied too much pressure she closed her leg I think because of pain , in the meat time I ejaculated on her pussy and failed to fuck her that night I was able to do this after 3 days I will tell you in detail in my next letter , how I entered her please send your incest to me I will tell you more..

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Hello I am Rizwana. I am 17 years old from Karachi
Pakistan. My elder
sister rafat is 25 and married. Shahid is my elder
brother of 23
years. We are from old thinking family. Girls are not
allowed to do
what they thinks. Therefore when I decided to go to a
hill station,
father got angry. Then I told him that I will go with
Zarina and
Parvez then he agreed.
I will narrate my further story in /Urdu coz I
think in
Urdu/ it will be more special to you.
Zarina mere uncle ki daughter hai aur wah 21 saal ki
hai. Parvez uska
younger bhai hai aur umar hai 19 saal. Meine Zarina ko
phone par
khabar di ki mujhe izazat mil gayi hai tu wah khush
hokar boli ki use
bhi allow kar diya gaya hai aur wah Parvez ko
reservation ke liye
bhej rahi hai. Parvez bhi hill station jana chahta tha
aur humlogo ki
wajah se uski tamanna bhi poori ho rahi thi isleye wah
bada khush tha.
Teen din baad jana tha. Mein apna luggage lekar Zarina
ke ghar gayi
tu we dono mera intezar hi kar rahe the. Aaj Parvez
bada smart lag
raha tha. Mein bhi aaj khoob makeup karke aayi thi.
Parvez mujhe
ghoor raha tha. Parvez auto laya tu humlog railway
station ko chal
diye. Station par train nahi aayi thi aur abhi der
thi. Raat ka safar
tha aur train beech mein kahi rukti bhi nahi thi
isliye meine Parvez
se kaha ki koi magazine le aaye raasta katne ke liye.
Wah kuchh books
le aaya.
10 minute baad train aayi tu humlog apne cabin mein
baith gaye. Is
cabin mein kewal 4 berth thi teen hamari thi aur ek
kisi aur ki hogi.
Kuchh der baad train ne whistle di aur sarakne lagi
tabhi ek jawan
khoobsurat lamba sa admi cabin mein aaya. Chauthi
birth usi ki thi.
Jab train chal di usne door lock kar diya aur apni
birth par jakar
let gaya. Train raftaar le rahi thi. Is cabin mein do
jawan ladkiyan
aur do jawan mard safar kar rahe the. Mein aur Parvez
neeche ki birth
par the aur Zarina aur wah ajnabi oopar ki birth par.
Meine Parvez se
magazine maangi tu usne apni pocket se ek small book
nikalkar dedi.
Book ke cover par hi ek jawan aur khoobsurat girl ki
nude photo thi.
Pahle pahal tu mein nangi ladki ki tasveer dekhkar
hichkichayi lekin
fir mere mann mein us book ko andar se dekhne ki lalak
jaag uthi.
Nange photo ne mere badan mein jhurjhuri paida kar di
thi. Meine
Parvez ko gusse se dekha tu wah muskarane laga aur
khud bhi ek chhoti
si book nikalkar padhne laga. Wah ajnabi bhi newspaper
padhne laga.
Sirf Zarina hi kuchh padh nahi rahi thi balki wah us
ajnabi ko ghoor
rahi thi. Use yah bhi khyaal nahi tha ki uska apna
bhai bhi cabin
mein hai. Oh no, jab meine wah book parhna shuru ki tu
mein hairaan
rah gayi. Usmein bahut hi sexy story thi. Bahi bahan
ki chudai ki
story thi jise parhkar mein baichen ho gayi aur poori
story parhli.
Usme ladki ke bhai ke dost bhi ladki ko bhai ke saath
milkar chodte
hain. Mein story padhte huye horny ho gayi aur apne ek
haath ko chut
par lejaakar chut sahlane lagi. Apne haath ko shalwar
ke andar dalkar
chut sahlate huye clitoris ko masalne lagi. Chut se
pani leak hone
laga tha aur mein aankhen bandkar masti le rahi thi.
Tabhi mujhe laga
ki koi meri jumpar ke oopar se mere mammon ko choos
raha hai. Aankhe
khola tu wah koi aur nahi balki mera chachera bhai
Parvez tha. Wah
mere paas aakar ghutne ke bal baithkar meri chuchi ko
munh mein lekar
chhos raha tha aur doosre haath se doosri chuchi ko
dabane laga. Use
zara bhi darr nahi tha ki cabin mein uski sagi elder
sister bhi hai
aur ek ajnabi bhi. Mein tu khud mast thi isliye Parvez
ki gardan mein
haath dalkar use apne chehre par jhuka liya. Ab uske
garam lips mere
lips se chipak gaye. Oh bada hi mazedaar kiss tha.
Parvez apni tounge
ko mere munh mein dalkar kiss kar raha tha. Mein bhi
apni gulabi
garam jeebh(tounge) ko uske munh mein dalkar charo
taraf ghumane lagi.
Humlogo ke chumma chati ki aavazen cabin mein goonj
rahi thi lekin
hamen kisi ki parwah nahi thi. Parvez ne meri jumpar
ke button ko
khol diya aur meri gudaz chuchiyon ko nanga kar diya.
Fir ek chochi
ko dono haath se pakadkar dabate huye choosne laga.
Meine uske sir ko
haath se pakadkar apni chuchiyon par daba liya taaki
wah kayde se
choos sake. Masti mein yah bhi bhool gayi thi ki
Parvez ki badi bahan
Zarina aur ek ajnabi aadmi oopar ki birth par lete
hain. Ab Parvez
mere pink color ke nipple ko daba dabakar chhos raha
tha aur doosri
chuchi ko daba raha tha.
Mein apni choosi ja rahi chuchi ko dekh rahi thi.
Ekaek meri nazar oopar ki birth par chali gayi. Oopar
dekha tu hairan
ho gayi. Zarina shayad apne bhai ko mere saath maza
lete dekhkar josh
mein aa gayi thi. Wah us jawan ajnabi ke saath lipti
huyi thi. Zarina
khud us ajnabi ki birth par chali gayi thi aur meri
tarah uske saath
maza le rahi thi. Wah ajnabi Zarina ke gore badan par
haath chala
raha tha aur Zarina apni tight chuchiyon ko uske
chaude chest par
ragad rahi thi. Usne apni jampar ko kholkar alag kar
diya tha aur
birth par kone mein daal diya tha. Zarina us admi ke
honthon ko apne
mulayam honthon mein dabakar choos rahi thi. Tabhi
Zarina ne apni ek
choonchi ko uske munh par rakhkar dabaya tu wah ajnabi
uske gulabi
color ke nipple ko daba dabakar choosne laga. Uski
choochiyan bahut
tight ho gayi thi aur pink color ke nipple tane the.
Edhar Parvez meri choochiyon ko bari bari se choos
raha tha. Mein
maza leti apne haathon se use pila rahi thi. Meri
choot meri gori-
gori jaangho ke beech paseej rahi thi aur usse chut ka
rass tapak
raha tha. Tabhi Parvez apna ek haath neeche laya aur
meri shalwar ka
zarband kholkar use sarka diya aur mein neeche se
ekdam nangi ho
gayi. Meri chut jab nangi huyi tu wah apne haath se
meri chut par ugi
ghani ghani jhaanton ko sahlane laga. Meri jhaanten
chut ke pani se
bheeg gayi thi. Tabhi usne apni ungli meri chut mein
daali tu mein
bol pari”oh Parvez darling, bahut maza aa raha hai.
Raja please apne
lund ko meri chut mein pelkar phad do meri chut ko.
Hay apne lund ka
pani meri chut ko pilakar iski pyaas bujha do.”
Chalak chhokra tha. Mujhe siskarte dekhkara samajh
gaya ki laundiya
pailne ke liye taiyaar hai. Meri bechaini dekhkar wah
muskarane laga.
Wah mujhse alag huwa aur apne utarne laga. Jab wah
nanga huwa tu uska
mota lamba lund azad hokar fudakne laga. Pahle tu mein
Zarina ki
wajah se darr rahi thi par Zarina khud humdono ko apas
mein uljhe
dekhkar us ajnabi jawan ke saath lipti thi. Zarina ki
taraf se mera
darr aur sharam khatm ho gayi thi. Fir meine uske hard
lund ko pakda
tu mera badan kaapne laga. Uske lund ko sahlate huye
apni choochiyon
ko dabwa rahi thi. Uska lund chipchipa gaya thaa jisse
meri ungliyan
bhi laslasa gayi aur mera mann uske precum ko chatne
ka huwa tu mein
boli”oh Parvez mein tumhare lund ko apne munh mein
lekar choosna
chati hoon. Iska rass chatna hai mujhe.”
Meri bat sunkar wah apna lund mere gulabi gaalon par
ragarne laga.
Gaal par garam lund ka touch mujhe sihrane laga. Itne
paas lund ko
dekhkar meri pyaas badhi tu meine lips khol diye tu
Parvez ne apna
lund mere munh mein daal diya. Uska lund itna mota tha
aur kewal
supara hi andar gaya. Mein supare par lage namkeen
rass ko chatne
lagi tu mera chachera bhai vpne lund ko in out karte
mere munh ko
apni sagi bahen ki mauzoodgi mein hi chodne laga. Mein
bhi uske lund
par apna munh daba dabakar uska lund choos rahi thi.
Tabhi wah utha aur mere munh se lund nikalkar meri
taangon ke beech
aa gaya. Usne meri jaanghon ko phailaya aur beech mein
baith gaya.
Usne mere pairon ko apne kandhe par rakh liya jisse
meri chut uske
lund se touch karne lagi. Meri chut lund ke liye
bekarar thi par wah
apne lund ko chut ke charo taraf ragadne laga. Kuchh
der baad lund ko
chut ke chhed par lagakar dabaya tu supada meri geeli
chut ke andar
chala gaya. Supada jate hi meine apne pairon se Parvez
ki gardan kas
li aur uske poore lund ko khaane ke liye kamar ko
uchhalne lagi. Mera
mann Parvez ke poore lund ko nigalne ko ho raha tha.
Chut mein supada
jaate hi Parvez lund ko dhakka dene laga aur mein chut
ko uske mote
lund se chipkane ki koshish karne lagi. Har dhakke ke
saath lund meri
tight chut mein piston ki tarah jane laga. Mujhe halke
dard ke saath
jannat ka maza milne laga. Ab Parvez dhakka lagate
huye meri rasili
chut mein apne mote lund ko pel raha tha.
Tabhi meri nazar oopar ki birth par chali gayi. Zarina
aur wah ajnabi
ekdam nange the. Zarina us ajnabi ke oopar leti thi
aur chut ko uske
khade lund par dabakar ragad rahi thi. Fir Zarina ne
uske lund ko
pakadkar apni chut ke center par lagakar kamar ko
dabaya tu uska lund
Zarina ki chut mein sarakne laga. Zarina uske lund ko
khane ke liye
kamar uchhal uchha;kar dhakke lagane lagi. Uske nazuk
badan ka bhaar
us ajnabi ke oopar tha jisse uski badi badi chuchiyan
uske munh se
ragad kha rahi thi. Ab wah ajnabi uski ek chuchi ko
munh mein lekar
chooste huye doosri ko masal raha tha aur Zarina ki
kamar ko apne
pairo se jakad kar neeche se dhakka laga raha tha.
Tabhi Zarina ki
nazar mujhse mili tu usne muskarane ki koshish ki par
masti ki wajah
se muskara na payi. Wah us ajnabi se chudwane mein
bussy thi. Zarina
ka chutad uske lund par phirki ki tarah naach raha tha
aur uski chut
mein lund phacha phach andar bahar ho raha tha. Zarina
apni chuchiyon
ko chuswate huye dhachadhach lund ko chut mein le rahi
thi. Uski chut
se chudai ka pani bah raha tha. Uske aankhe lal ho
gayi thi aur wah
madhoshi ke aalam mein chilla rahi thi”oh oh darling
mere raja bahut
maza aa raha hai.”
Wah karahte huye bol rahi thi. Use zara bhi hosh nahi
tha ki cabin
mein uska bhai bhi hai. Mein samajh gayi ki wah
khallas hone wali
hai. Wah badi tezi se apni gaand utha uthakar dhakke
laga rahi thi.
Tabhi ek zordaar dhakke ke saath Zarina us ajnabi ke
oopar girkar
usse chipak gayi. Mein samajh gayi ki uski chut ne
chutras chhod diya
hai. Us ajnabi ne use kaskar apne badan se chipka liya
tha. Zarina
usse chipki zor zor se saanse le rahi thi.
Idhar Parvez apne lund ko jad tak meri chut mein
pelkar dhakke laga
raha tha. Wah apne poore lund ko baharkar karare
dhakke ke saath chut
ke andar tak pel raha tha. Mein apne pairon se uske
kandhe ko jakadte
huye uski gaand ke chhed ko kured rahi thi. Uski masti
bhi increase
kar rahi thi. Meine ek chuchi ko haath se pakadkar use
choosne ka
ishara kiya tu wah apne munh ko chuchi par laya aur
fir khoob sa
thook us par giraya aur fir jeebh se use poori chuchi
par lagane
laga. Fir dono chuchiyon par thook lagakar ek ko
masalte huye doosri
ko choosne laga. Nipple ko finger se chutki le raha
tha jisse mein
jannat mein thi.
Tabhi Zarina us ajnabi ke badan se alag huyi aur we
dono humlogo ke
paas aa gaye. Us ajnabi ka lund abhi bhi tight tha aur
uspar Zarina
ki chut ka gadha white ras laga tha. Tabhi us ajnabi
ne Parvez ke
peechhe aakar uske chutad ko sahlaya aur fir ek ungli
Parvez ki gaand
mein pel di. Ekaek gaand mein ungli jaane pa Parvez
dard se karah
utha aur meri chuchi uske munh se bahar ho gayi. Wah
ajnabi Parvez ke
dard ki parwah na kar uski gaand ko finger fuck karne
laga. Thodi der
pahle usne bhai ke samne bahan ki chut chodi thi ab
bahan ke samne
bhai ki gannd maarne ko taiyar tha. Tabhi Zarina ekdam
nangi hi mere
paas aayi aur apne bhai ke thook se bheegi meri
chuchiyon ko chatne
lagi. Wah apne bhai ke samne hi meri chuchiyon ko
choom chaat rahi
thi. Ab cabin mein charo log ek doosre se uljhe the.
Ab wah ajnabi apne havey lund ko dheere dheere Parvez
ki gaand mein
pel raha tha aur Parvez ka lund meri ris rahi chut
mein us ajnabi ke
dhakke ke saath aa ja raha tha. Zarina meri chuchiyon
ko maza de rahi
thi aur mein uski chut par lage chudai ke pani ko
ungli mein le lekar
chatne lagi. Jab us ajnabi ka poora lund Parvez ki
gaand mein chala
gaya tu wah gaand marne laga aur mein uske har dhakke
ke saath neeche
se apni gaand uchka uchkakar Parvez ke lund ko nigal
rahi thi. Cabin
mein hum charo ki aawazen goonj rahi thi jisse bada hi
anokha music
ban raha tha. Zarina ko chodne mein wah ajnabi jhada
nahi tha isliye
wah uske bhai ki gaand mein jharne ko bekarar tha.
Kaafi der bad Parvez ka gadha pani meiri chut mein
girne laga tu
meine uski gardan ko mazbuti se apne pairo mein jakda
aur khud bhi
jharne lagi. Idhar wah ajnabi bhi Parvez ki gaand mein
apna ras
chhodne laga. Parvez gaand mein garam pani mehsoos kar
kaanpne laga.
Meine jharte huye Zarina ke sir ko apni chuchiyon pa
kas liya tha.
Hum sabhi jharne ke bad sust pare the.
Kuchh der bad us ajnabi ne apna lund Parvez ki gaand
se bahar kiya tu
Parvez bhi mujhse alag huwa. Meri chut se Parvez ke
lund ka ras bahar
aane laga aur uski gaand se bhi ras bahar girne laga.
Zarina ne apni
shamiz se meri chut saaf ki aur fir mein aur Zarina
kapde pahankar
toilet chale gaye. Waha jaakar humdono ne peshab kiya
aur bina kuchh
bole wapas aaye.
Jab cabin mein wapas aaye tu we dono kapde pahankar
aapas mein
gapshap kar rahe the. Parvez ne us ajnabi ka
introduction dete huye
kaha”Rizwana darling yeh Mr. Zubair hain. Yeh ek MNC
mein hain aur
Srinagar tak jaa rahe hai. Aur darling yeh humlogo ka
saath jammu tak
“Oh Mr. Zubair aapse milkar bahut khushi huyi. Oh
Parvez yeh bahut hi
damdaar admi lagte hai.” mein mast hokar boli.
Train apni raftar se chali ja rahi thi. Humlog aapas
mein gapshap
karte aur saath mein chedkhani bhi kar rahe the. Ab
humlog neeche ki
birth par hi the. Ek par mein Parvez ke oopar leti thi
aur doosri
birth par Zarina Zubairl ke oopar leti thi. Parvez
meri chuchiyon ko
chhed raha tha jabki Zubair Zarina ki gaand sahla raha
tha. Humlog ek
doosre ko dekhkar muskara bhi rahe the. Raat ke 2 baj
rahe the. Ab
Parvez mere gaalon ko chumte huye meri chut ke ghane
baalon ko sahla
raha tha aur Zarina apne bhai ki mauzudgi mein hi
ajnabi Zubair ke
lund ko sahla rahi thi. Zubair bhi uske mammo ko masal
raha tha jisse
wah sisak rahi thi.
Tabhi mera dil Zubair ke lund ke khayal se sulag utha.
Uska lund
Parvez ke lund se kaafi tagda tha. Parvez ke lund ka
maza tu le hi
chuki thi ab mera mann Zubair ke lund lse chudwane ko
bekarar ho
gaya. Yah khayal aate hi mein boli”mera khayal hi ki
ab humlog apne
apne saathi badal le?”
Meri baat sunkar Zubair mujhe ghoorne laga. Uske
ghoorne ke andaz se
mein samajh gayi ki wah bhi meri jawani ko chakhna
chahta hai. Mein
uske ghoorne par muskarati huyi birth se uthi tu wah
fauran mere paas
aaya aur chipkakar choomne laga. Uska kiss mujhe
madhosh kar gaya aur
mein usse chipak gayi. Parvez aur Zarina ek birth par
baithe hamdono ko dekh rahe the. Zarina Parvez ki badi
bahan thi
isliye we dono hichkicha rahe the. Undono ki sharam
khatam karne ke
liye mein Zubair ke saath khoob aah ooh kar sisiyate
huwe maza le
rahi thi. Humdono ek doosre ko lips par kiss kar rahe
the. Zubair
mere nazuk badan ko bheenchkar mere lips choomte huye
meri jumpar ko
alag karne laga. Mujhe is waqt kapde bahut bhari lag
rahe the. Nange
hokar hi chudai ka maza aata hai. Mein is waqt chudai
ka jalwa
dikhakar Zarina ki jhijhak khatam kana chahti thi.
Kuch der mein Zubair ne mujhe nanga kar diya aur meri
gori gori
chuchiyon ko mere peeche se chipak kar pakad liya aur
dabane laga. Is
tarah se uska lund gaand par chipka tha aur meri
sansani increase
karne lagi. Meine Parvez aur Zarina ko dekha tu we
alag alag baithe
hamen hi dekh rahe the. We dono bhai bahan ke rishte
ki wajah se
gumsum baithe the. Chudai mein jisne ki sharam uske
phoote karam ko
sach karte huwe we ek doosre ko bhi dekh rahe the. Ab
Zubair apni
ungli ko meri chipki jaangho par lakar meri chut
sahlane laga tha.
Tabhi usne meri clitoris ko masla tu meri chut ne josh
mein aakar
puch se pani bahar phenk diya. Mein mast hokar chut
mein lund dalwane
ko bekarar huyi tu Zubair ke kapde kholkar use bhi
ekdam nanga kar
Oh allah, pant alag hote hi Zubair ka lund fudakne
laga. Ekdam iron
rod ki tarah lag raha tha. Uska lund apne haath mein
lekar mein
sahlane lagi. Sach, Parvez ke lund se kafi bada tha.
Mein haath se
muthiyane lagi tu Zubair meri chut ko finger fuck
karne laga. Kuchh
der bad Zubair neeche baitha aur apna chehra meri
jaangho ke beech la
meri chut par jeebh firane laga. Oh… Chut chuswane
par mein gangana
uthi. Wah apni jeebh ko chut ke charo taraf firakar
chat raha tha.
Meri jhaanto ko bhi chat raha tha aur mein apni
jaangho ko failati
chali gayi. Uske thook se meri chut bheegi thi aur wah
clitoris ko
munh mein lekar choos raha tha. Parvez aur Zarina abhi
bhi chupchap
humdono ko dekh rahe the. Mein Zarina se boli”Are
Zarina tum kya
humlogo ko blue film ki tarah dekh rahi ho? Are sharam
se kyon maza
kharab kar rahi ho. Tumko lund ki zarurat hai aur
Parvez ko chut ki.
Aajkal tu sabhi bahen pahli baar apne bhai se hi
chudti hai. Tum
Parvez ke zindagi ka lutf lo.”
Mere bolne ka asar undono par huwa. Undono ne ek
doosre ko dekha fir
Parvez uthkar Zarina ke paas gaya aur uske gaal ko
chum liya. Zarina
gaal par kiss pakar mast ho gayi aur khadi hokar apne
younger brother
se chipakkar uske lips choomne lagi. Meine Zubair ki
chehre ko apni
chut par dabaya aur undono ko dekhne lagi. We dono
bahi bahan ke
rishte ko bhoolkar ek doosre se lipte the. Parvez
jampar ke andar
haath dalkar Zarina ki chuchiyon ko pakde tha aur
Zarina Parvez ke
lund ko. Agle kuchh hi waqt mein Parvez ne apni badi
bahan ko ekdam
nanga kar diya. Zarina ki chut par ghunghrale baal the
jinko Parvez
ungli se sahlane laga. Zarina ne apne bhai ke liye
apni jaanghon ko
failaya huwa tha. Tabhi Parvez ne use uthakar birth
par lita diya.
Tab Zarina ne dono pairo ko chauda kiya tu Zubair ki
tarah Parvez bhi
uski chut par jhukta chala gaya. Parvez apni jeebh
nikalkar Zarina ki
chut ko chatne laga. Zarina ke pair meri taraf hone ki
wajah se
nazara ekdam clear mil raha tha. Zarina kamar
uchhalkar chata rahi
thi. Fir Parvez ne apni jeebh Zarina ki chut mein pel
di aur apni
bahan ko tounge fuck karne laga. Zarina apni chut ko
bhai ki jeebh
par nachane lagi.
Zarina ki chut ke namkeen ras ko Parvez maze se chat
raha tha. Idhar
Zubair bhi Parvez ki tarah meri chut ke pink hole mein
apni jeebh
pelkar mujhe tounge fuck kar raha tha. Parvez ki tarah
Zubair ne bhi
meri taango ko failaya huwa tha. Mein jab bekarar ho
gayi tu boli”oh
Zubair darling ba chut ko choosna khatam karo aur meri
chut mein apna
lund daal do nahi tu mein mar jaungi. Aah jaldi chodo
Meri ilteja sunkar Zubair ne apne lund ko meri chut
par satakar ek
karara shot mara tu uska lund meri chut ko phadta huwa
andar jane
laga. Dard huwa tu mere munh se nikal pada”hay raja
aaram se. Oh
tumhara tu Parvez se bahut mota hai. Zara dheere
dheere pelo darling
mein kahi bhaagee nahi jaa rahi hoon.”
Zubair meri faryad sunkar ruk gaya aur meri chuchiyon
ko dabane laga.
Wah lund ko meri chut mein daale dono mammo ko daba
raha tha. Kuchh
der bad dard kam huwa aur maza aaya tu mein neeche se
gaand uchkane
lagi. Wah meri kamar ke uchhal ko dekhkar samajh gaya
aur dhakke
lagane laga. Kuchh pal mein hi uska lund meri chut ki
tah mein thokar
marne laga. Zubair ke saath tu anokha maza aa raha
tha. Uske pelne ke
andaz se zahir ho raha tha ki wah chudai mein mahir
hai. Wah mere
mammo ko dabate huwe chut ki tah tak hamla kar raha
tha. Mein hosh
kho baithi thi.
Udhar chut choosne ke baad Parvez Zarina ki chuchiyon
ko choos raha
tha. Zarina apne haath se apne mammon ko apne bhai ko
chusa rahi thi.
Zarina ne Parvez ke kapde alag kar diye the aur uske
lund ko muthiya
rahi thi. Wah meri oor dekhkar boli”oh Parvez dekhona
Zubair Rizwana
ko kaise maze se chod raha hai. Haye ab apni aapa ko
tarsau nahi aur
jaldi se apni bahan ko chodo.”
Ab we zara bhi nahi sharma rahe the. Parvez ne Zarina
ke pairo ko
apne kandhe par rakhkar lund ko uski chut par ragadna
shuru kiya tu
Zarina boli”ohh hay mere pyaare bhai, kyon apni bahan
ko tadpa rahe
ho. Hay jaldi se apni bahan ko chodkar bahanchod ban
Mein Zarina ke munh se bahachod sunkar hairan huyi par
Parvez ne koi
dhyan nahi diya aur lund ko uski chut par laga dhakka
lagaya tu
chauthai lund uski chut mein chala gaya. Zarina ne
uske chutado ko
dabate huwe kaha”yes yes dalo. Pura dalkar chodo.”
We dono ek doosre ke opposite dhakke lagane lage aur
is tarah Parvez
ka pura lund Zarina ki chut mein chala gaya. Zarina ki
chut ke baal
uske lund ke charo oor fail gaye the. Parvez pura
pelkar uske mammo
ko masalne laga tha. Idhar Zubair meri chut mein apne
mote lambe lund
ko pukk pukk andar bahar kar raha tha aur mein har
dhakke ke saath
sisak rahi thi. Apne chachere bhai Parvez se chudwane
se zyaada maza
mujhe us ajnabi Zubair ke saath aa raha tha.
Mein chudwate huye doosri birth par bhi dekh rahi thi.
Parvez mammon
ko masalte huye Zarina ki chut ko chod raha tha aur
wah neeche se
kamar uchkate huye Parvez ki gaand ko kured rahi thi.
Ab Parvez
Zarina ki chuchiyon ko munh mein lekar chooste huwe
tezi se chudai
kar raha tha. Zarina madhoshi mein boli”oh Parvez mere
bhai bahut
maza aa raha hai. Hay aur zor se chodo. Pura jaane do
phad do meri
chut. Chithde uda do. Mein tu tumko chhota samajhti
thi par tum tu
poore mard ho gaye ho.”
Zarina poore josh mein apni kamar uchkakar lund ka
maza le rahi thi.
Mein undono bhai bahan ki chudai ka nazara karte
Zubair se chudwa
rahi thi. Zubair zor zor se dhakke lagane laga tu
mujhe aesa laga ki
meri chut se pani nikal padega. Aesa mehsoos karte hi
main Zubair se
boli”aah Zubair darling mera nikalne wala hai. Raja
meri help karo
tum bhi mere saath hi apni malayi meri chut mein hi
Zubair par meri boli ka asar huwa aur wah tezi se
chudai karne laga.
Kuchh der mein hi meri chut se fawwara chalne laga aur
mere saath hi
Zubair ke lund ki pichkari bhi chal di. Uski pichkari
ne garam pani
se meri chut bhar di. Jab meri pyaali bhar gayi tu
malayi chut se
bahar niklne lagi. Jhadne ke baad humdono ek doosre
lipatkar ukhdi
saanso ko durust karne lage. Mera dhyaan phir Zarina
ki taraf gaya.
Zarina madhoshi mein karah rahi thi aur kama ko hawa
mein lahrate
huwe apne bhai se chudwa rahi thi.
Kuchh der baad jab Zubair alag huwa tu mein uthkar
Zarina ke paas
gayi. Meri chut lund ke pani se chipchipa gayi thi aur
Zubair ke lund
ne itna zyada pani ugla tha ki jaanghe tak bheegi thi.
Mein aese hi
Zarina ke paas gayi aur usko lips par kiss karne lagi.
Zarina ne meri
gardan do apne haatho se pakad liya aur mere sir ko
apni chuchiyo par
laane lagi. Main samajh gayi ki wah apni chuchiyo ko
chuswana chahti
hai. Mein uske ek maame ko munh mein lekar choosne
lagi. Uski gudaz
chuchi ko chooste huwe mein doosri ko dabane lagi.
Zarina chutad tezi
se uthane girane lagi aur Parvez bhi zor zor se dhakke
dene laga. 20-
22 dhakko ke baad Zarina ki gaand ruk gayi. Uski chu
se pani girne
laga tha. Parvez ne bhi do char dhakke aur lagaye aur
Zarina ke oopar
letkar lambi lambi saanse lene laga. Uska lund bhi
garam lava nikal
raha tha. Parvez apni bahan ki chut mein apne lund ka
maal undel raha
We dono kafi der tak sust hokar ek doosre se chipke
rahe. Fir we alag
huwe tu meine Zarina ki aur apni chut saaf ki fir dono
ke dheele
lundo ko bhee saaf kiya. Fir humlog alag hokar sone
chale gaye. Mujhe
need nahi aa rahi thi. Meri aankhon ke samne dono ke
lund naach rahe
Srinagar pahuchne par Zubair tu chala gaya par mein
Zarina aur Parvez
ek hi kamre me ruke the aur Parvez humdono ko chodta
tha. Aesi hi ek
raat chudai ke baad Zarina ne poochha”kyo Rizwana
tumne pehli baar
chudwaya tha train mei?”
“yes aapa chudai tu pahli baar Parvez bhai ne hi ki
par finger fuck
ka maza bahut dino se le rahi hoon”
“are kiske saath?”
“mere ghar mein jo kirayedar aaya tha wah apni dono
jawan betiyo ko
finger fuck karta tha. Ek
din meine bhi chakkar chalakar un teno ka group join
kar liya aur 6
month tak finger fucking aur licking sucking ka maza
leti rahi.”
“par ab tu wah kirayedaar hai nahi?”
“yes aapa tabhi tu hill station ghoomne ka bahana kiya
tha. Socha tha
ki Parvez bhai ko phansakar maza loongi aur agar
Parvez bhai na jaal
mein aaye tu srinagar mein kisi se bhi chudwa loongi.”
“hay itni chhoti hai par kitni chalak hai. Wapas
chalkar humlog
Parvez se maza lete rahenge par 2 month bad tu Parvez
bhi study ke
liye bangalore chala jayega tab humlogo ka kya hoga?”
“are aapa bas ek mahina hi bekarari rahegi fir mere
shahid bhai apni
padhai poori karke wapas aa jayenge tu humlog unko
phansa lenge.”
“oh shahid bhai tu mujhe bahut achhe lagte hai. Oh
Rizwana mujhe apni
finger fucking ki story batao na.”
“haa Rizwana mujhe bhi sun ni hai” Parvez ne kaha.
Tab maine dono ko apne pahle maze ki story batana
shuru kiya.
Wah kya stori thi yeh aapko agli baar.
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