Top 10: 2009 Bedroom Resolutions

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Every year, we make resolutions to try to ensure that we are sexier, richer and happier than the year before. Though these resolutions are very admirable, the small print says: “individual results may vary.”  

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Manjari fucked by manservant

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t happened some time ago. Manjari, 20 having done her graduation was not pursuing her studies and just just lazying around. Her big setback was that she had an attractive face and a big pair of boobs. She was staying in a joint family and there were many cousins of her age with whom she used to play all evening. (more…)

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housing complex bhabi‏

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I stay in a housing complex. There’s a middle aged couple staying in the flat opposite mine (it is on the same floor and there are only 2 flats on a floor, with only a very narrow corridor). For a long time I have had a crush on bhabhiji and have visualised her many times in my wild fantasies. Although I have never had much interaction with her, I always used to wish for a time when I could have her completely and fulfil my cherished desire.

One day I did not go to college & sat at home .I have a small collection of porno CDs, so I just took out one and started watching. As I stay alone, I normally take off all clothes at the time of watching such a movie so that I can enjoy it freely. While I was lustfully watching the movie in just such a carefree attire, the doorbell rang. I got really frustated. Anyways, quickly I switched off the TV, and hastily put on my small shorts that were kept nearby (which could barely hide the heavy bulge). I looked thr ough the keyhole and was.. amazed, surprised, something like ‘shock and awe’. Standing outside the door was my favourite bhabhiji clad in a plain nighty (not the sexy kind but the normal plain and simple). I opened the door as if I had not seen the person outside and had just hastily come to open the door. I opened the door wide and immediately purposefully just closed it a bit, mildly apoligising for my bare attire, and asked her “Ji bhabhiji?”.

“Mere gas ka cylinder khatm ho gaya hai, doosra lagana hai, par naye cylinder ke upar se cover nahin nikal raha. Kya aap cylinder laga sakte hain”. While she was standing there and speaking I realised that she wasn’t wearing any bra inside, and felt that probably the nighty was the only piece of clothing covering her lithe and immensely desirable body (To the spolisports: its obvious her husband was away at work, else he would have done the needful – connecting the cylinder that is). “Ji bhabhiji, kyon nahin” I said, all the more bu rning with desire to devour her then and there. Saying this I started to turn inside my flat in a particularly reluctant manner, as if I wanted to put on something over my upper half of my body, and was unable to find something suitable around. As I wished, bhabhiji believed my apparent hesitation, and said “koi nahin, thoda sa hi waqt lagega, aap aise hi cylinder laga sakte hain”. This is just what I wanted.

Just taking a break to describe bhabhiji. She’s probably in her late thirties – not particularly beautiful, but better than ordinary. However, the best thing about her is her figure. She has been able to maintain a reasonably slim figure inspite of her age and looks quite agile.. and so desirable, as I’ve already mentioned.

She took me inside her flat and into the kitchen. I brought out the new cylinder and soon connected it to the burner. “Thanks. Aap chai peeke jayiega”. “OK bhabhiji. Main change karke aata hoon”. “Koi nahin, aap baithiye, chai abhi tayy ar ho jayegi. Ab to cylinder bhi lag gaya hai” she said laughing. While the drawing room was to the left of the kitchen, her bedroom faced the kitchen directly, and this is where she was pointing me to sit (or was it my perverted imagination that made me see things that way). I was feeling really awkward now. At one hand I just wanted to ravish her totally, while on the other I was afraid lest I do something stupid. Anyways I went into her bedroom, and started looking around. There was a bathroom attached to the bedroom, and I could see her bra and panty on the clothsline inside, alongwith a few other clothes. This tended to confirm my feeling that she was actually wearing nothing beneath her nighty. I was now totally consumed with lust and desire. While I was thus looking around, bhabhiji came into the room. “Aaiye, chai tayyar hai”. She must have seen me looking at her bra and panty suspended from the clothsline inside the bathroom, I thought.

Anyway, even if she had seen me doing so, she did not try to show any indication of the same. Chuck it, I thought. She has also been watching my bare body for so long, the bulge in my shorts, my bare and slender legs; she’s the one who asked me to come into her flat as it is, without my getting dressed; she’s the one who asked me to stay in for tea even though I volunteered to get dressed again – why should I be so hesitant. Thinking thus, instead of sitting at the edge of her bed, I climed on it and helped her put the tray on the bed, between myself and edge of the bed. I purposefully did so, so that she would bend down to prepare tea, unless she’s very careful and sits on the other side, pulling the tray near her to prepare tea. As I was hoping, she did not go to the other side, but rather bent down to prepare the tea.

As she did so, I realised that the top few buttons of the nighty were open, and her cute and lovely breasts were longingly protruding out. “Kitna chini daaloon” she looked up at me and said. She smiled seeing me looking intently into her breasts. “Chai thandi jo jayegi. Do chammach chini?”. “OK”, I said almost apolegetically, lowering my eyes. I looked up again, she was still smiling. “Bhabhiji, you’re beautiful. Very very beautiful. Can I kiss you?” I blurted out, unable to restrain my burning desire. “You can hold me too. You are also quite handsome”. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was as if my wildest dreams were all coming true. Hardly had I heard this, that I pulled her near me and started furiously kissing, licking and sucking her breasts from within her nighty. I could feel her inhibitions giving way as she started to clasp my head drawing it even tighter towards her cleavage while I continued sucking and licking her breasts and nipples. She was now messaging my back and occasionally kissing me deep on my neck. Emboldened, I put my hands underneath her nighty and pulled it all the way up in one shot. It came out easily, with her offering no apparent resistance. She was now standing in her entire and unadulterated beauty in front of me. I stood up, and taking off my shorts, took her in my arms. She looked up at me, and we kissed.. deeply. Her breath was wonderful.

My organ was now completely erect. I had been rubbing it on her smooth and silky legs all this while. She now came down on her knees, and started kissing my erect penis. I desperately wanted her to take it in her mouth and suck it dry. She probably sensed my need (which I was actually trying to indicate to her by pulling her head over my penis while she was kissing it) and began to lick the top of it. Slowly she took it in her mouth and began sucking it. While sucking she was also intermittently mildly biting it. The feeling was heavenly. I now took her onto the bed, and making her lie comfortably, spread out her legs and began licking her labia, while massaging her breasts with my hand. She was ecstatic. I now desperately wanted to enter her, but was h esitant lest I ejaculate inside her. “Mere periods kal hi khatm huey hain, aaj koi fikr nahin”, she said sensing my dilemma. I didn’t have to wait for anything more.

Positioning my penis over her vagina, I slowly inserted the penis through, and then completely entered her in one smooth drive. She let out a mild “Aah” and closed her eyes to take in the pain and ecstasy. I was now not only atop my dream bhabhi but also inside her. She was so lovely. She opened her eyes and drew me onto her. I slowly bent over her, and kissing her, I started moving my penis up and down into her vagina. Soon her vaginal muscles were contracting onto my penis and I could feel her orgasm coming on. I increased the pace and within a minute or two, we orgasmed together. We kept lying on each other for a while, before she got up slowly and said “Chai to thandi ho gayi. Phir se bana deti hoon”. Both of us smiled. I asked her to make the tea without putting on any clothes. She agreed. This time we dran k the tea together with bhabhiji sitting on my lap.

I left her flat soon after, but since then we’ve have been having such intense sessions at every mutually

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