Fucking wet virgin babe

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It was perfect. God must have sketched this scene like an artist just for me. How amazing every detail was! I was 18 back then, wearing a black shirt and dirty rugged jeans and below that was a pair of worn out black canvas shoes. It was the perfect attire for any occasion if you asked me. I stood there on a muddy lane, (more…)

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Me & Nidhi Bhabhi

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During my stay in Gurgaon my neighbour was a Punjabi aunty with a married son, her daughter-in-law whom I used to call Nidhi Bhabi was a damn sexy lady, I always dreamt of having her one day. (more…)

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Sexy Sister In Law is Above the Law

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When Kiran Bhabi found out that I often wrote sex stories, she hardly leaves me alone. I am almost 28, a sale executive working with a multi-national company and Kiran Bhabi is my elder sister-n-law, a 35 year dame, now living with us, quite a doll and a mother of two, 18 & 19 year old teenagers. My elder brother, her spouse, is an Army officer and in Nairobi on deputation for the last one year. She has been teaching in a Montessori school. Never before or since have had I seen another female body like Kiran Bhabi’s – not in the flesh? From her short dark brown hair with its steady brown, pouting full lips, pointed nose and sensuous overbite, perfectly manicured hands, to her pretty long nail polished feet; Kiran Bhabi was the well-stacked, broad, curvaceous stuff of little boys’ fantasies. Hell, grown men’s fantasies, too. Five-seven and a hundred-forty five pounds packed full, round and tight, with softness about her, like a layer of wondrous padding that I find impossible to describe. Her vital statistics are 38-27-38.She really has pulling power and She is a buxom beauty to my views.

A few weeks ago, I answered the door to find Kiran Bhabi, wearing jeans and a low cut T-shirt, exposing her breast decently.

“Hi, Sunny,” she said. She would call me ‘Sunny’ as a pet name. “Got a few minutes to talk?” I asked her in and no sooner had I shut the door then she said bashfully, “Can I ask you something?”

“Why not but about what?” I asked anxiously.

“Is it true you write fuck stories?” I’d heard Kiran Bhabi say ‘fuck’ before, but always as part of a joke. But this time it was different.

“Who told you that?” I asked. Writing erotic stories, whether you call it smut, porn or ‘fuck stories,’ it isn’t something you announce to the general public, I just write for my satisfaction and as my past time hobby. My close friends knew. No one thinks it’s wrong or “bad.” It’s good activity and I don’t write degrading crap. But I certainly don’t tell everyone I meet or know that I write erotica. My parents do not know. I did not think Kiran Bhabi did.

“Never mind how I found out,” she answered. “But if it’s true, I think it’s pretty neat. Well”? I felt a twinge of embarrassment but I couldn’t lie.

“Yes, it’s true, But I don’t call them ‘fuck stories”. Kiran Bhabi’s face lit up. I suddenly became aware that my nubile big sister-n-law was braless as her nipples poked the thin material of her T-shirt.

“I would like to read some, Sunny.” She said sparklingly.

What could I do or say? I led her to my study room, showed her where my file copies of sex stories were, then I left the room. Embarrassed, I guess. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a glass of cold water, and gulped it down while thinking that the goddess of sex is kind to him. I have to admit that I had felt some sexual attraction to Kiran Bhabi always. Whenever I wrote about a girl having great Tits, it was my Sis-n-law’s face I had in mind. Her young body, her youthful eagerness, her intelligence, all had inspired and influenced me. And now she was actually reading the material I had written.

I grabbed another glass of water, and went to my study to find Bhabi avidly reading the sex stories. From the look on her face it was obvious she was enjoying what she was reading. She was breathing rapidly, sweat shone on her upper lip, and her nostrils seemed to flare, all the signs of a woman in heat, even a Sister. She saw or heard me and said, “I love to read about people fucking almost as much as I love to fuck. Surprised?”

How could I be? I mean, she was smart, witty, attractive and old enough. I felt a twinge at the thought of my own Sister-n-law getting dicked by some pimply teenager (her student). Jealousy, I guess. I also felt a twinge in my loins as I warmed to the subject with my big Sis.

“I have been reading this kind of stuff like, MY SECRET GARDEN, FORBIDDEN FLOWER, ETC., since my college days, but your stories are hot enough to melt the most frigid, warm enough to rejuvenate a corps and as one turn the pages, feel the fire.” She said excitedly.

“Does it embarrass you that I’m talking about fucking, Sunny?” She asked with widening her beautiful eyes.

“Well, not embarrassed, I’m just not used to it,” I answered.

“Not used to fucking?” She asked astonishingly.

“Oh, you know what I mean, I’m not used to talking about it with my elder sister-n-law.” I said.

She was enjoying this conversation immensely.

“Come on, don’t be shy, I wanna be your best friend.”

“Don’t you get horny when you write this stuff? God, I know you sure would. I’m getting wet by just reading.

Ooh, this is really hot. “Kiran Bhabi started reading part of a story I had written. “‘My cock had never felt as hard as it did in Zara’s mouth. Her tongue flicked the underside of my meat and her lips seemed to caress and stroke my shaft. “‘”Fuck my tits,” Zara pleaded as she took her mouth off and held her big jugs together. Trouble was, I wanted to eat her pussy first. After all, eating her pussy was what I’d dreamed of doing for years.

“Damn, Sunny, I love this stuff!” Hearing Kiran Bhabi reading that passage had excited me as well. And there was very little I could do to hide my excitement, since a bulging cock is difficult to hide in night suit. Kiran Bhabi immediately noticed and then she blushed.

“I guess you do get horny, Sunny,” she grinned, standing up as she stared at the front of my pajamas.

She came to me threw her arms around my neck and started to kiss me passionately, while pressing her body into mine. After a couple of minutes she drew back a little and looked again at my bulging Cock.

“Was it my reading that did that, Sunny? Or it sure could be my tits ’cause I do think mine are big enough to fuck. See?” Kiran Bhabi lifted her T-shirt and showed me her pert and huge breasts, the nipples dark brown and rigid. My personal preference is for large tits always. I felt my cock grow another inch as I looked at my Bhabi’s mouth-watering TITS.

“Kiran Bhabi, you have great tits,” I said. She beamed. “Most guys like big tits,” she said and spurred her breasts. “A girl with big breasts always becomes attracted.”

I said. “Yours are gorgeous and swanky, Can I touch them?”

“Yes, I want you to suck them now, Sunny,” she said breathily.

I couldn’t have resisted if I’d wanted to, Bhabi or not. And, believe me, I wanted to suck those nubbins. So I lowered my head to her left mound and stuck out my tongue. I circled the perky nipple then popped the rigid nub between my lips. Kiran Bhabi gasped and her arms went around me, holding me as I sucked and chewed, first one, then the other, hot mound of flesh.

“Oh, Sunny, that feels so good!” Kiran Bhabi’s body wiggled as she tried to push more of her titty-flesh into my mouth. I think she must have had a mini-orgasm from the way she jerked around and gasped.

Then she asked me if I ever eat a pussy.

I told her I did.

“Your brother has never licked me.” She said complainingly.

“It’s strange,” I said.

“Would you.will you.eat my pussy?” I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and laid her on the bed. I pulled off her sleepers while she removed her T-shirt. I reached for her jeans, the button and the zipper but stopped. “Kiran Bhabi, are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, please.” “You won’t hate me for it, will you?

“Off course not but this is incest, you know.” I informed her.

“Oh, Sunny, you don’t know how desperately I’ve dreamed of having sex with you since your brother has gone to Nairobi”. She added, “I was double minded before this revelation, but not after coming into my knowledge that you write sex stories, my handsome, smart Brother. Please. Do it to me, Lovvvvve meeee.”

I unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, gripped the waistband of her jeans and panties and slid them down her legs and off her beautiful long nail polished feet. Her downy black pubic triangle contrasted with the pale flesh of her belly. I gently spread her legs and put a pillow under her ass to give me the best access to her pussy.

And what a beautiful pussy my Bhabi had! The fragrance of her secretions made me even more eager to feast. She used her sexy fingers to part her slick folds and exposed the wet crimson of her cunt. Her clit was stiff and the largest I’d ever see on a woman. It was as big as the end of my pinky finger, almost like a miniature cock. No wonder she seemed to get so excited. With a clit like that, it’s a wonder she wasn’t horny 24 hours a day! But I’ve since found out that she does stay excited 24 hours a day!

“I hope my pussy is not stinking, whenever I go to the toilet, I wash my pussy with a special liquid because I’m extra careful about my pussy.” She explained, as pushed her pussy lips apart with her sexy long nailed fingers.

I let the flat of my tongue lick her slit from asshole to clit. Kiran Bhabi shuddered, her legs locked around my head and she chanted,

“Yes, yesss, oh yeessssss.” Kiran Bhabi tasted tangy sweet and more of that love liquid oozed from her hole and onto my tongue. My nose kept rubbing against her clit so I stuck a finger into her cunt and took that clit of hers between my teeth. Needless to say, my Bhabi went crazy.

“Oh, God, oh.oh!” She wailed and she bucked and thrashed at the mercy of my finger and tongue. I eased my finger out of her pussy, and sent my tongue into her cunt to quench my thirst for her nectar.

In all honesty it wasn’t doing anything for me, but Kiran Bhabi was fit to be tied. She began moaning and jerking awfully and when I tried to pull back, she wrapped her thighs around my head preventing any escape.

Kiran Bhabi’s heels pounded my back and she went wild as she came. Fortunately my parents were not at home, because the screams of ecstasy were loud enough to arouse them in their room. As it was, I’m glad her children asleep and our servants were in their quarters because Kiran Bhabi was loud when she came. After a few minutes I stopped and she caught her breath.

“It’s never been like that,” she said. “Whew! I think you’ve spoiled me.” She put her hand on the bulging wet spot on my pajamas.

“What can I do to repay you, Sunny?” Kiran Bhabi tugged my pajamas down and my 7-incher sprang out, strands of pre-cum strung between the tip and my matted pubic hair. Her eyes got as big as saucers and she gripped my COCK in both hands.

“Ugh, this thing’ll split me if.”

“Don’t worry, Bhabi,” I said. “We don’t have to fuck.”

“Oh, but I do want to fuck and I’m dying to have a cock since your brother left,” Kiran Bhabi assured me. “It’s just that this is so damn big!”

In many cases where passion has built up over a long period of time, I’ve found sex to be a hurried thing; grasping, groaning. With Kiran Bhabi it was lovemaking.

We kissed for what seemed like hours. Her lips were so sweet, her tongue so agile. I felt certain I would come without her touching me there.

We took our time when we first fucked. She wanted me to fuck her without a condom because

“I want to feel you shoot off inside me”. She told me.

I told her I just wanted to be cautious because of babies but she said, ” I’m on the pill from the day I decided to love you and you don’t have to worry about me getting pregnant.”

I was caressing her large breasts. Her nipples were hard buttons under my fingers. As I gently pinched each one, she sighed into my open mouth. I was enthralled by her breasts, I continued to play with her nipples as we passionately kissed. I then broke our kiss to take one nipple in my mouth as my hands began to kneed her large ass cheeks.

After a very short time at this, she began to whimper and shake. As I nibbled on her nipple, she cried out and came! Since her legs would no longer support her, we laid down on the bed. She rested there for a bit as we kissed slowly, then sat up and pinched her hard nipples with her long polished sexy nails.

Yes, she was large, and to me, with the passion and love in her eyes, she appeared to me as goddess of sex.

She then started kissing me everywhere. When she got to my cock I warned her that I couldn’t last long. She gave it one loving lick with her tongue and kissed the head of my dick.

Kissing her and feeling her hot, soft body next to mine brought me back to hardness quickly.

“Sunny, please! I want your cock in me, please.”

“I always thought I had the sexiest BHABI around, now I am going to fuck that sexy body of yours. I have always dreamed about it”. I told her.

“But I want to fuck your TITS first?” I asked.

She looked into my eye very seductively, lied down on her back and I sat on her rib cage with my hard penis pointing between her gigantic breasts. I took her long nail polished, sexy hands in mine and laid them on the outside edges of her breasts and forces them together, pressing her breasts around my aroused dick. I began hunching my cock between her breasts. I was fucking my own Bhabi’s tits! She was wet with perspiration and my organ slid very well between her soft mounds. I moved my hands and Her hands were pressing her breasts around my cock. My left hand reached behind me and found her pussy again. I slid my finger in again.


I stopped hunching and said to her. “Now.massage my dick with your tits.”

She moved her breasts around with her hands, massaging my swollen cock.

“Oh, yes . that feels good!” I said.

I reached behind and again played with her pussy as I rode her chest. I noticed that her hips were again moving up and down with my fingers.

I rolled Kiran Bhabi onto her back completely and slip between Kiran Bhabi’s widely spread legs.

My tongue slipped into her mouth and her hand found my cock and pumped it enthusiastically.

She took my cock in her sexy fingers and rubbed it all around on her pussy.

Gazing into my eyes, Kiran Bhabi placed the head of my hard dick at her hot opening and murmured, “Sunny, I have wanted you to fuck me since I saw you the first time.”

As I found her opening, Kiran Bhabi raised her knees high and humped her pubic mound up against my cock. The whole head was engulfed in hot wetness and I paused in the sheer pleasure of the moment. Kiran Bhabi opened her eyes and looked up at me.

In almost a strangled voice, she said, “Please, Bhai, please. I can’t stand any more waiting.”

I pushed my hips forward and my cock slowly began to sink into Kiran Bhabi’s hot channel. I was expecting my sister to wince in pain, but she only frowned a little as my cockhead gently pushed aside the constriction of her cunt. Soon, we were completely merged. I was flesh of her flesh and she was flesh of my flesh.

Kiran Bhabi’s frown lines disappeared and she released her held breath with a loud, “Ahhhhhh.OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH .GOD!”.

She reached behind my head and pulled my lips down to hers. Holding our bodies perfectly still, we kissed a long, deep kiss. As we broke away, she whispered, “Oh, Bhai, we’re finally there. You don’t know how many times I’ve dreamed of this. It’s so good. Your cock is so much better than the dream. Now, make love to me. Love me hard, and if it’s a dream, I hope I never wake up.”

I slowly withdrew my cock from Bhabi’s inner recesses, stopping when only the tip of the head was in place. I lunged forward, driving my cock home with one long, swift movement. I groaned aloud from the wave of pleasure that swept over me.

Kiran Bhabi said, “Yes! Yes! Oh, it’s so good!”

She pushed her hips up against mine and our bodies were pulled into full hot contact. She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist and her arms reached around my neck and held me tight. Once again I retreated and attacked, and once again she matched my motions. Soon we were rocking back and forward against each other. I was moaning and so was she. I was nearing my peak, and I could tell she was close to hers.

Suddenly, Kiran Bhabi clutched me even harder. Her hips moved in a feverish motion and the walls of her pussy grasped against my seesawing cock. Kiran Bhabi threw her head back and wailed, “Oh, God, I’m there! I’m coming, I’m cominnnngggg.!


My hands found her sore breasts and squeezed them hard.

“Oh Sunny . I love you. I missed you . Please forgive .Me . Oh . oH. Ram it . In me . Yes . ram me .”

Then it hit me. I hit the crest and then went into a freefall that seeming like it would never end. My vision blurred and waves and waves of almost unbearable pleasure flowed outward from my groin to all parts of my body. Spurt after spurt after spurt jetted into my sister, filling up and overflowing Bhabi’s spasming pussy. We were both trembling and shuddering, our breaths coming in gasps. Gradually, our motions slowed, and then we were still, making soft “Ohhhh” sounds.

We both opened our eyes and looked into each other’s face. Our lips drew together and we kissed a long, tender kiss that sealed our love forever. No word needed to be spoken. We both knew that there could be no other for either of us.

We both relax as I withdrew my cock and rolled over on to the bed beside her.

“Good Brother, you were great! I guess you just don’t think of your own Bhabi being so good in bed.”

Bhabi was naked lying next to me, panting. I reached over and cupped her very sore breast in my hand.

“Bhabi, how do you feel?”

“Very sore. That was unbelievable.”

“Yea, I know. I really went off watching you reading fuck stories.” I replied.

“Oh, Sunny, please hold me in your arms.”

I rolled over on top of her and pressed my semi hard cock on her sore cunt. Very slowly, I pushed up and down.

“I hope this new relationship with my brother in law continues.” She said seductively. At this moment, I felt closer to her than I ever had.

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Sex With Friend,s Daughter

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I sat at my computer pounding out yet another tale of alien invasions. I write for several science fiction publications and make a pretty good living at it. I was just getting to the part where the aliens kidnap the girl when a pair of hands popped across my eyes and a pair of breasts pushed into my back. It had to be Venus, my niece.

“Guess who, Uncle Maury?” she laughed.

“Pamela Anderson?” I answered.

“No, it’s me uncle!” she said as she let go of my eyes and pranced around in front of me.

She had come to live with us 2 years ago when her mother was killed in a boat accident and her father dropped into a continuous drunken stupor. We took her in and she was like our daughter used to be, happy, bubbly and entirely beautiful. We loved here dearly for the first year. Then my wife was diagnosed with a rare type of incurable cancer. She died 2 months later.

I was despondent. Had it not been for Venus, I probably would have pulled the plug on myself. She carried me through an incredibly painful period. Now, a year later at nineteen, she was everything any father would have been proud of. She was in college; she was ambitious, beautiful, caring and smart as a whip.

“Baby girl, why don’t you call me daddy? I feel like a daddy. I’m so proud of you.”

“We’ll have to wait until my father drinks himself to death,” she flatly stated. There was obviously no love lost between her and her father. It kind of disturbed me but I could certainly understand where she was coming from.

When you are finished, there is something I want to talk to you about.”

“Okay, I’ll be in my bedroom resting,” I said.

“Perfect,” she commented.

“Now what the hell did she mean by that?” I asked myself.

Two hours later I finished the piece and submitted it to the publisher. I knew there would be a nice check next week. There always was. I shut down the computer and retired to my bedroom.

Just as I was dozing off there was a light tapping at my door. “Come on in Venus,” I said.

She opened the door and drifted across the room in a very revealing string bikini. “Hi uncle,” she whispered.

“Do you have something to talk about?” I queried.

“It’s kind of personal. I don’t want you to say ‘no’ right away. Please, just listen to what I have to say and then think it over. OK?”

“OK let’s hear it.”

“Uncle, you know I’m a virgin. Outside of what I’ve read and a few porn flicks, I know nothing about sex. I want to learn but I don’t want to experiment with some octopus college boy who will hurt me and then leave me. I want to learn from a real man who loves me. I want you!”

I started to protest immediately, but she put her finger on my lips and said, “You promised to think about it. So start thinking.” She drifted back across the room and was gone.

I was absolutely dumbfounded. I swear I had never had a carnal thought about this angel. It never occurred to me that she might have sexual desires. I always thought she would hook up with some chump that I wouldn’t approve of, marry him and start making babies.

There was no way I could get a nap now. Thinking of her request had my poor, over stressed brain in a complete muddle. What to do? I didn’t want her to think I didn’t want her. I didn’t know what she would do if I said no. I didn’t know what would happen later if I said yes. Damn! My tit was in a crack. No matter which way I moved, it was going to hurt. Totally flummoxed, I went to the kitchen took get a soda.

She was sitting in the living room still in her bikini. Her eyes were a little red. I assumed she had been crying. Her shoulders slumped and she had the ‘wounded puppy’ look on her face.

I was devastated. I just couldn’t stand to see her cry. I went over to the sofa and sat down beside her. ‘Just exactly what did you have in mind?” I whispered quietly.

She perked up a bit, knowing that I hadn’t totally rejected the idea. “Well, I thought we would start slowly and progress day by day until we got to the moment of truth.”

“Would you care to describe the ‘moment of truth?” I asked.

“Well, that would be the point at which we decide if you should take my virginity and make me a woman.”

“Oh baby, you know that I love you more than anything in this world. I don’t want you to be sad or think I don’t want you. It’s just that I’ve never thought of you in that way. I need some time to see if I can even adjust to the possibility.”

“That’s good enough for me! At least you didn’t say no!” she answered. She threw her arms around me and bounced off into her bedroom.

As soon as she was gone I started kicking myself in the ass. I should have just refused and let the chips fall where they may. Now, I had given her some encouragement. I shut my eyes tightly. I knew what was going to come next.

We ordered pizza that night for dinner. After we polished it off, I asked her, “What is your first step?”

“Since we will need to see each other nude, I thought that showering together would be a good start.”

NUDE! I hadn’t thought about that. I tried to think of a way to weasel out of it but in the end had to conclude that she was right. Damn!

She went to her room. I went to mine. I stripped completely, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the shower. She beat me there. She was waiting for me.

“You know, uncle, this is kind of silly, using two bedrooms. Don’t you think it would be better if we just slept together? We don’t have to do anything. Just sleep.”

My heart stopped for a while. I considered the full implications of her suggestion. Sleeping together would imply a certain ‘permanence’ about our arrangement. On the other hand, it was kind of silly to go traipsing around nude to semi nude when the situation didn’t require it. “Okay,” I agreed. “We’ll move you in tomorrow.”

“I’ve already got enough stuff together for tonight uncle,” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Once again, I had been outflanked.

I looked into her beautiful eyes. She dropped her towel. I dropped mine. We stepped into each others arms for the first time as man and woman. I guided us to the shower. The water was hot but not unpleasantly so.

“We should wash each other,” she said as she started soaping me up. When she got to my cock, she stopped and watched as it rose from dead flat to fully inflated. “Wow!” she said, “Just like in the movies!”

I started soaping her back and then moved her around so I could do the front. As I rubbed her breasts her nipples stood up like little bullets. I moved on down to her neatly trimmed bush. I ran the sponge across her pussy and she let out a little squeak. I turned her around and washed her asshole. She squeaked again. I knew she was going to be extra noisy in bed. It was lucky my house was isolated up a long driveway. We rinsed each other off and then stepped out of the shower. The drying off process produced more squeaks and little yelps.

“Bed time,” she said and strolled off toward ‘our’ bedroom. She trotted down the hall to her room and returned with a small overnight bag. “We’ll get the rest of the stuff tomorrow,” she said as she jumped in the sack.

So there I was. I had a beautiful, nude young girl in my bed. I had a hardon like the Washington monument. I said a little prayer of forgiveness to her dead mother and my dead wife and gamely jumped in beside her.

She was lying on top of the sheets, nude, warm and waiting. I rolled over to her. “What’s first on your sex agenda?”

“I thought we might try some soul kissing. I’ve only tried it once and it wasn’t very good. I suspect that’s because the kid didn’t know how. You know how, don’t you?”

I ran my arm under her shoulders and rolled her lips to mine. I started gently brushing her lips. I gave her lips a little lick. I stuck my tongue between her lips and they parted, allowing me access to her mouth. I rolled her tongue around with my tongue. She started to moan and did the same to me. I pressed into her deeper. She moaned some more. I broke the kiss. “Well?’ I asked.

“Let’s do that some more, a lot more!” she answered as she applied a lip lock to me. When we broke the kiss the next time she said, “I don’t know why anybody would want to do more than that. It’s terrific. The best thing I’ve ever felt. Oh uncle I love you so much.”

I guess she liked it. “Do you want to try some other stuff or shall we stick with the kissing?”

“Let me learn how to kiss real, real, well and then we’ll go on to other things,” she requested.

I was happy that she didn’t want to rush things. We continued smooching for about an hour.

Finally she asked, “Can we go to sleep now?”

“Of course baby,” I replied.

Oh goody! Can you show me the spoon?”

I knew then that it would be a long night. Sure enough less than an hour later I felt a little hand wrap itself around my cock. She had reached between her legs and now had my cock snuggled right up across her cunt and laying in her slit. Another inch or so and she wouldn’t be a virgin anymore. I lay still wondering what her next move would be. She was stroking the bottom of my dick and pressing it ever deeper into her crack. I was getting harder and harder. It was feeling better and better. I could feel her swollen clit on the head of my cock. She bucked her hips a little and my cock slid right into the entrance to her pussy.

“Fuck me now uncle,” she begged.

I rolled her over onto her back and mounted her. “Are you sure? You can’t go back from here. It’s a one time deal.”

“You talk too much,” she replied and bucked her hips up off the mattress, impaling herself on the hard dick. “Ouch!” she yelped. She held very still for a while and then I felt her pussy start to slide up and down my cock.

She had the tightest pussy I had ever been in. She was humming a happy little tune as I plunged more rapidly into her. Suddenly the humming stopped. She gasped for breath 3 or 4 times really hard. She shuddered and her pussy clamped down hard. She screamed like she’d been shot as she came.

I slammed my dick all the way into her and let her pussy milk me dry. What a piece of ass! I had never had one to equal this.

She grabbed my neck and pulled my lips down to hers. Her tongue took command of my mouth and I shoved my tongue as far into her mouth as I could. I could feel her heart beating rapidly and she was quivering like a bowl of jello.

“OOOOOOoooooo, I just knew it would be good, but I didn’t expect it to be this good,” she grinned. “When can we do it again?”

“It takes us geezers time to recover. Just be patient. It’ll eventually come back.”

“Oh uncle I want to do this again and again and again,” she whispered as she snuggled into my arms.

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My stepfather

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When I was 5, my mother remarried an older man. He was about 45, but strong, handsome and very virile, as you will see. My mother worked days and my stepfather worked nights. That worked out for them, as he could babysit me during the day. He would come home at 7 in the morning, just when she was getting ready for work. They would spend a little time together and then she would leave. Sometimes he would be really tired after working all night, so he would try to get me to sleep with him so he could get some rest. I would lie next to him, wiggling like little girls do, until he got frustrated and pulled me into his arms to hold me still. One morning my daddy (as he liked me to call him) was napping with me trapped in his arms. I must have wiggle a little, because his thing got real hard against my butt and he moaned in his sleep.

I reached my little hand behind me, to feel what that hard thing was between us. His thingy was hard on the inside and silky soft and pliable on the outside. I felt it up real good, running my pudgy little hand up and down the length of it. His breathing got heavier in my ear and he started to hunch his hips into mine. “What are you doing, Pammy?” he asked quietly. “Nuthin'” I said, ashamed at being caught. I stopped what I was doing, but he wrapped his big, manly hand around my tiny girlish fist and encouraged me to continue jacking him. “It’s okay, baby, ” he whispered into my hair. “Go ahead and feel Daddy’s cock. It feels good.” I couldn’t believe that Daddy said that naughty word to me! Cock was a bad, grown-up word! Once he had me jacking him with my tiny fist just right, Daddy slipped his fingers under the waistband of my panties and cupped my little pussy with his hands. “Mmmm,” Daddy said. “You are making Daddy hot, little girl. You are such a hot, sweet little cunt.” I didn’t know what that word meant, but I liked the way he said it. It gave me shivers up and down my spine to be laying in bed with my big strong Daddy, doing naughty, grown-up things with him. His cock twitched and leaked in my hand, and his fingers felt big and strong as they began to explore my little wee-wee. Suddenly, Daddy flipped me over so that I was facing him, and put his face real close to mine. He grabbed my baby butt cheeks in his palms, and forced his tongue into my mouth. I was shocked and didn’t know if I liked it. His adult tongue in my childish mouth was a shock and an intrusion. He jammed his hard tongue halfway down my throat, and I almost choked on it.

“Daddy!” I cried, pushing at his big, broad chest with my little hands. “Don’t!” “Oh, honey,” Daddy growled. “It’s too late to stop. Look what you did to your Daddy.” He forced my head down to look at his cock. It looked huge and purple and angry. He had one hand on the small of my back and the other wrapped around the base of his cock. Daddy wagged it at me. “Mama would be really mad if she saw what you did to Daddy’s cock, little girl,” Daddy said. “That’s Mama’s job, to make Daddy’s cock all hard.” “I’m sorry, Daddy!” I cried, my little eyes filling with tears. “Please don’t tell Mama on me!” “I won’t tell Mama,” Daddy said. “But you’ve got to fix what you done.” “I will, Daddy!” I cried, hugging him happily. “I’ll fix it. What do you want me to do?” Daddy let go of me and rolled over onto his back, his cock pointing straight at the ceiling, It looked huge to my 5 year old little eyes. He clasped his hands behind his head and propped up a little to look down proudly at his towering erection. “Get down between my legs, Pammy,” he said. “Good girl. Now take Daddy’s cock in both your little hands. Yeah, like that. Good. Yeah. Now squeeze a little tighter and move your hands up and down on Daddy’s cock.” I did what Daddy said, staring intently at the jerking, fat, erect penis in my dimpled palms. Daddy grunted his satisfaction, but before long he wanted more. Daddy took his right hand from behind his head and grabbed my pony tail. He began forcing my face towards his cock, as I struggled against his strength. He wrapped his legs around me, trapping me up against him, as he forced my mouth down over his member. “Open your mouth for Daddy,” he said. “Come on, Daddy needs you to open your mouth. Do what I say, or I am gonna tell Mama on you!” The plum-sized head of his cock slipped between my baby teeth and into my mouth. My tongue reacted by pressing against the invader, trying to force it out of my mouth. Daddy seemed to love that as he hunched his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I was strangling on his adult sized member and he pulled my hair and forced me to take more and more of it down my throat. I began to scream and cry, but the sounds were strangled on the thick man meat that was blocking my cries. “Oh, you are a good little cocksucker,” Daddy groaned out. He acted like I was doing it on my own! Like he wasn’t raping my tiny childish mouth! He kept saying the filthiest thing to his little girl.

“Oh, Baby. What a little cum-slut you’re turning out to be. I love fucking my little girl’s mouth. Oh yeah, baby, take it! Take it all.” His eyes popped open and he stared down at my face, all sweaty and red. He watched his huge erection sawing in and out of my tiny lips, forcing my face to contort around his member. Suddenly, he stiffened and pulled his cock out of my mouth with an audible pop. “Oh no, you don’t, little girl,” Daddy said. He paused for a moment, squeezing the base of his cock hard. “You’re not getting off that easy. Whew. You almost made Daddy cum. And Daddy doesn’t want to come so fast with his little girl.” He kept talking this nasty baby talk to me. Getting control over his throbbing cock seemed to take alot out of him, but he finally fixed me with a stern look and said, “Nice try, Baby girl!” With almost no effort, Daddy pulled my 50 pound frame up and dragged me under him, pawing at my panties at the same time. He ripped off my clothes, leaving me in the tatters of my nightie and just my little ankle socks. Forcing my legs apart, he scrunched way down on the bed and pressed his face in my private parts. “Aw, sweet little baby cunt,” he hummed into my pussy. “Sweet, hairless little infant baby cunt!” I pushed at his head ineffectually with my hands, trying to stop him. “No, Daddy, don’t!” His unshaven jaw scraped against my immature, hairless sex. Without further preparation, Daddy stuck his tongue out as far as he could and stabbed it into my virgin cunt. I could feel my tiny pussy walls react to the intrusion by tightening up. But it did feel kinda good. I lay still as he lapped and lapped at my tight cunny with his big, adult tongue. “Oh baby,” he hummed against my immature clit. “Baby Pammy’s little cunt tastes so sweet. So little, so innocent.” He was talking himself, and me, into a frenzy! He was hunching his cock into the mattress like a mindless thing, intent on fucking whatever he could find. After a few minutes he released my legs and hips and pulled himself up, the shadow of his huge body dwarfing my tiny frame. Looking down between our bodies, Daddy seemed to totally lose his mind, talking to himself and me in the same, sing song baby-talk. “Look what Pammy did to her Daddy,” he crooned, grabbing his cock with his fist. “Little girl is gonna get fucked now. Oh, yeah. Daddy needs it. Daddy needs his little girl. Open your legs, baby, that’s a good girl.” Aiming his cockhead at my virginal pussy, he began to pant as he dragged the bulbous end up and down my tender slit.

I began to suck my thumb, as I always did when frightened. My eyes were as big as saucers, watching the stranger that my Daddy had become before my very eyes. He was a man possessed. Possessed by lust. He was going to fuck a little girl, something that he had only dreamed about. He was going to fuck his own little girl, his own little 5 year old girl. Of course, I didn’t know all of this at the time. All I knew what that he was making my pussy all wet with his juices and mine, and he was sure enjoying what he was doing. Enjoying it like a rutting, out of control animal would enjoy it. He pressed the tip of his cock into my tiny hole and began to diddle my immature clit with his thumb. “Oh, baby’s wet,” Daddy crooned. “Wet and hot and tight.” He leaned forward and the head of his cock popped into my cunt. It didn’t hurt too much, but it was a shock. When I squealed a little, around the thumb in my mouth, Daddy looked at me like a wild man. “Pammy,” he growled. “This is going to hurt a little bit. But Daddy’s going to do it, do you understand? Daddy NEEDS to do it. You teased Daddy by touching his cock and now you are going to get it.” As he stared into my frightened eyes, Daddy leaned slowly into me, enjoying the pain and confusion on my face as he speared me with his cock, pinning me to the bed. It took a long time, with him grunting and sweating, and me kicking and squealing like a stuck pig, but Daddy finally got his long, fat cock all the way in. My pussy was stretched to the breaking point. It felt like he was going to split me in two! But he didn’t care, he just flopped down with a mighty cry, cuddled me into his huge embrace, pulling one leg up like a hurdler, and began to fuck me. Hard. His left hand gripped my pony tail, pulling my face back for more of his oral assault on my tiny mouth. His right hand snaked around me and cupped my butt, pulling me hard against him as he rocked and rocked, sawing in and out of my sore little cunt. He timed his oral thrusts to match his cock thrusting into me. His tongue almost gagged me as he jammed it down my throat. I was stuffed full of his cock and his tongue. He growled. He groaned. He sweat and rutted and mumbled filthy words as he took me.

And, as if my rape were not enough, as if he was not defiling me sufficiently, Daddy began to massage my anus with his thumb as he ravished me. I could feel his cock stretching me, and his tongue gagging me, as his thumb pressed inexorably into my asshole. I clamped down, trying to keep him from entering me there, but that only served to excite him more. I felt his cock like an iron bar as my immature cunt muscles clamped down on it. Soon he had me filled in all three holes, cunt, ass and mouth. I went limp in his embrace. I was almost in shock and too tired to fight against him any longer. He took me. He took me every way a man can take a child – anally, orally and vaginally. My little mind swam with confusion and degradation. And pain. A little girl’s cunt is too small to comfortably accomodate a grown man’s penis. A little girl’s mouth is too tender and tiny to withstand the assault of an adult’s tongue. And a little girl’s anus is too tight, to immature, to take the jabbing of a working man’s thumb. But there I was, 5 years old and very small for my age, taking an abusive assault that would have damaged a grown woman. “Bad little girl,” Daddy began to chant. “Bad little nasty cunt whore girl. Make Daddy rape you? Yeah, Daddy has to rape his little girl now. His nasty little girl.” If I was more mature, I would have know that my torture was nearly at an end. No man can take the iron grip of an immature cunt on his cock for long. No man can stand to digitally rape a little girl’s ass for more than a few minutes. It would take a madman or a machine to not blow a nut as you sawed your cock in and out of a little girl that was limp with shock in your arms. It would take an animal or a drugged up psycho to withstand the feeling of a child’s anus clamped on your thumb as you ravished her cuntlet. I was too young, too immature, to know that my torture was nearly at an end. His body tensing in waves, his ragged breathing, his cock spasms did not tell me anything. I was too young and to tender to know that this man, this adult father figure, was soon going to blast my pink insides with rope after rope of sticky sperm. His cock throbbed. His shoulders tensed. Sweat poured off of him as he worked his thick, veiny shaft painfully in and out of my clasping twat. He went suddenly rigid. With a roar that frightened me anew, my Daddy blasted his cum into me. I felt it. My cuntlet was so tight around his invading cock that it began to spew out the sides, running down my chubby, childish thighs.

He began to collapse on me in stages. His breath was ragged and deep. His shoulders pinned me to the bed beneath his huge frame, his cock finally shrank and slid out of my cunny with a little plop. Finally, one last spasm of my asshole pushed his thumb out of my butt. I could barely breathe. His full weight was on me. “Good girl,” Daddy panted, patting my head. “Good little Daddy’s girl.” Finally, he rolled off of me. With an evil look in his eye, Daddy took in my splayed legs, my wet, wide open cunt, the tears that stained my chubby little cheeks. My thumb found it’s way back into my mouth. “After breakfast, Daddy is going to teach his little girl some more tricks,” he promised, an evil, lustful look in his eyes. “What kind of cereal do you want?”

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